Have Pizza Anywhere with the Best Portable Pizza Oven

Pizza is the perfect food to have on a weeknight or when you want to get together with friends. The best portable pizza oven allows you the freedom to use it to spruce up your patio for a fun night in, and you could even set up a pizza making station and let everyone have a turn. With the warmer weather coming, this is something you seriously want to consider if you like good food, good friends, and a relaxed time. 

However, there are so many of the best portable pizza ovens available that it can make it challenging to compare products and pick out the best one. This is why we’ve done the research for you and picked out 10 high-quality choices that you can take a look at. We’ll also guide you along and tell you how to pick out your newoven after the reviews below. 

Pizza 1 Start
A great way to get that golden, bubbling cheese with the crispy crust and smoky flavoring that people crave when they think of good pizza. 

1. Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90

This oven is slightly larger than other picks, and it comes with a 15 by 20-inch cooking surface that allows you to easily cook two smaller or one larger pizza at a time. It uses a pizza stone that you have to install when you order it to cook the pizza, and this results in a very crisp crust, and the Cordierite surface ensures that your pizza cooks evenly. It has a sleek design that looks like an Italian wood fire oven, and you can easily add a few wood chips onto the cooking surface to give your pizza that smoky flavor. 

There are heat diffusion plates and a temperature gauge that lets you monitor and control the heat of your oven throughout the cooking process. You can also cook other items like pies, bread, and lasagnas in this portable oven to make cost-effective and delicious meal options. It doesn’t have a carrying bag or any accessories included in the purchase, but you can buy these items separately for a low cost. 


  • Has an open-faced design
  • Temperature control and heat diffusion plates
  • Easy to move and set out in the yard


  • Have to assemble it
  • Wind causes the temperature to drop
  • Has a learning curve associated with it

2. Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven

When it comes to the best portable pizza ovens, you can’t go wrong with Ooni. This is an award-winning oven that will fit perfectly in an outdoor or indoor kitchen. If you’re planning to upgrade your appliances when you install your new kitchen, this is a must-have accessory. It has a newly insulated body that allows the portable oven to heat up to 900°F, and you can cook pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. It has a stand with three legs that adds a high degree of stability to the oven, and this makes it safer to have around your kids and pets. 

There is a chimney clip that allows you to attach and detach the chimney chute for easy transport. It has a wood pellet burner that makes this best portable oven extremely energy-efficient. The fully illustrated instruction guide makes setting it up a breeze, and you get a 13-inch Cordierite stone, wood pellets, and a custom pizza peel in every order. Dough is less likely to stick on a wooden pizza peel.


  • Can cook fish, bread, and meat in it
  • Chimney chute removes for easy transportation
  • Wood pellets make it very cost-effective
  • Custom pizza peel


  • Chimney scoop is very wide 
  • Burns up a lot of pellets per use
  • No temperature control 

3. Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Maybe you want to build a garage and turn it into a gathering place for your friends, or you want to have an easy way to keep your kids fed. Either way, this best portable pizza oven by Presto is an excellent option. It’s very lightweight, and it won’t take up a lot of your counter space. The sleek black coating ensures that the pizza oven will blend into your existing decor and look nice for years to come. This is a modern, electric pizza oven that has a rotating tray that cooks your pizza evenly from the center to the edge. 

This portable oven has a dual bottom and top heating element. You can choose to run both or one heating element when you cook your pizza, and there is no preheating time needed. You’ll get your pizza much quicker. It has a timer that allows for precise cooking times, and it’ll automatically shut off once you finish cooking. The rotating tray is just over 13-inches wide, and this allows you to cook large pizzas. It can also handle thicker crusts, and it has a nice instruction guide. 


  • Tray rotates to cook the pizza evenly
  • Timer automatically shuts the pizza oven off
  • Easy to transport and very lightweight


  • Can’t cook pizzas over 12-inches 
  • Heating elements get weaker with extended use
  • Tray can unbalance easily

4. Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Pizza Oven

Are you ready to update your interior design style and you’re looking for sleek appliances? If so, Pizzacraft’s portable oven has a gorgeous bronze finish. This is a stovetop-style oven that works on a gas top stove both indoors and out. It’s lightweight and has a construction that allows you to take it apart and clean it easily between uses, and it’s compact enough to store in cupboards. In just 15 minutes, the pizza oven can heat up to an impressive 600°F to cook thin or thick pizza. It has a built-in thermometer to measure the temperature. 

There are two 12-inch Cordierite stones. The baking stone will unthaw and cook your pizza in just over six minutes. There is a silicone door handle that resists heat, and this makes it easy to close and open safely. You get a steel dome sliding door with this portable oven that locks the heat in to ensure your pizza cooks evenly, and it has a moisture vent that will pull the moisture out to give you a crispy crust every time you use it. 


  • Has a sleek bronze coloring
  • Thermometer gauge is built in
  • Vented hood pulls moisture out


  • Easy to overheat and burn the pizza
  • Can tip over on some stoves
  • Challenging to assemble 

5. Mont Alpi Table Top Pizza Oven

A fun sleepover idea for your kids is to have them all create their own pizzas, and this portable oven can make it happen. This is a more professional-grade oven that will work well both indoors and out. It runs on a small gas tank, and it has a very sleek silver coating that can sit on any sturdy surface. The stainless steel exterior wraps around a tubular BTU burner. This burner can easily reach 600°F at the maximum temperature, and it preheats very quickly. You’ll use the temperature gauge to double-check your temperature before you use it. 

This outdoor pizza oven comes with a pizza baking stone included in each purchase that will crisp up the crust as your pizza cooks. When you want to clean it, all you have to do is remove a screw and pull out the oil and ash tray before cleaning them and sliding them back in. The outside does get hot when it reaches the full 600°, so you may want to use it outdoors or on a larger counter. There are usage instructions on the front of the unit. 


  • Stainless steel
  • Larger cooking surface
  • Can use two different gas types


  • Door is detached and difficult to close
  • Heat will dissipate between cooking
  • Easily drops in temperature

6. KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit

People who love camping and sitting around a warm fire pit will love this pizza oven kit. This small portable oven can follow you anywhere you choose from your backyard to the middle of the woods without a problem. There are no tools required to assemble this pizza oven, and it goes together very quickly. It easily fits Weber circular grills and a 22.5-inch Kettle, and it’s flexible enough to accommodate larger and smaller grills without an issue. You’ll get a durable and timeless stainless steel design with a domed lid and a temperature gauge built in. 

This portable oven works with charcoal and wood, and you can quickly monitor the heat levels to ensure you get the perfect temperature. Each side has wooden handles attached that allow you to pick it up and move it easily. The 14-inch pan lets you cook large pizzas or two smaller ones at the same time, and the heat won’t dissipate thanks to the open chamber design. You can cook fish, vegetables, and roast meats in it as well as pizza. 


  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • 14-inch aluminum pan included
  • Has sturdy legs with larger wheels


  • Can have unstable heat 
  • Pan doesn’t have a non-stick coating
  • More expensive for not having a pizza stone

7. Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Mediterranian herbs go great on pizza, especially when you pick them fresh from your garden and cook them into your pizza using your portable oven. This one by Betty Crocker allows you to do just that, and it features a very sturdy and compact design. It won’t take up a lot of space, and you can wrap the cord away when you finish using it. The pizza oven will heat up within minutes of you plugging it in, and it comes equipped with an indicator light to tell you when it’s ready to use. You get a non-stick base that lets you cook your pizza and minutes before sliding it onto your serving tray. 

This portable oven is dual-sided with a lid that closes, and this means that it cooks both sides of the pizza at the same time. Your pizza will have deliciously melted toppings and crisp crust. It has sturdy legs to keep it flat on your counter or table, and it’s very easy to clean between uses. The energy efficiency of this oven allows you to use it for extended times without driving up your electricity bill. 


  • 12-inch non-stick base
  • Self-regulating thermostat included
  • Dual lid cooks the pizza evenly


  • No timer
  • Slightly less user-friendly than other options
  • Heating element can get weak over time

8. ilFornino Wood Fired Pizza Oven

This portable oven is professional-grade, and it’s perfect for anyone who likes to grow vegetables and create vegetarian pizzas for family and friends. You can even make your own pizza sauce and dough, and you can use it recreationally or commercially. It has medium-gauge stainless steel with a double wall construction that makes up the dome’s exterior. The interior has a thicker lining of insulation for heat stability and retention. The floor base in the cooking chamber has a medium-density fire brick that gives your pizza a crispy crust and an even cook. It has a stainless steel wheeled base that makes moving it easy. 

It offers around 1,007 square inches of cooking space for those huge pizzas or several smaller ones at the same time. This portable oven does take up to 30 minutes to heat up because it uses wood fire for fuel, but it’ll cook your pizza in minutes once it’s up. It won’t lose heat between cooking times because it’s double insulated, and you can easily monitor the temperature at all times because it’s built right in. Finally, it’s big enough to use in a commercial operation and cook everything from pizzas to whole lamb roast. 


  • Commercial or domestic use
  • Wheeled base is very portable 
  • Gives you a larger cooking base


  • Assembly can be complicated
  • Takes up to 30 minutes to heat
  • Heavy

9. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven

Getting the best portable pizza oven, picking out and adding rope lights, and inviting friends over is a great way to spend a warm summer evening, and this oven by Bertello is very versatile. It uses wood pellets, natural wood, propane, and charcoal for fuel, and it has a Cordite pizza stone included that will give your pizza a nice crisp crust. It can heat up to 850°F to cook your pizza in minutes, and it has a very thorough instruction booklet that helps you set it up. It also supports propane gas use, but you’d have to buy an attachment to use it. Wood will flavor the pizza more, and gas ensures you maintain a steady temperature. 

This best portable pizza oven can easily cook a 12-inch pizza very quickly, and you can set the temperature starting at 450°F and going up to 600°F to get excellent results. When you’re done using it, it breaks down easily for cleaning. It weighs in at 29.4 pounds, and this makes it lightweight enough to carry with you. Finally, you get a one-year limited warranty on each purchase that will help protect your investment. 


  • Very versatile with the fuel sources 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can get up to 850°F


  • Has a learning curve
  • Can lend a charred taste to the pizza
  • Can take a while to heat up

10. ROCCBOX Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

The final portable pizza oven on our list is from Roccebox. It’s the perfect appliance to put under your shade sail once you install it, and it creates a gathering space in your yard. It uses wood and propane to give you heat that is evenly distributed and a smoky flavoring. There is heavy insulation on the exterior of the oven, and this ensures that the outside doesn’t get too hot when you use it. The pizza will cook all of the way through and retain heat for a second batch. There is a velcro strap that makes hauling it around a quick and easy job. 

Once you get this portable pizza oven, it’s ready to go out of the box after you straighten out the legs. It’s slightly bulky, but it packs in a lot of power. It can get up to 300°F in 20 minutes, and the insulation helps to retain these temperatures. The stainless steel exterior resists smudges and scuffs, and this helps to keep your pizza ovens looking nice season after season. 


  • Insulation prevents the exterior from getting hot
  • Velcro straps make carrying it easy
  • Stainless steel is durable


  • Has a bulkier design
  • Thermostat can be off by a few degrees
  • Takes 20 minutes to heat up

Portable Pizza Oven Buyer’s Guide

Before you pick out the first portable pizza oven you see, there are a few useful things you want to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting a high-quality appliance that is going to do everything you want it to do. This can be an expensive investment, so it pays to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your choice before you settle on one. 


You have many fuel options when you pick out a portable pizza oven. Depending on which one you choose, your pizza ovens could get up to 800°F and maintain a steady temperature. Many people like wood for fuel because it imparts a smoky flavor into the pizza, and you can get inexpensive wood pellets to run it. However, propane and gas powered ovens are nice because they give you a reliable temperature range that doesn’t really fluctuate. Charcoal is another option, or you can find ovens that take more than one fuel source. Decide on a fuel source early on to help narrow down your choices. 

Pizza 2 Fuel
Traditional pizza ovens used wood for fuel, and you can easily replicate this if you pick out the correct portable pizza oven. Another option is to add a few wood chips to your cook surface if you’d rather use propane. 


Insulation is important in portable pizza ovens, especially if you plan to use them indoors and don’t have an air conditioner in the summer months. Insulation will help you keep your room cool while you cook. Look for pizza ovens that have a fully-insulated design with multiple layers of insulation. It should have a hearth and a dome to help trap heat in and give you an even temperature. It’ll keep the outside of the pizza ovens cool to the touch, and this is a must around kids. The thicker your insulation is, the more heat the oven will keep in when it’s on. 

Cook Surface Size 

Not all pizzas are the same size, especially if you make homemade ones. The bigger your portable pizza oven is, the more pizza it can accomodate in one go. However, you’ll also need more storage and transport space. Your oven should be able to handle at least a 12-inch pizza, but a bigger capacity is nice if you do a lot of entertaining. Double-check the cook surface size before you buy and consider how you’re going to use it. 

Pizza 3 Size
If your pizza oven doesn’t have a large enough cook surface, this can hinder the size and amount of pizza you make in one go. 


There are many optional accessories pizza ovens have that can make your life much easier. For example, many of them come with a built-in thermometer that will tell you when the oven reaches your desired temperature. See if it comes with a pizza stone or not because some don’t, and check to see how you carry it. Some have handles and some have Velcro straps. The more accessories you get when you buy the oven, the better off it is for you. 

Maximum Temperature 

Depending on the portable pizza oven you pick out, it could have a broad temperature range. Some of the more powerful units can reach up to 900°F, and this ensures you get a very crispy crust with a fast cook time. Ideally, your pizza ovens will be able to reach and maintain a temperature of at least 600°F. This temperature is perfect for getting that melted cheese and a cooked crust from the center to the edge. Take note of any preheating times too because you don’t want to have to wait hours for your pizza. 

Learning Curve

One of the final things you want to look at with your portable pizza ovens is the learning curve. Bigger pizza ovens usually have more features, and it can take a while for you to learn how to use them properly. You don’t want to burn your pizza or not have the temperature set high enough, so you will have to do some trial and error. Check the assembly instructions and see how time-consuming it is to tear down, clean, and put back together. Any accessories could make your life easier as well. 

Pizza 4 End
Take your time and learn how to use your new pizza oven properly. If you do, you’ll get that perfect sear on the crust to crisp it up without burning it, and your pizza will cook all of the way through. 

Portable pizza ovens are wonderful to have. You can set it up outside by your kid’s playground set and have a small get-together or host a party. We’ve given you 10 high-quality options to consider and compare, and our short guide highlights the things you should keep in mind when you shop. Pick out the best one and be well on your way to having delicious pizza any night of the week. 

Have Pizza Anywhere with the Best Portable Pizza Oven