The Best Swing Sets

Summer and warmer weather is coming, and you want to get your kids out and about to help them burn off some energy, but you have very small yards to play games in. While this may discourage you initially, there are several fun swing sets for small yards available. We’ve spent hours researching and combing through the best swing sets to provide you a comprehensive list. So, sit back, relax, and compare our 10 best swing set choices to find the one that is ideal for both your kids and your small space.

1. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set – Top Pick

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The first swing set on the list is a heavy-duty product that has one trapeze bar, three belt swings, and gym rings included to give your kids hours of entertainment without getting in the way of your back or front yard landscaping. Every swing chain on this set has rubber grips on it, and this is a necessary safety feature to prevent your kids from accidentally pinching their fingers as they play. The nine-foot wavy slide is safe with a slightly lower slope to it, and there is a fireman’s pole that encourages hours of imaginative play. The three belt swings give the chance for several kids to play at once. 


This swing set comes made out of a powder-coated galvanized steel that resists rust and corrosion with exposure to the weather and other elements, and it also features high-density polyethylene. The setup is smooth and will maintain the durability and strength so your kids can play comfortably and safely. The powder coating adds another layer of protection onto the swing set, and it won’t peel, chip,or crack. It’s a free-standing swing set that doesn’t need cement to anchor it. There is no lead-based material in the design, and any hard edges are either covered with plastic caps or rounded. 



  • Several different play stations 
  • Powder coating 
  • Won’t peel, chip, or crack with weather exposure 
  • No lead-based materials
  • Nine-foot wavy slide 
  • Has a fireman’s pole
  • Doesn’t need a cement based anchor 
  • Rubber grips on the swings 


  • Hardware is cheap

2. Spring Hill Swing Set – Step- Up Pick

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This swing set comes equipped with something for every kid. You get two swings and a slide, trapeze, and a ground-level picnic table. The table comes covered by a top-level porch to provide some shade, and your kids can access this portion by a climbing wall or a ladder. The company also offers a range of attachments that you can swap or add on over time to make it more engaging for your younger and older kids to play on. There are alternative swing options, a steering wheel, standing swing, and much more that will secure to the frame for safe playing. 


It has a very high durability factor, and you get a dense southern yellow pine wood that gets treated with Sherwin Williams water-repellent stain to add another layer of protection from insects and rot to help the set last longer. The plastisol-coated swing chains won’t pinch little fingers, and you’ll get a non-slip ladder rung that mitigates potential safety hazards while ensuring that the set meets all ASTM safety standards. The roof peak tops out at nine-feet tall, and you get a 10-foot slide with a sandbox built underneath the structure. There is also a texture coating on the galvanized steel rungs for better grip, and you get a 10-year limited warranty on all of the wooden parts. 



  • 10-year limited warranty on wooden parts
  • 1-year limited warranty on hardware 
  • Water-repellent stain 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 
  • Can add a host of attachments 
  • Comes with a 10-foot slide and sandbox
  • Very stable and sturdy 


  • Hardware doesn’t last very long

3. Magic Carpet Swing Set – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you have a smaller yard or a yard that has a larger koi point and not a lot of space for a traditional swing set for your smaller kids, this could be a nice pick that won’t break your budget. You get a hammock-like design that allows two kids to swing and play at once, or they can lay back and relax. The chains on the swing come with a thicker vinyl coating on them that is both safe and durable, and it reduces the risks of any little fingers getting pinched. Your kid can enjoy hours of fun in the safety of your backyard, and it works well for smaller kids. 


This swing set meets or exceeds industry safety and quality standards, and the design has a slight lip running all around the length of the seat to prevent your kids from falling as they play. You get a very sturdy steel frame that will resist rust and corrosion due to exposure to humidity or other weather conditions, and this can help it last for years while still looking nice. It also comes with an eye-catching bright-blue design that enables you to see it as soon as you enter your yard, and it can make it more enticing for your kids.



  • Good for smaller yards 
  • Hammock-like design
  • Able to swing or lay and relax
  • Slightly raised edges 
  • Robin’s Egg blue coloring 
  • Steel frame 
  • Vinyl coating on the frame 


  • Difficult to push from inside the swing 

4. Ranger Wooden Swing Set – Bargain Budget Pick

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This is a versatile and larger swing set that won’t break your budget, and you get a very classic A-frame style to it. It comes with a sturdy cedar wood that naturally resists insects and rot, and this is even in wet or humid conditions. You get a trapeze and two swings that allow multiple people to play at one time, and you can swap them out for other features like a glider or a bucket swing for toddlers. The simplicity of this set is what helps to keep the price lower, but you don’t sacrifice quality for it. The chains on the swings come coated with a plastisol that prevents rust and pinched fingers, and the whole set meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards. 


You will have to assemble this swing set when you get it, but you get very detailed directions to help you through this process. The ring and trapeze combination helps your kids build up their strength, and each of the swings can hold up to 115-pounds. You can adjust the chains to fit variable heights, and this allows different sized kids to play at one time. You don’t need a concrete slab to secure this swing set, and it can sit nicely right on the ground. 



  • A-frame style 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • Chains have a plastisol coating
  • Won’t rust
  • Cedar resists rot and insect damage 
  • Swings hold up to 115-pounds 
  • Don’t need a concrete slab to secure it


  • Holes may not be pre-drilled correctly 

5. Playmaker Deluxe Wooden Swing Set – Bigger Kids

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Your kids can have double the fun with this wooden swing set, and it’s a very high-quality product that is perfect for your bigger kids. You’ll get hours of outdoor activities for your child if you purchase it, including a built-in sandbox area, rock climbing wall, two Alpine Wave Slides, and much more. This set comes made out of rot-resistant cedar wood, and this is the same wood a lot of people use to make their privacy fences because it stands up to element exposure without a problem. It also comes with a canopy-covered top deck, steering wheel, chalkboard, tic-tac-toe panel, and a telescope. 


This brand also makes swing sets that have multiple decks, extensive swing sets, and rope climbing walls if you want to add on later. The swings come outfitted with rubber-coated chains and recessed bolts to increase the protection levels, and it meets ASTM safety standards. You get all of the hardware, pieces, lumber, and a fully illustrated instruction manual when you order this product to ensure you have everything you need to complete the project with no delays. The lumber comes pre-sanded, pre-cut and pre-stained, so it’s ready to go out of the box. 



  • Built-in sandbox
  • Lumber comes pre-sanded and pre-stained
  • Fully colored instruction manual 
  • Has several play areas 
  • Suitable for bigger kids 
  • Meets ASTM standards 
  • Sun protection 


  • Assembly can take hours from start to finish 

6. Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set – Best For Family Fun

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If you’re in the market for a very durable but cost-effective swing set, this choice could be a great option to consider. Lifetime offers this model with a very safe construction using powder-coating on the steel frame that helps it resist rust and corrosion while looking great for years at a time. You get three swings, monkey bars, a trapeze, fire pole, and a slide all wrapped into one package, and this gives your kids plenty of play options to keep them engaged and active. The bigger set of monkey bars leads right to the platform for the slide. 


The slide itself on this swing set features a very fun wavy design that will thrill your kids as they go down. All of the hard edges or sharp corners come with a plastic cap on them so your kids don’t accidentally hit them and get hurt. Additionally, the chains get fitted with rubber grips to prevent pinching fingers, and these rubber grips also shield the chains from exposure to the elements to help prevent rust. It meets ASTM safety standards for home use, and you get a very solid design with it. You don’t need to anchor this swing set into the ground either as it has multiple contact points to keep it stable. 



  • Has rounded corners 
  • Bigger set of monkey bars 
  • Meets ASTM safety standards 
  • Steel frame
  • Powder coating on the frame 
  • Very stable 
  • Easy assembly process


  • Not a lot of play room for smaller kids

7. Toddler Climber and Swing Set – Best For Babies and Infants

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If you’re having a sleepover with your younger kids and you want a swing set that will wear them out while helping them stay safe before bedtime, this is a good pick. The swing is very secure because it has a higher back, a front T-bar, and armrests that securely hold your child in place. The slide comes with a very soft slope to it that lets your infant or smaller kid feel a light breeze without sending them down too quickly. There is a non-slip ladder that helps your child build up their leg muscles, and the detachable basketball hoop encourages hand-eye coordination. There is also a ring toss game on this swing set. 


The whole swing set comes made from plastic, so it won’t have any risk for splinters, rot, or sharp edges that your child could accidentally bump. The ring toss feature comes designed to look like a fun elephant’s nose to encourage your child’s imagination, and it’s a very bright color combination with a sturdy design. It can hold up to 110-pounds safely, and the swing can hold up to 66-pounds. It has strong hangers with rope that will allow your child to gently sway back and forth. The entire thing is relatively lightweight, and this allows you to move it around your yard. It’s also suitable for indoor use. 



  • Comfortable design 
  • Very bright coloring 
  • Holds up to 110-pounds 
  • Suitable to use indoors and outdoors 
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination 
  • Helps build leg strength 
  • Comes with a ring toss and basketball hoop


  • Can tip over

8. Andorra Cedar Swing Set – Best For Group Play

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This larger swing set comes built to support up to seven kids at once, so you will need a larger yard or space for it. However, it will go well right next to your kid’s playhouse to encourage hours of play. It has two swings, rock wall, slide, lower-level sandbox, and a canopy-covered top deck with a chalkboard to keep your kids busy, and it uses pre-stained cedar wood in the construction that is resistant to corrosion and rot, including when you expose it to wet or humid conditions. It also has a nice price point for the size and company. 


The high-rail wave slide is very exciting for your kids to play on, and your kids can draw or write on the chalkboard while being shielded from the sun. The double belt swings come with a protective coating on the chains that shield them from the elements while ensuring that your kids don’t accidentally pinch their fingers as they play, and this can help to keep them safer. This swing set is slightly more challenging to put together, and it does go together better when you have two people working at once due to the larger size. However, it’s very sturdy and stable. 



  • Lots of different play areas 
  • Shaded from the sun 
  • Pre-stained cedar wood construction 
  • Bright canopy 
  • Very stable design 
  • Sits nicely on flat ground 
  • Reputable company 


  • Need more than one person to assemble it

9. Lewiston Retreat Wooden Swing Set – Best For Sliding

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Cedar Summit’s swing set has dozens of opportunities to encourage active and imaginative play, and it’s the perfect for helping to keep your kids busy for hours at a time when they take a break from playing bigger group games with the family. The play kitchen is perfect for the budding chef with a sink, stove, accessories, and a utensil shelf, and the lower clubhouse comes with a working door, mailbox with a working flag, play phone, and a clock. There’s a rockwall that leads to the upper clubhouse, and the clubhouse comes covered by a wooden roof with a faux stone chimney. The windows provide a nice touch, and your kid can cruise down the high rail wave slide or the Twist n’ Ride tube slide. 


You get two belt swings on this swing set, and there is an acro bar where they can hang upside down that attaches to a solid timber beam. It uses heavy-duty swing brackets  and swing hangers to give you more space between the swings and anchor them into place. The pre-assembled panels make assembly relatively quick and easy, and it’s made out of 100% cedar lumber that resists mold, mildew, and rot from exposure to the elements. 



  • 100% cedar construction 
  • Multiple play areas 
  • Heavy-duty swing brackets 
  • Solid construction 
  • Tube slide included 
  • Multiple swings 
  • Panels come pre-assembled


  • Can take days to assemble 

10. SKROUTZ Metal Swing Set – Best For Physical Activity 

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The final swing set on the list is from Skroutz, and it can encourage your kids to get outside and explore or play. This set comes packed with features to entice your kids, including two standard swings, two-person glider, saucer swing, another glider, and a six-foot slide. In turn, the entire family will be able to play and enjoy themselves for hours on end without running out of things to do. Each area of this swing set features the same attention to detail and construction level that this company is known for, and this helps to ensure everyone is safe. It can keep up to six kids busy at one time, and you get all of the tools necessary to install it when you buy it. 


The frame of this swing set uses two-inch weather-resistant steel tubes, and they resist rust and corrosion. They also have a powder coating on them for extra protection. It’s a cost-effective swing set that works well in medium or large backyards. You get a full color instruction manual in each purchase, and this can help you put it together in an afternoon without any huge hassles. 



  • Metal design 
  • No special tools needed to assemble it
  • Powder coating 
  • Comes with two gliders 
  • Doesn’t need a concrete pad 
  • Reputable company 
  • Weather-resistant design 


  • Can have hard corners 

Swing Sets for Small Yards – Buying Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed nine of the best swing sets for small yards, we’ll outline what you want to consider when you start to shop. Since we know that space is an issue, we’ll also go over how you decide when a swing set is too big for your yard. Ideally, you’ll find one that offers everything your kids need while giving you space to maneuver around it.

Sizing Your Swing Set for Small Yards

Since every yard is different, the swing set that works for your neighbor may not work well for you. This is why it’s essential that you take the time to figure out how much space you actually have available. You can get chalk to measure around the area if it’s concrete or a hard surface like a patio. For grass, you can get spray paint and mark off your area. When you measure, include the farthest point your kid will be able to swing out without having them hit something.

You want to consider your kid’s height with the average length of their legs. If it extends out past your chalk or paint lines, you run the risk of them hitting something and injuring themselves. You should add a few extra feet to your measurements to ensure your kids have enough room to swing and play, up to six feet. Once you have this space marked off, measure the width and length. If you have overhanging trees, measure the height. These are the measurements you’ll use to narrow down your choices.

Swing Set 1

Be very careful when you make your measurements. The last thing you want is to not have enough room for your kids to fully enjoy their new swing set when you get it installed. 

Next, compare the dimensions of each swing set for small yards you look at. If the maximum width and length of your chosen space is six feet by ten feet, your swing set’s dimensions shouldn’t go beyond that. You can find the measurements on the product description. Also, keep the swing set’s height in mind because this will tell you how far your child can swing out. The higher the swing set, the higher the swing goes. You don’t want them to hit the fence or guest house by accident and injure themselves.

It’s important that you review the swing set for small yard’s weight as well. Lighter sets can and will break down faster than more heavy-duty sets. Make note of the maximum weight your kids can be to play on the set. If the weight limit cuts off at 100 pounds, bigger kids will miss out playing on it.

Important Buying Considerations

When you start to shop for your swing sets for small yards, there are buying considerations that will help you compare the various models and narrow down your choices. You can hold each set to the same standards and see which one is going to be the safest and most fun choice for your kid.


What do your kids like to play on? Some kids love to play on slides for hours at a time while others like swings. Imaginative play is very fun for kids too, and some accessories can help encourage this. For example, some of the swing sets for small yards we reviewed came with accessories like a pirate telescope, tic-tac-toe board, climbing wall, and steering wheels. Others were more basic and featured a slide or two, a few swings, and a small platform. Remember that the accessories are usually more fragile than the main setup, so you could spend more to replace them if they were to break or wear out.


How old your kids are will play a role in which swing set you pick out as they come for a variety of ages. Toddler-appropriate ones usually have a plastic design with bucket seats while swing sets for older kids will have things like rock walls, rope swings, or higher areas for your kids to slide and play. 

Swing Set 2 Budget

Breaking your budget to buy your kid a new swing set isn’t a good idea, and setting one early will help you get rid of models out of your price range. 


Since your swing set for small yards is going to get a lot of use while being exposed to different elements like rain, heat, and snow, durability is extremely important. Metal can outlast wood, but pure cedar with a sealant on it is very resistant to rot or breakage. Take a look at the connection points on each swing set you look at. Some offer caps that help seal moisture out, and others let the nuts, screws, and bolts stay exposed to water and the environment. Ideally, you’ll end up with a swing set that can last for years without breaking down. Plastic is the least durable material, but it’s popular for swing sets for small kids.


As a general rule, the best swing set comes made out of metal, plastic, or wood. The metal swing set usually has a powder coating on it to help it resist rust or wear and tear. The wood can have a sealant or a pre-treatment that seals out water and helps it resist rot and wood scuffs. These are both heavier materials that can be more difficult to assemble. Plastic is another popular option because it is relatively durable and can withstand different weather conditions, but you want to get thicker plastic so it doesn’t wear out.

Safety Features

Keeping your kids safe can be a full-time job, especially when they’re running around outside and playing on their new swing set. So, the swing set itself should have several safety features built into the design. Good ones to look for include things like larger handholds, safety bars, and several ways to climb in and out of the towers if there are any. Double-check the connection points and the weight requirements because these are areas that can cause problems.

Swing Set 3 Safety
Keeping your kids safe while allowing them the freedom to play and have fun is a delicate balancing act. However, choosing a safe swing set is a great start.

Weight Capacity

Almost any swing set you pick out will have a maximum weight capacity to it, and this tells you how many or how large the kids can be when they get on it. It can range from below 100 pounds up to well over 300 pounds, so you should be sure that you double-check and think about who is going to be using it. In turn, your kids will get more use out of it without huge amounts of wear, tear, or stress. 

Swing Set 4 Outside
Swing sets are an excellent way to get your kids outside and enjoy the nice weather. Our buying guide and reviews make it easy to find the perfect set up for your yard.

Bottom Line

Picking out the best swing sets for small yards can be a challenging process, but our best swing set review roundup has something for everyone. Whether you want to go all out and buy a high-end one or if your kid wants something simple, we have it here for you. You can compare products, take a look at our buying guide, and find the perfect swing set for your little ones to enjoy all summer long.

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