The Best Swing Sets

Summer and warmer weather is coming, and you want to get your kids out and about to help them burn off some energy, but you have very small yards to play games in. While this may discourage you initially, there are several fun swing sets for small yards available. We’ve spent hours researching and combing through the best swing sets to provide you a comprehensive list. So, sit back, relax, and compare our 10 best swing set choices to find the one that is ideal for both your kids and your small space.

1. Gorilla Play Set Chateau Tower Swing Set

Gorilla Play Set brings your kids a compact swing set that comes packed with excellent features to keep them busy and entertained for hours at a time. They’ll have hours of activities to keep them active, and this swing set for small yards comes with a sandbox, climbing rope, wave slide, and a rock wall. They’ll get a built-in picnic area to enjoy their snacks and meals between games too.

The tic-tac-toe panel on this swing set for small yards will encourage friendly competition and strategy games, while the telescope and steering wheel will capture their imagination. There is a trapeze swing and a safe entry ladder that ensures your kids remain safe while they climb through the playhouse and up to the upper deck. There are timber shield posts and maintenance-free beams included, and the structure has a 10-year warranty. Each accessory has a full year warranty, and it’s great for kids 3 to 11 years old.


  • Has multiple play areas/stations
  • Wood has a 10-year warranty
  • Can safely accommodate several kids at a time


  • Very expensive
  • Challenging to set up
  • Plastic parts aren’t as durable

2. Somerset All Cedar Swing Set

This swing set for small yards comes made with 100% cedar that is very carefully crafted so the wood swing set won’t chip or crack with repeated use. It’s resistant to natural decay and rot, and this ensures it lasts longer. To make the assembly process easier, the  manufacturer cuts, pre-stains, and engraves each piece with a numerical identifier. Your child will get a slide, two belt swings, outdoor clubhouse, and a trapeze swing. Below the main structure, there is a picnic area with a bench built into the set.

The eight-foot slide ensures quick sliding, and the rock climbing wall will encourage your kid to develop their coordination skills, motor skills, and muscle tone. The metal swing grab handles make it quick and easy for your kids to enter and exit the upper fort area. There are steel shell brackets on the swings to improve their durability, and there is a string swing beam. Additionally, this swing set for small yards allows your kids to store some of their items between uses.


  • Durable build meets safety standards
  • Sharp corners have a rounded cover
  • Chemical-free stain resists decay


  • Instructions are difficult
  • Needs two people to put together
  • Have to sign for the package upon delivery

3. Backyard Discovery Cedar Swing Set

As another entry on our list of swing sets for small yards comes from Backyard Discovery. It packs a lot of great features into a compact package that won’t take up a lot of additional space in your yard. Your kids can sit and enjoy the outdoors at the picnic table, or they can play on the rock wall ladder. Other features include a playdeck, trapeze bar, and two belt swings that can keep the fun going for hours.

The eight-foot slide has slight waves to up the fun factor and speed, and it’s wide enough to be extremely stable. There is more than enough space for your kids and several of their friends to play at once, and the cedar build resists damage and rot. You get interactive instructions to put this swing set for small yards together with photo guides to make it a fast process from start to finish. You can track your package and keep your warranty on-hand with the free app.


  • Big enough for kids of several ages
  • Canvas cover provides shaded areas to play
  • Instructions are easy to follow


  • Part replacement can be difficult
  • App is slow
  • Has dozens of pieces to put together

4. Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

This is a very durable swing set for small yards that comes aimed at younger kids. It allows you to get your kids out of the house and spend hours with creative play. They’ll get to play in a built-in playhouse, slide down the short and wavy slide, and use the toddler swings. The larger handholds are perfect for small hands to grip when they climb up to get to the slide, and there’s a fun steering wheel attached.

There is also a challenging rope ladder and a short climbing wall. The toddler swings are very comfortable, and they come with all of the mounting hardware you need. Up to four kids can play on this swing set for small yards at a time without disturbing the birds or wildlife, and there is a maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds per child. It’s made out of a thick plastic material that is very stable and sturdy. It also comes with a bright color scheme that makes it look very inviting.


  • Very sturdy and durable design
  • Has larger handholds for smaller hands
  • Swings are very comfortable and safe


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Screw caps can be missing
  • Plastic will break down quicker than wood or metal swing sets


This swing set for small yards has enough activities to keep up to nine kids busy all at the same time. There is a trampoline, slide, flying saucer, monkey bars, glider, basketball hoop with a backboard, swing, basketball, soccer goal with net, and a soccer ball included in your purchase. The entire set has a weight capacity of 80 pounds, but the glider allows for two kids that weigh up to 80 pounds each to use it at the same time.

The frame is a durable powder-coated steel that resists rust and corrosion, and it can withstand different environmental conditions without breaking down. This swing set for small yards meets ASTM safety standards. Every component has a six-month warranty, and the frame has a full two-year warranty from the date of purchase. Children between three and eight years old are able to safely play on this swing set without any issues.


  • Has multiple activity stations in one set
  • Cost-effective without sacrificing quality
  • Uses powder-coated steel for the frame


  • Directions are unclear
  • Customer service is difficult to contact
  • Bolts are very flimsy and prone to rusting

6. Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

This swing set for small yards is perfect for toddlers and little kids, and they’ll love the bright color scheme that comes with it. It’s a 3-in-1 design that gives your kids three ways to play. They can play with the sturdy basketball hoop, go down the sturdy slide, or have fun in the swing. The set is large enough for kids up to six years old to play on and enjoy, and it’s made with non-toxic HDPE material that is safe for your kids and pets to touch.

The slide has a gentle slope, and it can hold up to 110 pounds. The swing has a safety latch in the front to help keep your kid in when they play, and it can hold up to 66 pounds. There is a climbing ladder to help improve your kid’s motor skills on this swing set for small yards. There are no edges at the connection point that could pinch your child’s skin. You can remove the basketball hoop to save more space, and you get everything you need to put it together straight out of the box.


  • Has a very bright and sturdy design
  • 3-in-1 activity areas for maximum entertainment
  • No edges at the connection points to keep your child safe


  • May be too small for kids over five
  • Doesn’t anchor to the ground
  • Swing is very unstable

7. Swing-n-Slide Swing Set

This swing set for small yards has an extreme tube slide and an alpine wave slide that allows for dual slide action. This is a slightly bigger playset, but the slides don’t extend out too much from the base to help save room. It has several fun activities to keep your kid entertained like a rock wall with a rope, rope ladder, safe entry ladder, sandbox, picnic table, tic-tac-toe board, trapeze bar, and two comfortable swings. There is also a telescope and a steering wheel to encourage imaginative play.

The swing chains are UV protected, and they have a soft rubber plastic that makes it easy for your kid to grip when they use it. It helps to keep the swings cooler on sunny days while preventing pinching. This swing set for small yards exceeds or meets the ASTM safety standards. The covered top provides shade to keep your kids cool as they play all day long.


  • Comes with several nice safety features
  • Has dual slides and several swings
  • Compact design with a lot of activities


  • Nothing is pre-assembled
  • Directions are confusing
  • Certain parts are more flimsy than others

8. IRON KIDS Premier Fitness Playground

This swing set for small yards by Iron Kids has the idea that fun and fitness go hand-in-hand, and it has an arch built construction with two steel frames and a ground stake system that makes this a very durable and safe option. It can hold six kids at a time, and they’ll get a host of activities to keep them entertained like a slide, jumper trampoline, two swings, monkey bars, and a sunshade to help keep the area cool and comfortable all day.

The set encourages your kids to build their muscle tone, and there is a safety bar on the trampoline that your kid can grab onto when they use it. There is a small net on one side of the swing set for small yards that is perfect for a quick game of soccer. The swings are a wide plastic piece that is comfortable to sit on, and it won’t hold heat when the sun hits it.


  • Large sunshade keeps the play area cool
  • Corkscrew stakes secure the equipment to the ground
  • Trampoline is easy to move around


  • Canopy is very thin
  • Swings are rigid
  • Mesh nets on the side aren’t durable

9. Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set

This is a very low-maintenance wood swing set for yards that features a ring/trapeze combination with two swing seats. Each chain on this wooden swing set comes with a pinch-free coating, and they can easily support kids up to 115 pounds without an issue. The A-wooden frame is durable enough to support up to three kids at one time without breaking or wearing out due to the wood finish, and you can swap the trapeze/ring out for a third swing quickly and easily.

As long as you use this swing set in a residential area, it meets the ASTM safety standards. This wooden swing set for yards is very easy to assemble, and it only has a few parts to the frame that ensures you can put it up with a single person. The wide frame will add stability to this swing set to keep your kids safe when they use it. The wood swing set suitable for kids ranging between 3 months to 10 years.


  • Has a wide A-frame design
  • Easy to put together and set up
  • Can swap the trapeze out for another swing


  • More basic design for older kids
  • Wood isn’t as durable as it could be
  • Coating can chip off the chains

Swing Sets for Small Yards – Buying Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed nine of the best swing sets for small yards, we’ll outline what you want to consider when you start to shop. Since we know that space is an issue, we’ll also go over how you decide when a swing set is too big for your yard. Ideally, you’ll find one that offers everything your kids need while giving you space to maneuver around it.

Sizing Your Swing Set for Small Yards

Since every yard is different, the swing set that works for your neighbor may not work well for you. This is why it’s essential that you take the time to figure out how much space you actually have available. You can get chalk to measure around the area if it’s concrete or a hard surface like a patio. For grass, you can get spray paint and mark off your area. When you measure, include the farthest point your kid will be able to swing out without having them hit something.

You want to consider your kid’s height with the average length of their legs. If it extends out past your chalk or paint lines, you run the risk of them hitting something and injuring themselves. You should add a few extra feet to your measurements to ensure your kids have enough room to swing and play, up to six feet. Once you have this space marked off, measure the width and length. If you have overhanging trees, measure the height. These are the measurements you’ll use to narrow down your choices.

Swing Set 1
Be very careful when you make your measurements. The last thing you want is to not have enough room for your kids to fully enjoy their new swing set when you get it installed. 

Next, compare the dimensions of each swing set for small yards you look at. If the maximum width and length of your chosen space is six feet by ten feet, your swing set’s dimensions shouldn’t go beyond that. You can find the measurements on the product description. Also, keep the swing set’s height in mind because this will tell you how far your child can swing out. The higher the swing set, the higher the swing goes. You don’t want them to hit the fence or guest house by accident and injure themselves.

It’s important that you review the swing set for small yard’s weight as well. Lighter sets can and will break down faster than more heavy-duty sets. Make note of the maximum weight your kids can be to play on the set. If the weight limit cuts off at 100 pounds, bigger kids will miss out playing on it.

Important Buying Considerations

When you start to shop for your swing sets for small yards, there are buying considerations that will help you compare the various models and narrow down your choices. You can hold each set to the same standards and see which one is going to be the safest and most fun choice for your kid.


What do your kids like to play on? Some kids love to play on slides for hours at a time while others like swings. Imaginative play is very fun for kids too, and some accessories can help encourage this. For example, some of the swing sets for small yards we reviewed came with accessories like a pirate telescope, tic-tac-toe board, climbing wall, and steering wheels. Others were more basic and featured a slide or two, a few swings, and a small platform. Remember that the accessories are usually more fragile than the main setup, so you could spend more to replace them if they were to break or wear out.


Your budget will play a role in the swing set for small yards you pick out because they can have a huge price range. Some more basic models will have less bells and whistles attached to them, and this can drop the price to a few hundred dollars. More high-dollar sets will come packed with features, but you’ll pay upwards of $1,000 to over $2,000 for them. The price doesn’t include assembly either.

Swing Set 2 Budget
Breaking your budget to buy your kid a new swing set isn’t a good idea, and setting one early will help you get rid of models out of your price range. 


Since your swing set for small yards is going to get a lot of use while being exposed to different elements like rain, heat, and snow, durability is extremely important. Metal can outlast wood, but pure cedar with a sealant on it is very resistant to rot or breakage. Take a look at the connection points on each swing set you look at. Some offer caps that help seal moisture out, and others let the nuts, screws, and bolts stay exposed to water and the environment. Ideally, you’ll end up with a swing set that can last for years without breaking down. Plastic is the least durable material, but it’s popular for swing sets for small kids.

Ease of Assembly 

One of the biggest complaints we noticed from reviewers when they talked about their new swing set for small yards was the ease of assembly. Many said that the directions were very unclear and difficult to follow. The pieces could be mislabeled or missing altogether. Some were so heavy that they required two people to put them together and set it up. Take a look and see if any pieces come pre-assembled and ready to go straight away. The more accessories and parts you have, the more difficult it’ll be to get the set put together.


As a general rule, the best swing set comes made out of metal, plastic, or wood. The metal swing set usually has a powder coating on it to help it resist rust or wear and tear. The wood can have a sealant or a pre-treatment that seals out water and helps it resist rot and wood scuffs. These are both heavier materials that can be more difficult to assemble. Plastic is another popular option because it is relatively durable and can withstand different weather conditions, but you want to get thicker plastic so it doesn’t wear out.

Safety Features

Keeping your kids safe can be a full-time job, especially when they’re running around outside and playing on their new swing set. So, the swing set itself should have several safety features built into the design. Good ones to look for include things like larger handholds, safety bars, and several ways to climb in and out of the towers if there are any. Double-check the connection points and the weight requirements because these are areas that can cause problems.

Swing Set 3 Safety
Keeping your kids safe while allowing them the freedom to play and have fun is a delicate balancing act. However, choosing a safe swing set is a great start.

Safety Standards

Whatever swing set for small yards you pick out, it should meet or exceed safety standards. One popular one you’ll see is that a set meets the ASTM standards. This stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials. This is the organization that sets the standards for play equipment all over the world. If you don’t see it, the set may not be safe enough for your kid to play on. It may not use the best materials, or it can cut corners with the connection points.

Swing Set 4 Outside
Swing sets are an excellent way to get your kids outside and enjoy the nice weather. Our buying guide and reviews make it easy to find the perfect set up for your yard.

Bottom Line

Picking out the best swing sets for small yards can be a challenging process, but our best swing set review roundup has something for everyone. Whether you want to go all out and buy a high-end one or if your kid wants something simple, we have it here for you. You can compare products, take a look at our buying guide, and find the perfect swing set for your little ones to enjoy all summer long.

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