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Croquet is a fun summer sport that is wildly popular throughout Great Britain, but it’s catching on in the United States very quickly. This is a classic backyard game with a laid-back atmosphere, and players in all age groups and skill levels can enjoy it. While it’s simple to play but challenging to master, having the best croquet set on-hand makes it a little bit easier. 

Play with family and friends and host a good old-fashioned competition, or play solo and sharpen your skills. All you need is a slightly large yard, a croquet set, some good food, and beverages. If you’re in the market for a new croquet set, I’ve picked out the top 10 croquet set options available on the current market for you below. Take a look, make your pick, and beat out everyone to be the master croquet player this summer. 

Croquet 1 Start
The nice thing about croquet is that it’s a very easy sport to play, and you can sharpen your skills very quickly on a variety of different turfs and playing fields. 

1. ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set – Top Pick

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The first croquet set on the list comes from Ropoda, and this is a very durable set that your kids can play with at their sleepovers or you can break it out at the next barbeque and get the whole family to play. You also get a nice carrying case that makes storing it or taking it from place to place easy. It’s a great set to get if you want to introduce the game to your family but you’re not 100% sure they’ll want to play. The handles on the mallets are 26-inches long, and this puts them slightly on the shorter end when you compare them to a few other examples on the list. However, it’s a nice set for beginners or if you want the kids to play. 


When you pick up this croquet set, you’ll get six mallets with six handles and nine steel wickets. The modern colors are a very nice touch, and they make it easy to pair the mallet up with the ball when you play. You can have between two and six players per game, and you also get dual ending stakes. The handles and the mallets feature a hardwood design that is durable while being easy to assemble, and the croquet balls feature a resin material that is very difficult to crack or damage. The carrying bag has a thicker zipper that won’t break, and you get a few pockets on the inside to keep everything organized.



  • Nice beginner set 
  • Modern color scheme
  • Hardwood materials with resin 
  • Comes with a carrying bag 
  • Steel wickets resist rust 
  • Rule book included 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Can cause splinters 

2. Juegoal Croquet Set – Step- Up Pick

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This croquet set works well for two to six players of all skill levels, and adults or children can use it to play since the handles on the mallets are only 28-inches long. This ensures that they’re not awkward when you use them. You get six handles, six balls, six mallets, and nine wickets with two ending stakes. It also has a manual book that helps you understand the rules, and everything packs neatly into a carrying case. It features a very lightweight design, but it’s solid. This set can easily last for years without showing any large signs of wear and tear. 


All you have to do to get this croquet set up and ready to use is to screw the wooden handle into the mallet, and this should only take a few seconds. The mallets have caps on them for additional protection against wear and tear, and the balls feature a weather-resistant, molded design to ensure they last. The wickets come with a vinyl coating, and the bag allows you to store or transport the whole set. It’s a nice choice for people aged six and up, and you can choose from two different wood colors. The color scheme is bright but classic. 



  • Vinyl coating on the wickets prevents rust 
  • Mallets have caps on the ends 
  • Screws together easily 
  • For ages six and up 
  • Can support between two and six players 
  • Weather-resistant balls included
  • Two wood colors


  • Zipper can get stuck

3. Driveway Games Portable Croquet Set – Mid-End Budget Pick

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Driveway Games offer a croquet set that is a nice pick if you’re on a slightly tighter budget but you want a set to go by your kid’s playhouse in the backyard for those long summer days. You get everything you need for six people to play croquet with this set, including nine wickets, six croquet balls, and two wooden stakes. The stakes and mallets come made out of hardwood to ensure they’re durable, and the rubber mallet caps add extra protection to prevent chips or wear on the mallets with heavy play. The vinyl-coated wickets are also very durable, and this helps to prevent scratches. 


You get polymer croquet balls with this set, and these are very resistant to any damage, and there is a carrying case that allows you to neatly pack up the set between uses to store it that measures 27.4-inches by 9.8-inches by 7.6-inches. It fits neatly into closets or out in your garage or storage shed, and you can easily keep everything together when you transport it from point A to point B. The bright colors allow you to easily match the mallet to the ball, and they’re very classic. The lighter wood also allows the colors to stand out more. 



  • Supports two to six players 
  • Vinyl-coating prevents scratches 
  • Polymer croquet balls 
  • Compact storage bag 
  • Brighter colors 
  • Uses a hardwood for the mallets 
  • Great for smaller players 


  • Handles are only 24-inches

4. ApudArmis Six Player Croquet Set – Bargain Budget Pick

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Just because you have a tight budget doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a croquet set, and this is a great pick. You get everything you need to play in one purchase, including six 28-inch mallets with bright coloring, six bright croquet balls, two 18-inch ending stakes, nine steel wickets, an instruction manual, and an extra-large carrying bag to keep everything sorted and together until you want to use it again. The mallet head features rubber wood that is durable and sweat-proof, and the mallet handle features poplar wood with a clear texture and smooth planed surfaces. This makes it resistant to corrosion or wear. 


The set comes with a pretty string surface pattern that is very comfortable to grip, and the croquet balls feature elastic polymer. You can easily set it up within minutes, and it’s very easy to learn how to play. The zip-up carrying bag is a durable nylon material that will stretch to accommodate all of the pieces of the croquet set. You can get a full year warranty from the date of purchase on the set with a 30-day return window if you’re not 100% satisfied. The customer service team is also very responsive to questions, and the stakes have slight points on them to make them easy to drive into the ground. 



  • 1-year warranty 
  • Mallets are slightly longer
  • Has a nylon storage bag 
  • Can return it in 30 days
  • Wickets are steel 
  • Poplar wood for the mallets 
  • Easy to carry


  • Mallets may be too light

5. Deluxe Croquet Game Set – Best For Bigger Groups

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If you’re looking for a high-quality croquet set and you don’t mind spending a little more on it, this is an Amish-crafted deluxe set that won’t disappoint. You get top-quality craftsmanship with some of the best materials available, and it’s a traditional set that allows you to get a classic look and feel when you set it up by your container garden or patio. You get eight mallets, eight balls, two stakes, a wooden storage stand, and nine wickets in each order, so you can have up to eight people play at one time. The mallets use hardwood with solid brass rings fitted to the ends of the heads. You can also choose from 28 or 32-inch lengths to match different people’s heights. 


The mallets all have a color-coded painting on them that corresponds to the ball that matches in the set. The ball is just over 3-inches in diameter, and this makes it larger than traditional regulation size. However, it makes it easier for people to learn. The wooden stand will neatly hold all of your items between rounds, and it comes fitted with a durable but pretty brass handle. You get ready-to-play instructions when you order this set, and you can even split the handle size when you order to get four of each size. 



  • High-quality craftsmanship 
  • Supports up to eight players 
  • 28 or 32-inch handle choices 
  • Brass fittings
  • Wooden carrying/storage case 
  • Ready-to-Play instructions included 
  • Maple hardwood mallets


  • Price is much higher than other options

6. TOYANDONA Children Croquet – Best For Kids

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If you’re trying to find a way to help your child’s hand-eye coordination, this cute and colorful children’s croquet set is a great way to go. The size balances seamlessly between being large enough to not be a choking hazard while being small enough for smaller hands to grip the mallets easily. You get two very simple wooden mallets with blue handles when you order this croquet set, and they have very smooth handles that won’t splinter while not being fragile enough to break. The bright blue color on this croquet set mallet is also very inviting, and it has a plain wooden mallet portion. 


You get a green and a red ball when you order this set, but the wickets are where it really shines. Each wicket is in the shape of a fun animal, and you get five wickets per order in bright and engaging colors. They have small wooden flaps on the side to help set them on the ground, and you can easily use it indoors or outdoors without worrying about causing damage to the flooring. As the mallet is only 15-inches tall, it’s a great set for toddlers and smaller kids to play with. 



  • Colorful animal-themed wickets
  • Smaller mallets 
  • Easy to set up
  • Can use indoors or outdoors 
  • Made especially for kids
  • Supports up to two players 
  • Lightweight 


  • Mallet handle is really thin

7. Baden Deluxe Series Croquet Set – Best For Experienced Players

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If you’re not 100% sure if price or quality matters more when it comes to your croquet set, this is a nice compromise. This set is surprisingly durable for the price, and the wood for the mallets is slightly more lightweight while still allowing you to hit the ball just right. They’re great if you’re trying to improve your skills, and it’ll fit in nicely next to your deck or out in your yard. The set does come with slightly bigger mallets at 33-inches, so this may be too tall for smaller kids or shorter people to play comfortably. If you want kids to play, the mallets should be around 28-inches long. 


You’ll get nine steel wickets when you order this croquet set, and they’re resistant to rust and corrosion. There is also a carrying or storage bag included to help keep all of the pieces together when you move them. The balls are slightly lower quality and can crack over time, but it’s a nice choice for newer players. The detachable mallet heads make them a snap to store, and they screw into the handles for a very fast setup process when you want to play. You get an official rulebook in each purchase, and it comes with a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase. 



  • Has a 90-day warranty 
  • 33-inch mallet handles 
  • Has steel wickets
  • Nylon carrying bag included 
  • Detachable mallet heads
  • 90-day warranty 
  • Official rulebook included 


  • Croquet balls are lower quality 

8. Triumph 6-Player Croquet Set – Best For Mixed Groups

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This six player croquet set from Triumph allows you to work on your concentration levels and strategy, and you get everything you need to play all wrapped into a nice package. It has six multicolored solid wooden mallets with 24-inch handles that make them suitable for younger kids to adults to play without being too big, to goal stakes, six multicolored balls, and nine wire wickets. The wickets come with a coating on them to make them resistant to rust or corrosion from exposure to the elements. The entire set will fit nicely into the included carrying bag to make storage a quick and easy process, and it also allows you to transport them without losing anything. 


This is a recreational set that works well for experienced and brand new players, and the mallet heads come fitted with rubberized ends that withstand hard play without showing any wear or tear like wooden-ended mallets would. You get traditional colors with very smooth and coated mallet handles that won’t cause splinters or slip when you use them, and the bag comes with a drawstring closure that can double as a hanging string when you store it. 



  • Slightly larger storage bag
  • Wickets have a weather-proof coating 
  • 24-inch handles
  • Mallets have rubberized ends 
  • Very smooth design 
  • Bright colors
  • Easy to screw together 


  • Difficult to contact customer support

9. Garden Games Townsend Croquet Set – Best For Heavy Usage

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Townsend’s four player croquet set has adult-sized wooden mallets that feature dark rosewood heads with octagonal ash wooden shafts that are very resistant to wear and tear while looking sharp. Each mallet also comes outfitted with a leather-bound handle that adds an air of traditional English elegance to it. There are no variations when it comes to the mallet size, so you do have to make due with the 38-inch long handles. They’re nice for adult players but far too large for kids. You get steel powder-coated wickets that will withstand the elements, no matter which planting zone you live in. 


You’ll get a full instruction set included in the purchase to ensure that you can set up this set easily the first time you do so, and this four-player set comes with a zip-closed canvas bag that makes transport and storage easy. The bright colors stand out nicely against the lighter wood and darker mallet heads, and the mallets have a clear coat on them to make them shine. The non-chip croquet balls in this set weigh in at 16-ounces, and this makes them regulation size. The canvas bag has a shoulder strap to make it easy to pick up and carry. 



  • Longer mallet handles
  • Handles have a leather wrap 
  • Dual wood coloring 
  • Durable canvas bag with a carrying strap 
  • Non-chip croquet balls are regulation size 
  • Supports up to four players
  • Professional-grade set 


  • Handles are too long for some players 

10. BroWill Croquet Set – Best For Families

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The final croquet set on the list comes from BroWill, and you get 35-inch full printed mallets when you order it that work well as long as you’re over five feet tall. They stop you from having to bend over while you play. They have full coverage with natural lacquers, and this allows them to have great resistance to the weather to help them last longer while avoiding damage if you accidentally forget one outside. The croquet balls feature a high-density polyethylene, and this makes them resistant to cracking while ensuring they can survive different weather conditions and impacts without a problem. 


This is a nice croquet set for virtually any flat surface you have outside, and you get nine wire wickets with a plastic covering to help them resist rust or corrosion. The two stake posts are durable eucalyptus, and you get a very large, durable carrying bag that is made out of 600D fabric. This bag is large enough to fit everything in and allow you to pull things back out without having to dig. It’s a lightweight set that comes with a worry-free guarantee. You can return it within 45-days for a money-back guarantee, or you can take advantage of the 24-month product replacement warranty to protect your investment. 



  • Dual warranties 
  • Full printed mallets 
  • Longer handles 
  • Carrying bag is 600D fabric 
  • Croquet balls resist stress cracking 
  • Easy to set up
  • Survives different weather conditions 


  • Only allows four people to play at once

How to Choose the Best Croquet Set – Buying Guide

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when you start shopping for this croquet set. You should break down each piece of the croquet set and look for specific requirements to ensure you get a good one that you can use comfortably. I’ll outline everything you need to know below on choosing croquet sets.

Croquet 2 Guide
A professional-grade croquet set is nice for serious players, but many families go for the more relaxed sets because they’re more cost-effective while being durable enough for daily play. 

Croquet Mallet 

First up is the mallet. The  number of mallets in your set will vary from two to eight. This is what you hit your ball with. Fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber are popular mallets for beginners, and solid wood mallets are popular with anyone who doesn’t have a lot of power behind their hits because the excess weight can make the ball move further. You should also consider the mallets: 

  • Length – The length of your mallet’s shaft will depend on your stance and your height. Many of them are between 21 and 36-inches. 
  • Weight –  If you’re having a hard time hitting long distance shots, you’re probably using a mallet that’s too lightweight. The average weight for traditional mallets start at 2 pounds, 10 ounces and goes up to 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Carbon fiber is the lightest mallet available. 
  • Rigidity – If the shaft of the mallet is very rigid, it usually gives you better control over your hits versus a more flexible one. 
  • Shape – Hexagonal or octagonal shapes are preferred for many players over the rounded ones. This is because the first two shapes help you get a consistent angle with your shots. 
  • Head Size – Beginners usually prefer a large cross-section and experienced players like a small cross-section. 
  • Materials – Cheap mallets usually have a thinner wood construction that scuffs to save on costs, and more durable options use metal or carbon fiber. 
  • Peripheral Weighting –  If your mallet has lead weights on the side of the head, you’ll get a mallet that swings in a straight line 99% of the time. 

Croquet 3 Mallet
Croquet mallets come in a host of different sizes, weights, and shapes. All of these factors can impact your game play, so it’s important you find the correct mallet for your skills and strengths. 

Croquet Balls 

The next piece to focus on is the croquet balls. They come in several different colors, but the most popular ones are blue, red, black, yellow, orange, and green. Each color matches the stripe of color on your mallet so you can tell them apart during play. You use the same ball from the beginning to the end of the game, but you may use two balls at once in different game variations. 

The croquet ball’s weight will vary depending on the game. If you’re playing a serious match, you’ll want a regulation-sized ball that weighs exactly 16 ounces. For informal play, you can adjust the weight. For example, younger or older players could have a lightweight all while strong players use the regulation-size to even the playing field. 

Croquet 4 Ball
Most mallets and balls have a corresponding color on them to help you keep track of which player has which ball to ensure your scoring system is correct. 

Croquet Wickets

The wickets are the pieces you set up in your yard in the traditional diamond pattern. Your wickets should be very sturdy and not bend when you push them into the ground, and they have to survive hits by the mallets and the balls. You can get wired hoops, steel wickets, plastic wickets, or wood wickets. The wickets should have a weather-resistant coating on them to prevent rust and corrosion due to water.

Croquet 5 Wicket
Wickets should be a durable metal with a powder finish or a weather-resistant coating on them so they don’t rust, corrode, or bend when you play. 

Croquet Set Frequently Asked Questions 

If you’re still wondering about whether or not you should pick up a croquet set for your home, the frequently asked questions below can help you make up your mind by giving you more general information. 

  1. Where can you play croquet?

Croquet is a lawn game. In England, it’s typical to see lawns that are rolled flat and manicured, and this made them an excellent playing surface. However, having an uneven lawn can impact your game. You can play on your lawn, but be aware that all of the little dips and valleys will make it more challenging overall. 

  1. What materials do croquet balls use?

 A high-quality croquet set has wooden components, but the balls are usually made out of aplastic material. Originally, croquet sets featured wooden balls. However, plastic is very popular in modern sets. 

  1. Are there croquet clubs?

This may surprise you, but there are croquet clubs all across the country. If you don’t have a yard that is suitable for this game, you could go to a local park to practice. If you google croquet clubs, you’ll be able to find out whether or not there is one close to you. You could also join the United States Croquet Club

  1. What is the best length for your croquet mallet?

A standard croquet mallet head is 9 to 9.5-inches, and this is what is recommended for beginner players. An expert player may have a mallet that is up to 12-inches because this is supposed to make it easier to aim while making it harder to twist your mallet when you stroke. 

Croquet 6 End
Keep the type of turf you’re playing on in mind when you break out your croquet set and adjust your playing style so your score doesn’t suffer.

Bottom Line – Choosing Croquet Sets

Croquet is a fun pastime that is rapidly catching on all over the United States. My top 10 choices for croquet sets allow you to see what quality products are available in a broad price range. Additionally, the short buyer’s guide on croquet sets gives you something to think about when you start comparing products. Compare them, pick out the best croquet set that works best for your needs, and have a blast playing all summer long with your family and friends! 

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