Best Outdoor Chalkboard to Keep Your Garden Organized

Anyone who has a larger garden can tell you that it can get extremely confusing when you try to keep everything organized. This is especially true when it comes time to plant and everything looks the same. The best outdoor chalkboard can be a huge plus in helping  you stay organized. You can get a large one and map out your garden plan, or there are small ones that you can put at the start of each row or by each individual plant. They’re reusable, durable, and a cost-effective tool to have. 

I’m going to review 10 of the best outdoor chalkboards available, and I’ll feature both large and small ones. You can compare them side by side to narrow down your choices, and I suggest taking a quick glance at the buyer’s guide so you  know what to look for when you shop. 

Chalkboard 1 Start
The best outdoor chalkboards are a versatile and whimsical tool you can use to keep your garden organized all season long. 

1. Rose Home Fashion Chalkboard – Top Pick 

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Measuring 22 inches tall by 42 inches wide, this is an indoor and outdoor chalkboard that you can set up by your garden or out in your yard, and this is a double-sided folding sandwich design to it that really stands out when you put it up. The whole surface of this chalkboard features a durable MDF material that is very easy to write on and clean, and the frame is a very sturdy natural wood that resists wear and tear. You can use it to share dual messages outdoors and indoors, it won’t blow away in the wind or tip over in different weather conditions. 

This product has three heavy-duty hinges on it that won’t rust or corrode, and this can help the A-frame last longer, and it makes it easy to fold. The dark surface shows off a huge amount of colors when you write on it, and it gives you a smooth space to write and draw. The legs are slightly longer, but they do best on even terrain versus uneven terrain because the legs are skinnier. However, the A-frame is very sturdy and has a wide base that is nice and stable. 


  • MDF material 
  • Three heavy-duty hinges 
  • A-frame design 
  • 22-inches by 42-inches 
  • Won’t blow away 
  • Easy to write on
  • Very dark coloring


  • No ground anchors 

2. Large Sturdy Handcrafted Sign – Step-Up Pick

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This is a second double-sided sandwich chalkboard design if you don’t want something with a magnetic surface, but the accessories will stick to it. This is a product that comes with four liquid chalk markers that have reversible bullet and chisel tips. You also get four regular chalk pieces, 40 pieces of plastic stencils, and a magnetic eraser that offers more than 60 visuals and words that are reusable again and again.  There is an A-frame design that is very sturdy without being bulky, and this allows you to move it to different places without it being too much of a hassle. 

This is a newly improved version of this chalkboard that uses thick wood with heavier-grade materials to ensure it lasts longer. It has reinforced hinges at the top of the chalkboard to ensure it has excellent stability. It makes it resistant to winds that makes it ideal for outdoor use. You’ll get a very smooth writing surface that is great for dry-erase markers or liquid chalk pens. You can also use regular chalk on it, and the rounded tips work well for stencils. Nothing smears easily to keep it looking nice, and you can wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. 


  • Easy to clean 
  • Comes with a range of accessories
  • Non-magnetic board 
  • Smooth surface 
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Resistant to stronger winds 
  • Double-sided sandwich design 


  • Can warp with rain exposure 

3. VersaChalk Magnetic Chalk Board – Mid-End Budget Pick 

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This chalkboard measures 24-inches by 14-inches, and it’s a non-porous, non-magnetic chalkboard that would look nice hanging next to your garden potting bench. It’s one of the more affordable pieces on the list, so it’s a great option if you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality. It can withstand moderate use, and you can mount it vertically or horizontally. It has a universal mounting mechanism on it that you can use to hang the chalkboard in both directions to fit in your space. There are holes on the back of the chalkboard to make hanging it up easy and fast. 

The chalkboard is very aesthetically-pleasing, and the frame features a very sturdy oak wood that adds a nice contrast to the coloring while making it more durable to general wear and tear. There is a black vinyl surface on this chalkboard that works well with virtually any liquid chalk markers, and it erases neatly while being resistant to staining or ghosting. The company does recommend that you use it with standard chalks though. It has a corrugated material that is very supporting and resistant to damage. You should try to hang this chalkboard in an area that is sheltered from the wind and other weather conditions. 


  • 24-inches by 14-inches
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically 
  • Oak frame 
  • Works with standard and liquid chalk markers 
  • Vinyl surface 
  • Has mounting hardware in the back 
  • Resists ghosting and staining 


  • May have to clean a few times between uses 

4. Creative Hobbies Synthetic Chalkboard – Bargain Budget Pick

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When you order this product, you’ll get a set of six chalkboards that are double-sided, and they’re excellent to use out in the garden to help you keep your vegetables separate, or you can put them in your greenhouse to label everything. These are a much smaller design at four-inches by six-inches, but this makes them highly portable. You can easily carry a stack or two around your yard without any fatigue, and they make a great choice if your kids are having a sleepover and want to draw with them. They’re a very budget-friendly option even though you get more than one chalkboard. 

You’ll get a very dark black base to write on, and you can use traditional chalk or liquid chalk markers without a problem. When it comes time to wipe them clean between uses, all you need is a wet or damp paper towel or cloth. Wipe away the chalk, allow it to dry or wipe it dry, and you’re ready to use it again. You won’t have to worry about staining or ghost marks with this product, and they come with sturdy light wood frames that contrast nicely to the darker center to create an eye-catching look. 


  • Get six chalkboards per order
  • Highly portable design 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Very dark writing area
  • Can use a variety of chalk types 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to store


  • Smaller size

5. Lockways Magnetic Chalkboard – Best For Online Learning 

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This is a magnetic chalkboard that measures 35.8-inches by 23.8-inches, and it works well for writing in liquid chalk markers or regular chalk. You get a scratch-resistant premium surface that will last for up to five years, guaranteed with normal use. The larger design allows you to hang it up in your greenhouse to keep your plants organized by section, or you can hang it up inside and use it for your kids as they do their virtual school. This chalkboard comes guaranteed to never crease, warp, or bubble, and this gives you a durable, level surface to write on year after year. 

The frame is an anti-scratch aluminum with rounded nylon corners, and the aluminum is lightweight and durable while resisting corrosion or rust. You get a detachable aluminum marker tray that runs along the bottom of the chalkboard, and you can mount this chalkboard horizontally or vertically without an issue. You can get a drop-down concealed installation kit to make the process quick and easy, you get a lifetime replacement guarantee from the date of purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Aluminum framing
  • Magnetic design 
  • Won’t warp, crease, or bubble 
  • Anti-scratch design 
  • Detachable aluminum marker tray 
  • Concealed installation kit 


  • Can develop a blue hue

6. Hanging Mini Chalkboards Signs – Best For Hanging Plant Identification

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If you’re having trouble telling your hanging plants apart, this set of 12 mini hanging chalkboards are an excellent option. They measure 2.56-inches wide by 3.54-inches long with a 0.12-inches thickness, and this makes them big enough to write a small message, write your plant type, or a few care instructions to help ensure you keep them healthy. These chalkboards are double-sided, and you can leave dual messages if you start to run out of room on one side. Once you finish writing and need to erase the message to start over, all you need is a damp cloth. 

These mini chalkboards come with a high-quality wooden frame on them that help keep the writing surface flat while providing a nice contrast, and the smaller size makes them very easy to pick up and carry from point A to point B without a problem. You can hang them virtually anywhere, and all you need is a little twine or thread to secure them into place. They also work well as gift tags, memo tags, price tags, plant name tags, special event decorations, office or home decorations, and more. 


  • Easy to hang 
  • Highly portable design 
  • Very versatile 
  • Has a small wooden frame
  • Whimsical design 
  • Mounting holes are pre-punched 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Very small writing area

7. Small Chalkboard Signs with Stand – Best For Tabletop Displays

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This is a smaller professional-grade chalkboard that offers a deep black slate paired with a very elegant and sturdy finish that is very rustic. This gives you a slightly classier look and feel, and it comes guaranteed to not stain or ghost when you write and erase over it repeatedly. It has a non-porous surface that is very durable, and it allows you to use regular or liquid-based chalk on it without a problem. All you have to do to clean it is wipe it with a damp towel or cloth and allow it to dry. It’ll be ready to write on again in a few minutes and look as good as new. 

This chalkboard comes with a small fold out stand on it that makes it extremely durable and ensures that it won’t accidentally fall down on the table. You get reinforced, weatherproof hinges that will survive indoors on your kitchen counter or outdoors on your stamped concrete patio or deck without a problem. You won’t have to worry about it warping or getting bubbles with moisture exposure, and it has a magnetic surface that allows you to attach accessories. 


  • Non-porous surface 
  • Wipes clean with a damp towel 
  • Small fold-out stand 
  • Stained frame 
  • Very rustic look and feel 
  • Dark black writing area 
  • Indoor and outdoor use 


  • No chalk holder

8. Rustic Whitewash Tabletop Chalkboard – Best For Small Notes

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You’ll get a pretty handcrafted rustic countertop chalkboard when you pick out this product, and it has a fantastic attention to design and detail to help it stand out. It has solid Russian Pine wood that helps to guarantee the sturdiness of the frame, and the wood comes hand selected to guarantee that you get a great quality.  It comes designed with versatility in mind, and you can use it as a freestanding chalkboard on your table, or you can hang it inside or outside on the wall quickly and easily. There are foldable metal legs and wall hanging hardware included in each purchase, so you can pick the one that suits you the best. 

You get a magnetic surface to hang notes, pictures, menus, and much more with this chalkboard, and the writing area features magnetic porcelain steel that is 100% non-porous. This makes it very durable while ensuring that you don’t have problems with ghosting or residue between uses, and all you have to do is wipe it down using a damp cloth to get a clean surface. It measures 14-inches by 9.5-inches, and the magnetic writing surface measures 10.5-inches by 7.25-inches. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the date of purchase, and you’ll get Amazon’s A-Z Money Back Guarantee when you buy it. 


  • Handcrafted
  • Can stand it up or hang it
  • Foldable metal legs 
  • Magnetic writing surface 
  • Easy to clean
  • Very rustic look
  • Backed by Amazon’s A-Z Money Back Guarantee


  • White paint has no finish on it

9. Kassa Large Chalkboard Contact Paper – Best For Kids Rooms

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Although this isn’t necessarily a traditional chalkboard, it’s adhesive chalkboard paper that you can easily use outside on your deck or in your kid’s room to give them a whole wall to draw on during their sleepovers without damaging the actual wall. You can turn any flat surface into a blackboard, and all you have to do is measure, cut, peel, and stick to have it ready to go. It makes a nice alternative to chalkboard paint. Applying it is very quick and easy, and all you have to do is cut it to your desired size, remove the backing paper, and carefully smooth the paper onto your chosen surface. 

The high-quality adhesive on the back of this paper makes it easy to peel away with damage, and you can stick it again and again without an issue. You get a free eraser cloth and five colored chalk pieces when you buy it, including pink, yellow, blue, and two white. It works with regular chalk, or you can use it with chalk markers. It measures eight feet by 18-inches, and the backing paper has a grid on it to make sure you get straight lines each time you cut. 


  • Turns any surface into a chalkboard 
  • Quick application 
  • High-quality adhesive 
  • Free eraser cloth and chalk included 
  • Backing has a grid for straight cuts 
  • Can re-stick it without it peeling off 
  • Get 18-feet per order


  • May peel some paints off

10. HBCY Creations Rustic Magnetic Chalkboard – Best For Rustic Decor

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The final chalkboard on the list comes with a beautiful rustic design, and it’ll look nice displayed on your garden shed, wall, or even propped up in the greenhouse. These frames feature a very solid Russian Pine, and this helps it withstand different weather conditions, including heat and humidity with rain or other wet conditions. You can easily attach notes, pictures, or lists to the writing area since it has a magnetic design, and it features a very high-quality porcelain steel that won’t scratch, bubble, warp, or crack with heavy use. 

When you buy this chalkboard, it comes in 11-inches by 17-inches for the size, and the area where you can write or stick notes is 15.5-inches by 9.5-inches. This makes it perfect for smaller plant lists or care instructions. You get inlaid hanging hardware that allows you to mount it horizontally or vertically, depending on the space you have set aside. You also get wall anchors, a mini level, and screws to make it more convenient. You can use regular chalk or chalk markers on it without worrying about staining or ghosting.


  • Rustic design 
  • Solid Russian Pine frame
  • Withstands different weather conditions 
  • Decently-sized writing area 
  • Hangs horizontally or vertically 
  • Mounting hardware included 
  • Sturdy writing space 


  • May not be magnetic enough 

Best Outdoor Chalkboard Buyer’s Guide

If you ask a group of people to define what the best outdoor chalkboard means to them, you’ll get a host of different answers. However, many of these chalkboards have common themes to them. This is what I’ll outline in this buying guide. By the end, you’ll know exactly what to look for when you start to shop for the best outdoor chalkboard for your garden or yard. 

Chalkboard 2 Guide
You don’t want to buy the first chalkboard you see because it may not meet all of your needs. Instead, you should compare multiple options so you’re happy with your choice. 


Many of the choices on my list come in more than one size. The goal is to pick out the best outdoor chalkboard size that suits your wants and needs. You should take how much storage space you need when you don’t need your board and where you’re going to hang or set it into consideration when you think of the size. For example, if you have a small yard with a swing set, you may need a smaller sign to fit into your garden. If you have a large garden or a commercial operation, you’ll need a bigger chalkboard. 


Do you want to set your best outdoor chalkboard up or hang it up? Having one on an A-frame is a good way to move it around your garden as needed. If you don’t need to move it, you can attach it to the wall. Some of the best outdoor chalkboards come with mounting hardware included that make it easy to hang it up. They have pre-drilled holes and you can slip screws through and attach it directly to the wall. If it stands up, make sure it’s heavy enough to withstand winds without blowing over. You may have to weigh it down. Other chalkboards have stands that you stick straight into the ground. 

Chalkboard 3 Setting Up
You can get chalkboards with pre-drilled holes, or they have twine attached to hang it up. Others come in A-frames that you set up so it’s freestanding. 


Since this chalkboard will spend a lot of time outside, it should have weatherproofing measures in place. The chalkboard shouldn’t bubble due to moisture, and it should be firmly attached to the frame. Having a heavy-duty frame is another good thing to have in the best outdoor chalkboard. Many of them have sealed frames that lock moisture out. Whether you have them indoors and they get wet when you water your houseplants or they’re outdoors, weatherproofing is a must. 

Types of Chalk

Does your best outdoor chalkboard use regular chalk or can you get away with liquid chalk markers? When it comes time to wipe it away and write on the chalkboard again, how difficult is it? Ideally, your chalkboard will take both liquid chalk markers and traditional chalk. It should wipe away with a damp cloth without leaving any streaks or smudges. Since some chalkboards only take specific chalk, make sure you double-check before you make a purchase. 

Chalkboard 4 Chalk
Traditional chalk is very popular for outdoor chalkboards, but liquid chalk markers tend to stay on better in wet environments, and they write smoother. 


Ideally, you’ll get a reputable brand for your best outdoor chalkboard. Choosing a brand like this will help to ensure you get a quality product. It also makes it easier to get into contact with customer service if something goes wrong. Well-known brands usually take better care of their products and use premium materials, and this helps to ensure that your best outdoor chalkboard lasts season after season. U Brands, Versachalk, XBoard, and Winboard are all examples of great brands. 


Some of the best outdoor chalkboards come with accessories like erasers and chalk included in the original purchase. Others come with just the chalkboard itself and you have to buy anything else you need separately. The last thing you want to do is have the friends over, play a friendly game of horseshoes, and not have anything to write on your chalkboard to keep score. Make sure you either get a board that has chalk with it or you buy it when you buy the board so it comes at the same time. 

Chalkboard 5 Accessories
If your chalkboard comes on an easel, it usually has enough space to hold your chalk and erasers so you can keep everything together.


The quality of the chalkboard is something to consider, especially if it’s going to be outside the majority of the time and you live in an area that has weather fluctuations like snow or periods of rain. This moisture can and will damage lower quality materials. It could make the chalkboard bubble, the frame warp, or the wood start to rot. Getting a higher quality chalkboard may be more expensive upfront, but they usually come with better materials that can withstand these fluctuating environments without damage. 

Bottom Line

The best outdoor chalkboard can add a nice touch to your garden, no matter how large or small it is. I’ve picked 10 options in a large range of sizes that you can use to compare and make the choice on the best pick for your needs. The buying guide outlines the important aspects of picking a chalkboard that help to ensure you get a quality product that will look nice and last for years. 

Best Outdoor Chalkboard to Keep Your Garden Organized Cover

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