10 Best Birdhouse Kits to Buy + Buying Guide

Building birdhouse kits are a great way for your kids to get in a little bonding time with their siblings or you. However, you don’t want to necessarily have to start from scratch with your birdhouse as you can buy a range of birdhouse kits that come with pre-cut pieces that you assemble and then decorate or paint. We’re going to outline 10 great birdhouse kits that you can buy online and have shipped right to your door below, and you can decide which one is going to work best to draw the birds into your yard or garden.

1 Birdhouse Nesting Box
There are dozens of birdhouse kits available, and some are more complicated than others, so it’s easy to find one to fit the entire family.

1. Fun Express DIY Wood Birdhouses – Top Pick

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Our top pick for birdhouse kits comes from Fun Express, and this company believes that these kits have always been one of the best crafting projects you can get to enjoy with your kids. Kids love to build things with their parents, and these kits are very beginner-friendly. This unique kit gives you plenty of opportunities to help your kids develop their motor skills and bond. You can easily incorporate it into a birthday party activity or classroom project too.

When you purchase this birdhouse kit, you’ll get 12 individually wrapped birdhouses that have twine you can use to hang them, and you’ll get an instruction manual that is easy to follow. You won’t have to worry about screws with this kit, and it makes it easy for kids to put together on their own. These houses feature very solid materials to ensure that they last, and they’re great for little fingers to put together.


  • Comes with 12 birdhouses
  • Kids can assembly them by themselves
  • Doesn’t require many tools
  • Made of a solid wood material
  • Easy and fun project
  • Can withstand exposure to the environment
  •  Budget-friendly


  • May have to reinforce the seams with hot glue
  • Smaller birdhouses

2. ORIENTAL CHERRY Birdhouse Kit – Step-Up Pick

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Next on our list is a birdhouse kit that is great if you’re after a robust and colorful finished product that will attract birds and withstand exposure to the elements. This birdhouse will last for years, and you get two unassembled birdhouses per package with 12 paints, three brushes, two types of glue, and two strings to hang them up when you finish. So, you can assemble it without any special tools, and it has a very user-friendly design.

The wooden boards on this birdhouse kit feature 3/16-inch thick plywood that is pre-cut and slotted to make assembly easy, even for smaller kids. You can quickly paint and build this kit without any expertise, and you can spend a lot of quality time with your kids creating it. It’s great for helping teach your kids fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, self-confidence, creative expression, and pretend play with a fun reward at the end.


  • Doesn’t require nails or a hammer
  • Comes with paint and brushes
  • Wood is pre-cut and slotted
  • Has two types of glue to reinforce the seams
  • Get two bird houses per order
  • Uses thicker wood
  •  Teaches hand-eye coordination


  • Has no instructions
  • Need to reinforce it with glue

3. Toysmith Beetle & Bee Birdhouse Kit – Mid-End Budget Pick

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The Toysmith Beetle & Bee Birdhouse Kit is a great mid-end choice that will offer hours of fun without breaking the bank. It’s very easy to assemble once you get it, and it doesn’t require any hardware like screwdrivers or hammers to do so. All you need to create and decorate a pretty seven-inch birdhouse is included in this kit, and you get nine wooden pieces, a paintbrush, six pots of paint, and instructions when you buy it. This kit features premium quality materials that will last for a long time, and it’s fun for both adults and kids above five to assemble.

Each component of this birdhouse kit is FSC certified for durable and safe use, so you won’t have to worry if your kids want to put it together on their own. You get the choice of six potential birdhouses when you order it, and it’s easy to paint or customize when you get everything put together. You’ll get a very sturdy birdhouse that is ready to go up in the trees in no time.


  • Uses high-quality materials
  • Come with user-friendly instructions
  • Six possible kits you can choose from
  • Includes everything you need to build
  • Comes with paint
  • From a reputable company
  •  Great for adults and kids


  • Hard to clean once you have it assembled
  • Need to nail the sides together

4. Made By Me DIY Birdhouse – Bargain Budget Pick

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The wooden pieces needed to assemble the house aren’t the only thing you get in this birdhouse kit. It comes with six paint containers in different hues, three metal wind chimes, and a paintbrush. So, this allows your kids to customize it however they like to suit their tastes and personalities since you don’t have to purchase the paint separately. The assembly process for this kit is also nice for what you pay for it as you won’t need any slot mounts or visible screws. Everything gets tucked inside to give you a neat outer profile that looks professional-grade.

This is one of the most popular birdhouse kits available online, and it fits into a huge range of gardens or landscapes. This is a very sturdy and highly customizable option to get, and it’s fun for both kids and adults to build. The material is a very durable but lightweight wood product that will withstand exposure to the elements. It comes with a very saturated color profile and strong grain that will show through the paint to give you a much more natural and polished finished look.


  • Offers great quality
  • Hidden assembly for a smooth finish
  • Comes with metal windchimes
  • Includes several paints
  • Easy to put together
  • Six options available
  •  Bright colors


  • Wood grain comes through the paint
  • Holes may not line up correctly

5. Melissa & Doug Birdhouse Kit – Best for Older Kids

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Older kids can enjoy putting together this birdhouse kit from Melissa & Doug. It’s one of the most long-lasting and practical options on our list, but this strength comes at a price because it’s not as simple as the other kits. You’ll need a screwdriver to assemble this kit, but you get the screws you need in the packet when you order it. So, it’s a very nice way to teach kids how to use simple tools like this properly. The screws are also the reason why this birdhouse kit lasts as long as it does once you get it put together, and it makes it a very solid design.

The very unique design aesthetic this birdhouse kit offers includes engraved leaves on the front wall. These leaves give your kids a goal to work around, and they also give you the freedom to use the colors you want to decorate to get a very unique look. There are four mini paint canisters included in the purchase, so you can build and decorate it all in one go without having to get up and search for things.


  • High-quality build
  • Sturdy assembly
  • Very unique design
  • Comes with screws to put it together
  • Includes paint
  • Won’t break the bank
  •  Has leaves burned into the front


  • Paintbrush is very flimsy
  • Requires a screwdriver

6. Neliblu Bird House Kit Bundle – Best for Group Activities

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Buying a lot of birdhouse kits can get expensive if you purchase one at a time as they can cost up to $10 each, but this kit includes 6 or 12 houses. It costs just under $40, so you’re paying roughly $3.33 per birdhouse when you purchase this bundle from Neliblu. Also, you don’t just get the birdhouses when you purchase this kit. Instead, it also comes outfitted with two sheets of cute stickers that you can use to decorate the kit, and there are two paint sets with five colors and two paint brushes.

Price for what you get isn’t the only thing this birdhouse kit has going for it though. It has a very high quality with simple designs that are great for younger kids to assemble at birthday parties or slumber parties. No matter if you’re after a bunch of birdhouses to hang in the yard or garden or you want to keep a group of kids entertained for a few hours, this kit is worth considering.


  • Great value for the money
  • Decently large houses
  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Material is a decent quality
  • Get paint and paintbrushes
  • Lots of 6 or 12
  •  No tools needed for assembly


  • Slot cutouts may not line up 100%
  • String is very thin

7. hapray DIY Birdhouse Kit  – Best for Smaller Kids

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This fun DIY birdhouse kit is one of the greatest kits you can get for smaller kids to try and lure birds to the yard. This package comes with four unassembled birdhouses with two sets of 12 paint colors, a paint palette, two tubes of glue, four brushes, and four strings to give your kids everything they need to put together and decorate a pretty birdhouse. You can choose from packs of 2 or 12 birdhouses too, and this allows you to tailor it to suit your needs.

The wooden birdhouse pieces are made of thick, high-quality plywood that is non-toxic and eco-friendly, and this makes them ideal for allowing kids to use them. The kits also follow different color schemes, and this makes them fun to build. This kit makes a great birthday present, and you won’t need any special tools to assemble it as it slides together using pre-cut slots. When you finish, your kids can hang it up in your shade trees in your garden.


  • Paints are non-toxic
  • Uses eco-friendly materials in the design
  • Comes in multi-pack choices
  • Very bright colors
  • Needs no special tools
  • Large holes for the birds to go in and out
  •  Suitable for smaller kids


  • Bigger houses are slightly more complicated
  • Slots may not line up perfectly

8. Goodidea DIY Birdhouse Kit – Best for No-Mess Assembly

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This birdhouse kit has several features that makes it a fantastic choice, and it comes outfitted with an upgraded design without breaking the bank. Also, you won’t need any glue when you put it together, so it’s a no-mess assembly process. The kit comes outfitted with four unassembled birdhouses and four strings, 24 paints, and four paintbrushes so everyone can design their own.

The building boards you get with this birdhouse kit are made using natural wood, and this makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Also, the paints are non-toxic, so your kids can work with them without any issue. You can also wash the paint off without using any detergent. The boards also come slotted and pre-cut to make it easy to assemble, so you won’t need any nails or hammers to put it together.


  • Works for kids 3 and up
  • Has 24 paints included
  • Doesn’t need any glue or nails
  • Four houses per order
  • Bright colors
  • No-mess assembly
  •  Thicker wood pieces


  • Too small for use as an actual birdhouse
  • Slots may not line up 100% correctly

9. SparkJump Jr Birdhouse Kit – Best for Birthdays

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Each birdhouse kit comes with seven pre-cut and unfinished cedar wood pieces, six paint colors, two paint brush, 30 nails, two eye hooks to hang it, four ounces of water-resistant silicone wood glue, two pieces of sandpaper, one oak perch, instruction guide, and a seed starter package. You will have to supply the hammer to put the birdhouses together. This kit will help fine-tune your kid’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they use it, and you get real wood without any pre-drilled holes to make it more challenging to put together.

This is one activity you can do as a family, and this birdhouse kit is great for kids five and up with adult supervision. Each kit gets designed, cut, and packaged in the United States to strict quality control standards to ensure you get a solid finished product. It’s weatherproof, durable, and it’ll last for years out by your bird bath. It’s a great gift or a project for your Monterssori classroom setup.


  • Pre-cut and unfinished wood
  • Uses durable cedar
  • Get sandpaper and nails in the kit
  • Makes four houses
  • Comes with bright paint
  • No pre-drilled holes
  •  Fun for older kids


  • Requires tools to assemble
  • Paints tend to chip

10. Grayblock Birdhouse Kit – Best for Adults

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The final birdhouse kit on the list is great for adults or kids. You get beginner-friendly instructions and it uses high-quality materials to ensure you make a solid birdhouse at the end of your project. You’ll make a birdhouse with a feeder attached with this kit, and it also comes with a paintbrush and four colors to allow you to customize it to suit your decor.

This birdhouse kit uses eco-friendly materials that don’t give off any toxic substances or smells when you use it, and this makes it 100% kid-safe to use in any setting. You get a 100% money back guarantee when you purchase this product too, and this allows you to buy it with confidence knowing you can get a refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations. There are hinges on the lid to make it easy to open and clean whenever you need.


  • Has a money back guarantee
  • Uses eco-friendly materials
  • Has an attached feeder
  • Comes with four paints
  • 100% kid-safe
  • Smaller design
  •  Has a cute bird-shaped doorway


  • Smaller design
  • Not enough paint

Buying Guide for Birdhouse Kits

2 Birdhouse Kit Buying Guide

Not all birdhouse kits are made the same, so it’s important that you do a little shopping around when you decide that you want to purchase one of these kits. There are many styles, sizes, and manufacturers to choose from, and some require that you have hammers or other tools while some come with a tool-free assembly. The biggest things to consider when you buy birdhouse kits include:

Assembly Process

Before you buy birdhouse kits, make a point to double-check the assembly requirements. There are certain things that you must remember when you’re working with these kits. Certain birdhouses are designed to be craft projects and you assemble them from scratch. This is a great choice if you’re a handy DIYer, but you should keep in mind that they’re not the best option for being as durable or weather-resistant as something that comes pre-assembled. So, it’s a good idea to keep your climate in mind when you shop.

If you don’t want to actually put the birdhouse together yourself, there are several birdhouse kits that come pre-assembled so you can paint them as soon as you get them out of the packaging. These options usually only require that you add a hook so you can hang them easily on a branch, post, or outside your house on the edge of your porch.

Also, consider whether or not you can paint your birdhouse. Certain options are sealed and covered and will be a huge challenge to paint. You can also find birdhouse kits that come outfitted with painting supplies to paint them the way you want. This is perfect if you’re making a birdhouse with your kid as kids love to customize it by painting things their preferred colors.


Birdhouses usually come designed to attract various types of birds. Before you purchase a birdhouse kit, you should consider which birds flock to your area. Make sure you keep any species-specific design quirks in mind. For instance, some birdhouses come outfitted with smaller holes made to be a good option for smaller species like wrens.

There are also birdhouses that have a more open design that are known to attract slightly bigger birds like sparrows. The perfect birdhouse kits come designed with a specific species in mind, and they usually also ward off unwanted animals at the same time to keep the baby birds safe.


Durability is one of the biggest things to consider when you’re picking out birdhouse kits. Your birdhouse has to be able to withstand all kinds of elements and outdoor exposure, so you have to make sure that your birdhouse has weatherproofing. You should know that not every birdhouse comes with a design that can withstand exposure to wind, snow, or rain. However, the exterior isn’t all you should focus on when it comes to weather-resistance.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your birdhouse has a drainage system. When a birdhouse has a drain built in, it can remove excess water very easily. A working drainage system can help your birdhouse last longer by preventing damage to the wood. It also keeps the birdhouse more clean and hygienic, and this makes it a great place for birds to thrive and nest. If you buy a pre-assembled birdhouse, look for one that uses screws instead of nails too as screws can help the birdhouse survive exposure to harsh weather.

3 Cedar Birdhouse
Cedar is a very popular material for both birdhouse kits and privacy fences because it resists mold and mildew naturally, and this allows it to last longer.


The material your birdhouse features should be something vital to keep in mind. Just like with privacy fences, cedar is the best choice. The only issue with cedar-made birdhouse kits is that they tend to be slightly more expensive than kits that feature plywood because they last longer. You will also find a range of birdhouses that are made out of metal elements so they stand out more. The metal is typically used in the roof area to make it more protective. However, metal can also cause the birdhouse to heat up a bit, and this can make it unlivable for your feathery friends.

The material that gets used to create the birdhouse kit makes all of the difference in terms of quality and durability. A good option is plywood. It’s able to withstand various weather conditions, lightweight, durable, and it offers a safe space for your birds to come in and nest.

Bottom Line

When you have a proper birdhouse kit, you will find it easy to create a retreat for your birds in your yard. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a pre-assembled project to take on or something that you have to construct, there’s a kit for you. All of these kits on the list can give you high-quality birdhouses if you finish them, and many are nice for younger kids to try out. Ensure you take a look at the buying guide before you make your final decision so you get a sturdy birdhouse that will delight for years to come.

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