Best Potting Benches for Your Garden

Potting benches are better known as gardening tables. These outdoor workbenches help you complete all of your planting tasks and gardening by giving you a convenient place to store your tools like your scissors or potting soil right next to your work station. This is a dedicated and elevated workspace that makes it easy to trim plants, repot them, pot them, and keep them in good health, and many of them come with a storage space so you can keep your items in one place. 

The best potting benches have a functional yet beautiful design, and there are dozens of different options to choose from when you start shopping. They come in different sizes, colors, styles, and with or without storage. If you’re wondering what a high-quality potting bench looks like, I’ve picked out 10 great options you can get shipped straight to your door. When you combine this with the buying guide, it’s easy to see why you’ll be able to find the perfect one in no time flat. 

Potting Bench 1 Start
These benches give you an excellent workspace for all of your big and small gardening projects. You can get metal and wood benches that come equipped with storage space and place to put all of your smaller gardening tools.

1. SONGMICS 100% Bamboo Bench

This simple but elegant potting bench by Songmics comes with six legs to give it excellent stability for those heavier loads you can pile on it, and it’ll hold up to 264 pounds without buckling or breaking. The top of the bench is a heavy-duty bamboo construction that makes it very sturdy for all of your potting supplies. It has one short shelf and one longer shelf that runs along the bottom of the bench to give you ample room to store all of your items and keep them on-hand for when you need them most. The solid design of the top ensures that nothing slips through when you place it on there. 

This potting bench has a very simple structure that makes putting it together very quick and easy, and it comes with clear instructions that will help you put it together in an afternoon. There is also a video that guides you through the process. When you purchase this potting bench, you’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee attached to it. If you’re not completely happy, the company will work with you to make it right, and they have a team of dedicated customer service reps on hand. 


  • Available in three colors 
  • Has a study bamboo top
  • Multiple storage areas


  • Not heavy enough for strong winds
  • Legs are slightly more narrow 
  • Protective coating can wear off

2. Yaheetech Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

This potting bench comes made out of 100% fir, and it makes it naturally resistant to pests and rot. Additionally, this material adds dimensional stability and strength to the bench, and it allows you to put up to 220 pounds on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf and in the cabinet, you can put up to 176 pounds without worrying about it breaking down. The tabletop has galvanized sheet metal on it to improve the durability, and this metal resists rust and corrosion while providing ample working space. There is also a  small shelf that runs along the top of the bench for your potted plants or smaller planting supplies, and it has a lip around the tabletop so you don’t accidentally push anything off while you work. 

There is a roomy cabinet on this potting bench that has a door with a sliding bolt lock, and there is a small drawer next to it for additional storage space. There are three metal hooks along the side of the potting bench that give you space to hang more of your gardening tools between uses to keep them close by. There are illustrated instructions that will help you assemble this bench, and you get all of the parts and hardware you need in the initial order. 


  • 100% fir construction 
  • Galvanized sheet metal top resists rust
  • Ample storage space with a locking cupboard


  • Doesn’t have a sealant on it
  • Metal can have sharp edges
  • Hooks are very short

3. Best Choice Products Wooden Potting Bench

You’ll get a metal-plated workstation that gives you 5.5 square feet of space. The metal makes this a very easy-to-clean and maintain surface that resists rust and allows you to easily sweep the potting soil or debris out of the way as you work. There are two-tier shelving units on this bench that give you a convenient storage space to keep your seeds, fertilizer, potting soil, and gardening supplies close as you work, and the pullout drawer fits nicely under the main work area for you to store your items and keep them out of your way and clean until you need them. The shelf has a durable metal handle on it. 

The built-in storage on this potting bench comes with a large cabinet with a sliding deadbolt. Besides the cabinet, the bottom of this bench provides a small shelf that is perfect for your collapsible hoses and watering cans to sit, and it has a slight lip so your items won’t accidentally fall out. On the side of the bench, you’ll get three storage hooks that feature a metal design to hang your items, and every feature has a solid construction that is great for leaving outdoors. 


  • Two shelves on the top of the unit
  • Storage cabinet has a secure deadbolt
  • 5.5 square feet of working space


  • Some parts come stapled together
  • Slightly more difficult to assemble
  • Wood can crack 

4. Topeakmart Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

This is a solid wood potting bench that comes with a removable plastic sink in one end of your work area, and it uses a 100% fir wood construction that resists wear, tear, rot, and pests. The sink measures 13 by 11 inches, and it’s three inches deep. This gives you plenty of room to soak your plant’s roots before you transplant them, and it’s easy to lift out and drain it between uses. The back of this bench has reinforced shelving that can hold smaller items, and the feet of this bench come with rubber stops on them that provide a barrier and protect them from moisture damage and warping. 

There is a large drawer on this potting bench to store your tools, and you get one smaller shelf with one larger shelf that runs the length of the bench for bigger items. You can hang items from the side hooks to keep them out of your way until you need them. You can add or remove the guard rails as you see fit, and the sectional shelf is adjustable. The entire setup features a very solid design that will last from season to season without breaking down or wearing out. 


  • Able to adjust the shelf
  • Can remove the sink for easy cleaning
  • Removable guardrails


  • Can rust in spots in high-humidity areas
  • Wood is slightly softer
  • Not durable enough for heavier items

5. LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench

This stylish potting bench is excellent if you want to set it up on your patio because it has a light wood grain texture that blends well into the surrounding environment. It has a nice look and plenty of storage space that allows you to keep all of your planting and gardening items neat, organized, and in one spot. The fir wood is 1.5cm thick, and it’s durable enough to hold a host of pots, plants, potting soil, and tools without breaking, bending, or chipping. There are wheels on this bench that allow you to easily tip it up and move it from your patio to buy your garden or around your yard. 

You’ll get a large tabletop on this potting bench that gives you plenty of working space, and the drawer is perfect to store your sharp tools to avoid accidental injuries. There is a small sink on one end of the table that you can lift out to clean and empty between uses, and you can easily convert this bench into an entertainment area for your family and friends. There is a large shelf along the bottom of the beach that gives you even more storage space for your bigger items. 


  • Small sink on one end
  • Has wheels on one side 
  • Easy to convert to an entertainment area


  • Wood has a strong scent
  • No sealant on the wood
  • Sink is plastic

6. Belham Living Potting Bench 

Anyone looking for a more heavy-duty potting bench should check out this product by Belham Living. It weighs in at 45 pounds, and this ensures that it won’t flip over in bad weather. It uses a durable and heavy galvanized zinc for the top of the bench and the main work area. This material is very durable, and you won’t have to worry about knocking or scratching it, and it also resists rust, corrosion, and general wear and tear with extended use. It’s easy to clean between projects, and it’s 39 inches wide by 22 inches deep. The table stands 36 inches high so you don’t have to bend to work. 

This potting bench uses FSC-certified eucalyptus wood in the design with a darker stain that seals out moisture while providing an attractive look and feel. The bottom shelf runs the length and width of your workstation, and it features slatted wood that won’t bow or break with heavy loads. There are two drawers and three hooks on the side of the setup that give you additional storage space for all of your miscellaneous items. The legs are very sturdy and stable too. 


  • Galvanized zinc surface
  • Has plenty of storage
  • Slightly heavier design 


  • Slats may be too wide
  • Hooks are prone to rusting 
  • No storage cabinets 

7. Bering Channel Wooden Potting Bench 

Anyone setting up a container garden that needs a simple potting bench for light use should take a look at Bering Channel’s product. It comes made out of fir wood with a dark stain on it that serves a dual purpose. It gives the bench a sharp look while providing a barrier to lock out moisture to protect the wood and keep it looking nice for several seasons. It’s just over 36 inches long by 16 inches wide, so it’s slightly more narrow. But, this bench stands almost 50 inches tall, and it has a built-in sink that makes it easy to clean your plants and wash down the work area between uses. 

The nice lattice design behind the sink on this potting bench allows for great airflow while you work, and it has a single drawer you can pull out for storage. The bottom of the bench is one long slatted shelf that is nice for things like watering cans, gardening boots, or other lightweight items you want to store. It comes in several large pieces that are easy to screw together, and assembling this bench should only take an hour or two from start to finish. 


  • Lattice design behind the sink
  • Comes in several large pieces 
  • Fir wood is sealed against moisture 


  • Drawer can stick and be difficult to open
  • Directions are vague 
  • Sink may not sit 100% flat

8. Panacea Products Potting Bench

This metal potting bench has an eye-catching bronze finish on it that helps prevent rust and corrosion while making the bench look aesthetically pleasing. It has a powder coating on it to increase the durability, and this allows you to put it outside and leave it out in all weather conditions without it rusting or corroding. You can scratch the powder coat with heavy use. Since this bench is metal, it can support a lot of weight without breaking, bending, or forming weak spots. This is nice for anyone who routinely works on large gardening or planting projects. 

One nice feature with this potting bench is that it has a large soil reservoir in one end of the work area. This is a nylon bag with handles that you can detach and reattach, and there is a metal door to lock out moisture if you want to keep it attached. There are four hooks on the top of the bench for you to hang your items, and the whole bottom is one large storage shelf with a metal frame that prevents your items from sliding off. It has a very ornate and unique look to it. 


  • Metal design with a powder coat
  • Has a larger soil reservoir 
  • More storage space available


  • Can rust if you scratch the powder coat 
  • Hooks are slightly smaller 
  • Lid over the soil reservoir doesn’t have a tight fit

9. USA_Best_Seller Wooden Potting Bench

This potting bench from USA_Best_Seller features a solid wood design that is more than large enough to hold all of your weeding tools and gardening items. There is a large and smooth work area that is easy to wipe clean between uses, and it has metal plating that makes it resistant to wear and tear. You’ll get a small shelf that runs the length of the table above your work area that is convenient for smaller items and pots to sit on, the entire thing is waterproof so it won’t warp or break because you leave it outside and exposed to the rain or snow. This is really nice for people who live in areas that get four distinct seasons. 

There is a large drawer on this potting bench that easily pulls out, and there is a slightly bigger storage cabinet on the side. When you want to keep things out of the way, you can put them in the cabinet before sliding the deadbolt over to secure it. There is a second smaller shelf that is open you can use to store things like your hose or watering can. It has six legs that hold this bench several inches off the ground to ensure that it doesn’t rot with water exposure. 


  • Deadbolt on the cabinet 
  • Comes with a very sturdy and waterproof design 
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Metal parts can rust
  • Shelf on the top is very narrow 
  • Difficult to put together

10. EST. LEE DISPLAY LD Potting Bench

The final entry on my list of the best potting benches comes from the United States. This is a hand-made bench that has four cast-iron wheels to make moving it easy, but it also has brakes to ensure it stays in place when you need it to. It uses repurposed redwood in the design, and it will weather naturally for a nice rustic look. There is a large tabletop workspace for you to enjoy with a very smooth surface, and you’ll get two shelves to store your items in easy reach. There are hooks stationed around the bench that allow you to hang your smaller hand tools to keep them out of your way. 

The bottom shelf unit on this potting bench gives you even more storage space, and it uses slatted wood for added durability. It weighs in at over 95 pounds, and this makes it heavy-duty enough to withstand unpredictable weather conditions without breaking down or wearing out. You get over 47 by 30 inches of room to work, and it’s very easy to clean the entire thing when you finish. 


  • Has several storage shelves
  • Cast-iron wheels with brakes
  • Several hooks


  • Wheels can lock up
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Tends to rot over time

Best Potting Benches – Buyer’s Guide

What should you consider when you start to shop for one of these benches for your own garden? Are there some considerations that are more important than others? The answer is yes. Keeping the following buying considerations in mind will ensure you get a high-quality bench that you use over and over again. 


Since you’ll spend a long time putting plants together, planting seeds, and getting your garden ready, the height of your bench is extremely important. If the table is too short, you’ll spend a lot of time bending and twisting your body. This can be especially difficult if you’re working on both indoor and outdoor plants like indoor orange trees or orchids and you do a lot of replanting. The most common height is 36 inches. To get a height that you’ll be comfortable with, measure your counters. Take this measurement and look for a bench that meets or slightly exceeds this height. 

Potting Bench 2 Materials
Picking out a potting table that is the right height and dimensions ensures that you’ll get the most use out of it. If it’s too high, you won’t be able to reach everything. If it’s too low, you’ll have to bend a lot and put a lot of strain on your body. 

Sink or Trough 

Once you get working, you don’t want to have to stop halfway through your project to go get more water. Some benches come with a sink or trough build into one side of our work surface. Plastic is the most popular material, and you can usually pop it out to fill it, rinse it out, or clean it after you’re done using it. This will cut into your workspace a little, but it’s well worth it to have water on-hand when you need it. It can make your projects go much faster. 


Storage is huge for these benches, and some of them don’t have a lot of storage space. You want more than enough room for your grass seed, pots, fertilizer, tools, and everything you use in your yard or garden. Ideally, you’ll have storage cupboards with a deadbolt on them for our bigger items. Look for drawers and shelving too. A lot of these potting tables have at least one drawer right under the main table. They usually have between one and four shelves. One shelf is very narrow and above the bench, and there are one or two wider shelves below the bench. 

Wheels or Stationary 

Do you want to move your potting table around your yard or garden or are you okay with putting it in one spot and leaving it be? You can get benches with cast-iron wheels that allow you to easily roll the bench over the ground to new locations, and others come with legs that are meant to stay in one spot. If it has wheels, make sure that they have brakes. For stationary benches, check that there is a rubber cap on the bottom to protect the legs from water. 

Potting Bench 3 Maneuverability
A stationary bench is nice if you have a smaller garden or plan to work in one place. However, wheels are nice if you need to work around bigger areas of your yard.


These benches come in one of three materials. Wood is the most popular material, but you have to make sure it has a sealant on it to keep moisture out. Plastic is very cost-effective, but it usually won’t last long when you expose it to the environment. The final material is metal, and this is a very durable but very heavy material. Consider what types of weather your bench will be out in and what you want it to hold to ensure you pick out the best materials that will survive the weather. 

Work Surface 

If you’re growing easy vegetables or working with flowers, you need a decent work surface. Your surface should be at least a few feet long and wide to give you adequate space to put your supplies as you work. The surface should also be sleek because this makes it easy to clean and wipe the dirt and debris off when you finish your projects. Metal is very popular because it resists rust and corrosion while being easy to take care of. Check the surface material and dimensions. 

Potting Bench 4 End
Getting the correct work surface enables you to take on a broad range of projects from planting and repotting to getting your seeds ready in the spring. It also makes it much easier to keep your space clean, neat, and organized. 

Bottom Line 

Picking out a high-quality gardening bench can give you a whole new work area for your planting and gardening projects. I’ve rounded up 10 options that can fit into almost any budget, and the short reviews ensure you can compare them. The short buying guide I included highlights everything you need to consider when you start shopping. These two resources will help you make the best choice so you can have a beautiful garden or flower beds all season long. 

Best Potting Benches for Your Garden