Best Potting Benches for Your Garden

Potting benches are better known as gardening tables. These outdoor workbenches help you complete all of your planting tasks and gardening by giving you a convenient place to store your tools like your scissors or potting soil right next to your work station. This is a dedicated and elevated workspace that makes it easy to trim plants, repot them, pot them, and keep them in good health, and many of them come with a storage space so you can keep your items in one place. 

The best potting benches have a functional yet beautiful design, and there are dozens of different options to choose from when you start shopping. They come in different sizes, colors, styles, and with or without storage. If you’re wondering what a high-quality potting bench looks like, I’ve picked out 10 great options you can get shipped straight to your door. When you combine this with the buying guide, it’s easy to see why you’ll be able to find the perfect one in no time flat. 

Potting Bench 1 Start
These benches give you an excellent workspace for all of your big and small gardening projects. You can get metal and wood benches that come equipped with storage space and place to put all of your smaller gardening tools.

1. Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench – Top Pick


Convenience Concepts produced a sturdy potting bench that every experienced gardener can use to set up their container garden. You get a full-sized worktop made out of a very durable galvanized metal. There are two added shelves on this product, and one shelf is at floor level while the second shelf is smaller and above the workbench. You’ll get three hooks on either side of this product to help you hang your gardening tools, and it comes with a smaller drawer right below the main worktop that allows you to keep all of your necessary items close and at-hand when you work. 

There is a very large, lockable cabinet on this potting bench with several shelves inside that allow you to store anything you want out of sight and safe. You can pick a light oak or a natural finish to help it blend with your decor. You can also choose a no cabinet configuration, and this one will remove the lockable cabinet and add a series of shelves for storage. The metal worktop is very easy to clean between uses, and you get plenty of space to work. The legs hold it up off of the ground to prevent it from rotting or molding with moisture exposure. 


  • Lots of storage space
  • Metal worktop 
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Two configurations available
  • Two color picks 
  • Sits off the ground 
  • Easy to put together


  • Need to varnish it to leave it outside

2. Potting Table Buffet Island Workbench – Step-Up Pick

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If you’re someone who wants that vintage look in your garden, this is a handmade potting table that is gorgeous, sturdy, and one of a kind. It offers that rustic cottage style with redwood that goes through a natural aging process. As a bonus, it looks even better year after year as it keeps aging with exposure to the elements. You get a durable zinc workshop that is durable and hard, and it’s the perfect place to get all of your potting, yard, and garden projects done in one place. 

As a bonus, this potting bench comes with black cast-iron wheels that allows you to easily move the entire setup around if you need. It has a slatted back with a top shelf that gives you more storage or work space, and there is a shelf underneath the main bench to give you a place to store larger items like buckets and pots. The work surface measures 24-inches by 48-inches, and this makes it deeper than many options. The cabinet is 66-inches from the top of the shelf in back. There are slat tool hooks that give you more storage for your hanging tools. 


  • Zinc worktop 
  • Two shelves 
  • Cast-iron wheels 
  • Slat hooks on the back 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Will look better as it ages
  • Rustic, cottage style 


  • Very expensive product

3. Red Wagon Potting Table – Mid-End Budget Pick


If you want a unique potting bench that is whimsical and will look perfect sitting out on your patio or next to your pond, this is a great option. This potting bench is designed to mimic the look of a “Big Red Wagon,” and it can bring back fond memories of the Radio Flyer wagon so many people had as a child. If you love to play in the dirt and you’re still a kid at heart, it’s a fun and functional addition to your home. You get a 46-inch by 17.3-inch upper workspace that is large enough to pot your plants or set up a planting station.  

You also have a smaller shelf underneath the main potting bench that will hold all of your smaller tools, materials, and odds or ends to keep everything organized. It has a straightforward design with durable metal legs that fits nicely in a smaller space. It also comes assembled, and you only have to do a small amount of work to get it up and ready to use. The raised edges allow you to work without making a huge mess or spilling anything, and the metal design resists rust and corrosion with exposure to the elements, so it’ll last from season to season without a problem. 


  • Raised edges on the work area 
  • All metal design 
  • Whimsical look 
  • Fits in smaller spaces 
  • Small metal lower shelf 
  • Light assembly required 
  • Easy to move around


  • Not a huge amount of work space

4. Outsunny Outdoor Metal Potting Bench – Bargain Budget Pick


This is a very functional potting bench that comes wrapped in a very whimsical and very cute package. You get a black metal potting bench that gives you an airy and light tone when you see it, and this allows it to blend into several different decor styles. There is pretty metal scrollwork that gives it a French feel that looks great set next to wrought iron patio furniture or metal yard decorations.You get a grid metal worktop that measures 32.5-inches by 16.25-inches, and this is enough room to take on smaller projects or hold your items as you plant. As a bonus, you get a shelf underneath the main worktop that is right around the same size. 

This second shelf also features pretty metal scrollwork, and you can store your bags of potting soil or containers here to keep them close. There are five hanging hooks on the top of the bench for your succulent pots or garden tools. One nice feature about this product is that it comes with a built-in bag on the worktop, and you can use this to catch trash or pour your excess soil in to keep it in easy reach for when you need it. 


  • Roomy worktop
  • Cloth soil receptacle built-in
  • Larger storage bench included
  • Has metal scrollwork 
  • Black metal design 
  • Five hooks for hanging garden tools
  • Sturdy design 


  • No cupboard for storage 

5. Keter Unit Metal Top Bench – Best For Portability


This is an outdoor table that isn’t strictly a potting bench, however you can use it for heavy-duty garden work, BBQ prep, and entertaining without a problem. You get a large 52.7-inch by 20.5-inch stainless steel top to work on, and this is durable enough to hold several bags of potting soil or larger containers without bending or breaking. You can store items on the larger shelf and in the double-door cabinet below the worktop. There are also handles and hooks placed along the design that allow you to hang your garden tools on the side until you need them. The wheels make it easy to put this heavy-duty furniture piece around the yard. 

This product features weather-resin material with natural wood-like texture, and it blends well with virtually any outdoor furniture. The weather-resistant resin allows you to leave it outside in different weather conditions without worrying about it breaking down or showing wear and tear. It also resists peeling, rusting, and denting with normal use, and this can keep it looking nice for years to come. You get two side bars that give you more storage space, and there are also four hook hangers and a small rack included. 


  • Lots of storage space
  • Wheels make it easy to move 
  • Extra-large worktop 
  • Metal is durable
  • Sleek black coloring
  • Several storage hooks
  • Versatile design


  • Challenging to assemble

6. Suncast Portable Outdoor Garden Cart – Best For Patio Gardens


If you have a smaller patio garden in your home and you don’t have the space for a full-size bench to do your planting and potting, this smaller portable garden cart can hold your items without taking up too much floor or storage space. It can help you carry tools throughout the yard and garden, and it has space for a few bags of potting soil in the bottom. It comes designed with easy wheels that won’t get stuck as you go to softer terrain, and you get space for shovels, rakes, and all of your smaller garden tools. 

This potting bench comes made out of a very sturdy resin, and this will allow it to last for years. It’s also easy to rinse down with your garden hose between uses to keep it looking nice and neat, and it saves your back as you move around the yard since it’s so durable and portable. You can use it to transport your supplies instead of carrying them one by one. It has sturdy legs on the front that anchor it to the ground to prevent it from tipping over, and you get a comfortable handle that is easy to use to leverage the cart to move it. 


  • Larger wheels 
  • Easy to move around the yard 
  • Very sturdy resin material
  • Larger handle 
  • Lots of storage space
  • Perfect for smaller patios or yards 
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t do well in cold climates 

7. YAHEETECH Outdoor Garden Potting Bench – Best For Wet Climates


Anyone who takes pride in their flower beds or vegetable gardens love having a sturdy potting bench on hand because it can save them from having to do a lot of lifting and bending while keeping things organized. This product comes made from 100% natural fir, and this is pest and rot-resistant, even in very wet or humid climates. You can keep it outside in all weather conditions without worrying about it breaking down, even in the yard or on your deck or patio where it’s ready to go. There is a very spacious galvanized metal worktop that is easy to wash and sweep off between uses. 

You’ll get a small top shelf with this potting bench that is great for stacking seed packets or small pots to keep them in easy reach. There is a bigger slatted bottom shelf that will hold bigger pots or bags of soil. There is a locking cabinet to secure your garden tools, and there is a storage drawer where you can keep your jute, garden stakes, and more. The heavy metal hooks will hold your most-used hand tools right where you need them. 


  • 100% natural fir design
  • Pest and rot-resistant 
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Smaller top shelf and larger bottom shelf
  • Galvanized metal worktop 
  • Small storage drawer
  • Tool hooks on the side


  • Have to finish it with stain or paint

8. Western Red Cedar Potting Bench – Best For Large Garden Operations


This pretty Western Red Cedar potting bench is beefy, big, and comes built to last season after season. It’s as durable as it is beautiful, and it comes geared toward more serious gardeners. You get a very large four-foot by two-foot work table that has a removable drain sink with a wood topper that makes it easy to rinse your vegetables as you pick them to get them ready to prepare and store. The larger upper shelf gives you extra storage space to set pots or small tools while you work out in your yard. 

There is a large slatted wooden shelf under the main workstation that gives you a lot of storage for tools and pots. The dry sink has a wood construction, and it’s larger than most at 16-inches by 13-inches, and it’s 6-inches deep. The countertop is roughly three feet from the ground, and the whole bench stands 51-inches tall. It’s easy to assemble when you get it, but you will need to get a few tools to accomplish this task. It has a fairly simply but very sturdy look to it, and you can easily set it up out in the yard or on your deck or patio. 


  • Made from Western Red Cedar
  • Four-foot by two-foot work table 
  • Includes a sink with a wooden topper 
  • Large storage shelf 
  • Very sturdy design 
  • Relatively easy to assemble 
  • Good for serious gardeners 


  • More expensive price tag

9. Merry Garden Folding Potting Bench – Best For Small Herb Gardens


This smaller, folding potting bench is great for anyone who is starting a small herb garden and wants to use it indoors and outdoors. You can easily convert this potting bench into a smaller plant stand. You can also fold it and store it in a garden shed or out in your plant area in your home. You get three shelves to work with when you buy it, and the top one is galvanized metal that gives you 33.9-inches by 15.7-inches. The bottom two shelves are wooden slats, and it features 100% Canadian hemlock in the design to make it a very durable and beautiful piece. 

Since this potting bench is so compact, it only stands 31-inches high. It’s on the smaller side, so it’s nice if you have a balcony or apartment patio that doesn’t have a lot of floor space. It’s also small enough to sit in your kitchen without getting in the way. There are three wooden pegs on each side of the stand that allow you to hang your favorite hand tools or a hand towel to make working and cleanup a breeze. 


  • 100% Canadian hemlock 
  • Folding design 
  • Easy to store 
  • Very compact 
  • Larger working surface 
  • Great for patios or balconies 
  • Converts to a plant stand


  • Not suited for heavy use

10. Sihang Home Garden Potting Bench – Best For


If you’re in the market for a potting table that is versatile enough to use in the off-season, this rolling potting bench could work well. It works well as a drink cart when you’re not using it for gardening. It’s made out of solid wood, and it’s durable while being weather-resistant. There are many features that mixologists and gardeners will appreciate with this product. You get a very sturdy plastic dry sink in the design that is easy to remove to clean it, and the flat work surface allows you to quickly mix drinks or go through your potting duties. 

There are bigger wheels on this potting bench that make it easy to move from space to space, so you can shift it to convenient locations when you work. There is a top shelf where you can store your necessities, and you’ll get hooks on the side to hold bar towels or gardening tools to keep them in close proximity. You can also add other hooks along the top for more storage. There is a smaller storage drawer that you can use to keep supplies that you’d want to keep out of the elements. 


  • Available in two colors
  • Several hanging options
  • Ample storage space 
  • Dry sink included
  • Versaille
  • Sturdy design 
  • Portable wheeled design 


  • No pull handle

Best Potting Benches – Buyer’s Guide

What should you consider when you start to shop for one of these benches for your own garden? Are there some considerations that are more important than others? The answer is yes. Keeping the following buying considerations in mind will ensure you get a high-quality bench that you use over and over again. 


Since you’ll spend a long time putting plants together, planting seeds, and getting your garden ready, the height of your bench is extremely important. If the table is too short, you’ll spend a lot of time bending and twisting your body. This can be especially difficult if you’re working on both indoor and outdoor plants like indoor orange trees or orchids and you do a lot of replanting. The most common height is 36 inches. To get a height that you’ll be comfortable with, measure your counters. Take this measurement and look for a bench that meets or slightly exceeds this height. 

Potting Bench 2 Materials
Picking out a potting table that is the right height and dimensions ensures that you’ll get the most use out of it. If it’s too high, you won’t be able to reach everything. If it’s too low, you’ll have to bend a lot and put a lot of strain on your body. 

Sink or Trough 

Once you get working, you don’t want to have to stop halfway through your project to go get more water. Some benches come with a sink or trough build into one side of our work surface. Plastic is the most popular material, and you can usually pop it out to fill it, rinse it out, or clean it after you’re done using it. This will cut into your workspace a little, but it’s well worth it to have water on-hand when you need it. It can make your projects go much faster. 


Storage is huge for these benches, and some of them don’t have a lot of storage space. You want more than enough room for your grass seed, pots, fertilizer, tools, and everything you use in your yard or garden. Ideally, you’ll have storage cupboards with a deadbolt on them for our bigger items. Look for drawers and shelving too. A lot of these potting tables have at least one drawer right under the main table. They usually have between one and four shelves. One shelf is very narrow and above the bench, and there are one or two wider shelves below the bench. 

Wheels or Stationary 

Do you want to move your potting table around your yard or garden or are you okay with putting it in one spot and leaving it be? You can get benches with cast-iron wheels that allow you to easily roll the bench over the ground to new locations, and others come with legs that are meant to stay in one spot. If it has wheels, make sure that they have brakes. For stationary benches, check that there is a rubber cap on the bottom to protect the legs from water. 

Potting Bench 3 Maneuverability
A stationary bench is nice if you have a smaller garden or plan to work in one place. However, wheels are nice if you need to work around bigger areas of your yard.


These benches come in one of three materials. Wood is the most popular material, but you have to make sure it has a sealant on it to keep moisture out. Plastic is very cost-effective, but it usually won’t last long when you expose it to the environment. The final material is metal, and this is a very durable but very heavy material. Consider what types of weather your bench will be out in and what you want it to hold to ensure you pick out the best materials that will survive the weather. 

Work Surface 

If you’re growing easy vegetables or working with flowers, you need a decent work surface. Your surface should be at least a few feet long and wide to give you adequate space to put your supplies as you work. The surface should also be sleek because this makes it easy to clean and wipe the dirt and debris off when you finish your projects. Metal is very popular because it resists rust and corrosion while being easy to take care of. Check the surface material and dimensions. 

Potting Bench 4 End
Getting the correct work surface enables you to take on a broad range of projects from planting and repotting to getting your seeds ready in the spring. It also makes it much easier to keep your space clean, neat, and organized. 

Bottom Line 

Picking out a high-quality gardening bench can give you a whole new work area for your planting and gardening projects. I’ve rounded up 10 options that can fit into almost any budget, and the short reviews ensure you can compare them. The short buying guide I included highlights everything you need to consider when you start shopping. These two resources will help you make the best choice so you can have a beautiful garden or flower beds all season long. 

Best Potting Benches for Your Garden

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