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Nights can get chilly, and winter temperatures make it very difficult to work on projects out in your workshop or garage. Trying to wrench on a project or fiddle with tiny screws, bolts, and nuts with cold fingers  This is where the best garage heaters come in. There’s a broad range of the best garage heaters available on the current market, and you can use them to complete your project and turn your garage into a warm haven all year round. 

Whether you want electric or propane, we’ll feature both on our list of the top 10 best garage heaters. You’ll be able to compare the products side by side and see how they stack up to one another to help you select the best one to suit your needs. At the end, a short buyer’s guide will show you what to consider when you shop. 

Garage Heater 1 Start
Taking your time when you pick out the best garage heater is a good idea because this is an investment that can last for years. 

1. King KBP2406 Electric Garage Heater

First up on our list of the best garage heaters puts out 13,000 BTUs of heat that can quickly and easily warm a slightly larger garage. You can adjust it from 950 up to 5,700 watts when you first install the heater so it’s safe to use with your specific electrical outlet. It comes equipped with several different heat settings that you can easily adjust to maintain your preferred comfort level. There is a thermal cutoff feature that ensures it doesn’t overheat and pose a danger to your home, and the heater doesn’t get too hot to the touch. 

This best garage heater doesn’t come equipped with a remote, but it only takes a few minutes to get up and adjust it to your liking. If you’re going to build a new garage, this is one of the components you want to have on hand so you can stay comfortable. The thermal control also dictates how hot the interior gets, and this can protect the parts from burnout. The anti-tip-over sensor will stop the heater from running should it fall over to prevent fires, and the motor needs less maintenance because it comes permanently lubricated. 


  • Uses a cast-iron motor for durability
  • Will shut off if it tips over
  • Heats a large garage


  • Doesn’t come with a remote 
  • Control knob are cheaper plastic 
  • Can run loud on higher settings

2. Dr. Heater DR966 Electric Garage Heater

The versatile heat output with this best garage heater ensures you can quickly and easily set your desired temperature. It has low and high heat settings, and the watts start at 3,000 before going up to a full 6,000. You’re supposed to hardwire this heater straight into your electric supply. However, you could also fit it with a traditional plug and put it into your outlet without a hassle. You do have to make sure the outlet can handle the power the heater puts out without overexerting itself and shorting out. 

This best garage heater comes with a mounting bracket that lets you attach it to your ceiling or wall to get it out of your way if space is at a premium. There are five louvers in the front of the heater that allows you to direct the flow of heat anywhere you wish while you work. It uses a fan to distribute the heat around your garage, but it doesn’t run loud on any setting. The motor’s ball bearings feature a heavy-duty lubrication that ensures you won’t do a lot of maintenance with it, and it comes with a full year limited warranty attached from the date of purchase. 


  • Can adjust the heat direction 
  • Mounts to the wall or ceiling with ease
  • Able to convert it into a traditional plug model


  • Doesn’t put out enough heat for large garages
  • Can be difficult to adjust the heat flow
  • Can get hot to the touch with extended use

3. Modine Gas Hot Dawg Heater

Anyone who doesn’t want to worry about rewriting their house or garage to suit a new heater should look into this best garage heater that runs on natural or propane gas. Since it runs on gas, it can save you money in electricity costs during those colder months when you run it wherever you’re out in the garage. It runs very quietly so it won’t interrupt your conversations or music. The low-profile and the neutral coloring make this an excellent choice for just about any garage because it’ll blend in nicely. 

This best garage heater comes certified, and this means you can safely use it for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Using the included manual, you can mount this heater in under two hours. There are pipe holes on both sides of the unit to help you install it, but you have to buy the pipe yourself if you want to mount it on the ceiling or wall. The standard power exhaust makes venting this heater quick and easy. 


  • Can use residentially, industrially, or commercially
  • Quiet operation on all settings
  • Runs on natural gas or propane


  • Doesn’t include mounting or venting pipe
  • Manual can be confusing to follow
  • Works best in smaller spaces

4. Heatstar Natural Gas Garage Heater

The motor on this best garage heater is 25,000 BTU per hour, and it’s powerful enough to heat two or three garages, or a room that measures 500 by 600 square feet. It works well if you live in an area prone to power outages, and it comes with a simple manual that explains the installation process, and it’s very straightforward. You get a millivolt thermostat that you have to set up with a wire, but you do have to buy this wire because it doesn’t come included in the original purchase. You can mount the heater to your wall or ceiling if you need more space. 

You get a very clean design with this best garage heater, and it has non-corrosive parts included to make it a very durable choice. It doesn’t emit any odors when you use it, and this is nice for enclosed spaces. It comes CSA certified, and it uses thermostatic control with no extra power needed. The mounting bracket is easy to install, and you can easily mount it seven to nine feet up and still feel the heat. 


  • Can heat two or three garages
  • Millivolt thermostat included
  • Very clean and sleek design


  • May put out moisture
  • Mounting bracket is weak and unstable
  • Doesn’t come with a necessary wire

5. Mr. Heater Gas Garage Heater

Anyone looking for an efficient way to heat a house or garage should try this best garage heater. It runs on gas, so it’s useful if the power goes out or you have bad weather that makes your electricity flicker. It’s extremely easy to set up and use, and it has an adjustable thermostat. This adjustable thermostat allows you to choose your preferred temperature, and you can set it to heat up your garage on frigid and mild days without a hassle. It can heat up to 1,000 square feet, and this is enough for a larger garage or pole shed. 

This best garage heater works best in areas that have 12 foot to 15 foot ceilings because it does throw out a lot of heat at one time. It has no issues with noise or odors, and this is nice to use in enclosed spaces. It generates heat by radiating infrared heat, so it’ll heat the air in the room before cycling in out to the whole garage. There are no moving parts with this heater, and this reduces your maintenance. 


  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet
  • Has no moving parts to worry about
  • Easy to set up and install


  • Need higher ceilings 
  • Pilot light is difficult to start and stay lit
  • Can leak gas after extended use

6. Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Lasco makes a very sleek heater that looks and feels modern. This best garage heater comes with a remote control that lets you change the temperature for all over your garage, and this is convenient when you’re deep in a project. It has a slightly more compact and slender design, and this is nice for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space. The wide base gives this heater a lot of stability, and it won’t tip over if you accidentally bump into it while you’re working around the garage. 

It has a built-in thermal protector included, and this piece prevents this best garage heater from getting too hot or overheating when you run it for hours at a time. The carrying handle makes it easy to move around your garage or from space to space. It puts out 1,500 watts, and you get the choice of low and high heat settings. Both run quietly, and you can set the timer function so the heater automatically shuts off when it reaches your pre-set time. 


  • Remote control is convenient
  • Comes with a timer function
  • Has a built-in carrying handle


  • Oscillate button doesn’t work on low
  • Plug can melt after extended use 
  • Has a fully plastic design that isn’t durable

7. Fahrenheat Ceiling-Mount Industrial Heater

Maybe you’re ready to expand your home but you need a way to heat the extension you just built until you get it fully enclosed. If so, this is the best garage heater for the job. This is an industrial-grade electric heater that you mount onto your ceiling to keep it out of your way. The ceiling mounting bracket comes with the heater, and the heater will give you both vertical and horizontal heat flow. You can twist the heater around to several different positions that lets you heat several different areas of your garage. 

It has an epoxy coating on it, and this helps this best garage heater withstand the more extreme elements of being out in your garage in winter. If the heater gets too hot, it has an automatic shutoff that will switch the heat off until it cools down. There is no thermostatic control with this heater, so you do have to switch it on and off as you get hot and your garage cools down again. 


  • Easy to swivel around 
  • Gives horizontal and vertical heat flow
  • Epoxy coating resists rust and corrosion


  • No temperature variations 
  • Need higher ceilings to mount them on
  • Can run loud

8. Mr. Heater F232000 Portable Garage Heater

If you can’t have an electric heater in your garage because you don’t have the electrical supply to support it, try this best garage heater from Mr. Heater. You can use it indoors while staying safe, and it puts out a good amount of heat to keep  you comfortable while you work. It can heat up to 225 square feet, and it has between 4,000 and 9,000 BTUs of radiant heat. You should position this heater so you’re in the direct heat path for maximum enjoyment, but it also works if you set it off to the side. 

The device comes with an automatic shutoff integrated into the design, and this switches the heater off if it accidentally tips over to prevent fire hazards. It’ll also shut off if the pilot light goes out or if the oxygen levels dip too low. There is a handle that folds down on this best garage heater that makes carrying it from place to place easy. If you purchase a separate kit, you can attach this heater to a propane take for more flexibility. 


  • Available in two color options
  • Heats up to 225 square feet
  • Carrying handle folds away


  • Could be a tripping hazard 
  • Not possible to mount the heater
  • Low setting is very hot

9. NewAir G56 Garage Heater

On mild autumn nights, you can call up a few friends, bring out your portable pizza oven, and use the best garage heater to make your space comfortable as you relax or work on projects. If you need a mix of plenty of heat with a high amount of portability, this is what you’ll get with this heater from NewAir. It’s powerful enough to heat a contained space that is up to 560 square feet without a problem, and it’ll keep the air circulating until you choose to shut it off. You set it on the floor, so you can set it close to you or further away. 

This best garage heater has a steel construction that makes it a very durable choice that withstands wear and tear very well. It comes with a certification for electrical safety with an overheating protection built-in that shuts the heater off if it starts to get too hot when you run it. There is a carrying handle with a six-foot power cord that makes it very portable. It’s also lightweight. There is a single-pole thermostat on this heater that gives you precision control over the temperature


  • Has an automatic shutoff if it gets too hot
  • Carrying handle for easy portability 
  • Steel construction is very durable


  • Thermostat isn’t consistent 
  • Can’t mount it
  • Can get louder as time goes on

10. Cadet Portable Garage Heater

For serious electrical heating power, try Cadet’s best garage heater. It has a very portable and small frame that will sit on the ground or on your workbench to keep the area warm. Additionally, it has a mounting bracket built into the design that means you can hang it on your garage walls. It is a 5,000 watt machine that uses a 240-volt power source. The frame of this heater is a heavy-gauge steel with a powder coat over it that helps protect it from rust and corrosion, and it’s very resistant to damage. 

There is an air circulation fan included in this best garage heater that allows you to use it during the hotter months to cool down your garage and keep it comfortable. You can pick between 3,333 and 5,000 watts with the selector switch, and there is a double-pole thermostat. It has a six foot power cord attached that gives you a decent range of movement. 


  • Can mount it on the wall or sit it on the floor
  • Has a steel frame with a powder coat
  • Uses a 240-volt power source


  • Doesn’t work well for larger areas
  • Runs loud on the higher settings
  • Expensive to run

Best Garage Heaters – Buying Guide 

What should you look for when you start shopping for the best garage heaters? They’re not all equal and they can get expensive, so you want to get it right on the first try. Below, we’ll outline the biggest buying points you want to consider when you shop. 

Garage Heater 2 Guide
Anyone who has a smaller garage can get away with installing and using a smaller heater, but high ceilings and larger garages need more power to keep the temperature up. 

Power Rating

One of the most important aspects of your garage heater is the power rating. If you get one powerful enough, you could use it to heat your garage all year round or heat your porch when you finish building it. Many brands list the heater’s power rating right on the box, and they’ll usually give you an approximate square footage it’ll cover. However, the power rating assumes you have the best conditions possible, so pick out the best garage heater that has a slightly higher power rating than you need. 

Getting a slightly higher power rating covers you if you have drafts or poor insulation in your garage. The ceiling height is something else to remember because taller ceilings give the room more space to circulate the heat, and this means your heater will have to work harder. Generally speaking, a larger garage will need at least 4,000 to 5,000 watts to fully heat it. 

Safety Features

When you work in your garage, keeping yourself and anyone else in there safe is a top priority. There are dozens of safety features available on the best garage heaters that work well. If you have a shutoff switch, it’ll turn the heater off if it accidentally falls over to prevent a fire. Some heaters have overheating protection built right into the design that shuts the heater off if it gets too hot. This protects the internal workings too. 

For maximum safety features, get a heater that has a cool touch design. This prevents the exterior from heating up when it runs, and it’s a great way to prevent burns if you have animals or kids in the vicinity. If your kids had a sleepover and came out to the garage to talk, this will help keep them safe. Check for any certifications or accreditations with your heater, and take a few minutes to go through reviews and see what they say. 

Garage Heater 3 Safety
Keeping your family and kids safe is your top priority, so you never want to run a gas-powered heater in an enclosed space because the fumes can reach toxic levels. 

Heater Type

There are a few different heaters you can choose from when you pick out the best garage heater. Fan forced heaters come with an integrated fan that you can adjust. They produce a lot of heat, and they work well to quickly warm up a medium or small-sized garage. Infrared or radiant heaters are next. They produce more comfortable heat, but they’re not really powerful. You have to have them very close to you or have a small space to heat. 

Finally, the third type of best garage heater uses natural gas, diesel, or propane to run. They don’t need electricity to run, and they can heat a space very quickly. However, you don’t want to use them in an enclosed area because they produce fumes, and this can be dangerous to breathe in. All of these heaters come in portable or fixed designs. 

Ease of Installation and Assembly

You can get a heater that comes assembled and ready to use straight out of the box, and others require that you put them together before you use them. If you like to DIY, putting the best garage heater together may not be a problem for you. If it is, look for a pre-assembled one. Other types of heaters require that you hardwire them into your existing electrical connections, and this is a job best left for the professionals. 

Adjustable Features 

Do you need your best garage heater to adjust the temperature or is one steady one okay? Maybe you’re in the process of pricing out how much it would be to replace the windows in your garage, so you have drafts. Or, you could want to move the heater from the garage to your home. If so, having an adjustable temperature control would be nice. This prevents you from switching it on and off as you get too hot. Some heaters also come with a remote control, and this adds a layer of convenience to it. 

Garage Heater 4 Gauge
Being able to adjust the temperature on your best garage heater ensures that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold as you work. 

Length of the Power Cord 

If your best garage heater plugs in, check the power cord length. You want it to be long enough that you can reach all over in your garage without having to unplug it and plug it back in a thousand times. Six feet is a very common length, but this isn’t long enough for larger garages without an extension cord. If you have a high-output heater, finding a safe extension cord can be challenging, so go for a longer cord in general to save yourself the hassle. 


Do you intend to keep your heater in one place or move it around? If you want to move it, portability is going to be a big issue to pay attention too. If you get one with a carrying handle, it’ll make moving it that much easier. Casters and wheels help too if you choose a larger industrial heater. It all comes down to whether you want a portable garage heater or a fixed one. Decide what you’re going to use the heater for most and go from there to make a solid choice. 

Garage Heater 5 End
The right heater gives you the flexibility to work on your projects in your garage all year round, no matter what the temperature and weather is doing.

Bottom Line 

The best garage heater will change depending on the size of your space and how often you have to use it. Before you start shopping for your best garage heater, look at our short reviews. They allow you to compare several high-quality options before you buy, and our guide can help you understand what features you want to consider. Pick out the best garage heater and stay warm all year round! 

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