Best Wood Burning Kit to Create Garden Signs

Garden signs can be necessary to have if you want to keep track of everything you plant, and this is especially true in larger operations. It can get very expensive to buy multiple garden signs, but you can easily make your own with a few pieces of scrap wood and your own wood burning kit. These wood burning kits aren’t very expensive, they’re easy to use, have a small learning curve, and you can customize all of your garden signs to fit your unique style. If you’re handy with a saw, you can even create more personalized signs that stand out and make it easy to tell your plants apart. 

If you’re new to the world of wood burning kits, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and pick out the first one you find. However, you want to take your time and sort through quality options to ensure you get something that is easy for you to use and that will last year after year. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality wood burning kits and reviewed them for you below. At the end, you’ll find a buyer’s guide that will give you criteria you can use to narrow down your final pick. 

Wood Burning 1 Start
A burned wood sign adds a rustic look and feel to your garden, and you can create fun designs and patterns to make them stand out using one of the kits on the list. They make excellent gifts too! 

1. TRUArt Woodburning Tool Kit – Top Pick

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This professional-grade wood burning kit is one that you’ll have to have if you’re serious about learning or excelling at this art. You get extremely precise heat control with an ergonomic pen that feels nice when you hold it, and it allows you to create smaller signs for your container garden quickly and easily. This pen will keep you close enough to your working surface to make small details and clean lines. You get very quick tip changes on the model, and it’s great for swapping out as you work. It has rapid tip cooldown with a nice design, and you get 40 tips per order in each kit to expand what you can do. 

It’s a 60-watt wood burner that gives you a near-instant heat response, and it has precise digital voltage control that lets you make tiny adjustments to the heat output quickly and easily. It reduces the stain on your wrist and hands as you work due to the small and lightweight design, and it comes with a ball and sharp tip that are specially designed for detail work. There is a three-year satisfaction guarantee from the date of purchase, and the company will exchange or refund your order with no questions asked. 


  • Get 40 tips per order 
  • Precise heat control 
  • 60-watt wood burner 
  • Three-year satisfaction guarantee 
  • Reduces wrist and hand fatigue 
  • Has you work closer to the surface 
  • Neat carrying case 


  • Tips can wear out relatively quickly 

2. Razertip Dual Burner Kit – Step-Up Pick

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If you want a hassle-free and premium experience with your new wood burning kit, you should take a look at our step-up pick. It has some of the best low-end temperature control available on the market, and this gives you more control as a user that you won’t get with other models. You can plug in two burners at once if you choose, and you can easily and quickly swap between them by touching a switch. They heat up so quickly that you’ll just have a few seconds of downtime between swapping tips out to keep your project moving along quickly. 

This is a nice wood burning kit for people who make their own tips, and it has a 10-amp output that gives you quick heat tip recovery. This is an ideal wide-range temperature control when you use it to prevent accidental scorching. The super-flexible adapter cords will go with almost any pen brand, and you get ultra-stable control circuitry that gives you neat and consistent burning power from start to finish on your project. This is a Canadian-based company that has over 14-years of experience creating these types of kits, and you get a very user-friendly design that is great for amateurs and professionals alike. 


  • Excellent low-end temperatures 
  • Quick temperature changes 
  • Able to plug in dual burners at one time
  • Nice for people who make their own tips 
  • Offers wide-range temperature control 
  • Reduced downtime 
  • 10-amp output 


  • Slightly bulky design 

3. Darice Woodburning Creativity Set – Mid-End Budget Pick

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Any beginners to the wood burning world can appreciate this simple wood burning kit to help you practice making signs for your herb gardens. You get four tips with each purchase, and this allows you to work on different project types or try out different techniques across one project to hone your skills. It also has a lower price point that allows you to get a feel for wood burning without breaking the bank. It only comes at one temperature, and you have to remember this when you purchase it as it limits what you can and can’t do with this product.  

You should only expect to realistically get one or two years out of this wood burning kit at most as it’s not extremely durable. You get grooved handles that make this very easy and comfortable to hold for extended periods to take on detailed work, and the temperature can get up to 950-degrees Fahrenehit to give you a dark, fast burn. You get calligraphy, all-purpose, shading, and extra-fine tips when you order, and it comes with a nice instruction booklet. You also get a decently long cord that gives you ease of movement as you work. 


  • Excellent model for beginners
  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Grooved handles on the tool
  • Four tips included 
  • Gets up to 950-degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Instruction booklet included 
  • Lower price point


  • Heat can damage the tips 

4. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool – Bargain Budget Pick

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This bargain budget pick for our wood burning kits is another nice pick for people who are just starting wood burning. You can easily try it and see if it’s for you without worrying about spending over $30.00 on it. You get 11 interchangeable tips in each order that allow you to do a range of different projects with ease, and it has a nice tool stand included that allows you to rest your pen when you’re not using it to prevent it from damaging anything by accident. It only has one temperature on it, but it gets there quickly while maintaining it nicely as you work to give you consistent results. 

There is a comfortable handle on this wood burning kit that allows you to experiment with it for hours at a time, and it has a heat shield to keep your fingers cool as you work. It can reach up to 950-degrees Fahrenheit on the tip, and this makes it a great option for softer woods. You get flow, shading, all-purpose universal points, cone tips, and more when you order, and you can purchase Walnut Hollow special technique points to use too. The cord has an on/off switch with a UL certification to make it safer to use. You also get instructions on how to use each tip to get the best results. 


  • Low price point 
  • Four interchangeable tips 
  • Holds a consistent temperature 
  • Has a heat shield 
  • UL cord certification 
  • Reaches 950-degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Longer cord


  • May only last a few years

5. Calegency Wood Burning Kit – Best For Multi-Use

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It’s nice to get a wood burning kit that lets you tackle a range of projects from creating signs for your miniature roses or vegetables to soldering, and this kit does just that and more. You get an impressive 112 pieces in each kit, and you can use it to wood burn, engrave, carve, or solder without a problem. You get several pen tips in each kit, and it also has 12 stencil sheets, a pair of heat gloves, 12 colored pencils, pen stand, pencil sharpener, tip box, seven wooden panels, 10 carbon paper sheets, the pen, and a nice carrying case to keep everything neatly organized until you need it. 

You can adjust the heat output on this wood burning kit from 392 to 932-degrees Fahrenheit to give you a broad range of opportunities, and there is an LCD display that shows you the temperature at a glance. The independent power button on the pen is easy to operate, and you get a silicone grip that resists heat and prevents slippage. There is a manual included with tricks, tips, and safety instructions. It heats up quickly and retains your chosen heat level to give you nice results, and it’s good for beginners or intermediate users. 


  • Good for beginner or intermediate users
  • Silicone grip 
  • Comes with 112 pieces 
  • Heats up quickly 
  • LCD display 
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • Pen stand included 


  • Temperature control can be finicky 

6. Powza Wood Burning Kit – Best For Intermediate Users

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Anyone who is trying to save on both space and time can use this wood burning kit by Powza to accomplish this, and you get 72-pieces in this kit that works on everything from embossing and carving to wood burning. You get 23 tips, a pencil sharpener, six colored pencils, eight stencils, a pen stand, 15 sheets of carbon paper, a carrying case, 15 wooden panels, the pen, and a manual to teach you how to use everything. It has an on/off switch with a temperature gauge on the cord that is always in easy reach. It’ll change temperatures very rapidly while using a 60-watt ceramic core that can reach a temperature range of 392-degrees Fahrenheit up to 842-degrees Fahrenheit. 

This wood burning kit has a pen that comes with a non-slip grip. You do need to be careful when it comes to pressing the tips because you can accidentally bend them. It’s a nice choice for virtually all skill levels, and you can replace the heating core to make it a reusable option. It has more ventilation holes to allow heat to dissipate more efficiently, and you get a temperature-resistant casing that will protect your hand as you work. This product makes a nice gift, and the carrying case will help you keep everything organized when you use it. 


  • Comes with 72 pieces 
  • Broad temperature range
  • Heats up very quickly 
  • Makes a very nice gift 
  • Temperature gauge on the cord 
  • Temperature-resistant casing on the handle 
  • Heat dissipates quickly 


  • Have to hold it higher up

7. ArtSkills Wood Burning Art Kit – Best For Beginners

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Maybe you’re a beginner to wood burning and you want to create designated areas around your kid’s playsets. If so, this wood burning kit is a nice pick. It’s not as complete as some of the kits on the list, and this makes it something a beginner can use to get a feel for this artform and decide if they like it or not. You get 20 watercolor paints, 10 tips, five carbon paper sheets, two paint brushes, two pencies, five stencils, a pen, five wooden panels, and the instruction manual. It won’t overwhelm you when you first open it, and it comes intended to be used exclusively for wood burning. 

All you have to do is use this wood burning kit to trace and transfer your intended design, burn it, and add a color wash to make it pop. You also gain access to free downloadable stencils and templates when you order this kit to help inspire you and expand your capabilities by practicing different techniques. The pen has a wider design to make it easier to grip, and you can use it for hours at a time without worrying about hand or wrist fatigue. 


  • Comes with a host of items
  • Access free templates 
  • Easy to use
  • Exclusively for wood burning
  • Great pick for beginners
  • Ergonomic pen 
  • Very user-friendly 


  • Pen has a plastic body

8. YSBMZP Wood Burning Kit – Best For Long-Term Use

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Unlike a lot of wood burning kits that have metal tips, this one has wire. Wire tips generally give you more precise temperature control, and the delicate design also gives you more precise results. You get 23 wire tips per order, and it also features a penknife, five wooden panels, five stencils, wood burning machine, screwdriver, two pens, and two stands. There is also a digital temperature display with an adjustable temperature between 35-degrees and 700-degrees Fahrenheit. It works well on paper, leather, wood, or even gourds, and the wire tips will heat to your desired temperature in just 20-seconds to allow you to quickly take on your chosen projects. 

There are ergonomic designs on the handles of the pens that make it easier to grip without getting any wrist or hand fatigue. It’s a 60-watt ceramic pen that will save energy due to the quick heating capability. The pens are also heatproof, and you get free pen replacements if something happens within a year of buying it. The non-slip handle is another nice feature that is safer to use, and it’ll keep your hands cool as you work. You can safely rest both pens between uses on the stands to prevent them from accidentally burning something. 


  • Reaches up to 700-degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Comes with 23 wire tips
  • Dual pens
  • Both pens have a stand 
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Heat-proof gripping area 
  • 60-watt ceramic pen


  • Customer service is challenging to contact 

9. TAMEHOM Wood Burning Kit – Best For a Broad Project Range

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Tamehom’s wood burning kit comes with a 60-watt craft-style heat pen, and it has an on/off switch on the cord. You’ll get a temperature knob that allows you to adjust between 392 and 842-degrees Fahrenheit, and this is a broad enough range to cover most materials. This makes it a great gift for gardeners or hobbyists, and you get a very comfortable rubberized grip on the pen that reduces your chances of slipping while keeping the area cool. There is also a metal stand in each purchase that allows you to safely store the pen between uses without worrying about it accidentally burning something. 

The tips will heat to your desired temperature in just 15-seconds to allow you to work continuously on your project, and you get 58 tips when you order this wood burning kit to expand what you can do with it. You can use it for image transferring, wood burning, soldering, carving, stencil cutting, embossing, and hot stamping without a problem. There is a high-temperature protective case that allows you to work for hours without it getting too hot, and it’s a nice choice for anyone from beginners to experienced wood burners. You can store everything in the high-quality zippered purse to stay organized. 


  • Heats up in 15 seconds
  • Comes with 58 tips 
  • Can do a range of projects 
  • Has a zippered storage case 
  • Rubberized grip on the pen 
  • Broad temperature range 
  • 60-watt craft-style pen


  • Handle can get too warm with higher temperatures 

10. Woodland Home Wood Burning Kit – Best For

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The final wood burning kit on the list is a deluxe option that has a fully adjustable pen with a metal pen holder. You also get 27 wood burning tips in each order, metal alphabet and number stencil, premium hard case, cutting blade, and an instruction manual with tips. You can use the case to organize your items and carry them with you, and the multi-functional but lightweight pen has a longer cord on it that allows you better range of movement. You get an adjustable heat setting that goes up to 842-degrees Fahrenheit, and it retains your chosen heat setting very well while heating up quickly. 

You can use this wood burning kit on different types of materials and surfaces without scorching anything due to the different heat settings, and It’s easy to handle with a stainless steel barrel that has a rubber handle that is both impact and heat-resistant to keep you comfortable. You can carve, emboss, paper craft, image transfer, stencil cut, and hot stamp with this product, and it’s a nice pick for all skill levels. The rubberized grip also helps ensure that you won’t slip and burn yourself or ruin your work. 


  • Hard-sided storage case 
  • 27 tips included 
  • Longer cord for better range of movement 
  • Heats to 842-degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Can take on a range of projects
  • Ergonomic pen design 
  • Rubberized grip 


  • Tips can be flimsy 

Wood Burning Kit Buyer’s Guide 

Wood burning is an excellent pastime that allows you to create beautiful works of art for yourself, gifts, or to sell. Having the correct wood burning kit can ensure that you get all of the tools you need to create these pieces, and they can help you hone your skills. This short guide will outline the important things you need to keep in mind when you start shopping for your new kit. 


Your comfort is going to be paramount when it comes to this kit and your ability to create your signs for your terrarium plants. No matter if you’re brand new to this art or if you’re experienced, you’ll use a good amount of time using this tool. You want to make sure that you pick out a lightweight and balanced set that has a small handle. This will allow you to work at straight lines and angles without fatiguing. It’ll also help you add in all of those tiny details that make your signs stunning. 

Wood Burning 2 Comfort
The more comfortable you are when you use your kit, the more detailed you’ll be able to make your designs because you can work at a broad range of angles and create thin and thick linework. 

Heating Speed

Unless you have a lot of time to spare, you want a kit that will heat your pen up in two or three minutes at the most. If you get one that heats up in seconds, it’s going to make your project go much smoother because you won’t have to swap out the nibs and sit and wait for it to reach your desired temperature before starting or continuing your project. The pen should also have heat stability so you’re not stopping every few strokes to let the pen heat up again. 

Adjustable Pen Tips 

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start off easy with fixed pen tips. They give you a uniform drawing style while heating up very quickly. Once you start gaining experience and get a good feel for what the kit can do for you, you can add in adjustable pen tips. These tips allow you to create more diverse drawings, and you swap out the tips to create different effects. 

Temperature Control 

You will get either a variable temperature control or a preset one on your new kit. If you choose a variable temperature control, you’ll get more flexibility and freedom. However, you also have to pay closer attention to ensure that you have the correct setting for your material. For example, you’d use a  higher setting on your nesting box wood than you would if you were working with leather or paper. Beginners like preset temperatures because it removes a lot of the guesswork, but it also dictates what you can and can’t do. 

Wood Burning 3 End
A deeply etched wooden sign can last for years. Think about where you’re going to put your new garden signs when you make them. This will give you a good idea on how deep you should burn into the wood to ensure they won’t wear away quickly. 

Power Level 

Your power level will be a very important consideration as well. Low-powered pens and kits work well for fine details that can bring a project to life. However, higher powered pens allow you to work much quicker. They can leave black marks on your projects if you don’t draw quickly enough. Generally speaking, you will eventually want at least one of each. 

Wood Burning Kit – Frequently Asked Questions 

When you first start looking into wood burning, it’s very common to have a large range of questions that you want to ask. To make things easier, we’ve picked out a few common ones and answered them for you below to give you more general information about these specific kits. 

1. What is the difference between pyrography and wood burning?

When you talk about pyrography, you’re talking about writing with fire. A lot of people use photography when they talk about wood burning. However, wood burning is done one wood while pyrography can be used on a range of surfaces from leather to wood. Each will require a wood burning kit or tool. 

2. Why do people like the wire tips over the solid tips?

Wire tips usually give you more professional-grade results. They work just like a heavy brass tip with a craft-style wood burning pen, but they have more benefits. They have less mass for one, and this allows them to heat up much quicker. In turn, you can start working much faster. 

3. Can you do your wood burning projects inside?

You can, and many artists do choose to work inside while taking precautions. After all, you’re burning wood, and this can result in some fumes. Some people wear protective gloves, a respirator mask, and have a fan running to keep the air circulating. 

4. Is it safe to use wood burning kits?

As with anything, there are safety risks involved with using these kits. For example, you could inhale fumes as you work or sawdust. There is also a risk of burning yourself because you’re working with very hot items, and there is a fire hazard that comes with applying fire to wood. However, when you take the correct safety precautions, it’s safe to have this hobby.

Bottom Line 

A quality wood burning kit can help you create beautiful garden signs or other signage you can hang around your home, business, or yard. I’ve given you 10 great options that you can compare side by side, and the buying guide will help narrow down your choices. Pick on, have it shipped straight to your door, and create signs that are the highlight of your garden this year. 

Best Wood Burning Kit to Create Garden Signs Cover

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