Best Privacy Screen to Create a Backyard Oasis

Your backyard should be a place where you can go, relax, and enjoy the view. But, this can be difficult if you have close quarters and neighbors that can see into your space. Instead of building an expensive fence, you can add a privacy screen or two around the border of your yard. If you have a bigger yard, you can even section it off into different areas with these privacy screens to give your garden one area, your entertainment area one, and a place for your kids to play. 

Since there are so many privacy screens available, narrowing down the best ones that will stand up to the different weather elements can be challenging. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality options and reviewed them for you. There are both freestanding and non-freestanding selections available for almost any budget. Additionally, my short buyer’s guide will help guide you to the right product for your yard size, shape, wants, and needs. With that being said, let’s dive in. 

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A nice fence with a quality privacy screen will help you enclose your yard and give you a feeling of safety and privacy each time you go outside. You can choose freestanding models for smaller areas or attached models that run along the length of your existing fences. 

1. Misc Metal Screen Panel – Top Pick

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This privacy screen comes outfitted with three two by four-foot laser cut metal panels with stand legs when you order it. It has a sleek, durable, and slightly heavier design that makes it excellent for the edges of your rooftop garden, and it comes precision cut from galvanized steel in a thicker gauge. This is a decorative option that has eye-catching patterns cut into the metal, and the steel resists rust and corrosion with exposure to the elements to make it a durable choice to leave outside in different weather conditions. It’s ready to go out of the box with no painting or sealing required. 

It features two-millimeter galvanized steel, and the sturdy legs ensure that these panels stay standing when the wind comes up. The frame is also very sturdy to keep it in one cohesive piece, and you can use post supports to make a wall of privacy screens by setting them side-by-side along your patio, yard, garden, or deck. There are also connection plates included that help reinforce the plate-to-plate connection. The sleek black coloring will mix well with virtually any decor style, and it has a very fast and easy assembly process when you get it. 


  • Thicker-gauge metal design
  • All panels get laser cut 
  • Sturdy and wide support feet
  • Comes pre-sealed and ready to go 
  • Sturdy frame 
  • Sleek black coloring
  • For indoor and outdoor use 


  • Only get one panel per order

2. Lukeline Folding Room Screen Divider – Step-Up Pick

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Each screen with our step-up pick comes designed to fit most people’s heights, and this adds another layer of privacy to whichever area you choose to fence off with it. You’ll get a convenient and flexible design with this product, and it comes with four panels that all measure the same size, and you can adjust them according to the part of the room or area you want to section off. You can also fold them completely up to give the screen a slender profile to make storage quick and easy when you’re not using it or in the off-season. 

It gets a design style that is close to nature, and it allows it to seamlessly integrate into your space without a problem. Each privacy screen from this company comes made by hand by local artisans, and it offers 100% quality assurance. It features an eco-friendly paper rope in the design that is safe and non-toxic. There is no assembly necessary with this privacy screen, and all you have to do is unfold it once you get it and set it in your chosen space. There are metal hinges on each divider that make it more solid, and you get a durable wooden frame to support the panels. 


  • Four panels 
  • Metal hinges 
  • Easy to fold flat for storage 
  • 100% quality assurance 
  • Hand-made by professional artisans 
  • Pretty floral pattern 
  • Durable wooden frame


  • Hinges are thinner metal 

3. TinyTimes Room Divider – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you’re someone who wants to partition their deck and create a container garden that you can hide from sight, this is a great privacy screen option. It has an adjustable folding design that allows you to block off larger or smaller areas indoors or outdoors, and you can choose from a four or six-panel design when you order in two colors to meet your needs while blending nicely into your decor. This product comes hand woven, and it uses environmentally-friendly plant fibers in the design. So, you can use it without any guilt, and it has a non-toxic design.

This privacy screen measures 70.9-inches high by 118.2-inches wide, and a single screen is 70.9-inches high by 19.7-inches wide. This flexibility allows you to put it in a range of spaces without it taking up too much room. It comes packaged as a whole unit and ready to put up right out of the box, and it has a heavier weight to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally fall or blow over when the wind comes out. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you purchase this product, and the company has a very responsive customer service team. 


  • Adjustable folding design
  • Slightly higher at 70.9-inches 
  • Comes in two colors
  • Can choose from four or six panel 
  • No assembly required
  • Slightly heavier design 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 


  • Has a looser weave 

4. VIVOSUN Green Fence Privacy Screen – Bargain Budget Pick

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Vivosun’s privacy screen comes made out of a durable 170-GSM high-density polyethylene fabric that is environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. It can stand up to erosion from rain, wind, snow, sleet, and sun without a problem, and it’ll add privacy to your space for years without any required maintenance for you. There are aluminum grommets spaced 12-inches apart vertically and 24-inches apart horizontally to ensure that you can secure it to your frame without any gaps. Also, all of the edges have a reinforced binding to ensure the grommets don’t tear away when the wind comes up. 

This thicker privacy screen can block anyone from seeing through, and you can use it in a host of ways. It works well to protect your gardens, vegetables, flowers, or just to add a higher degree of privacy to your space. It’s a nontoxic and breathable fabric that allows air and water to flow through. It’s 6-feet by 50-feet, comes in two sizes, and you get a darker green coloring on it that makes it a nice complement to most landscapes. You will need to attach it to a frame of some sort like an existing fence, deck rails, or patio sides because it’s not sturdy by itself. 


  • 170-GSM polyethylene fabric 
  • Aluminum grommets along the edges
  • Edges are reinforced 
  • Thicker build
  • Up to 50-feet long 
  • Has a dark green coloring
  • Breathable fabric 


  • Need a frame 

5. Steelaid Folding Room Divider – Best For Patios

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This triple panel privacy screen or room divider is great for anyone who is currently living in cramped quarters with other people who want a little more privacy. It has a neutral brown coloring that goes with virtually any decor style without standing out, and it’ll help you carve out your own space quickly and easily. All you’ll need to assemble this product is a Phillips screwdriver when you get it, and you should be able to easily put it together in under 30 minutes. You’ll get easy-to-follow instructions that’ll guide you through the assembly process step-by-step. 

This is a freestanding-style privacy screen that you can use indoors or outdoors without an issue, and it’s very portable to allow you to move it around the yard or house. You get three larger panels with this product, and it has very sturdy frames on each panel to hold the cloth interior up. The feet are also wider, and this lends a nice degree of stability to the privacy screen so it doesn’t accidentally fall over if the wind comes up or if you bump into it. There are also clamps that connect the panels to give you a solid connection point to keep everything together. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Clamps hold the panels in place
  • Very sturdy frame and feet 
  • Freestanding design 
  • Easy to move or relocate 
  • Neutral coloring 
  • Has wider panels 


  • Instructions can be unclear 

6. Esright Wood Room Divider – Best For Dry Climates

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This privacy screen is an excellent choice if you live in very arid, dry climates to help shield your patio or porch from prying eyes. You get a durable, foldable wooden frame with dual two-way hinges that make it very easy to adjust the screen or fold the panels up to transport or store them. You can fold these panels in either direction, and they feature a natural Paulownia wood that is decent when it comes to moisture absorption, wear-resistant, and offers good air permeability. These panels come with a water-based paint coat on them to help seal out the elements and give it a very seaside-esque look. 

All of the wooden boards used in this privacy screen are free of formaldehyde, and they conform to the California Air Resources Board’s P2 Requirement to make this a safe option. They’re durable enough to last for years without a problem, and they’re free of pollutants or toxins. It’s lightweight and has a compact folding design that is nice when it comes time to store it between uses, and it stretches 5.5-feet high by 5.4-feet wide. The customer service team is very responsive to complaints, concerns, or questions involving this product.


  • Two-way hinges 
  • Durable wooden design 
  • Uses Paulownia wood 
  • Easy to move or store 
  • Comes with a water-based coat of paint
  • Resists damage 
  • Sturdy legs and feet


  • Doesn’t do well in wet environments 

7. MFSTUDIO Retractable Privacy Screen – Best For Corner Areas 

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This privacy screen comes with a durable but lightweight aluminum alloy frame that resists rust and corrosion when you expose it to the elements, and it’s a great way to help frame in your kid’s playground set to give them a private area to play. It has a rugged polyester fabric coated layer that is waterproof, breathable, flame retardant, and UV-resistant to make it a safe and effective option to use in your yard. This is a stronger option that easily supports long-term use, and it comes outfitted with an automatic spring design that allows you to pull it out to shield an area or put it back neatly to open it back up. 

The retractable springs allow you to extend this privacy screen from 63-inches up to 237-inches, and it has a corner design that allows you to use it on a range of applications, including on your porch, deck, housing, gardens, small balconies, out in your yard or garden, and more. All you have to do is fix the shell to the wall and attach the column to the floor before pulling the barrier to get a shaded and private space. You can extend one or both sides at one time. 


  • UV-resistant 
  • Has a spring recall
  • Can open one or both sides 
  • Retractable design 
  • Quick to install and use 
  • No assembly required 
  • Two sizes and two colors available 


  • Slightly flimsy frame 

8. U-MAX Room Divider – Best For Bigger Patios

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This privacy screen will allow you to separate bigger areas on your patio or deck, or you can set it up indoors in larger rooms. You get a wooden frame with easily foldable panels with two-way hinges that allow you to fold all of the panels forward or backward without running into a problem and improving your flexibility. This also makes storing this product much easier because you can fold it down to a single panel width and slip it into a closet or by the wall out of your way. Each panel on this privacy screen comes with a triple medallion diamond weave with natural fibers with a bent wood arched top to add a little style. 

Professional carpenters put this privacy screen together by hand to ensure you get a quality product, and it features woven rattan paper. This makes it pollution-free, durable, environmentally-friendly, and stable. You can move or change the direction of this privacy screen easily, and it’s six-feet high by 9.34-feet wide when you extend it fully. The divider will come in a single box and be ready to stand up without any additional assembly when you get it. 


  • Wooden frame
  • Dual metal hinges 
  • Made by hand 
  • Uses woven rattan paper
  • Pretty arched wooden top 
  • Sturdy legs
  • Ready to go out of the box


  • Doesn’t have a solid paint job

9. VERSARE Folding Privacy Screen – Best For Indoor/Outdoor Use

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If you’re looking for a privacy screen to help shield your koi pond, garden, or patio from the wind and prying eyes, this a solid choice. You can choose from two sizes and two colors when you order this product to get something that blends well into your decor while being large enough to suit your needs. This product has an all-weather woven polyester that offers between 1,000 and 1,500-hours of UV resistance to keep it strong and durable. It has a very stylish look that makes it a nice choice for virtually anywhere indoors or out, and it has a breathable fabric. 

This privacy screen is lightweight and easily transportable, and you can choose from three or five panel layouts to fit your space. You get a stainless steel frame that resists rust and corrosion with exposure to moisture, and there are swivel joints that let you arrange the panels in different configurations without a problem. You can extend it fully by mounting it to the floor, or you can choose a different arrangement. Both sizes top out at six-feet tall, and this is tall enough to walk by them without seeing anything, and there are very narrow slats between the panels for more privacy. 


  • Up to 1,500 hours of UV resistance 
  • All-weather proven polyester fabric 
  • Three or five panel style 
  • Swivel joints on the panels 
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Resistant to corrosion or rust 
  • Very stylish 


  • Can’t have it fully extended without mounting it to the ground

10. Corelax Room Dividers – Best For 

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The final privacy screen on the list measures roughly 79-inches wide by 70.9-inches high, and you can choose from a four, six, or eight panel design. There are also six color options available that allow you to make this privacy screen stand out of blend in with the surrounding decor. It’s ready to go within minutes of opening the box without any assembly required, and it tops out at 18-pounds. This lightweight design makes it very easy to move or adjust around your space, including carrying it from indoors to outside to use. 

You’ll get a nice pinewood frame with a hand woven fiber for the screen that helps to ensure the quality of the product, and the solid wooden frame won’t warp or show wear and tear with exposure to the elements. Some air and light will pass through the screen, but it’s solid enough to add privacy to your space. There are no chemical sprays or glue on this option to make it environmentally-friendly, and you get a refined and airy look to it. The legs are only 1.8-inches tall, so there isn’t a lot of space to see under at the bottom of the privacy screen. 


  • Pinewood frame
  • Hand-woven design 
  • Shorter legs 
  • Four, six, or eight panel design available
  • Can choose from six color options 
  • No assembly required 
  • Lightweight and portable 


  • Colors can vary

Privacy Screen Buyer’s Guide 

Privacy screens are immensely popular with people who have existing wooden or chain link fences around their property because they’re a cost-effective way to help block your yard or garden from sight. But, there are so many options available from multi-paneled dividers to large screens that it can be challenging to figure out which one will suit your needs the best. This buyer’s guide will outline everything you need to know to make an informed decision when you shop. 


One of the biggest considerations you want to keep in mind is the screen’s size. For example, if you want to set up a small entertainment area on your patio, you most likely won’t need as large of a screen as you would if you want to fence in your whole backyard. You want to take both the height and width into consideration when you start shopping. The last thing you want to do is get home and realize that your new screen isn’t large enough to partition off the area you need it too. Since they can be expensive, it’s always best to have slightly more than not enough. 

Privacy 2 Size
Ideally, you’ll be able to match your screen to your area’s width and height. This helps to ensure that it covers all of the area you need without having to stretch it out a lot, and it also makes it easier to install with one person. 


Since this is going to be an outdoor feature, it has to be durable enough to withstand different weather conditions without breaking down. The material will play a direct role in how well it holds up over time. It has to withstand sunlight, rain, humidity, and snow or sleet in some areas. Make sure that the material comes highly rated to survive these elements while providing adequate blockage of anyone’s view outside of your yard or garden. 

Freestanding or Attached 

As you can see by the list, you can get freestanding screens or ones that you have to attach to an existing structure like a fence. Maybe you want to build an extension and put a fence up. If so, you can get one of the attached-style privacy screens and put it right on your fence when you build it. If you just want to partition off part of your patio or deck, a freestanding model is a nice choice. You’ll have more flexibility with the freestanding model than you will with the attached one to move it from space to space. 


Whichever screen you choose should come from a well-known brand because this increases the chances that they use durable materials. It’ll also help you be able to get in touch with customer service easier if they have a reputation for building quality products. You can look at the reviews and see what people say about the product and company as a whole. If there are complaints, look and see if anyone from the company is responding to them and offering to help. 

Privacy 3 End
Being able to fence in your backyard and boost your privacy is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal while giving you greater peace of mind. These screens are cost-effective options that allow you to take your yard from open to enclosed so you can relax. 


This screen can be an expensive purchase, and this is especially true if you need one of the bigger options. Not all of the options on our list come with a warranty, but it’s a good idea to make sure yours does in case something goes wrong with it. You can get a full or limited warranty. Double-check how long the warranty lasts and what it will and won’t cover. Some don’t cover natural wear and tear while others do. 

Privacy Screen Frequently Asked Questions 

Picking out the best privacy screen to meet your needs can be a daunting task, especially if you’re never had one before. However, they can easily transform your space, so getting one is a viable option if you’re trying to block prying eyes. 

1. Can you see through privacy screens?

Usually, you won’t be able to see much when you look through your privacy screen. Some woven designs allow for more small holes, and you also have to consider the spaces between the panels themselves. Some allow you to see more than others, so pay attention to these aspects when you shop. 

2. What is the difference between a privacy screen and a fence?

A fence tends to give you more privacy because it completely blocks anyone’s view of your yard when they go by. A fence also tends to wrap around your entire yard. On the other hand, a privacy screen usually only sections off a small part of the yard or patio, and you can usually see through it. 

3. Can you put a privacy screen up on a balcony?

Generally speaking, you should be able to put a privacy screen up on your balcony without a problem. However, you may want to double-check with your landlord, HOA, or property management company if you have one before doing so. 

Bottom Line 

A privacy screen is a nice investment for your yard or garden. They’re a great choice if you’re adding new features like a greenhouse or play area that you want to section off. The top 10 picks on the list will give you a good understanding of quality products from reputable brands. You can compare them side-by-side using the buyer’s guide, narrow down your choices, and have it shipped straight to your door to turn your yard into a backyard oasis just in time for the hot and sunny days. 

Best Privacy Screen to Create a Backyard Oasis

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