Best Hedge Trimmer for Overgrown Hedges

Hedges make a wonderful privacy fence around your home, but they require care and maintenance to look nice and stay healthy. A hedge trimmer is a must-have tool for anyone who has large or small hedges on or around their property. You can get them in a broad range of sizes, weights, and power levels. It’s important that you match your hedge trimmer to your needs or you can find yourself not using it as much because it’s a hassle. With so many brands available, it can be a challenge to narrow down the best pick for your needs. This is where this guide comes in. 

I’ve picked out the 10 best hedge trimmers available from reputable brands, and you can ship them straight to your door. Each one will get a short review that allows you to compare the products side-by-side to help narrow down your choices. If you get stuck, you can glance at the buyer’s guide to see which things are and are not important to consider when you shop. Since this can be a relatively expensive investment, you want something that will last for years after you purchase it. Let’s dive in below. 

Hedge Trimmer 1 Start
A quality hedge trimmer can make all of your routine hedge and shrub maintenance sessions quick and easy, especially if you’ve taken the time to research products that match your wants and needs.

1. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Black+Decker’s cordless hedge trimmer is the perfect tool for keeping your Boxwood hedges trimmed and neat all year round. You get a 24-inch dual-action blade with this trimmer that gives you far less vibration when you use it than you’d get if you use single-action blades, and this makes it more comfortable overall to use for extended cutting sessions. It has a shearing blade on it that can cut branches that are up to ¾-inches thick and thinner without a problem, and it makes it a nice choice for trimming your shrubs, hedges, and bushes around your property any time of the year. 

This hedge trimmer uses a 40-volt lithium-ion battery. This battery eliminates the need for heavy and bulky extension cords, and it is a rechargeable battery that gives you a long run time each time you use it to help you complete your projects. You get a rapid charger with each purchase that will charge your battery in 60 minutes or less, and this allows you to take on larger and small jobs without a problem. There are full wraparound front handles to keep you comfortable and they allow you to cut multiple angles without a problem. 


  • 24-inch dual-action blade 
  • Fewer vibrations when you use it
  • One hour charger included 


  • Battery can unbalance the trimmer
  • Customer service is difficult to reach
  • Prone to burning out

2. Greenworks Corded Hedge Trimmer

This bright green hedge trimmer by Greenworks comes with a powerful four amp motor to help you take on large and small projects around your home. The lightweight and compact design of this trimmer makes it a great choice for people who have mobility issues or who are older because they can easily use it for extended periods without feeling fatigued. The wraparound handle comes with a slightly thicker layer of padding that makes it easy to grip, and you can use it on big projects to cut multiple angles to effectively trim any shrubs or hedges you have around your property. 

The 22-inch dual-action blade uses a stainless steel design that resists, wear, rust, corrosion, and tear. It won’t rust in wet or humid environments, and it’s very easy to maneuver around your work area without having to start and stop. It has a 9/16-inch cutting capacity that makes it a nice tool for shrubs and bushes. There is a convenient cord lock included on this hedge trimmer that prevents it from accidentally unplugging when you use it. There are two different models to choose from, and there is a small guard to protect you from debris. 


  • Has a small guard shield 
  • Uses stainless steel for the blade 
  • Wraparound comfort grip


  • Not powerful enough for heavy-duty projects 
  • Easy to lose the serial number because it peels off 
  • Needs a longer cord 

3. Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer

While Hydrangea shrubs may not need a lot of trimming, this hedge trimmer by Makita can make the process easier. The low motor noises means that you can safely and quietly operate it around your family and neighbors without disturbing them. It comes with a very large and transparent hand guard that gives you an excellent view of your work area to ensure you don’t accidentally cut too much off your shrubs or hedges when you use it, and it also protects your hands from scratches from errant branches. The well-balanced design on this trimmer makes it easy to use, and it weighs in at 8.4 pounds. 

When you look at this hedge trimmer, you’ll notice that it has an ergonomic grip for your comfort, and it also makes the trimmer very easy to handle on all types of projects. There is a two-hand operation switch for your safety, and the motor won’t turn on unless you hold the grips with both hands. This can prevent it from accidentally switching on. The large cutting capacity allows you to take on overgrown hedges, unruly shrubs, and much more without overwhelming the motor and causing it to overheat. 


  • Comes from a well-known brand 
  • Low motor noise level 
  • Lightweight and compact 


  • Slightly bulkier design 
  • Can vibrate a lot with heavy use 
  • Cord is thin and can burn 

4. DEWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer

This sleek black and yellow hedge trimmer from Dewalt runs on a 20-volt Lithium-ion battery. This eliminates the needs for clunky cords, and it means that you can easily take it with you out on a project site. You can recharge it as much as you like, and you get two style options available. You can buy the trimmer with and without a battery, and it’s easy to change out the battery if you have another Dewalt 20-volt one laying around from your other equipment. The bright yellow and black coloring ensures that you’ll always be able to spot this tool if you put it down at a job site. 

You’ll get a minimum of 2,800 strokes per minute with this hedge trimmer to help it slice through branches up to ¾-inch thick. It uses a 22-inch laser cut blade that won’t snap, rust, or corrode with hard use, and it keeps an edge as you move from project to project. There is an easy start option on this tool that allows it to stop and start with the pull of a trigger, and this is much easier on your body. You get a three-year limited warranty, one full year of free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee with each purchase. 


  • Less maintenance required than other choices
  • Two styles available 
  • Gives up to 2,800 strokes per minute 


  • Does not have a full warranty 
  • Body is a thinner plastic 
  • Have to send to a service center to fix it 

5. Sun Joe Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

This sleek hedge trimmer by Sun Joe is an excellent choice if you have slightly taller shrubs or hedges, or it can work well on young Maple trees after you plant them if you want to trim them a little. You get a telescoping handle on this tool that quickly and easily goes from 3.8 feet to 5.9 feet. This gives you up to 13 feet of overhead reach to effectively perform maintenance trims on the higher parts of your trees, hedges, or shrubs to keep them away from power lines and healthy. You get a full two-year warranty from the date of purchase that protects you from the device breaking or wearing out. 

You can turn this electric pole hedge trimmer to a handheld trimmer within seconds to tackle different areas of your project without having to stop and start constantly. It has a dual-action blade attached that will cut through branches effectively while vibrating up to 40% less. The head will pivot multiple angles to allow you to reach any area on your hedges or shrubs. The 4.5-amp motor is powerful enough to slice through slightly thicker branches, and it can also smoothly cut thinner ones. 


  •  Head pivots 
  • Uses a telescoping handle 
  • 40% less vibration when you use it


  • Heavy to extended use 
  • Extension handle is difficult to use
  • Blade is slightly thinner 

6. Earthwise Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

This simple hedge trimmer uses a 20-volt Lithium-ion battery to run, and you get a quick charger with every purchase. The high efficiency motor on this trimmer gives it excellent durability, power, and run-time to help you tackle the larger projects you have around your home or business. There is a 20-inch dual blade that will quickly and easily cut through branches up to ⅝-inches thick, and the protective blade cover will prevent you from accidentally breaking the blade when you store it or between projects. This is a cordless model that runs on batteries, and it uses no oil or gas for no mess or fumes. 

If you need to clip or trim tall hedges, the telescoping handle on this hedge trimmer will extend to give you 9.5-feet of reach. It also uses a five-position adjustable head that lets you cut at multiple angles to get a neat and even look. The battery will work with all Earthwise products that use 20-volt Lithium-ion batteries, and the batteries come with a full year warranty. The trimmer has a two-year warranty attached from the date of purchase. There is a shoulder strap included to reduce fatigue. 


  • Head will pivot 
  • Uses a telescoping handle
  • Comes with a shoulder strap


  • Battery can drain quickly 
  • Handle is very thin 
  • Can be difficult to control for precision cuts


7. WORKPRO Shrubbery Trimmer

This is a very simple and compact hedge trimmer that works well as a gardening gift for both novice and professional gardeners. It has double security protection to keep you safe in the form of a child lock and a security key. It weighs just over one pound, and you can use it one-handed without a problem. This makes it the perfect tool for maintenance trimming on your hedges or shrubs. There is a fast and easy blade changing system that doesn’t require any tools, and it can cut through branches that are 10mm thick or less. The compact design makes it easy to get into tight spaces. 

There is a two-in-one design on this hedge trimmer that allows you to switch it from a trimmer to a grass shearing machine along your edgeways. The batteries support a run time of up to 40 minutes per charge, and you can charge it in three or four hours. This means it works well for smaller projects around your home, and it uses a 7.2-volt Lithium-ion battery. The 1,100 RPM no-load speed ensures you get even and powerful cuts from the first cut to the last. 


  • Double security protection layer
  • Very small, lightweight, and compact
  • Batteries run up to 40 minutes


  • Takes three or four hours to charge 
  • Can only handle small projects 
  • Blade replacement can be expensive 


8. CRAFTSMAN Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman’s hedge trimmer runs as part of the 20-volt cordless system, and this allows you to use batteries from any other branded 20-volt gardening tool you have in your collection. The 22-inch blade features a laser cut design for precision accuracy and high strength, and it is a dual action blade that will slice through thicker branches without a problem. You can cut branches up to 1 ½-inches thick, and this trimmer uses power saw innovation to give it a cutting edge over other trimmers. This trimmer is also part of the versa-track wall organization system that makes it easy to store between uses. 

The larger blade gap lets you seamlessly cut larger branches with this hedge trimmer, and this is nice if you’ve let your hedges get overgrown over the past few months. The full bale handle on this machine gives you excellent maneuverability capacity to reach into awkward areas to trim your entire hedge from top to bottom. There is a three-year limited warranty on this product to help protect you against defects or damage. There are four different styles available to choose from, and you can tailor your choice to your upcoming projects. 


  • Cuts branches up to 1 ½-inches thick 
  • Laser cut blade 
  • Full bale handle included 


  • Won’t work well on heavy-duty projects 
  • Tends to stall mid-use 
  • Body is a cheaper plastic material 


9. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Hedge Trimmer

If you’re trying to keep your walkway tidy and get rid of overhanging branches, this hedge trimmer by Scotts Outdoor Power Tools can do the trick. You’ll use a 24-inch hardened steel blade that gives you up to 3,000 strokes per minute and can cut branches up to ¾-inches thick. There is a two-speed eco function included that lets you tailor your power level to your project, and it runs on a 40-volt Lithium-ion battery. There is a fast charger included to help reduce your downtime, and it has a high-efficiency motor that lends the trimmer superior durability, power, and runtime. 

The rear molded handle features a non-rotating design with a wrap-around grip that is very ergonomic and comfortable to hold for extended periods. The protective blade shield will help keep your tools safe and undamaged when you store it, and the cordless electric design means that you won’t be putting out fumes when you run it to make it safer for the environment. There is a two-year warranty on the batteries and a four-year warranty on the tool itself to protect your investment. The battery works well with any Scotts 40-volt products. 


  • Uses a hardened steel blade 
  • Two-speed eco function 
  • Dual warranties included 


  • Slightly heavier design 
  • Batteries can die quickly 
  • Uses a smaller battery 


10. Kobalt Dual Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The final entry on the list of the best hedge trimmers comes from Kobalt. This is a 24-inch dual cordless tool that can easily cut branches that are up to ¾-inches thick. It uses a 40-volt Lithium-ion battery to give you a slightly longer runtime between charges, and this model comes without the charger or battery included in the purchase. There is a lock out button that prevents you from accidentally starting the trimmer when you don’t need it, and this increases the safety factor. At just 6.3-pounds, this is a lightweight and compact tool that you can easily use on small, medium, and large projects without fatigue. 

The blade on this hedge trimmer uses hardened steel with a slick coating to prevent rust, corrosion, chipping, cracking, or breaking. You can safely use it in all weather conditions without fear of it breaking on you. There is a blade protector included that ensures your trimmer is safe when you store or transport it. There is no gasoline required, and this removes a lot of the routine maintenance you need to do. It starts in seconds, and you don’t need to put anything together to get it working out of the box. 


  • Lock out button included
  • Comes with a blade protector 
  • Blade has a coating to prevent it from sticking


  • No battery or charger included 
  • Batteries don’t last more than an hour at best 
  • Unbalanced design 

Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes time to purchase your new hedge trimmer, there are several buying criteria you want to keep in mind. If you don’t, you could end up buying a gardening tool that you don’t use a lot. It can also hamper your ability to complete all of the projects you have on your list. 

Electric or Gas 

One of the first things you want to consider with your trimmer is whether you want an electric or gas model. Both can work well for your projects like trimming your cherry tree if it starts dying or keeping your hedges tidy. 


  • Electric – Many people choose to buy an electric trimmer for use around their homes because all they’re going to do with it is routine trimming and maintenance for their shrubs, hedges, or trees. Electric models give you a shorter runtime, but you don’t have to worry about fumes, oil, gas, and a lot of the maintenance with them. 


  • Gas – If you need more power, you’ll most likely want to go with a gas trimmer. They do require more maintenance, but you get a much longer runtime with more power behind it to tackle those thicker branches, bigger trees, and more unruly shrubs. You see a lot of gas trimmers in commercial operations. 

Hedge Trimmer 2 Type
Buying this tool can help you care for every aspect of your lawn and garden. You can easily shape your shrubs and trees however you like, and it makes it quick and easy to go back and routinely trim the branches to keep everything looking tidy all season long. 


Your trimmer can come in a variety of lengths, and you want something that is going to reach all of your desired areas to trim the top, bottom, and middle of your hedges. The saw length can range from a few inches up to 24 and 26-inches long. Ideally, you’ll have a good idea of the length you need before you start to shop. If you don’t, you could buy one  that is too long or too small for you to use comfortably. 


How much weight can you comfortably carry around and lift for extended periods? Generally speaking, trimmers can be very lightweight if you go with an electric model. Gas models tend to be much heavier because they can take on bigger jobs like keeping your fruit trees neat and trimmed. Keep an eye on the weight of the trimmers you  look at and consider who is going to be using them the most. 

Hedge Trimmer 3 End
Nicely manicured hedges can create a natural privacy screen around your yard, but they do require the correct tools to keep them looking sharp. A trimmer can easily tackle small and large projects for you in a small amount of time. 


You want to stay safe any time you use a powertool, and many trimmers come with built-in safety features. Things like a hand guard that allows you to see what you’re doing while forming a barrier between the blade and your hand is nice. Some have child safety locks while others come with a trigger that won’t activate unless you squeeze it with both hands. Consider the safety features you want to see when you shop because this can help you narrow down your final choice right away. 


Where do you plan to use your new trimmer the most? If you live in the suburbs or have close neighbors, you’re going to want to be more cautious with how loud your trimmer is. If you’re out in the country, you don’t have to worry as much. Anyone who lives in a crowded area should look for a tool that puts out less noise to be conscious of your neighbors. 

Bottom Line

Picking out a high-quality hedge trimmer shouldn’t be a long, involved process. However, you should take at least a little time to get a good understanding on how this tool works and what you want to accomplish with it. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality options from reputable brands for you, and the short buying guide can help you make your final choice. 

Best Hedge Trimmer for Overgrown Hedges