The 10 Best Backyard Greenhouses to Grow Plants All Year Long

If you live in a region that experiences four seasons, you may not be able to grow plants or vegetables all year round without having a backyard greenhouse on hand. The cold or freezing temperatures can easily kill plants come mid-fall, but your backyard greenhouse can effectively shield them and give you the power to grow your plants as long as you like. This is especially helpful for anyone who relies on their garden to supply a large majority of their fresh vegetables

But, what do you look for when you start comparing the various backyard greenhouses? Are there brands that are better to go for than others? What about your budget? All of these things are important considerations you want to keep in mind when you start shopping. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality backyard greenhouses from different brands that you can compare and have shipped straight to your door. The buyer’s guide will further outline what you want to keep in mind when you shop. 

Backyard Greenhouse 1 Start
A small backyard greenhouse gives you a place to relax, encourage healthy plant growth, and increase your harvest yield. They’re especially useful for regions that have four distinct seasons because they make it easy for you to grow all year round. 

1. Quictent Portable Greenhouse

This backyard greenhouse comes equipped with two double-zippered front and back doors that give you easy access to every part of the greenhouse. There are also 10 exhaust vents with eight being on the upper part of the greenhouse sides and two on the doors. These vents make it easy to let air in and out on the hotter days, and it also gives you excellent cross ventilation to ensure your container garden grows all season long. There is a powder-coated steel frame on this greenhouse that is very durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, and they use a three or four-corner joint to connect for extra strength. 

The reinforced mesh PE cover on this backyard greenhouse has two heavy-duty layers with a mesh molded into it to make it resistant to wear and tear. It’s 100% waterproof, and the rain will slide right off. Around 85% of the sunlight will come through while it prevents ultraviolet rays from slipping through to burn your plants. You get 10 bases and 20 stakes for excellent stability, and it’s sturdy enough to survive high winds and snow. The cover has a long design to allow you to seal the bottom, and it has a worry-free guarantee. 


  • Large side vents 
  • Two doors for easy access 
  • Double layer of PE fabric and mesh


  • Anchors are very small 
  • Frame welds can snap or weaken over time 
  • Warranty period is very short

2. Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Any home gardening enthusiast will like this smaller backyard greenhouse as a nice way to enjoy flowers or vegetables all year round. You get a very strong frame that will withstand winds, snow, sleet, and other strong weather conditions. You’ll get a handy walk-in style that gives you easy access to your plants without taking away a lot of growing space, and the door rolls up before tying in place to offer excellent ventilation. When you want to close it, it’ll zipper shut on both sides. The PE plastic cover is very durable, and it’ll give your plants protection from UV rays while holding the heat in to encourage healthy growth. 

You get six larger shelves on each side of this backyard greenhouse that give you more than enough space to grow a broad range of flowers and plants. The shelves have a powder-coated steel design that makes them resistant to rust and corrosion while adding structural stability to your greenhouse. There is an easy setup process with this product, and you won’t need any extra tools to get it up and running. If you need to move it, you can dismantle it without a problem. 


  • Frame is strong 
  • Comes with six shelves 
  • Door rolls up and ties


  • Directions are vague
  • Shelves are slightly thin 
  • Easy to tear the plastic by the zipper

3. porayhut Pop Up Greenhouse

If you plan on growing peas or potatoes in containers, I suggest you take a look at this convenient pop up backyard greenhouse by porayhut. It comes in two sizes ranging from small to large, and you can easily use it both indoors and out for containers or a nice-sized seed bed. You’ll get a tunnel-style transparent cover with a durable frame that makes it quick and easy to pick up this greenhouse and move it around your yard to cover your fruits, vegetables, or plants. It’s very easy to set up out of the box, and it uses a transparent PE plastic cover that allows sunlight to stream through while nourishing your plants. 

This backyard greenhouse is a nice choice if you want something that can shield your plants from dust, cold, too much heat, or pests. It comes with a zippered door that lets you come and go easily, and you can open it for great ventilation or close it to maintain the internal temperature. It’s reinforced, waterproof, and UV-protected to keep your plants healthy, and it’ll create an ideal growing environment for your plants all year round. You can use ropes to secure it on each of the four corners. 


  • Very easy to move
  • Has a transparent design 
  • Large ventilation doors 


  • May not work in very cold temperatures 
  • Anchor pegs are flimsy 
  • Zipper is flimsy 

4. Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

This backyard greenhouse by Palram comes in silver or black, and you can choose from four sizes to tailor your selection to suit your needs. Each greenhouse comes with almost unbreakable four-mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels that withstand wear and tear while blocking up to 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays to protect your plants from burning. However, the clear design allows up to 90% light transmission on all sides to give you plants even exposure to encourage healthy growth. You’ll get 48 square feet of growing space with the six-foot by eight-foot by seven-foot option. 

The frame of this backyard greenhouse is a durable and lightweight aluminum that resists rust with moisture exposure. When you order this product, you’ll get an adjustable roof vent, rain gutters to keep the sides clear, magnetic door catch, and a lockable door handle to keep your greenhouse secure day and night. The base of this greenhouse is a galvanized steel that gives it excellent structural support against all different weather conditions. There is a five-year limited warranty with US-based customer support, and this makes it easy to get in touch with them if you have a problem. 


  • Available in several sizes and colors 
  • Galvanized steel base 
  • Aluminum frame is durable and lightweight 


  •  Difficult to anchor it in place
  • Challenging to put together 
  • Has to be on a 100% flat surface

5. Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse

Anyone who has smaller plants like the Lipstick plant will appreciate this mini backyard greenhouse by Ohuhu. Since it has a smaller size, it’s very easy to pick it up and move it from space to space as you need it. You can set it on your patio, move it indoors, or it works well sitting by your house or fence. You can use it to start seedlings, encourage young flowers and plants to grow, and extend the natural growing season. It comes outfitted with four steel wire shelves that are 27-inches long by 18-inches wide, and the entire structure stands 62-inches tall. The shelves feature a durable steel wire design. 

The body of this backyard greenhouse are sturdy steel tubes that will easily support a 23.4-pound weight capacity without bending or buckling. There is a zippered roll-up door attached to this greenhouse that gives your plants screened ventilation while allowing for great air flow. Every part of this greenhouse will detach for easy storage between uses, and you can set it up without the help of any additional tools. It has a compact design that is great for more cramped apartments or balconies. 


  •  Metal shelves keep your plants off the ground 
  • Plastic prevents it from scratching your floor 
  • Cover ties to the frame 


  • Seams aren’t reinforced
  • Difficult to zipper it closed 
  • Wind can damage it 

6. Homewell Walk-in Greenhouse

This simple yet elegant backyard greenhouse from Homewell will protect your seedlings and plants from the elements while giving them the ideal growing environment that extends well past the natural growing one. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh flowers and vegetables any month of the year, and you get plenty of space with this design. It comes with three shelves on each side for a total of six, and each shelf has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds. There is a roll-up door with zipper access, and this allows you to come and go as you please or leave it open for great ventilation. 

This backyard greenhouse has a very sturdy design with a heavy-duty powder coated steel and a reinforced polyethylene plastic cover. The cover is clear to allow for maximum sunlight, and it’ll help retain the heat by preventing dissipation. It won’t crack or fade under the sun, and this means that you can easily use it for years at a time. It’s 56-inches wide by 29-inches deep and 77-inches high. The portable design makes it easy to break down, move, and set up without the help of any additional tools. 


  • Roll-up door is tall for easy access 
  • Has a clear design 
  • Shelves can hold up to 75 pounds each 


  • Uses small cloth ties to attach the cover
  • Need to reinforce it so it doesn’t blow away
  • Shelves don’t have adequate support

7. Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel

This slightly bigger backyard greenhouse is a nice choice if you want to dabble in hydroponic systems to keep everything watered. It’s big enough for you to consolidate a large amount of plants into one area while shielding your vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers from the elements. You can grow a broad range of plants that are both native and non-native to your local area, and you get eight roll-up windows that give you excellent cross ventilation capabilities with a larger zippered door. Each window has a screen on it to keep the bugs out when you leave them open. 

The cover on this backyard greenhouse features a threaded plastic design that is very durable. It goes over a steel tubing that is resistant to rust and has a powder coating on it. There are strong anchor ropes with stakes that help you secure this greenhouse and turn it into a reliable structure that withstands winds, snow, and rain without a problem. The tunnel design on this backyard greenhouse makes it very easy to care for all of your plants by walking through it, and it’s 180-inches long by 84-inches wide by 84-inches high. 


  • Eight roll-up windows 
  • Tunnel design is easy to navigate 
  • Anchors firmly to the ground


  • Can take a while to set up
  • Need additional tools to put everything together 
  • Cover has a thin design 

8. Gosunny Walk in Greenhouse

The first thing you have to decide with this greenhouse is whether you want a version with a window or without a window and the color. It comes in green and white, and it measures 56-inches wide by 56-inches deep and 77-inches high. This gives you more than enough space to tend your flowers, fresh vegetables, and blooming flowers. The walk-in design gives you plenty of floor space for larger plants. You can set it both inside and outside without a problem, or you could move it to a covered area like in your garage in the winter if you’re worried about it getting too cold for your plants. 

There are 12 wired shelves in this backyard greenhouse, with six on each side. There is a zippered roll-up door that you can leave open to increase your ventilation and breeze to cool it down if it gets too hot. The frame is a heavy-duty steel with a powder coating that helps it resist rust and corrosion. There are four stakes and four ropes included in each purchase that will help you secure the greenhouse once you get it put up where you want it. The PE cover is a heavier material that won’t blow off or tear in bad weather. 


  • Easy assembly process 
  • Waterproof and offers UV protection 
  • Available in two colors and versions


  • Stakes are very short 
  • Uses plastic connectors 
  • Zipper is very thin 

9. Flower House SpringHouse Greenhouse

If you need a smaller greenhouse you can easily reach with your expandable hose, try this backyard greenhouse from Flower House. You can quickly and easily set it up within minutes on both hard and soft surfaces without having an issue, and it will help you extend your growing season while providing adequate protection for all of your plants. You can choose from three styles, including a clear cover, flower patterned cover, and a white plastic cover. The PVC material is very durable, and it will work to help protect your plants from burning due to UV rays. 

This simple backyard greenhouse helps to promote and maintain a higher humidity inside the greenhouse to encourage healthy growth. There are small, durable flaps that run along the bottom of this backyard greenhouse that help seal frost and the cold out while trapping heat inside. It has an open floor design that allows you to set it over existing plants, trees, shrubs, or gardens without uprooting the entire thing. Several ties help anchor the greenhouse in place, and the door zippers closed when you don’t need it hanging open. 


  • Available in three sizes 
  • PVC material resists tearing 
  • Bottom flaps keep frost out


  • Will collapse under heavy snow 
  • Zipper stitches are fragile 
  • Usually only lasts one season

10. VEIKOU Walk-in Greenhouse

The final product on the best backyard greenhouse list comes from Veikou. This greenhouse uses an environmentally-friendly PE material that acts like a sunscreen while forming a waterproof barrier for your plants. It gives anything you put inside good thermal insulation, and it’s a non-toxic material that can withstand wear and tear from multiple seasons of use very well. This greenhouse is 56-inches wide by 56-inches deep and 77-inches high. This gives you plenty of space for several smaller plants, or you can use it for a few bigger plants. 

There is an internal ventilation system on this backyard greenhouse that helps you get a good cross breeze and cool the interior down on very hot days. It has a mid walk-in design that allows you to easily reach the plants in the back of the greenhouse, and it has a zippered cover. The cover is fully transparent and 100% waterproof, and it’s easy to move inside or outside due to the compact size. It’ll set up within minutes without the use of any additional tools. You’ll get powder coated steel shelving units that fit in the sides of this greenhouse when you order it. 


  • 100% waterproof design 
  • No additional tools needed to set it up
  • Comes with eight shelving units


  • Has less durable plastic connectors 
  • Ventilation windows are very small 
  • Too flimsy for winter weather 

Backyard Greenhouse Buying Guide 

When it comes to your backyard greenhouse, you’ll quickly find that there are styles and sizes available for almost every budget. While this is nice, it complicates the buying process because it gives you that much more to consider and compare. When you finish looking through the reviews above, you can use this short section to make your final choice. 


How large does your backyard greenhouse need to be to accommodate all of your plants? For example, if you want to grow a large assortment of cruciferous vegetables, you’ll most likely want a bigger greenhouse. Maybe you want a smaller greenhouse to put your bigger plants in during the cooler winter months. If so, you could get away with a smaller backyard greenhouse. It’s a good idea to make a list of the plants you want to put into your greenhouse and take their size into consideration. This will help you match your final pick to your needs. It’s better to have too much space than to run out. 

Backyard Greenhouse 2 Size
You don’t necessarily need an enormous greenhouse for your home, but you should get one that is slightly larger than you need. This allows you to expand what you want to grow without having to buy another full greenhouse. 


Every part of your greenhouse should be sturdy. The cover should be a durable PVC material that won’t tear or break down with repeated exposure to sunlight and the elements. The frame should be a slightly thicker steel tubing with a powder coat that won’t rust or corrode. The connectors should be metal. If it comes with shelving units, they should have a slightly higher weight limit to support your plants and seed trays. It may be a good idea to spend more upfront to get a high-quality material that will last season after season. 

Plant Accessibility 

Maybe you want to grow an assortment of catnip and other ornamental grasses or plants, or you want to mix and match vegetables with flowers. Whatever you choose, you should be able to get to all of your plants to water and fertilize them without having to shift a lot of things around. Backyard greenhouses with dual entrances are very popular because it gives you a higher degree of accessibility, but you can reach all of your plants if you have shelving running along the walls while leaving the center clear too. 

Backyard Greenhouse 3 Accessibility
Many people choose to put their plants along the side of the greenhouse and keep neat rows in the middle. This layout gives them enough space to walk amongst their plants and reach every area to water and fertilize it as they need. 


Your backyard greenhouse’s stability is going to be extremely important. If it’s not stable, it can easily tip over or collapse when the wind comes up or if it snows. The frame will play a role in the overall stability, but it should also have anchor points. It’s popular to tie rope to anchor points and run them to stakes into the ground to help secure your greenhouse. Double-check the anchors and frame before you buy. 


Your greenhouse will eventually need to breathe, and having windows plays a large role in it. The bigger the greenhouse is, the more windows you’ll need to be able to get a good cross-ventilation. Ideally, your windows will have screens on them to prevent unwanted bugs from slipping in when you have them open. You should have at least two windows, if not more, on your greenhouse. Make sure you can prop or roll-up the door too. 

Space Requirements 

How much space do you have for your new backyard greenhouse? For example, you may need to go smaller if you have a balcony or a rooftop garden. If you have a full backyard, you have to be able to find an even piece of ground to set up your greenhouse and anchor it in. Most greenhouses will have their dimensions listed right on the description or box, and you can take these dimensions and compare them to your area. Make sure your backyard greenhouse has adequate space around it. 

Backyard Greenhouse 4 End
Make sure you have enough space to support your new greenhouse in your yard, and pick on that will withstand exposure to snow, rain, and other weather conditions without breaking down or wearing out. If you take your time, you can easily find a greenhouse that lasts for years. 

Bottom Line 

Backyard greenhouses are popular with both residential and commercial growers alike because they allow you to easily extend your growing season and get more out of each batch of plants or flowers you have. I’ve given you 10 great examples of backyard greenhouses, and you can use the short buyer’s guide to help you decide which one will work best for your wants and needs. 

Best Backyard Greenhouse to Grow Plants All Year Long