The 10 Best Backyard Greenhouses to Grow Plants All Year Long

If you live in a region that experiences four seasons, you may not be able to grow plants or vegetables all year round without having a backyard greenhouse on hand. The cold or freezing temperatures can easily kill plants come mid-fall, but your backyard greenhouse can effectively shield them and give you the power to grow your plants as long as you like. This is especially helpful for anyone who relies on their garden to supply a large majority of their fresh vegetables

But, what do you look for when you start comparing the various backyard greenhouses? Are there brands that are better to go for than others? What about your budget? All of these things are important considerations you want to keep in mind when you start shopping. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality backyard greenhouses from different brands that you can compare and have shipped straight to your door. The buyer’s guide will further outline what you want to keep in mind when you shop. 

Backyard Greenhouse 1 Start
A small backyard greenhouse gives you a place to relax, encourage healthy plant growth, and increase your harvest yield. They’re especially useful for regions that have four distinct seasons because they make it easy for you to grow all year round. 

Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse – Top Pick 

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If you want a walk-in greenhouse to support a larger vegetable container garden, this is a good choice for your needs. This is a nice blend of value and quality, and it’s 8-feet by 6-feet with a 7-foot peak in the roof. It’s thermally insulated and UV-resistant to make it a solid option, and it can easily withstand temperatures that range as low as -7°F up to 150°+F without a problem. So, your plants will stay protected, safe, and thriving in virtually all weather conditions in most planting zones. 

The roof vent is very easy to open, and it allows you to regulate the humidity levels and the temperature inside the greenhouse on the hottest days of the year, and there is a nice integrated gutter system that will drain rainwater away from your greenhouse’s base. In turn, this can keep the footings stable. It comes with an aluminum frame that resists rust, and it’s both stable and durable. There is an easy-opening sliding door on this greenhouse kit at one end to allow you to access it even with your hands full. There is also a galvanized steel base that is very durable. 


  • Walk-in design 
  • Roof peaks at seven feet 
  • Sustainable in a broad temperature range 
  • Roof vent included 
  • Door slides open and closed 
  • Aluminum frame resists rust 
  • Stable galvanized steel base 


  •  Assembly instructions are confusing 

Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse – Step-Up Pick 

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Maybe you don’t have the yard space available for a full greenhouse kit but you still want one. If so, this hybrid greenhouse lean-to is a great fit that goes right up against a wall. It’s just four-feet by eight-feet in size, so you get a smaller footprint while getting a product from a reputable company. The twin-wall roof panels are 4mm thick, and they can easily block up to 99.9% of the UV rays from the sun. The polycarbonate panels are all but unbreakable, and they provide 90% light transmission to ensure your plants get enough light to thrive without scorching. 

The frame features a rust-resistant aluminum material and has a mounting kit included to keep it stable and sturdy once you get it up. There are integrated rain gutters in this greenhouse kit to make it more efficient because you can funnel your rainwater into a rain barrel to use it later. The adjustable roof vent lets you control the airflow, humidity, and temperature inside the greenhouse, and there is a side door that makes it easy to enter and exit. The roof peaks at 7.4-feet, so there is more than enough space for some raised garden boxes and plenty of plants. 


  • Rust-resistant frame
  • Blocks 99.9% of UV rays 
  • Durable polycarbonate panels 
  • 90% light transmission 
  • Integrated rain gutter system 
  • Adjustable roof vent 
  • Larger side door 


  • Requires you to seal it to be 100% waterproof

Quictent Portable Greenhouse – Mid-End Budget Pick

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 The heavy-duty greenhouse kit from Quictent is a nice middle-ground pick if you want something that is more sturdy and durable than you’ll get with a traditional tunnel greenhouse without investing in a permanent structure. You’ll get plenty of room for all of your vegetables, perennials, or full-sun annuals with this structure. It has a sturdy 1.63-inch galvanized steel frame that will resist rust, corrosion, and bending or breaking to last for years at a time. It has a ClearView cover included that features two layers of heavy-duty PE material with a reinforced mesh molded right into it. 

This design means that you won’t have to worry about this greenhouse kit degrading after you use it for a few seasons. It’s a very effective design that works to trap a good amount of heat, and it has several ventilation flaps running along the walls and top of this greenhouse kit so you can easily regulate how humid or hot it is to keep the perfect growing conditions. There are two sizes available when you pick out this greenhouse kit, and the rounded top is effective for shedding rain without it drooping or pooling. 


  • Plenty of room 
  • 1.63-inch galvanized steel frame
  • ClearView cover included
  • Mesh molded into the cover 
  • Traps a lot of heat 
  • Several ventilation windows 
  • Larger doorway 


  • Not as durable as permanent structures 

Gardman Mini Greenhouse – Bargain Budget Pick 

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Gardman’s greenhouse is very simple and budget-friendly. It’s also very easy to set up and gives you perfect coverage for seeds, seedlings, and a variety of young plants. It’s small enough to fit on your porch, balcony, or in a smaller backyard that doesn’t have a lot of excess room for a full-scale greenhouse kit. It comes constructed to fit a durable tubular steel frame, and this frame won’t bend, corrode, or rust with repeated and extended use. There are no tools or assembly required when you get it, so you can set it up and fill it quickly and easily. 

The clear polyethylene cover on this greenhouse kit lets the maximum amount of light in for your plants to ensure they thrive. You can zipper the door shut to seal out the rain and wind, and it rolls up when you open it to make access to every part of this greenhouse easy. It comes with hassle-free packaging and quick shipping to ensure you get it within a few days of ordering it. Because of the size, it makes a great gift for anyone who wants to start growing their own food, flowers, or plants. 


  • Works for small spaces
  • Very small footprint 
  • Tubular steel frame 
  • Clear polyethylene cover 
  • Zippers securely closed 
  • No assembly required 
  • Comes in hassle-free packaging


  •  Plastic cover and turn opaque after a few  years 

Erommy Portable Mini Greenhouse – Best for Side Yards

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As the sun’s angle changes throughout the seasons, it’s handy to have a greenhouse kit that allows you to move it around. This is why Erommy’s portable greenhouse kit works well, and it’s only 95-inches wide by 32-inches tall by 32-inches deep. It weighs in at just nine pounds to increase how portable it is, and it’s easy to shift around your side yard to sunnier locations throughout the season to get multiple crops. You can use it to extend your vegetable’s lives, plant fall crops, or it also works for flowers to encourage repeated blooming time. 

The tubular steel frame features a push-fit design with a powder coating on it to increase how durable it is. There is also a UV-protecting PE cover that you can assemble and slip on without using any special tools. You’ll gain access to this greenhouse through three roll-up, zippered doors that make it easy to reach all of your plants at any given time. You can attach the doors at the top to keep them open during the day to help you get better airflow or access to water everything. You can choose from green or white coloring when you buy it


  • Two colors available 
  • Highly portable design 
  • Three large zippered windows 
  • No tools required for setup 
  • PE cover included 
  • Tubular steel frame 
  • Lightweight 


  • Not much frost protection 

Exaco Cold Frame Greenhouse – Best for In-Ground Seedling Protection

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If you’ve been looking for a cold frame to help get your small plants or seedlings off to a good start, this is a greenhouse kit to consider. The solid walls have 8mm polycarbonate material with protective netting that helps shield all of your young plants from flies, bugs, or damaging rainfall. It’s very sturdy, and it measures 31-inches deep by 47-inches wide. It can easily accommodate a large range of smaller starts, and they can get big before you transplant them as it’s 51-inches high. The lid slides open and closed easily too. 

In turn, you can open it to allow air and sunshine in on warm days and closed during the night or on cooler days. There are also rounded corners and fasteners on this greenhouse kit design that make it safe to have around small kids or pets. It’s a bottomless design that is easy to slip right over the top of a planter or raised bed. It also breaks down very quickly when you want to store it, and all you need is a smaller space. There are ropes on the lid to ensure it doesn’t slam backward when you open it. 


  • Cold frame-style kit 
  • Solid walls with protective netting 
  • Door easily slides open and closed 
  • Bottomless design 
  • Rounded corners and edges 
  • Easy to store 
  • Breaks down quickly at the end of the season 


  •   Challenging to figure out which side is polycarbonate

Palram Hybrid Greenhouse  – Best for Hobby Gardening

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When it comes to size and quality, this greenhouse kit is right at the top. It also has the benefit that it’s relatively easy to put together once you get it. When you have a larger greenhouse kit, having an easy assembly process is a must so you don’t have to spend several days putting it together. You also won’t need any specialized tools or pay to have someone do it for you. It gives you a nice space to create a hobby greenhouse, so it’s also good for newer gardeners who want to dive into growing their own food or plants. 

The 4mm twin wall roof panels can easily block around 99.9% of the UV rays from the sun, and you get a crystal clear look. They’ve very difficult to break, and you get 90% light transmission from them. The panels also use new materials to prevent discoloration or degradation from UV ray exposure. There is a lightweight but durable aluminum frame that resists corrosion and rust. You’ll get triple adjustable roof vents, lockable door handle, integrated rain gutters to harvest rainwater, and a galvanized steel base when you buy this greenhouse kit. 


  • Lockable door handle 
  • Crystal clear walls 
  • Blocks 99.9% of UV rays 
  • 90% light transmission 
  • Three adjustable roof vents
  • Integrated rain gutters 
  • Aluminum frame 


  •  Needs a flat, strong foundation 

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse  – Best for Knowledgeable Gardeners 

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If you’re really ready to splurge on a top-quality greenhouse kit, take a look at this pick. It’s on the more expensive side, but you can get everything you need when you order to start plants for the garden before transforming it into a quaint, cute private outdoor retreat. It comes outfitted with a huge range of windows, dutch door, clear corrugated roof, and internal wooden plant benches that are very sturdy. They’re at a nice height too where you don’t have to do a huge amount of bending or stooping over to reach all of your plants, and you can add more benches in the middle. 

This greenhouse kit measures 8-feet by 12-feet, so you won’t need a huge amount of outdoor space in your yard to put it. You will need a solid and flat surface to build it on, so keep this in mind when you pick it out. There are six different sizes available with this kit that allows you to tailor it to suit your needs. It’s made in the United States using Amish craftsmanship, so it’s built to last for years without showing wear and tear. You get everything you need to build it in one kit.


  • Dutch doorway 
  • Tons of windows
  • Includes wooden planting benches 
  • Amish craftsmanship
  • Made in the United States 
  • Uses real glass for the windows 
  • Solid wooden construction 


  •  Very expensive product 

Greenhouse Geodesic Dome – Best for Colder Planting Zones

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A geodesic dome adds a stunning element to your landscape, and they make fantastic greenhouse kits. It is able to withstand extreme weather without damage in different planting zones, including high winds, heavy snow, storms, and even hurricane-force winds. The dome shape also gives you more room to stand up and for your taller plants or shelves. This particular greenhouse kit will give you a roomy 16-foot diameter dome with over 200-square feet of growing space. The frame features durable half-inch galvanized steel that will withstand a lot without damage. 

You can assemble this kit in just a few hours if you follow the instructions, and it’s made in the United States. You’ll get a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase when you buy it too. There is also a dome upgrade program available that allows you to upgrade to a bigger dome at a reduced cost if you find the first one you bought getting too small for your wants. Each kit comes with a steel frame and bolts, and it also has a galvanized steel frame doorway and a 7mm-thick poly marine cover. You also get completely free shipping on each kit.


  • Can withstand hurricane-force winds 
  • Eye-catching design 
  • Steel frame and doorway
  • 16-feet tall peak 
  • Over 200-square feet of space 
  • Steel bolts included
  • Free shipping


  • Very heavy to move around

Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouse  – Best for Commercial-Grade Operations

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The final greenhouse kit on the list comes from Rion Grand Gardener. This greenhouse has two kinds of almost unbreakable polycarbonate coverings included. So, you get the best growing conditions you possibly can with a lot of sunlight while it shields your plants from UVB and UVA rays. There are clear polycarbonate side walls that give you beautiful views from outside and inside while keeping your plants healthy. It’ll diffuse over 90% of the sunlight to give you a gentle, soft light. There is a weatherproof frame on this kit as well that is very durable. 

To assemble the frame, you’ll have to use a pin and lock system, and you can do this on your own in an afternoon or two. The roof panels will slide right into the correct location to allow you to construct this greenhouse kit without professional help. It has a heavy-duty resin frame that lends both durability and insulation to the structure. There is a barn-style roof that gives you a lot of headroom and gardening space. Double doors make it easy to enter and exit the structure, and there is a built-in roof vent to help control the humidity and temperature levels. 


  • 8-foot by 20-foot growing space
  • Roomy barn-style roof 
  • Double doors 
  • Built-in roof vent 
  • Resin frame is durable
  • Pin and lock assembly 
  • Roof panels slide into place easily


  •  Not rated for heavy snow 

Backyard Greenhouse Buying Guide 

When it comes to your backyard greenhouse, you’ll quickly find that there are styles and sizes available for almost every budget. While this is nice, it complicates the buying process because it gives you that much more to consider and compare. When you finish looking through the reviews above, you can use this short section to make your final choice. 


How large does your backyard greenhouse need to be to accommodate all of your plants? For example, if you want to grow a large assortment of cruciferous vegetables, you’ll most likely want a bigger greenhouse. Maybe you want a smaller greenhouse to put your bigger plants in during the cooler winter months. If so, you could get away with a smaller backyard greenhouse. It’s a good idea to make a list of the plants you want to put into your greenhouse and take their size into consideration. This will help you match your final pick to your needs. It’s better to have too much space than to run out. 

Backyard Greenhouse 2 Size
You don’t necessarily need an enormous greenhouse for your home, but you should get one that is slightly larger than you need. This allows you to expand what you want to grow without having to buy another full greenhouse. 


Every part of your greenhouse should be sturdy. The cover should be a durable PVC material that won’t tear or break down with repeated exposure to sunlight and the elements. The frame should be a slightly thicker steel tubing with a powder coat that won’t rust or corrode. The connectors should be metal. If it comes with shelving units, they should have a slightly higher weight limit to support your plants and seed trays. It may be a good idea to spend more upfront to get a high-quality material that will last season after season. 

Plant Accessibility 

Maybe you want to grow an assortment of catnip and other ornamental grasses or plants, or you want to mix and match vegetables with flowers. Whatever you choose, you should be able to get to all of your plants to water and fertilize them without having to shift a lot of things around. Backyard greenhouses with dual entrances are very popular because it gives you a higher degree of accessibility, but you can reach all of your plants if you have shelving running along the walls while leaving the center clear too. 

Backyard Greenhouse 3 Accessibility
Many people choose to put their plants along the side of the greenhouse and keep neat rows in the middle. This layout gives them enough space to walk amongst their plants and reach every area to water and fertilize it as they need. 


Your backyard greenhouse’s stability is going to be extremely important. If it’s not stable, it can easily tip over or collapse when the wind comes up or if it snows. The frame will play a role in the overall stability, but it should also have anchor points. It’s popular to tie rope to anchor points and run them to stakes into the ground to help secure your greenhouse. Double-check the anchors and frame before you buy. 


Your greenhouse will eventually need to breathe, and having windows plays a large role in it. The bigger the greenhouse is, the more windows you’ll need to be able to get a good cross-ventilation. Ideally, your windows will have screens on them to prevent unwanted bugs from slipping in when you have them open. You should have at least two windows, if not more, on your greenhouse. Make sure you can prop or roll-up the door too. 

Space Requirements 

How much space do you have for your new backyard greenhouse? For example, you may need to go smaller if you have a balcony or a rooftop garden. If you have a full backyard, you have to be able to find an even piece of ground to set up your greenhouse and anchor it in. Most greenhouses will have their dimensions listed right on the description or box, and you can take these dimensions and compare them to your area. Make sure your backyard greenhouse has adequate space around it. 

Backyard Greenhouse 4 End
Make sure you have enough space to support your new greenhouse in your yard, and pick on that will withstand exposure to snow, rain, and other weather conditions without breaking down or wearing out. If you take your time, you can easily find a greenhouse that lasts for years. 

Bottom Line 

Backyard greenhouses are popular with both residential and commercial growers alike because they allow you to easily extend your growing season and get more out of each batch of plants or flowers you have. I’ve given you 10 great examples of backyard greenhouses, and you can use the short buyer’s guide to help you decide which one will work best for your wants and needs. 

Best Backyard Greenhouse to Grow Plants All Year Long

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