Best Nesting Boxes for Your Chickens

If you have chickens, you’ll need nesting boxes for them to relax in at night. Comfortable nesting boxes encourage your chickens to lay their eggs, and it gives them a space in the coop that they can sit in when they’re not out running around the yard. But what do you look for when you start shopping for a nesting box? You could make your own, but here are so many options available. 

Since I’m not a huge DIYer when it comes to things like nesting boxes, I decided to leave it up to the professionals. I’ve picked out several high-quality nesting boxes and reviewed them for you below. Additionally, the short buyer’s guide can get you on the right track for a quality product that serves your chickens well. You’ll find several brands, styles, and sizes that you can easily tailor to suit your needs. When you find one you like, you can have it shipped straight to your door. 

Chicken 1 Start
Giving your laying hens a protected area to lay their eggs increases your chances of having a lot of eggs each time you go out to get them out of the coop. There are so many options available, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

1. Roll Out Community Nest Box

First up on the best next box list is a smaller 17-inch community-style option by Roll Out. The galvanized steel design makes this a very durable option that won’t rust or corrode, and it also makes it easy to clean and sanitize to keep your chickens healthy. The smaller size will fit into a broad range of chicken coops, and it has a privacy curtain that will automatically create a darker environment for your chickens when they go inside. There is a hinged roost bar included in each box that your chickens can use to stay off the bottom of the box, safe, and comfortable the entire time they use it. 

One unique feature of this nest box is that it comes with a slightly slanted floor that will help the eggs roll out of the box without breaking. It has a reversible design that allows you to collect the eggs from the front or the back of the box, and this means you can collect them from the outside or inside of the coop itself. There is a nest pad in the bottom of the box that easily removes to make cleanup a breeze. It uses polyethylene resins in a grass-style configuration that doesn’t give a suitable area for bacteria to breed, and it’s comfortable for your chickens to use. 


  • Has a gently sloped floor
  • Reversible egg tray design 
  • Nest pad resists bacteria growth 


  • Privacy curtain is very thin 
  • Steel can have sharp edges 
  • Roost bar is wood and prone to rotting

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2. RITE FARM Nesting Box 

For those people with a very simple setup who don’t need elaborate nesting boxes, Rite Farm’s product is a durable and heavy-duty option that you mount directly to the wall. There are four slots you can nail or screw into the wall to ensure that the box doesn’t move once you get it put up, and it has an open design that allows both small and large chickens to fit in without a problem. Additionally, the walls are deep enough that your chickens won’t accidentally knock their eggs out when they lay them from shifting around or getting in and out of the box. It has a bright yellow coloring that is easy to see in dim lighting. 

This nesting box has a cute egg shape cut out in the back that you could use to extract the eggs from under your chickens if you didn’t want to stand in front of them. It’s made out of a heavy-duty plastic material that will withstand various weather conditions like extreme heat, cold, and high humidity without cracking or breaking. The material also makes it very easy to wash this box and keep it clean and sanitized for your chickens to enjoy. It’s a very cost-effective option.


  • Features an open design 
  • Four attachment points 
  • Supports chickens of various sizes 


  • Made out of plastic 
  • Can be challenging to fill
  • May bend under a lot of weight 

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3. Duncan’s Poultry Chicken Nest

If you want a sleek nesting box that resists termites and other pests, take a look at this product by Duncan’s Poultry. It features a metal design for the box and the box’s roof with two wooden perches that extend out of the front of the box to give your chickens an area to roost when they’re not in the box itself. You get four boxes that stack two wide and two high, and there are holes in the side of the box to allow for good ventilation to prevent your chickens from getting too hot on those warm summer nights. The high-quality materials easily resist rust and corrosion, and this makes them last for years. 

Each nesting box comes proudly made in the United States using the highest quality materials and safety standards to ensure you get a solid product. It is very easy to assemble and get into your chicken coop, even if you’re not a DIYer. You get detailed photos plus instructions when you get this product that’ll guide you through the setup process step-by-step. The metal floor of these boxes make the whole thing very easy to clean, and it also resists rot from sitting directly on the coop floor. 


  • Metal construction for durability 
  • Ventilation holes on the side
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Takes a while to put together 
  • Perches are wood and not as durable
  • Very thin metal between the boxes

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4. Harris Farms 2 Hole Nesting Box

This sturdy nesting box from Harris Farms can hold two large or small chickens at one time, and it has folded metal edges that increase the safety factor and ensure it doesn’t accidentally cut your chickens as they go in and out. The galvanized steel construction is very durable, and it won’t rust or corrode with exposure to water, feces, humidity, or direct sunlight and fluctuating weather conditions. There are ventilation holes spaced along each box to ensure your chickens don’t get too warm overnight, and these holes also encourage a constant flow of air in and out. 

There is a hinged perch on this nesting box that you can easily fold up when it’s not in use and back down when your chickens need somewhere to roost. At the bottom of the box, you’ll notice this product has metal inserts. You can pull these inserts out when it’s time to clean it, let them air dry, and slide them back in to complete the process. Since the back is wide open, it makes it quick and easy for you to reach in and get your eggs out without disturbing your chickens. 


  • Has folded metal edges for safety 
  • Galvanized steel construction 
  • Metal inserts slide out for easy cleaning


  • Hinged perch can stick 
  • Only two small metal pieces to hang it
  • No mounting accessories included 

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5. Precision Pet Single Nesting Box

This simple and cost-effective nesting box is great for smaller coops where you rigged lights up to help you see better when it comes time to collect eggs. You can use this box both inside and outside of your chicken coop without an issue, and it has an open design that allows for maximum airflow around your chicken. It also give you two directions to go in when it’s time to collect eggs so you can pull them out with minimal disturbances to your chickens. These single boxes are a good idea if your chickens are prone to nest sharing because they’re not big enough for two chickens to fit comfortably. 

You can purchase single, double, or triple nesting boxes from Precision Pet if you need more for your coop. The wooden design won’t last very long, but it’s a cost-effective option if you’re just starting out. You can set these boxes directly on your coop’s floor or mount them to the wall if you need more room. The walls and flooring are sturdy enough that your chicken won’t be able to accidentally tip their eggs out as they move around the box and get in and out. 


  • Very simple and straightforward design 
  • Eliminates nest sharing
  • Can place them on the floor or hang them


  • Wooden design won’t last long 
  • Will rot, mold, and retain smells 
  • Challenging to clean 

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6. Homestead Essentials Deluxe Nesting Box

This deluxe nesting box by Homestead Essentials comes together with nothing more than a flat-head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a few hours of your time. They include all of the bolts and screws you need to assemble it straight out of the box, and you get very detailed instructions to help guide you along. There are plastic laying trays with a galvanized steel box construction that will resist wear and tear for years of heavy use. The edges are all folded and crimped over to ensure they’re smooth, dull, and won’t accidentally injure your chickens as they go in and out of the boxes. 

On the bottom of this nesting box is a slightly slanted egg tray. Each tray will gently roll the eggs out under a green metal lid to hold them and protect them from damage until you’re ready to harvest them. The slanted roof stops chickens from trying to perch on the roof and make a mess during the night, and all of the debris will slip through the netted trays to make cleanup quick and easy. You can pull the trays out to clean them before sliding them back into place without disturbing any chickens that may be inside. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Edges fold and crimp to keep the dull
  • Eggs roll under a protected tray 


  • Back is a solid piece of metal with mesh 
  • Can take a few hours to put together
  • Slightly bulky for one person to carry 

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7. Harris Farms Plastic Nesting Box

This plastic nesting box has large slits on the sides for ventilation, and the front and back are open to encourage good air circulation to keep everything cool. The box measures 18-inches by 17-inches by 12-inches, and this is big enough for both large and small chicken breeds to settle in without running out of space. The mounting holes on the back of the box are just over 15-inches apart, and you can easily screw the box directly to the wall to save floor space and give your chickens plenty of areas to pick from when you put them in the coop. The high-density polyethylene is very durable and easy to clean. 

This nesting box has a raised panel on the front of it that prevents your chickens from scratching out their nesting as they settle into the box, and it’ll also help prevent the eggs from tipping out. You can flip this panel down to clean it and put it back up when you’re ready for your chickens to go back in and use it. When it’s time to clean it, all you need to do is remove the material, wash it out with warm soap and water, let it air dry, and add fresh bedding. 


  • Has plenty of ventilation holes 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Bar on the front prevents scratch-out


  • Made out of plastic 
  • Mounting holes are very small 
  • Bar can stick

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8. JFRS Chicken Nesting Box

This simple nesting box features a mix of plastic and metal. You can durable metal walls, sides, and a roof with plastic trays on the bottom that slide into the metal frame. You can easily pull this plastic bottom out everyday or every other day to clean it by rinsing it off with the hose. The tray has a slight indent in it to save the egg from chickens that like to peck, and it makes it easy to extract it when you do your daily rounds. There is a thick plastic perch on the front of each nesting box to give your chickens a place to roost when they don’t want to sit inside. 

You’ll get dual compartments with this nesting box, and the dimensions are 21.06-inches by 20.66-inches by 16.73-inches. This is large enough for the bigger breeds to get in and move around without being too cramped. As a bonus, you’ll get a durable wire egg collection basket when you order this box. It uses heavy-duty wire that comes coated with a thin plastic to help prevent corrosion or breaking eggs when you carry it. It’ll comfortably hold up to three dozen extra-large eggs. 


  •  Comes with an egg basket 
  • Plastic trays are easy to clean 
  • Dual compartments in each purchase 


  • Perches are plastic and subject to wear 
  • May be too small for some chickens 
  • Basket has a very narrow bottom 

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9. Brower 4-Hole Poultry Nest

When you choose this nesting box, you can pick from 4, 6, or 10 holes in two tiers. The four-hole design comes in two tiers and can comfortably hold up to 20 smaller hens. The full metal design protects it from mold from water or feces, and you can easily slide out each nest bottom to clean it every other week or so. All you’ll need to put this box together is a wrench and a screwdriver, and the company claims you’ll have it out of the box and ready for your chickens in 30 to 45 minutes. You won’t need a rivet gun, and it uses high-quality galvanized steel. The exposed edges are folded over to make it safe. 

Each nesting box comes with a host of ventilation holes to allow for fresh air to flow from box to box and prevent it from getting hot. You can easily stagger the nests back to prevent your hens from going up or down tiers or double nesting. This isn’t a roll-out nest, but it comes equipped with double-bolted perches that are very secure and sturdy. They’re also hinged that allow you to close it to keep hens out, and it has standard hangers that allow you to mount this product to your wall. 


  • Available in several sizes
  • Can put it together in under an hour 
  • Slide out the bottom to clean it


  • Wooden boards aren’t that sturdy 
  • Hinges are flimsy 
  • May need to reinforce the hangers

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10. Little Giant Plastic Nesting Box

The final product on the best nesting box list comes from Little Giant. It comes made out of high-density polyethylene that has a lot of impact resistance on it, and it won’t corrode, rust, or rot with hard use. You can mount this unit side-by-side or vertically, and this gives you a certain degree of flexibility with how you set up your chicken coop. It also makes it nice for smaller coops. The smooth plastic build of this box makes it very easy to keep it clean and sanitary, and it won’t get as cold as metal in the winter months to help keep your chickens comfortable all year round. 

There is an entrance perch on this box that gives your hens a solid place to land before they enter the nesting area, and the ventilation holes ensure your hens get fresh air and good air circulation. There is a lowered floor on this box that helps prevent the hens from scratching the bedding out, and the sloped top prevents roosting. There are center studs to mount these boxes, and the company recommends you mount them all 24-inches off the ground at a minimum to deter predators. 


  • Has larger ventilation slits on the side 
  • Plastic stays warmer in cooler temperatures 
  • Nice perch attached to the front


  • Slightly more expensive for plastic
  • Shallow design 
  • Challenging to mount to the wall

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Nesting Boxes Buying Guide 

When you purchase your box for your chickens, you want to make sure you have enough to begin with. You also want to get a durable option that lasts for several years, and this can mean spending a little more upfront to ensure you get a quality product from a reputable brand. You should only need one box for every four or five hens at a maximum. So, you can get away with less if you don’t have a large flock. The rest of the buying considerations are below. 

Chicken 2 Guide
Picking out a durable nesting box is essential to keeping your chickens happy and healthy, and the materials are very important to helping them resist rust and corrosion while staying safe for your chickens. 


One of the most important factors to consider is the material your chicken’s box is made out of. For sanitary reasons, you want to avoid wooden boxes. They make the perfect area for bacteria to grow, and they’ve very difficult to get clean. You could try to stain it, but this will only last for a short time. Plastic and metal boxes are very popular, and some even have both. You’ll get metal walls and a roof with a plastic tray that slides out of the bottom. This tray makes it very easy to clean, and the metal resists rust and corrosion. A plastic box will stay warmer in the colder months though. 

Flat or Angled Bottom 

Standard boxes come with a flat bottom and a perch on the front that your hens can land on before entering or exiting the box. If you don’t have laying hens, you can use a flat bottom standard box. However, laying hens are slightly different. It’s best to get a box with an angled bottom that encourages the eggs to roll away from the hens and collect in a safe spot until you’re ready to collect them. 

Chicken 3 Angled or Flat
Some chickens can start to eat their own eggs if you don’t get them out right away, and this is why you need to have a space for the eggs to roll out of the chicken’s reach if you have laying hens. 

Rear or Front Roll-Out Setup 

If you choose a box that has an angled floor, you have to decide if you want one with a front or rear roll-out station. Both work well, but many people choose the front setup because this allows them to hang the boxes up flush against the wall of the coop. If you choose a rear rollout setup, you’ll either have to cut out an area of your wall for your eggs to come out, or you’ll have to leave a walkway behind the boxes to collect the eggs. 


Chickens aren’t the most graceful creatures, and a perch will give them an area to sit on when they’re not in the nesting box. Perches also make it easier for your chickens to enter and exit the box. They should be very sturdy and large enough for your chickens to land on comfortably, and wood or plastic are both very popular materials. Wood will hold more feces and bacteria, so look for plastic. Make sure that your chickens get enough shade and have enough space to comfortably land. 

Chicken 4 End
Chickens like to sit on perches when they’re not in their boxes. Perches also make it easier for clumsy chickens to get in and out of the box without injuring themselves.

Bottom Line 

Picking out boxes for your chickens shouldn’t be a huge project. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality options and reviewed them for you. You can compare them side-by-side to help narrow down your choices. The short buyer’s guide highlights everything you need to keep in mind when you shop. Take your time, pick the best product for your needs, and make your chickens happy. 

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