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Birds can have a soothing effect on your mood as you watch them, but attracting them to your yard can be a tricky process. The best bird feeder can go a long way to attracting birds all year round, and they add a nice touch to your yard. But how do you find one when there are so many companies and products available on the market?

This is where our 10 reviews come in. We did the research for you and picked out 10 high-quality options for you to compare. Our buyer’s guide will outline everything you need to know about picking out bird feeders, and you can read on to get started.

Bird Feeder 1 Start
Hanging several types of the best bird feeders can help you attract different bird species to your yard in the spring, summer, fall, and winter months.

Brome Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder – Top Pick 

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Birds of all types will come dine at this bird feeder when you hang it up. It offers an impressive six feeding ports to give you room for a decent-sized crowd to form. There are no tools required to assemble this bird feeder once you get it, and this is great if you only have a few minutes to spare and want to get it out and ready for your birds by your hot tub so you can enjoy them as you relax.  So, when it’s time to take it down to fill or clean it, you can do so easily without having to break out a set of tools. 

This bird feeder comes from Borme, and it has a lifetime limited warranty on it from the date of purchase that says it’ll replace any parts if they’re damaged or lost from squirrels interfering with it. The feeder also comes designed to keep the squirrels from eating the bird seed, and the seed ports will automatically close when they sense an adult squirrel’s weight. The feeder also comes outfitted with a patented seed ventilation system that allows heat and humidity to escape while allowing fresh air in to keep the seed fresh. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Six feeding ports 
  • Lifetime limited warranty 
  • Seed ports automatically close 
  • Allows heat and humidity out
  • Keeps seed safe 
  • Slender profile 


  • Lots of seed comes out the bottom

JCs Wildlife Fly Thru Bird Feeder – Step-Up Pick 

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Anyone who wants to add a nice burst of color to their backyard should look at this bird feeder from JCs Wildlife. It’s a very bright and attractive ground-style feeder that will need a small amount of space to set up. It comes made from post-consumer recycled plastic materials that are designed to look like wood. So, you get a nice rustic look without any of the normal upkeep or worrying that the wood will rot with exposure to the elements. It can hold an impressive eight cups of seed at one time, and this is more than enough to feed the birds for a few days. 

This bird feeder has holes for the birds to perch on as they come and go, and you’ll get a dual-sided removable tray that allows you to load in two different types of seed. When it’s time to refill it, it’s an easy process. It’s also easy to wipe down between uses, and the tray rests right on slats that increase the airflow in and out to keep your bird seed fresh. It weighs around 11 pounds, and it features a very sturdy design. You can choose from four bright and cheerful color combinations when you buy it. 


  • Ground-style feeder 
  • Recycled plastic that mimics the look of wood
  • Holds eight cups of seed at one time 
  • Holes for birds to perch on
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • Seed stays fresh 
  • Four color combinations available 


  • Too low to the ground 

Solution4Patio Cedar Bird Feeder – Mid-End Budget Pick

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This is a suet-style feeder that works double duty at a great price. You get two single suet cages on either end of the feeder to entice an array of birds in, and there is also a center chamber that you can load with up to five pounds of food in one go. It’s also stylish enough to go right next to your bird bath fountain and look great. This bird feeder comes handbuilt from cedar, and it has polycarbonate windows that are transparent. Cedar will naturally resist rot, so this product can easily last through the years without showing signs of rot or wear and tear. 

There are ledges on the side of this bird feeder that allow the birds to perch as they eat. You’ll get an attached cable when you buy this product that makes it easy to hang up, Both the cable and the bird feeder are very durable and will withstand heavy use without a problem. When you need to refill either the suet chambers or the seed area, all you have to do is lift up the roof, refill it, and replace it. It also acts like a shield to keep the suet and seed fresh.


  • Suet and seed space 
  • Cedar material
  • Easy to refill
  • Polycarbonate windows 
  • Hanging cable included 
  • Resists rot and damage 
  • Longer perches 


  • Top opening is very narrow 

Perky-Pet Wilderness Lantern Bird Feeder – Bargain Budget Pick 

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When it comes to home decor, it’s hard to beat copper, and this copper lantern-style bird feeder will give all of your birds a nice place to rest and eat. It’s a more compact feeder that will hold up to two pounds of seed in any variety, and the rectangle shape makes it very easy to clean. Also, you can easily fill this bird feeder as it has a slightly wider opening at the top. Multiple birds can land on this feeder at one time to eat without being too crowded, and new feed won’t fall until there is room in the tray. So, the seed sits safe inside until there’s room for it. 

This design will help eliminate waste while making sure the birds constantly have a fresh supply of seed ready to go. The easy-to-fill tray is good for several different varieties of bird seed, and you can easily get your hand down the center to clean it. The hardware is all resistant to rust to make it last longer, and it’s a nice, straightforward option for anyone who wants to bring birds to their yards. 


  • Wider opening
  • Stylish lantern design 
  • Multiple birds can eat at once
  • Easy to refill 
  • Copper design is rust-proof
  • Bird motifs on the center 
  • Easy to hang up


  • Too small for larger seeds

Droll Yankees Ring Bird Feeder – Best for Stylish Decor

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This is a classic and stylish bird feeder that will look perfect mixed amongst your yard decor and privacy panels. The tube-style bird feeder is great for keeping squirrels out while letting several birds come in and feed at one time. This one comes from the Droll Yankees, and this is a Connecticut-based company that has a long history of producing quality products that can survive the outdoor elements and look nice year after year without a problem. 

There are six metal feeding ports on this bird feeder, and it can hold one pound of food per fill to feed your birds for several days in a row without needing a refill. It can hold sunflower seeds or mixed bird seed. The tube features UV-stabilized polycarbonate, and this is a clear plastic material that won’t weaken or break down with exposure to sunlight. It also won’t discolor over time, and it comes in a 16-inch or 20-inch size to allow you to customize it. You can mount the feeder on a pole, or it comes with a wire attached to allow you to hang it. 


  • 16-inch and 20-inch size available 
  • Six metal feeding ports 
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate 
  • Won’t discolor or weaken
  • Pole mount or hang it
  • Works will different seed types 
  • Slender design 


  • No larger sizes available

Audubon Red Barn Bird Feeder – Best for Farmhouse Decor

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If you’re someone who likes a down-home, farmhouse feel, this is the bird feeder for you. It’s a barn-shaped combination feeder that allows you to load in seven pounds of food in one go. You can put two different kinds of feed in at one time to help attract two different types of birds to the same feeder. There is a barn receptacle that will hold six pounds of seed at one time, and the silo receptacle will hold up to a pound of seed at one time. You’ll also get standard and thistle seed ports in the silo to give you more flexibility. 

The top of this bird feeder lifts away to make filling a quick and easy project without worrying about spilling it. You can easily mount this bird feeder on a pole, or you can hang it from an awning or tree using the included hanging cord. The bright red coloring will stand out in the yard and be very eye-catching to anyone who sees it. It has wider perches along the side to allow the birds to comfortably land. 


  • Barn-shaped design 
  • Can hold two types of seed
  • Thistle and seed feeding ports 
  • Wider perches 
  • Pole mount or hang it 
  • Bright red color 
  • Holds seven pounds of seed


  • Thinner plastic body 

Wild Bill’s Bird Feeder – Best for Squirrel Proofing

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This bird feeder comes specifically designed to keep squirrels out so your birds can eat in peace and you don’t go through as much seed. When squirrels try to get in and get at the seed, they get a tiny shock from the small stingers at the bottom and top of the feeder. It should only take one or two shocks before the squirrels learn their lessons and stay away, and your birds can come and go without getting any shocks. The shocks aren’t powerful enough to hurt the squirrels either; they just startle them. 

The feeder does take a 9-volt battery to run the shocking stingers, and this battery isn’t included in the original cost. You can mount this bird feeder on a pole or hang it from a tree or nook in your yard that is visible from your patio or home. It can hold up to 20 pounds of food on a single fill, and it has 12 ports to ensure you’ll feed a crowd every day you have seed in it. The top also hangs over the bird feeder and it has a wider design with a narrow bottom to make filling it easy. 


  • Unique design 
  • Clear polycarbonate material 
  • Shocks squirrels 
  • Holds up to 20 pounds of food
  • Can hang or pole mount
  • Runs on a nine-volt battery 
  • 12 food ports 


  • Need to buy and replace the batteries

Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder – Best for Viewing Birds up Close

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Window-style bird feeders are usually very inexpensive and brilliant for allowing you to have a close-up view of any birds that come up to it. This bird feeder is especially nice if you have a sliding glass door or a large bay window in your home where you can hang it front and center to draw the birds right up to the house. They’re a great pick if you have young kids that like birds, and they can also create a viewing post for pets. This is a very simple style bird feeder that features a clear polycarbonate body that won’t discolor over time. 

This bird feeder attaches straight to the glass using suction cups, and the company includes a lifetime strongest suction cup guarantee. If the bird feeder falls, the company will give you a full refund. It has a lower shelf where you pour the bird feeder, and there is a lip that overhangs on the top to shield the bird seed from water or other weather conditions that could make it wet and soggy. The front has a long, thin perch running along it for your birds to rest while they eat. 


  • Suctions to the window 
  • Draws birds in close 
  • Clear polycarbonate body 
  • Thinner perch 
  • Easy to fill
  • Shields the bird seed from moisture 
  • Lifetime guarantee that it won’t fall


  • Made out of pure plastic 

Bamboo Hanging Bird Feeder – Best for Platform Feeding

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Platform-style bird feeders are extremely versatile, and they’re great for attracting birds of different sizes. It can comfortably accommodate small chickadees, medium-sized finches and cardinals, and large blue jays. You can also easily fill this flat platform with multiple types of seed without worrying about it getting clogged if the seed is too large. However, there are no barriers or small openings, and the seed is right out in the open. This makes it a magnet for squirrels to come in. 

The feeder features a bamboo design to it that resists rot and mold or mildew growth with exposure to moisture. It also has a rust-resistant steel tray with a powder coat on it that resists rust. The stainless steel hardware is another nice touch that will ensure it stands up to exposure to moisture and humidity without a problem. You’ll get a hanging cable that is covered with a vinyl layer to add durability and strength to it. All you have to do is pick out a spot to hang it, or you could even sit it on the edge of your deck or patio railing to entice the birds to come right up close. 


  • Bamboo body
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Powder-coating on the tray
  • Can accommodate different seed types 
  • Easy to hang
  • Hanger has a vinyl covering 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Attracts squirrels

Best Choice Products Bird Feeding Station – Best for Drawing in Large Crowds of Birds

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The final bird feeder on the list is a bird feeding station that works to attract a decent amount of birds to your yard or garden. It features four large hooks to put each of the four included bird feeders. You’ll get a peanut feeder, wire feeder, suet feeder, and a tube feeder that you can arrange all on one stand. There is also a bird bath/water bowl and food tray included in the price to allow more feeding opportunities. The top hooks are easily adjustable, and the two pole hooks slide up and down. The feeder stands over six feet tall, and it has a five-prong base to secure it to the ground. 

The body of this bird feeding station is a powder-coated steel that is very durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. The prongs will insert deep into the ground for stability in different weather conditions. You can set it up in as little as 15-minutes by tightening the wingnuts to each part to secure them wherever you want on the pole before putting the whole thing in the ground. 


  • Powder-coated steel body 
  • Comes with four feeders
  • Offers different style feeders
  • Secures into the ground using prongs 
  • Durable
  • Easy to install 
  • Adjustable feeder hooks 


  • Feeders are on the smaller side

How to Choose Bird Feeders

When you start looking for one to hang in your backyard, there are several buying criteria you want to keep in mind. If you pick a good option, you can hang it by your hammock stand, take a book outside, relax, and watch the birds for hours at a time.

Bird Feeder 2 Type
Knowing the types of birds that frequent your yard can help you tailor your choice of the feeder to them so you see more birds overall. 

As a bonus, the bird feeders will help keep birds fed and healthy in the wild. They’ll be attracted to your yard, and you can start seeing more colorful species coming in to eat on a daily basis. You can hang up several kinds of bird feeders to attract birds, including:

  • House – Better known as hoppers, these bird feeders attract cardinals, finches, jays, chickadees, titmice, and buntings. They’re very attractive to squirrels too, but they allow you to load in a few pounds of feed that can last for a few days.
  • Hummingbird – Hummingbirds have needle-like beaks that means they can’t eat regular bird seed and they can’t use traditional bird feeders. These feeders hold liquid, have a clear body, and they have several small ports where the birds can feed. 
  • Nyjer Seed – You can get a tube feeder or a thistle sock for this type of bird feeder, and it attracts redpolls, American goldfinches, and pine Siskins.
  • Platforms – Platform bird feeders work well for sparrows, grosbeaks, pigeons, blackbirds, doves, jays, and starlings. They don’t have any protection against unfavorable weather, but they have ample drainage. They give the bird a lot of room to eat, but it’s open to squirrels too.
  • Suet – The final type of feeder is suet. This feeder usually comes with a small caged area where you can slide in suet cakes, and it has a roof to protect it. They’re usually a metal cage with a secure lock, and you can put nesting materials in them too.
  • Tube Feeders – These cylindrical feeders help secure and protect your bird seed from foraging creatures and weather. They have several feeding ports dotted on the body, and any have weight-activated mechanisms that will help lock squirrels out. Sparrows, grosbeaks, finches, and chickadees all like these feeders, but heavier birds will avoid it.
  • Window – If you want to watch birds from a very close distance, this is the feeder to buy. You can attach them directly to your window with suction cups, and they have a clear design that allows you to see the birds up close. They’re easy to clean and accessible, and they attract titmice, finches, and chickadees.

Bird Feeder 3 Kinds
There are several types of bird feeders available, and buying more than one type can attract several colorful birds to your yard. 

Buying Considerations

Which types of feeders should you get? The first thing you should do when you search for a feeder is settle on a type. This way, you’ll narrow down your choices right away and be able to concentrate on the important aspects and compare your options. Maybe you’re looking for a fun patio idea to bring some wildlife in. If so, this feeder is the way to go.


The material your bird feeder comes made out of will have a big impact on how long it lasts against the elements. For example, a metal feeder will most likely last longer than a wooden one, but this depends on whether or not the wooden one has a sealant on it. Cedar is a popular material for wooden bird feeders because it doesn’t allow mold or bacteria to grow, and it fades gracefully. Check the birdhouse material, and make sure you pay close attention to the roof.

Seed Capacity

How much bird seed can your bird feeder handle? You don’t want to have to fill it every single day, even if you have a lot of birds in the yard. The best bird feeders can hold at least a few pounds of food. If they can’t you’ll find yourself constantly refilling it. However, if you have a small rooftop apartment, a smaller feeder may be the way to go because you’re cramped for space. Decide on the area you want to hang your bird feeder in and pick out a mixed seed capacity that makes sense.

Bird Feeder 4 Capacity
You don’t want your birdfeeder to run dry because the feeding birds will leave if they can’t eat. A larger mixed seed capacity can prevent you from having to fill it constantly. 


You want your bird feeder to last, even if you don’t pay a lot for it. Most of the best bird feeders have weather-resistant measures in space like a powder coating that protects any metal from rusting or corroding. Wooden bird feeders have a sealant on them that stop bacteria or mold from forming, and this can extend the feeder’s life. Additionally, sealant stops rain from causing the wood to warp.


It is possible to get a high-quality bird feeder for under $100, but they have a large cost range. Before you shop for bird feeders, take time to settle on a price and don’t go over it. This will remove ones from your price range, and it’ll stop you from getting tempted and going over your budget. You can start smaller and upgrade later too.

Ease of Cleaning

Eventually, you’ll have to take your bird feeders apart and clean the feeders. You want this to be as easy as possible, because it can be a messy project. Ideally, you’ll be able to either open the lid wide or take it off completely. Once you do, it should be easy to get into the bird feeder and clean the various components while you empty all of the seed out. When it’s clean, you’ll have to put it back together and refill it to get it ready for the birds.

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Taking time to measure your options and choose bird feeders will ensure that you can relax and enjoy the birds visiting your yard all summer long. 

The bird feeder will attract a multitude of birds to your yard. You can enjoy it all year round, especially if you make a point to keep it full. You can hang it away from your kid’s swing set so they come in while your kids are out playing, and you can use the feeders to teach your kids about wildlife. Our short guide and product reviews will help you pick out the bird feeder for your needs.

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Create a Bird Paradise with the Best Bird Feeder