Best Bird Feeder

Birds can have a soothing effect on your mood as you watch them, but attracting them to your yard can be a tricky process. The best bird feeder can go a long way to attracting birds all year round, and they add a nice touch to your yard. But how do you find one when there are so many companies and products available on the market?

This is where our 10 reviews come in. We did the research for you and picked out 10 high-quality options for you to compare. Our buyer’s guide will outline everything you need to know about picking out bird feeders, and you can read on to get started.

Bird Feeder 1 Start
Hanging several types of the best bird feeders can help you attract different bird species to your yard in the spring, summer, fall, and winter months.

1. Brome Adjustable Bird Feeder

In a bid to make your backyard bird friendly, this is one of the best bird feeders available. You know how big of a pain squirrels can be when it comes to feeding your birds, and this squirrel proof feeder effectively locks them out. This squirrel proof bird feeder uses a weighted system to tell the difference between squirrels and birds, and it’ll shut off the feeding mechanism when it feels a squirrel’s weight. If you have larger wild birds, you can easily adjust the weight mechanism to support them so they can still get food out of the feeder.

RoxResin makes up this option, and this is a durable choice that resists chewing and breaking down in different weather conditions. This feeder has a cardinal ring attached to it that works to lure Northern Cardinals into your backyard. The seed ventilation system ensures that all of your bird feed such as sunflower seeds stays fresh for days at a time. It’s waterproof, and this makes it a nice option for winter use as well as during the summer. It’s available in four different styles as well.


  • Squirrel proof bird feeder
  • Suitable for use all year round
  • Keeps the seeds fresh for days


  • Difficult to set the weight mechanism
  • Slightly bulky design
  • Can be challenging to hang up

2. Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

Nature Gear has a unique design element to it that allows you to attach it directly to your window using triple suction cups. The suction cups adhere nicely to your windows, and they make it easy to move and adjust the feeder as you see fit. The feed tray is removable, and it makes it very easy to refill without detaching it from the window. It has a durable weatherproof design that helps to shield both the variety of birds and their food from the elements while giving you a nice view of the action.

This is squirrel proof with an enclosed design that stops squirrels from making their way inside, and the integrated moisture removal system helps prevent mold from forming on the seed. Every feeder has a 100% satisfaction guarantee attached to it to give you greater peace of mind. It has crystal-clear acrylic walls, and there is a larger access space for bigger birds to fit through.


  • Has a unique clear design
  • Feeder tray is removable
  • Weatherproof design keeps the seed dry


  • Suction cups can eventually give away
  • Does not hold much seed
  • Hole may not be large enough for some birds

3. Droll Yankees Bird Feeder

This is an effective bird feeder design that will attract an array of colorful birds to your backyard while repelling squirrels and other pests. Maybe you built a porch and you need the best available to hand on an eve. If so, try this one. The tube will hold up to five pounds of seed at one time, and it has four feeding posts stationed all around it that allow for several birds to feed at the same time without crowding each other. It also gives you a 360° view to ensure you can always see the different birds when they land.

When the weight of a squirrel hits the motorized perches, the perch will start to rotate to humanely shake the squirrel off before it gets into the seed. It uses rechargeable batteries to accomplish this, and it has a durable UV-stabilized polycarbonate. This polycarbonate won’t decay or weaken with direct sunlight, and it has a durable metal piece to hand this up.


  • Four feeding ports with perches
  • Holds up to five pounds of seed
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate design


  • Squirrels can find a way around it
  • Batteries tend to die quickly
  • Only offers a year warranty on the electronics

4. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama

Perky-Pet offers a pretty copper design. This Perky Pet feeder comes equipped with a nice circular perch that allows birds to sit all around the feeder without crowding each other out. You can choose from a single or dual tier design, and the lid will lock firmly in place when you fill it due to the Sure-Lock cap. This can reduce spillage and helps make it squirrel proof by preventing bigger pests like squirrels from getting inside and eating all of the food. It also seals out moisture to keep the seeds fresh.

The Perky Pet feeder can hold up to two pounds of seed at one time, and this reduces the amount of times you have to top up the levels to keep your birds coming back. The seed will trickle down to distribute evenly on the seed tray to keep the feeder balanced, and it’ll continue to fill the feeder until it runs out of seed. The copper finish is resistant to rust and corrosion, and it has drain holes that encourage the water to run out if it rains or snows.


  • Squirrel proof
  • Has a pretty copper finish
  • Top sticks out to prevent water from hitting the seed tray
  • Automatically fills the seed tray when it’s empty


  • Rain can get into the middle of the seed
  • Can be difficult to get seed out if it molds
  • Cover can rust with prolonged moisture exposure

5. AshmanOnline Deluxe Bird Feeding Station

If you’re looking for landscaping ideas to add structure to your yard, this is the best available. It is a very versatile stand that can add height to your yard or garden, and you can put it virtually anywhere. It has a painted steel design that resists rust, and you get a very attractive ornamental stand to create a focal point around. You’ll get both food and water trays on it, and it offers four hanging posts for more bird feeders. You can attract dozens of birds at once without overloading it too.

It does arrive in pieces, but this is very easy to assemble. You can tighten every screw by hand without the need of special tools, and it has a nice guide with it. There are four prongs that make the stand easy to sink into a container or the ground for mounting purposes on a pole, and you can mix and match the bird feeders you hang on your pole. Satisfaction comes guaranteed, and you can send it back with no questions asked if you have a problem with it.


  • Has space for multiple tray feeders
  • Attractive design adds height to your garden
  • Easy to set up with a pole and push into the ground


  • Screws can slowly come loose
  • Paint may chip off with repeated use
  • Slightly top-heavy and prone to leaning

6. First Nature Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are a fantastic addition to any yard, and this makes it easy to keep them fed and coming back day after day. Since a hummingbird has a needle-like beak, it’s impossible for them to eat from traditional bird feeders. This special bird feeder comes with very bright colors to attract the hummingbird, and there are several areas that they can sip nectar from. You can buy one at a time, or there are packs of four and eight if you want to hang them all over your home’s exterior.

The jar on these hummingbird feeders has a very wide mouth on it that makes it easy to fill and replace the nectar when it runs out, and the clear design allows you to monitor the level of food left so you’ll never run out. It screws securely together to prevent accidental spills, and it has a metal S-hook that gives the feeder a secure connection point to hand it anywhere you like.


  • Available in multiple packs
  • Feeding ports allow for multiple birds at once
  • Wide mouth makes filling it easy


  • No bee guards over the feeder holes
  • Plastic design is more flimsy
  • Can leak a little bit when you first fill it

7. Gray Bunny Clear Window Bird Feeder

Say you’ve upgraded or replaced your windows and now you’re looking forward to watching the birds and other wildlife. If so, this is one of the best on the market. Maybe you don’t have a yard to hang a traditional bird feeder. Whatever the reason, this clear bird feeder will attach directly to your window or any smooth surface using large suction cups. Since this bird feeder has a very lightweight design even after you fill it, you won’t have to worry about it sliding down your window or falling off.

This is easy to remove when you want to clean it or refill the feeder to keep the birds coming back. There is also a divider you can put into this bird feeder to fill it with several different types of food at once, and it’ll also attract several species of birds. There is a sturdy perch for the birds to sit on while they eat, and it’s made from 100% transparent acrylic. This allows you to look through it and watch the birds eat all day.


  • Top protects it from moisture
  • Has a large perch for several birds
  • Can have more than one type of seed at once


  • Suction cups may slip
  • Challenging to remove the seed tray
  • Difficult to clean

8. Nature’s Way Platform Tray Feeder

If you want one that is slightly more rustic, this is a great choice. Nature’s Way offers a cedar bird feeder that has a protective stain that is water-based on it to help seal out moisture and ensure it lasts a long time. It won’t grow bacteria or mold, and it won’t warp. The tray has a very wide opening that is easy to refill the bird seed, but it’s not wide enough that it’s easy to spill. This helps several bird species enjoy eating without having a problem getting to the food. It also gives bigger birds more access to the food.

The cedar tray is very easy to put up, and it comes with a secure connection rope that helps hold the tray in a balanced position. You get everything you need to set this feeder up when you order, and every element of this is 100% rust-proof. In turn, it’ll last from season to season without a problem. It also has a lot of space for multiple birds to perch and eat at one time.


  • Has a wide tray that is easy to fill
  • Steel cables are very durable
  • Won’t grow bacteria or mold


  • Can tilt if the seed is uneven
  • No roof on it
  • Grate has larger holes that lets smaller seed slip through

9. Stokes Select Suet Feeder

If you’re landscaping your yard and decided to plant maple trees, you’ll need the best feeder to hang in them and support your birds all year round. This is especially important if you live in a place that gets cold in the winter months. This feeder will easily hold two larger suet cakes that will give your birds energy and a nice food source all winter long. It has a wire mesh cage grid design that will securely hold he suet in place while giving birds plenty of space to get through it and eat the suet cake.

You can swap out the suet cakes to nesting material in the spring to get more use out of this. It has a double-locking system with an easy-open design that makes it easy to load and swap out the food or nesting material, and it closes tightly to hold the cakes in place. It has a solid steel construction that features a powder-coated black finish that resists rust. The roof of the bird feeder protects the seed from moisture.


  • Has a weather-resistant coating
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Can fill with nesting materials or suet


  • Can have a plastic roof that is less durable
  • Slightly smaller for the price
  • Grids are very large

10. Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder

This feeder by Woodlink has two plexiglass sides that create a trench that can hold up to five pounds of bird seed per fill. Both larger birds and small birds can land on either side of the feeder and eat, and there are two wire mesh cages on either end of the feeder that will hold a suet cake or nesting material each to attract dozens of different birds including larger birds. All you have to do is raise the lid to fill it, and the roof of the feeder secures the seed and ensures it doesn’t get wet or spill out. It has aluminum hinges that will last without rusting for greater durability.

You can easily clean this by lifting the side of the roof and unscrewing four screws. This will give you access to both sides of the plexiglass to clean and put back. The red cedar exterior will eventually fade to a sleek gray coloring, and you don’t have to seal it. Each bird feeder comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s made in the United States to very strict quality control standards, and it’s easy to get in touch with customer support.


  • Holds up to four pounds of seed
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Has space for suet cakes


  • Perches are too big for smaller bird species
  • Difficult to get to the suet cakes
  • Fades unless you add sealant on it

How to Choose Bird Feeders

When you start looking for one to hang in your backyard, there are several buying criteria you want to keep in mind. If you pick a good option, you can hang it by your hammock stand, take a book outside, relax, and watch the birds for hours at a time.

Bird Feeder 2 Type
Knowing the types of birds that frequent your yard can help you tailor your choice of the feeder to them so you see more birds overall. 

As a bonus, the bird feeders will help keep birds fed and healthy in the wild. They’ll be attracted to your yard, and you can start seeing more colorful species coming in to eat on a daily basis. You can hang up several kinds of bird feeders to attract birds, including:

    • Platforms – Platform bird feeders work well for sparrows, grosbeaks, pigeons, blackbirds, doves, jays, and starlings. They don’t have any protection against unfavorable weather, but they have ample drainage. They give the bird a lot of room to eat, but it’s open to squirrels too.
    • House – Better known as hoppers, these bird feeders attract cardinals, finches, jays, chickadees, titmice, and buntings. They’re very attractive to squirrels too, but they allow you to load in a few pounds of feed that can last for a few days.
    • Window – If you want to watch birds from a very close distance, this is the feeder to buy. You can attach them directly to your window with suction cups, and they have a clear design that allows you to see the birds up close. They’re easy to clean and accessible, and they attract titmice, finches, and chickadees.
    • Tube Feeders – These cylindrical feeders help secure and protect your bird seed from foraging creatures and weather. They have several feeding ports dotted on the body, and any have weight-activated mechanisms that will help lock squirrels out. Sparrows, grosbeaks, finches, and chickadees all like these feeders, but heavier birds will avoid it.
    • Nyjer Seed – You can get a tube feeder or a thistle sock for this type of bird feeder, and it attracts redpolls, American goldfinches, and pine Siskins.


  • Hummingbird – Hummingbirds have needle-like beaks that means they can’t eat regular bird seed and they can’t use traditional bird feeders. These feeders hold liquid, have a clear body, and they have several small ports where the birds can feed. 
  • Suet – The final type of feeder is suet. This feeder usually comes with a small caged area where you can slide in suet cakes, and it has a roof to protect it. They’re usually a metal cage with a secure lock, and you can put nesting materials in them too.


Bird Feeder 3 Kinds
There are several types of bird feeders available, and buying more than one type can attract several colorful birds to your yard. 

Buying Considerations

Which types of feeders should you get? The first thing you should do when you search for a feeder is settle on a type. This way, you’ll narrow down your choices right away and be able to concentrate on the important aspects and compare your options. Maybe you’re looking for a fun patio idea to bring some wildlife in. If so, this feeder is the way to go.


The material your bird feeder comes made out of will have a big impact on how long it lasts against the elements. For example, a metal feeder will most likely last longer than a wooden one, but this depends on whether or not the wooden one has a sealant on it. Cedar is a popular material for wooden bird feeders because it doesn’t allow mold or bacteria to grow, and it fades gracefully. Check the birdhouse material, and make sure you pay close attention to the roof.

Seed Capacity

How much bird seed can your bird feeder handle? You don’t want to have to fill it every single day, even if you have a lot of birds in the yard. The best bird feeders can hold at least a few pounds of food. If they can’t you’ll find yourself constantly refilling it. However, if you have a small rooftop apartment, a smaller feeder may be the way to go because you’re cramped for space. Decide on the area you want to hang your bird feeder in and pick out a mixed seed capacity that makes sense.

Bird Feeder 4 Capacity
You don’t want your birdfeeder to run dry because the feeding birds will leave if they can’t eat. A larger mixed seed capacity can prevent you from having to fill it constantly. 


You want your bird feeder to last, even if you don’t pay a lot for it. Most of the best bird feeders have weather-resistant measures in space like a powder coating that protects any metal from rusting or corroding. Wooden bird feeders have a sealant on them that stop bacteria or mold from forming, and this can extend the feeder’s life. Additionally, sealant stops rain from causing the wood to warp.


It is possible to get a high-quality bird feeder for under $100, but they have a large cost range. Before you shop for bird feeders, take time to settle on a price and don’t go over it. This will remove ones from your price range, and it’ll stop you from getting tempted and going over your budget. You can start smaller and upgrade later too.

Ease of Cleaning

Eventually, you’ll have to take your bird feeders apart and clean the feeders. You want this to be as easy as possible, because it can be a messy project. Ideally, you’ll be able to either open the lid wide or take it off completely. Once you do, it should be easy to get into the bird feeder and clean the various components while you empty all of the seed out. When it’s clean, you’ll have to put it back together and refill it to get it ready for the birds.

Bird Feeder 5 End
Taking time to measure your options and choose bird feeders will ensure that you can relax and enjoy the birds visiting your yard all summer long. 

The bird feeder will attract a multitude of birds to your yard. You can enjoy it all year round, especially if you make a point to keep it full. You can hang it away from your kid’s swing set so they come in while your kids are out playing, and you can use the feeders to teach your kids about wildlife. Our short guide and product reviews will help you pick out the bird feeder for your needs.

Create a Bird Paradise with the Best Bird Feeder