Bay Window Prices – The Ultimate Guide

A bay window has a way of making your space seem versatile and dynamic, but they give you a small and comfortable space to sit and relax too. They let more light stream into your home, add volume to the area, and they’re the perfect addition if you add an extension, and this is why many people wonder that the going bay window prices are today. A bay window has three windows that attach to each other at an angle of 30 to 45°, and it makes for a nice storage space or seating area in your home. They can also boost your home’s curb appeal from the outside looking in, and this is always a bonus if you plan to sell down the line. 

You can turn this into a functional or decorative area in your home by adding additional shelves, seating, storage, or a combination of the three. They come in a large range of materials, sizes, and connection angles, and this is what will cause your bay window price to fluctuate from one end of the price spectrum to the next. Generally speaking, more simple designs with less decorations will cost less, and the prices will go up as you start getting more elaborate with what you want the final product to look like. 

Your average bay window prices to pick it out and install it ranges from $1,200 to $3,600. You’ll typically pay around $2,400 to get and install a set of bay windows that measure four-feet by eight-feet. Your prices can drop to as low as $400 for a smaller window that uses cheaper materials, or they can easily climb up to $5,500 for larger windows that use premium materials and need more extensive installation. Picking energy-efficient glass can increase your bay window prices, as can adding a more elaborate sitting area or nook. 

If you’ve always wanted a bay window and you’re wondering what your average bay window price will be to get one and install it, this is for you. We’re going to highlight all of the important factors that come into play with this project, and this will help you get a rough estimate of your project cost. This way, you can be more prepared for this project before you start it when you contact your local contractors for quotes. 

1 Classic Bay Window
Bay windows are very nice additions to your home. Not only do they allow a large amount of light to flow in, but they also give you a space to sit, look out into your yard, and relax.
Bay Window by Melinda Young Stuart / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bay Window Price Fluctuations by Materials

Your material will drive your final bay window prices because it can impact both the durability and functionality of the window along with the style. Every material comes with benefits and drawbacks attached to it, but each material can work well for different styles from modern to rustic. THey also have different maintenance costs, and the most popular materials include: 


Aluminum isn’t high-end, but it’s a very functional material. Your window will usually have a mid-grade quality if you choose to use it with other materials being more durable overall. However, it can be a top pick in different scenarios. Aluminum is very strong and lightweight, and it’s very durable against more salty air like around oceans or beaches. It works very well in warm climates because it won’t disintegrate or erode in the slaty air or heat and humidity. Your bay window prices using aluminum range from $400 to $1,200. 


Clad windows come in two main types, aluminum and vinyl. You can also choose fiberglass, but this isn’t as common. A clad window is a window that comes with different interior and exterior materials. The interior core is typically wood. 

This type of window will give you the weather-resistance and durability you get with aluminum or vinyl windows while giving you a classic interior look. Since the material changes, these windows are more likely to build up condensation between the glass panes. They can be expensive because they’re more custom, and your bay window prices range from $1,500 to $2,000. 


This is a very high-end material that will help you create long-lasting and durable windows. Fiberglass holds the distinction of being one of the strongest materials manufacturers use in window design, and it’s stronger than PVC and wood. It’s difficult for you to damage windows with this material, and they don’t scratch or dent easily. It’s fairly low-maintenance and energy-efficient, and it works well in bigger windows. Your bay window price using fiberglass ranges from $750 to $2,500 per window. 

PVC or Vinyl

Vinyl is popular for siding, and it’s a very common material for these windows. These windows usually come pre-made of a decent quality, and they’re relatively low-maintenance. You do get a small window to customize them, but this is lower than more versatile materials. It’s weather-resistant and durable, and it insulates the window very well. Your average bay window price for a PVC or vinyl material ranges from $770 to $3,000. 


Steel can easily last a lifetime without you having to replace them, and this is a huge benefit. They have an unparalleled durability to them, and it’s a very energy-efficient material. You can design it to work in almost any space, and it gives you a very modern and beautiful look. This does make it a more expensive option when you’re looking at bay window prices, and it usually starts around $1,600 per window and goes up to $5,400. 


Wood will lend a much more classic look to your window with a warm feel. It’s also usually higher quality, and it’s durable. You can have it custom made to fit or order standard sizes, and it works very well in almost any climate. Your bay window prices for wood have a large range because there are several species to choose from to give you different colors and grains. Wood does need more maintenance and cleaning, and it doesn’t do well on insulation. You’ll pay between $800 and $2,700 on average for it. 

Different Shapes and How They Impact Bay Window Prices

You can choose from a range of different shapes and sizes when it comes to these windows, and this is why they’re so popular. There are several unique designs you can choose from, and the structure and design will depend on what type of window it is. Each different type has a slightly varied function with different price points, including: 


This is a slightly different shape than a typical bay window, and it usually comes with four or five panels for the glass instead of three. The more panes give the window a much more gentle curve. The panels are also much slimmer than a traditional one, and they come set at winder angles. Your bay window price for a bow-style window ranges from $900 to $1,600. 


The panels on this bay window will have a 90° angle on them. When you put all three panels together, they form a rectangle or box shape. There isn’t a curve with this design, and it’s one of the most common available because it’s so simple. You can see them in apartments and homes, and their popularity continues to go up. Your bay window price for a box-style window ranges from $500 to $900 for the window alone. 


A circle bay window is on the high end of the price spectrum, and they have a full curve to them that helps to create a half-circle when you look at the window panes. They typically come with three panes of glass, and you’ll see a very ornamental design with a lot of intricate details like carvings, patterns, or coloring in the molding. These windows are also usually taller than a traditional bay window, and they can easily get between six and eight-feet tall. Your bay window prices will range from $2,000 to $3,000 with this design. 


Better known as a canted bay window, this design uses three panes. Two of the panes are angled. The third pane connects the two angled panes and has a flat design. The panes sit at 30° and 45° respectively. They tend to be wider and taller than traditional box bay windows, so the costs usually go up. Your bay window prices fall between $800 and $1,100. 


This was the original form for bay windows that goes back to the English Renaissance period. They get built not to touch the ground, and this is their design key. Instead, they have a decorative bracket that works as a durable structural support for your window. These windows lend a very classic look and feel to your home, and you can add them to any floor. The average bay window prices for this model range from $900 to $1,500, but they can go as high as $2,300. 

2 Bay Window Shapes
Choosing a shape for your new window will dictate how well it fits into your current space. Some need more support than others, and this can increase your labor costs.
Tailored Bay Window Valances by Design Folly / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bay Window Sizes and Price Points

You can choose from literally hundreds of different sizes when it comes to these windows. You’ll have to account for several variables when you take your measurements to ensure it fits into your opening size. You have to measure the width and height, but you also have to measure the projection and ratio. These windows are usually custom-made, and their heights range from 3-feet to 6-feet with a width of 3-feet to 10-feet. The most popular sizes are: 

4-Feet by 3-Feet

This is on the smaller side for this type of window. This size is typically a box window, and these windows typically feature a 90° so they don’t have room for a bigger seating area. Many people use these windows for their plants or a decorative storage nook. This size window works very well in condos, apartments, and smaller homes. Your bay window prices for this size range from $300 to $500. 

6-Feet by 3-Feet

Windows that are six feet wide are a nice size for a standard or box bay window setup. The angels of this window will cut off some of the length, but it’s still large enough to create a comfortable but small nook to relax in or set your plants. The average bay window prices range from $400 to $650. 

8-Feet by 3-Feet

This larger size offers enough room for a full bay, circle bay, or a bow window. You’ll be able to get a very wide view of your yard, and it’s almost panoramic. The eight-foot wide base gives you plenty of room to create a larger or more ornate seating area. Your bay window prices will fluctuate between $450 and $720 per window. 

10-Feet by 3-Feet

This is one of the biggest standard bay window sizes available, and you’ll typically get a full bay or circle bay window when you get this large. There is a larger amount of open space on the interior where you can create a seating or storage area. You could also add several shelves to make a large and ornate storage area. The bay window prices range from $550 to $850 with this size. 

Cost for Different Glass Types

The type of glass you pick out will have a big influence on how energy-efficient your windows are. You have many options available when you consider the different coatings, the number of panes, and the type of glass you use. Usually, your glass’s intricacies have to do with your climate, but the most popular types of glass for bay windows include: 

  • Single Pane – $300 to $1,300
  • Double Pane – $500 by $1,900
  • Low-E Coating – $800 to $2,700
  • Spectrally Selective Coating – $1,100 to $2,700
  • Argon-Filled – $1,200 to $2,700
  • Triple Pane – $1,300 to $3,000
  • Krypton-Filled – $1,700 to $3,800

Average Bay Window Price by Brand

Your bay window prices will vary by brand, so it’s a good idea to shop a few different ones to see how much the prices can fluctuate. Many brands have several bay window lines available with different sizes, materials, and quality. For the following bay window prices, we’re going to assume you’re installing a four-foot by three-foot vinyl window: 


You can get replacement and new construction window options with this brand, and they specialize in vinyl windows. However, their different lines only go into certain areas of the country, so you have to pick the correct line for your location. They have a few bay windows available, and their bay window prices run from $1,000 to $1,500. 


This is a very common window brand, and they have several nice options that can fit comfortably in almost any budget. This company comes with high ratings and a good reputation, and they are known for delivering high-quality windows. Your bay window prices from Andersen will range from $1,600 to $3,000. 


This company excels at vinyl and wooden windows, and they have a slightly simpler product line that offers standard choices. There is not a large network for distribution for this company, and you can only get their windows if you’re in the northeast United States. They will deliver as far south as Philadelphia, but they concentrate on the New England area. The bay window prices range from $1,200 to $2,400. 


This company recently expanded from a mid-grade company to one that offers a vinyl and wood window series with a range of quality and cost options. You can buy each window from this company as a replacement or new construction window, and many companies don’t offer this choice. It’s nice if you’re adding on to your home or upgrading your existing windows. On average, your bay window prices start at $800 and go up to $2,400 with this company. 


You can choose from a broad range of material for your windows from this company, including aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. They come in a range of colors for the exterior and interior, and each of the window lines is unique. Several lines have bay windows available, and you can customize your materials, colors, and features. The bay window price range is $1,200 to $2,200. 


This company is one of the most well-known and biggest on the market. They have a broad product range that includes some of the most high-end options available and bay windows. You get the ability to find the window that meets your budget, material, and quality desires. These windows usually come with the Energy-Star rating on them, and they do well in a large climate range. The average bay window prices range from $1,000 to $3,000. 


If you’re on a strict budget, Simonton has lower bay window prices available with nine window lines. They specialize in vinyl windows, and they offer everything from budget-friendly options to high-end. You don’t get a lot of color or material choices, but they produce consistent windows. They also have one of the most versatile liens around, and pricing ranges from $850 to $2,700. 

3 Popular Bay Window Companies
Going with a well-known company for this project can ensure you get the final product you want, and you’ll also get something that will last for years without issues because they use higher-grade materials.
Bay Window to the Study by Ian Muir / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Labor Costs

Labor will play a large part in your final bay window price estimates when you call companies in your area. Generally speaking, this is a more labor-intensive project that can take several hours to complete. At minimum, you should add around $400 in labor per window, and the maximum cost can easily top $5,500. The national average is $2,400, and you have to add this to your bay window prices. If it’s a complex installation, you’ll pay more for it. 

Cost to Replace a Bay Window

Replacing an older window is less labor-intensive and faster than installing a whole new one, and this can help you control your bay window prices. The bay window price will be the same for the window itself, but labor will drop. You normally won’t have to alter the roof or eaves if you already have a window and place and just need a new one. 

If you already have a window in place and you want to replace it, your bay window prices typically include four to six hours of labor at $160 to $240. This doesn’t include material disposal, and this can add $50.00 onto your costs. By the time you factor in preparation, travel, and disposal into your bay window prices, the cost falls between $500 and $700. All you have to do is buy the window and schedule an installation date. The contractor will pull out the old one, check the eaves and walls for damage, and install the new window. 

Cost to Repair a Bay Window

Bay windows will typically need one of two repairs. A faulty seal is the most common problem that can appear between the window frame and the glass or between the wood trim and the window frame. A faulty seal can lead to leaks and problems with insulation. Your bay window prices will go up when you include this cost, and it usually takes two hours to fix at around $100. 

The second issue is a damaged roof, eave, or sill. They can happen outside if you had a bout of bad weather go through, or normal wear and tear can cause them. If you need to fix the bay window roof, it usually costs around $500 and takes eight hours to finish. 

No matter which repair you need, it’s a good idea to call in a professional who can figure out which issue you have and fix it quickly. If the repair is small, it shouldn’t take long or be too difficult to fix. Contractors usually charge the same rates for installation or repairs, but the repair costs are usually much lower. 

Additional Cost Considerations

Along with the typical costs, there are a few additional ones you want to factor into your bay window prices. Some of them are optional and some aren’t optional, so you want to have ballpark costs for both to help you budget effectively. 

Energy-Efficient Glass

Today, most of your standard window glass is very energy-efficient. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to have Low-E coating or triple-insulated glass to keep the cold air out. It could boost your energy efficiency by as much as 20%. Your bay window prices for a standard double-hung bay window made out of vinyl will range from $270 to $800 a window. 

Interior Trim with Window Seating

Adding trim to the interior is a nice way to finish the window and get a clean look. You could add a seating or storage area, or a window frame. It could be a good idea to hire a carpenter to come in to finish it, even if it’s relatively simple. Per linear foot, your trim will cost between $3.00 and $4.00. To hire a professional to come in, you’ll spend around $350. 

Open the Wall

It’s a very large project to open a wall on your home to add a bay window. You have to spend a decent amount of time on the construction and preparation. Depending on where you want the window, your contractor might have to move load-bearing walls and studs. This usually takes several days to complete, and it’ll add between $1,200 to $3,000 to your bay window prices. The cost continues to go up if it’s not on the ground floor. 

Remove Old Windows

You have to remove the old window before you can replace it. Some companies will include the removal in the original quote and some don’t, so it’s important to confirm this detail when you call around to local companies. This process usually takes around an hour from start to finish, and your costs will range from $80.00 to $130. 

Where to Find Bay Window Installation Experts Near You

If you’re looking for local companies to take on this project for you, it’s important that you get several quotes to get the best price without sacrificing quality. You can look here to start: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

4 Bay Window Prices FAQs
Many people have questions about this project, so it’s not uncommon to see the same ones come up again and again. The more questions you ask, the better your understanding of the project will be.
Walnut Street Bay Window by chrisinphilly5448 / CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Can a bay window add value to your home?

Yes, bay windows can increase your home’s value. They’re very aesthetically pleasing to look at, and they can boost your home’s curb appeal. It can also add value to your home’s interior while allowing for a lot of light to come in. 

2. How long does the installation process take?

Since a large amount of your bay window prices depends on labor, you should have a rough idea on how long installation will take. Installing a new window can take between two and four days, but replacing a window should only take a few hours. The time will go up if you need to install new eaves, roof, or structure. 

3. Is it possible to replace a bow window with a day window?

Yes, you can replace a bow window with a more traditional bay window. There will have to be a few changes to the walls because the windows have dimensional differences. A bay window also requires more support to the structure than the other type. 

Bottom Line

Your bay window prices will have a large range of factors that can make it fluctuate from one end of the spectrum to the next. Getting a rough estimate and taking it to your local contractors can help you find a happy medium that stays inside your budget while giving you the quality you want. 

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