10 Easy Garden Fence Ideas 

When we think of our gardens, most people tend to focus on their flowers, vegetable crops, fruit trees or immaculate green lawn. However, what surrounds your outside spaces is just as important.

Garden fencing or walls can help to secure a space, keeping people out and your pets in. The right structure can also be a good way to introduce privacy, enhance the shape of a space, create separate areas or mark out boundaries.

A good fence can also add interest, provide a screen against which to showcase colorful floral displays or even act as a support for sprawling or vining plants.

The following easy garden fence ideas are ideal for a range of different styles and planting schemes. They are also easy to incorporate into any outside space.

1 Easy garden fence

Fencing is a good way to secure an outside area or create sections in your outside space.  

1 Premade Panels

Probably the easiest of the fencing ideas on this list, premade panels are the ultimate quick fix if you are fencing in an outside area.

You can purchase panels in a range of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Most panels are simple to connect and install, meaning that you can complete your fencing task within a couple of hours. Many premade panels, such as Patio Outdoor Privacy Screens are also portable, meaning that you can move them around your outside space, altering the layout or changing the focus of an area as your garden evolves.

2 Upcycle Pallets

Pallets are pre-made wooden flats. Used pallets are a great do-it-yourself easy garden fence solution.

Environmentally friendly, this option is also simple to install. Begin by driving wooden posts securely into the ground. Cement can be used to further secure the posts in place. Once they are secure you can simply screw your pallets to the posts.

2 Turn pallets into garden fence

Old pallets can be turned into an easy garden fence. 

Old pallets may not be the most visually attractive easy garden fence option, but you can easily paint or decorate them, improving their aesthetic appeal. You can also attach pots or planters to the pallets or even fix a trellis and train vining plants such as climbing roses, mandevilla or trumpet honeysuckles to grow along your fencing.

Pallet fencing is a great way to keep larger animals such as deer away from an area. However, smaller animals such as squirrels or rabbits can still squeeze through the gaps. Fixing chicken wire to the fencing can help to plug any gaps.

3 Wire Fencing

Another easy garden fence idea, wire fencing may not be the fanciest fencing solution but it does provide a secure way to enclose a space. Wire fencing is also cost effective which is great if you are enclosing a large area of land.

Coming in a variety of heights, wire fencing is a good option for keeping both large and small pests out of your growing area. It is also a pleasingly durable solution.

To install wire fencing begin by installing wooden or metal posts. Then attach Galvanized Chicken Wire or hog wire. You can also find plastic netting like-wire that is simple to attach to metal posts.

Once firmly secured in place, this is a long lasting, durable solution that requires little regular maintenance. To improve the visual appearance of your wire fencing, plants can be trailed to grow along it.

4 Wattle Fencing

Wattle fencing is not only a great way to use natural resources it is also a cost-effective fencing option.

Popular since Victorian times, this classic piece of garden infrastructure is an ideal easy garden fence idea if you want to keep a natural feel in your outside space. Utilizing native trees, in particular sturdy cedar posts and pliable willow saplings, this is a great way to construct sturdy, secure fencing.

Surprisingly simple to construct, our guide to building your own wattle fence explains everything that you need to know.

3 Easy wicker garden fence
Surprisingly durable wattle fencing provides a secure, natural barrier.

5 Gabion Walls

Functional and visually attractive, this easy garden fence idea is one of the best all-round hardscaping options for an outside space.

Gabion walls provide a practical high end way of securing your outside space. They are also low maintenance and pleasingly cost-effective.

Gabion walls are created by filling gabions, these are metal wire or mesh cages, with rocks and boulders.

The gabions can be arranged in any shape or height you wish to secure and add privacy to your outside space. By changing the heights of your gabion wall you can add visual interest as well as using them to blend seating areas into your outside space.

If this easy garden fence solution is for you, our guide to building a gabion wall is a good place to start.

4 Easy gabion wall
Gabion walls are a solid, secure fencing option.

6 Lattice Fencing

Our next option, lattice fencing is a slightly more formal easy garden fence option than DIY pallet fencing. A visually pleasing functional barrier, you can further enhance your lattice barrier by painting it or training plants to grow along the fencing.

Lattice fencing is also a good privacy screen option while shorter lattice fence panels can be used to section off areas, such as your vegetable patch.

7 Bamboo Fencing

Another easy garden fence idea that uses natural resources, bamboo fencing is a great option that works in both natural or wildlife friendly spaces and more modern, sleek spaces.

5 Easy bamboo garden fence

Bamboo fencing is a good way to introduce natural looking privacy to an outdoor space.  

One of the most versatile easy garden fence ideas you can create short or tall bamboo fencing. Combining different types of bamboo can add further visual interest to your outside space.

To create your bamboo fencing, you can either cut bamboo poles or plant your own bamboo plants and train the stems to grow upwards. If you want to grow your own living bamboo fencing, our step-by-step guide to growing bamboo is packed with useful advice.

8 Small Picket Fencing

Pristine white picket fencing surrounding a neatly mown lush green lawn is one of the iconic images of suburbia. But don’t let this put you off. Small picket fencing is a great way to introduce levels or depth to your outside space.

6 Picket fence and flowers

Short, white picket fencing provides a great contrast to showy plants.  

To save money, instead of buying your picket fencing, why not use reclaimed wood? Cheap to acquire and environmentally friendly simply cut your pickets down to size and install.

Small stretches of fencing are easier to manage than larger fencing. If space is at a premium, shorter fencing helps to keep smaller outside spaces light and open.

Painting your fencing white or a light color helps the fencing to stand out against a natural planting scheme. Painting your picket fencing a light color also makes it easier to see in poor light.

If you don’t want to use small picket fencing, you can go for a more natural fencing option; box shrubs.

9 Natural Hedging

Not the quickest of our easy garden fence ideas to achieve, growing a hedge not only provides your outside space with a secure barrier it is also incredibly beneficial for nature, providing food and shelter for birds and small mammals.

7 Easy garden hedge
Hedging is not only a low maintenance fencing choice, it also provides a home and food source for wildlife.  

Combining plants of different shapes and sizes such as compact boxwood and taller cedar trees is a good way to add year round, visual interest to your outside space.

Amongst the best hedge trees are thorny plants such as pyracantha. A visually attractive plant, pyracantha’s thorns also help to increase your garden’s security. Other prickly plants that are good fencing options include holly and hawthorn.

If this easy garden fence option is for you, our guide to creating your own living fence is filled with all the information that you need.

10 Recycled Materials

Our final do-it-yourself easy garden fence idea is to use any old materials that you have to hand to enclose your outdoor space. Sourcing used or free materials is also a great way to keep your expenses down.

Old metal sheets and pieces of wood are great fencing materials that can be used to safely secure your outside space. Additionally, using contrasting materials and textures can, with a little thought and design, add visual interest to your outside space.

8 Upcycle an easy garden fence
Using old wood for fencing adds texture to your outside space.

Once constructed there are a myriad of ways to make this easy garden fence idea more aesthetically pleasing.

Easy Garden Fence Decoration Ideas

Whichever easy garden fence idea you chose for your outdoor space, there are a number of ways that you can further enhance your fencing.

Adding color with outdoor or fencing paint is a quick and simple way to brighten up your outside space. It is also an affordable way to brighten up your growing area, particularly during the darker winter months.

Paint schemes can be chosen to compliment your planting scheme or to contrast it, adding dynamic interest to your outside space. While bright colors stand out, paler, calmer tones provide a canvas against which your colorful flowers can shine.

9 Paint your garden fence
Painting your fencing is a quick way to brighten up an outside space.

Installing a trellis to the fencing and encouraging plants to grow along it is a good way to blend your fencing into the landscape. If your easy garden fence is surrounding a vegetable patch, the trellis can be used to support vining plants such as tomatoes or squash.

Wire fencing solutions provide a sturdy support for potentially top heavy plants such as cucamelons or banana plants.

10 Fencing supports growing plants
Fencing can act as a support for vining vegetables.  

You can also enhance the appearance of your easy garden fence by adding decorations such as birdhouses, bee houses or even insect hotels to the structure. Not only does this add interest to your outside space, it is also great for local wildlife. Attracting beneficial insects and pollinators to your outside space can also help to boost floral displays or improve fruit and vegetable yields.

Solar powered lights can be added to your fencing to brighten up outside spaced at night. Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights can stretch the length of your fencing, illuminating the outdoors and creating an inviting space to spend warm summer nights.

Solar lighting is also a good, low cost lighting option that makes the space safer to use as the light fades.

11 Light up your garden fence

Draping solar lights along your fencing illuminates your outside space at night. 

A good fencing solution not only provides your outside space with security and privacy it can also help to add structure to a space, acts as a canvas or support for displaying plants and vining vegetables or even add interest of its own.

The easy garden fence ideas outlined above can be used in a range of different planting styles and scenarios. With just a little time and effort even the easiest fencing ideas can help to enhance your outside space.

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