The Best Chainsaw for Cleaning Up Your Yard

Keeping your backyard neat and tidy is an ongoing process, especially if you have trees in or around it. Strong winds can cause branches to fall, or the tree could get sick and have branches die. To keep your yard safe, you have to cut and trim away these branches so they don’t accidentally fall. It’s also much healthier for the tree itself to get rid of these branches, but this can be challenging if you don’t have the correct tools on-hand. The best chainsaw can help you cut these branches down into manageable sizes that you can haul away, store for firewood, or upcycle them into something new for your yard. 

However, there are literally hundreds of brands that produce high-quality chainsaws, and this makes it hard to find the best chainsaw for your wants and needs. They come in different styles and sizes to further complicate the process. I’ve picked out 10 of the best chainsaws that all feature reputable brands for you to compare side-by-side. You can use these reviews and the buyer’s guide below them to find out what is important to consider when you shop. This way, you stand a good chance of getting the best chainsaw that can help you take on a host of projects around your home. 

Chainsaw 1 Start

Everyone should have a chainsaw at them home to help them with any unexpected projects that pop up from time to time. There are so many options available that you’ll be able to find one that fits any space requirements you have without sacrificing power. 

1. Remington Gas Powered Chainsaw – Top Pick

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This is one of the top chainsaws available on the current market, and you’ll be able to use it season after season without a problem. It works well for people who live in suburban or rural areas and who need a professional-grade gas powered tool for wood cutting or tree trimming to clean up their yards. You get a 14-inch bar that makes it great for pruning branches or cutting small trees, and you can cut down a 28-inch tree using two opposite cuts quickly and easily. The Quickstart Technology gives you a fast and smooth start every time without any hassle. 

There is an adjustable flow with an automatic oiler on this chainsaw that ensures that the chain stays perfectly lubricated. The five-point anti-vibration system makes it very comfortable to use for larger projects and hours of use. You’ll get a side-mounted chain tensioning system that lets you make fast chain adjustments without slowing down your work or requiring special tools. The inertia-activated chain brake is a fantastic safety feature that halts the chain during a kickback’s upward thrust. There is also a manual chain brake included so you can have precision control over it as you work. 


  • Quickstart Technology 
  • Automatic oilier 
  • Side-mount chain tensioning system 
  • 14-inch bar
  • Manual and automatic chain brake system 
  • Anti-vibration technology 
  • Great for small to medium projects


  • Difficult to get ahold of customer service

2. Poulan Pro Chainsaw – Step-Up Pick

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Poulan Pro is one of the most well-known chainsaw manufacturers available on the current market, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s on the list. You’ll get a larger 20-inch bar that allows you to tackle small, medium, or large-scale projects with ease. The length puts it right up there with professional-grade saws, and it’s a powerful gas-powered model that won’t stall out or bog down on tough projects. It works excellent for cutting firewood, and the OxyPower Engine Technology gives you an engine that puts out up to 70% fewer emissions with 20% lower fuel consumption when you use it. 

This makes this chainsaw great for the environment while protecting your bottom line. It has an inertia-activated chain brake on it that will keep you safe as you use it, and you get a side-mounted chain tensioning system that lets you make fast chain adjustments as you work. You have to note that it doesn’t come with an adjustable flow with an automatic oiler, so your lubrication won’t be as precise. However, it does have a fixed flow that will keep the bar oiled the entire time you work. 


  • OxyPower Engine Technology 
  • 70% fewer emissions
  • 20% lower fuel consumption 
  • Inertia-activated chain brake 
  • Fixed flow for lubrication 
  • Easy to start
  • Bigger 20-inch bar


  • Difficulty staying running

3. Greenworks Pro Cordless Chainsaw – Mid-End Budget Pick

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 This chainsaw will give you great performance with a longer 18-inch bar without breaking your bank. If you’re someone who wants a powerful tool to use around your yard, this is a great cordless battery-operated chainsaw you’ll find on the market. You can tackle wood cutting projects without trying to carry around gasoline or breathing in exhaust fumes. It works well for trimming your maple trees or pruning the hedges. It has an 80-volt Lithium-Ion battery that gives you up to 45-minutes of run time while taking 30-minutes to charge from dead. It also has bucking spikes, and many of the chainsaws on the list don’t have them. 

These spikes dig into the log to give you a much more precise cut, and this gives you neater results. It also helps secure the chainsaw to ensure that you don’t get hurt because the chainsaw kicks back on you. There is a manual chain brake as a standard safety feature, and there is an automatic fixed flow oiler to keep your chain 100% lubricated the entire time you work to ensure it doesn’t overheat or start to bog down. You get a sleek lime green and black color scheme that is easy to see. 


  • 80-volt lithium-ion battery 
  • 45-minutes of running time 
  • Has bucking spikes in the chain 
  • Automatic fixed flow oiler 
  • Charges quickly 
  • Takes on larger and small projects 
  • 18-inch bar


  • Batteries can be expensive and drain quickly 

4. Worx Electric Chainsaw – Bargain Budget Pick

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For those on a tight budget, this is the best chainsaw available to help you take on your projects around the house. This is a professional model that comes with an 18-inch bar on it to extend your reach and allow you to slice through thicker wood pieces. This is one of the biggest bars you’ll find on an electric chainsaw, and it’ll work to slice logs into firewood, cut down large trees, or bucking fallen trees. When you plug it in, it’ll run as long as you have power to ensure you can complete your task without having to wait for batteries to recharge. 

You’ll get a 15-amp motor output that gives you a more powerful cutting performance, and it has an auto-tension system on the chain that prevents you from over-tightening it, and it will stay at the correct tension through dozens of uses. There is a low kickback bar with a built-in chain brake to increase your safety measures. The built-in oil reservoir with the automatic oil lubrication system and window level indicator ensures you get a perfectly lubricated chain. It comes 100% assembled right out of the box, and you get a three-year warranty. 


  • 15-amp motor 
  • Professional-grade chainsaw 
  • Auto-tension system for the chain 
  • Built-in oil reservoir 
  • 100% assembled out of the box 
  • 18-inch bar 
  • Built-in chain brake 


  • Kickback guard is plastic 

5. Husqvarna Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Best For Tough Projects

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Husquvarna is an excellent chainsaw manufacturer with a 24-inch bar, and it’s a professional-grade saw that works well for experienced operators who want to take on more serious projects around the house. It’s able to give you the power you need to cut through tough jobs, like cutting columnar trees. It won’t bog down or stall out when you rip big logs or take down large trees. You get an upgraded X-Torq Technology that will lower the emissions by up to 60%, and it’ll lower the fuel consumption by 20% so you can save money and gas while cutting for longer periods. 

You get an automatic oiler with adjustable flow, inertia-activated chain brake, and a side-mounted chain tensioning system. It has a 3cc gas motor with two-cycle fuel. There is a quick-release air filter that makes it easy to clean and replace the filter system to keep your chainsaw running in top shape. You should use this product with a chainsaw helmet and Husquvarna chainsaw chaps. There is a comfortable grip on this tool that allows you to use it for extended periods without fatigue. So, you can easily take on all the projects you have on your list in a weekend. 


  • X-Torq Technology 
  • 60% lower emissions 
  • 20% lower fuel consumption 
  • Automatic oiler 
  • Gas motor 
  • Comfortable grip 
  • 24-inch bar


  • Very loud when you use it

6. Makita Brushless Chainsaw Kit – Best For Small Projects

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You can’t count battery-powered chainsaws out of the running for the best chainsaws to clean up your yard. It’s a cordless chainsaw that has an electric motor. You get a 16-inch bar that makes this an excellent tool to use around your home, including on light trimming jobs. It’s very easy on the ears, and this allows you to use it around your neighborhood without disturbing anyone. It’s much lower maintenance because you don’t have to worry about oil or gas to get it to work well. It runs on two 18-volt Lithium-Ion batteries, and this can increase your run time by 50%. 

You get four quick-charge batteries in this kit, and this ensures that you can swap them out to increase how long you have to run between charges. The batteries are standardized across the whole Makita tool line, and this allows you to use them between your tools without having to buy new batteries each time. There is a manual chain brake safety feature with an automatic oiler to ensure you have the perfect lubrication at all times. The brushless motor has a direct-drive system that gives you the power of a 32cc gas chain saw. 


  • 16-inch bar
  • 18-volt Lithium Ion batteries 
  • Four quick-charge batteries in the kit 
  • Automatic oiler 
  • Direct-drive system 
  • Increases your run time by 50%
  • Lower noise levels


  • Battery charges slower 

7. HUYOSEN Gas Powered Chainsaw – Best For Building Projects

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This is a workhorse for those people who dedicate their entire weekends to projects. Whether it’s trimming up the trees to make them look neat or cutting lumber to build an extension, this chainsaw can do it all. It’s sturdy and reliable while offering you enough power to handle most common projects around your home, and it has an 18-inch bar that is large enough to prune saplings, tree limbs, and brush without stalling out. It has a nice push-button start to it, so you won’t have to struggle pulling the chain over and over again each time you want to use it. 

The blade has sprocket-tipped teeth on it that grip into the wood as you cut, and there is an automatic oiler that keeps the bar in great condition project after project. It’s easy to handle and versatile, and this makes it a solid choice for trim jobs or when you have to work in close quarters. There is a filtration system on this tool that will reduce fuel consumption while giving you longer life to your air filter, and there is a cushioned wrap handle that is both shock absorbing and non-slip. 


  • Reliable and sturdy design
  • Shock absorbing grip 
  • Sprocket-tipped teeth 
  • Filtration system 
  • Lower fuel consumption 
  • 18-inch bar
  • Cushioned wrapped handle 


  • Not strong enough for mature tree cutting projects

8. EGO Power Cordless Chainsaw – Best For Pruning Trees

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It’s true that most battery-powered chainsaws work well for light-duty, quick jobs, this one can do more for you. You get a surprisingly strong 6,300 RPM motor that uses a 56-volt Lithium-Ion battery. You get a 14-inch bar, and the tool is extremely easy to use in terms of handling and cutting speed. There is a low kickback design that has a chain brake, high-efficiency brushless motor, and tension adjustment. The battery can go through around 100 cuts on a single charge, and it recharges relatively quickly to keep you on track with your project. 

It can cut through tree limbs that are up to 12-inches thick, and this is surprising for a battery-powered model. It weighs in at 12-pounds, so it’s slightly heavier than other models on the list, but you get more power for it. The battery comes with a three-year warranty and the chainsaw itself comes with a five-year warranty from the date of purchase. You’ll get smooth cuts each time you use this product, and the double-guard bar is a great safety feature. It also offers a narrow-kerf sprocket nose that allows you to work in tight areas without a problem. 


  • 6,300 RPM motor 
  • High-efficiency brushless motor 
  • 100 cuts per charge 
  • Cuts through 12-inch branches 
  • Dual warranties on the machine and battery 
  • Able to work in tight spaces 
  • Smooth cuts


  • Slightly heavier at 12-pounds 

9. Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw – Best For Remote Work

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 It’s easy to tangle a cord when you’re working on a large project like building a deck, but this chainsaw gives you a lot of bite for your money while removing the cord. You get a long life between battery charges, and this can allow you to work smoothly from start to finish. It cuts through thicker stumps due to the brushless motor, and you get a decent amount of power and torque. It has an electric start to bring it to life, and you’ll get up to 30% more torque than other cordless chainsaws in the same category. It has less turning or twisting to it, and this ensures that it gets less wear and tear to help it last longer. 

There is an automatic oiler on this chainsaw that helps the blade and chain last longer with heavy use, and it has a longer running time than other cordless options. The rattle is lower than other options, and it offers up to 70% less vibration when you use it to make it much more comfortable. You’ll have less fatigue on big projects. You do have to buy the battery and charger separately though.


  • Cordless design 
  • 30% more torque 
  • 70% less vibration to reduce fatigue 
  • Electric start 
  • Automatic oiler 
  • Durable design 
  • Quick charge times 


  • Charger and battery not included

10. Oregon Self-Sharpening Chainsaw – Best For 

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The final chainsaw on our list is an electric powered model that is on the larger end of the spectrum for the domestic market. It comes outfitted with a self-sharpening system for the chain to ensure it’s ready to go in three seconds or less. So, if you accidentally hit the ground or a rock, the chain will right itself without you having to stop and replace it. You do have to make sure you tension the chain correctly with this model because the chain does tend to slip as you work otherwise, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you pay attention. It’s a nice medium-powered chainsaw that can take on an array of projects around the house. 

You’ll get an 18-inch bar on this chainsaw, and it offers 15-amps of power on a 120-volt battery. It has a lower noise output when it runs, and this allows you to use it around your neighbors without disturbing them. It’s silent between cuts, and there is a Lubri-Tech oiling system that reduces chain friction by keeping it properly lubricated at all times. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use straight out of the box, and there is a chain brake added to increase your safety measures. 


  • Instant start
  • Built-in chain sharpener
  • Powerful design 
  • Four buying options available 
  • Lower price 
  • 18-inch bar
  • Lubri-Tech oiling system 


  • Chain can slip with the wrong tension

Best Chainsaw Buying Guide

Now that you know what some of the best chainsaws look like and their brands, you may wonder which buying considerations you need to pay attention to when you start comparing products. The best chainsaws are a nice blend of functionality and durability, and this buying guide will help you narrow down your choices and pick the one that will help you with the most projects around your yard or garden. 

Chainsaw 2 Type

Picking out the best chainsaw type right when you start shopping can help you narrow down your choices right away, and this makes comparing the various saws you see that much easier. Your personal preferences will come into play here, but it’s also important to consider the types of projects you want to accomplish with it. 

Picking a Chainsaw Type

When it comes to the best chainsaws, you get three broad categories to choose from, and some will work better than others for your needs. The three categories include: 

  • Battery – Battery powered chainsaws use a battery pack to run. They don’t put out emissions like other types, but they’re slightly restricted in how long they run. These chainsaws are good for taking on small projects around your yard like trimming overgrown hedges or cutting small branches. 
  • Corded Electric – Corded electric chainsaws are exactly what they sound like. You’ll plug an extension cord into your chainsaw and plug it into an outlet. This gives you a steady supply of power, but it also limits you as to how far you can go before you need another cord. 
  • Gas – Gasoline-powered chainsaws are very traditional and extremely popular. These are heavy-duty machines that use gas and oil to run, but you can easily take them out into rural areas to help you tackle big jobs. They come in standard and professional models in varying lengths. 

Reduced Kickback Features

A reduced kickback chain is a nice safety feature to have when you use your chainsaw. This type of chain comes with extra guard links installed with a slightly less aggressive cutting profile that helps prevent the saw from taking too long to bite and kickback. Many of the best chainsaws also come equipped with a bar with a narrow tip that can limit your cutting area where the most kickback gets generated from. .

Chainsaw 3 Safety

You want your chainsaw to have as many safety features as possible because accidents do happen. With a host of safety features and diligence on your part, you can greatly reduce the chances of having an accident when you work. 

Automatic Oiling System 

If you’re taking on a large project like building an extension, you could find yourself using your chainsaw for long periods of time. To help reduce the friction and keep the chain lubricated, you need an automatic oiling system. This feature allows you to keep cutting without having to stop and manually pump and plunger to keep it lubricated. This system can stop your saw from overheating, and it can help prevent premature wear and tear that can lead to chain breaks. 

Tool-Free Chain Adjustment 

If you have this type of adjustment system on your saw, it’s a wheel-and-crank mechanism that you operate by hand. This will unlock the lock the chain bar, and it also helps move it out and in so you can easily adjust your chain tensioning without having to use a screwdriver or wrench. You’ll be able to make your adjustments very quickly and easily without compromising your safety. 

Vibration Minimization Features 

A lot of gas chainsaws come with metal springs or rubber bushings between the saw’s engine, chain, bar, and the handle to help minimize the vibration levels you feel when you cut into something. Without them in place, you can get fatigued very quickly, and it also makes it challenging to keep a firm grip on the saw as it runs. In turn, this can put you in danger of making mistakes or getting injured. 

Chainsaw 4 End

If you have a chainsaw that vibrates all of the time, this can lead to user fatigue. It can also remove your ability to cut cleanly, and this can result in you having to go back and redo parts of your project to get the neat look you want. 


The best chainsaws come from reputable brands because these brands are more likely to use durable materials and have a responsive customer service team on-hand to answer any questions or concerns. A few of the best chainsaw brands include Stihl, Husquvarna, Worx, Craftsman, Echo, Remington, and Greenworks. Buying from these brands increases the chances that you’ll get a versatile chainsaw you can use for years to help clear out a spot for your kid’s playground set, flower garden, or new garage. 

Bottom Line 

The best chainsaws are very durable and versatile pieces of equipment that help you tackle a broad range of projects around your home and garden. The 10 on our list are excellent examples of the best chainsaws available on the current market, and the short buyer’s guide can help you choose the best one for your wants and needs without breaking the bank. 

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