15 Creative DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

Looking for outdoor toy storage? If you have kids or love to play lawn games, you most likely have a lot of outdoor toys scattered around. Storing them can be a challenge, especially during the warmer summer months. It can be hard to keep track of everything and put the outdoor toys in places where you can easily pull it back out again.

This is where you need our outdoor toy storage ideas. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, our toy storage ideas will help you stay organized and reduce the clutter in and around your home. Some outdoor storage options you can make on your own with things you find around your home, and others you can purchase from Amazon and have them shipped directly to you. 

DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Idea One – Toy Parking Lot

This cute, clever, easy to put together and simple toy storage solution involves sacrificing a small amount of space in your garage, but it’s totally worth it and great for storing bikes and scooters. To start, all you’ll have to do is decide where you’d like to put this parking lot. If you don’t have a garage, try on a patio or deck. Anywhere that you can mark off rectangular spaces is great.

We didn’t want ours to be permanent, so we chose to use painter’s tape instead of paint to mark off the area. You can pick it up at your local hardware store or get it off Amazon. Measure the length of each toy that you want to create a space for in your parking lot. Take your painter’s tape and create rectangles side by side for each time. Tell your kids that they now have designated parking spots for their outdoor toys, and you want to see them parked every night when they finish playing with them.

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This inexpensive painter’s tape is long enough to create dozens of parking spaces for your outdoor toy storage area. It comes off the floor clean, and this ensures that your garage, patio, or deck looks just as nice after you remove it as it did before you put it on. 

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Two – Wheeled Storage Bin

Anyone who is a big fan of lawn games outside the house knows how difficult it is to keep the various pieces together between uses. Maybe your kid likes to play soccer, basketball, or street hockey and they tend to leave their equipment in an untidy mess when they finish with it. Not only does this increase the chances of the toys getting lost or broken, but it also boosts the chances of pieces going missing. The wheeled outdoor storage bin looks sharp and can save you money by keeping your items and kids toys safe in proper ball storage. A perfect outdoor storage and ball storage solution!

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This quadruple compartment ball storage cart is perfect for dividing up your various games or equipment into individual slots. Since it’s on wheels, you can easily move it around your storage area, and it has a thin profile that won’t stick out too far into your space. Each bag lifts out for easy portability too. Great for ball storage and weather resistant.

DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Three – Milk Crates

Many people have a privacy fence around their backyard where their kids play. Although this creates a safe and fun area, it’s also prone to clutter because the kids leave their toys scattered around the yard. If it rains, the toys can get muddy and gross. Adding milk crates to your privacy fence is one to to help you get and stay organized while keeping the toys off the ground.

To do this, you’ll need a slat or two on your fence that sticks out. If you don’t have one but you have a wooden fence, you can screw your mounting brackets right to the fence. Each milk crate will need two mounting brackets to hold it steady. Get at least three milk crates and six mounting brackets. Measure the width of the milk crate and use these measurements to hang the mounting brackets. Once they’re up, put up your milk crates and add the toys. You can store your outdoor toys here, and you can routinely swap them out to keep your kids interested.

Toy Storage 1 Milk Crates
Looking for more DIY ideas for how to store toys? Milk crates are excellent outdoor toy storage vessels because they’re sturdy and withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Four – Outdoor Storage Bench with Seating

How about a storage bench? You can always use more storage area outside, and it’s an added bonus if the storage area doubles as a nice seating area. This creates an enclosed area where your kid’s outdoor toys can stay safe and shielded from the elements when they’re not using them. If you can find a storage bench that is weather resistant and locks for extra security, this is an even better option. This type of outdoor toy storage idea is nice for both large and small toys, and the storage bench can hold quite a few without a problem.

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This is a 70 gallon storage bench that uses a weather-resistant construction to seal the moisture out and keep your toys dry. It has a small locking mechanism hidden under the seat, and it provides ample storage space for you to sit and relax while your kids play. 

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Five – DIY Toy Shelf Organizer

This simple and straightforward storage idea involves metal shelving, paint, stencils, and six or eight large metal buckets. It’s best to set this organizer up in your garage because the buckets will collect any water if it rains, and this isn’t good for the outdoor toys and certain sports equipment. When you get your wire rack, set it up according to the directions. Ideally, you’ll have it flat against the wall.

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This sturdy storage unit is wide enough to hold two buckets per shelf. It has rubber feet that prevent it from scratching the flooring, and they help to hold the unit in place. 

Each of your six or eight metal buckets should be large enough to hold several smaller toys. You want to stencil on the type of toy every bucket will hold before filling the stencil in with the paint. You could have one bucket for bug toys, one for water toys, one or bubbles or chalk, and one for cars and trucks. Make sure your kids only put one type of toy in each bucket.

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This larger storage bucket comes made out of steel to help it withstand wear and tear while being sturdy enough to hold larger items like sports equipment. 

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Six – DIY Stacked Tire Storage Box

It’s easy to breathe new life into an old set of tires using a little spray paint, casters, plywood, a drawer handle, drill, washers, nuts, and 8 four-inch screws with this outdoor toy storage idea. If you want a larger storage bin, all you have to do is stack more tires. However, it can quickly get too high for your kid to access. To start, you’ll want to clean off the tires and get them ready for painting. Give each tire two or three coats of spray paint, making sure you let it dry between coats.

Measure the tire’s width and reduce it by two inches. You’ll use this measurement to cut out a circular plywood base. Once you get the base cut out, you’ll attach the casters so it’s easy to roll around. Drill four holes around the inside of the tires to attach them together, and secure them with the first four screws, nuts, and washers. Next, you’ll screw the plywood base on by securing it just like you did the two tires with four, four-inch screws. Flip it right side up. If you don’t want to make a cover, you’re done.

If you want to create a cover, measure the interior lip of the tire all of the way across. Use these measurements to create your round cover. Spray paint it and apply a clear sealant. Attach your drawer handle to the middle of the cover. You’re now ready to fill it with toys.

Toy Storage 2 Tires
Tires are great for outdoor toy storage because they’re waterproof and very durable. They’re also slightly heavier, and they can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

DIY Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Seven – Toy Car Storage Box

For this outdoor toy storage DIY craft, you’ll need a wooden apple crate, sander, two-inch PVC pipe, glue, and a saw. You can find these crates at your local grocery or hardware store. To start, measure the box’s depth. This will tell you how long you have to cut your PVC pipe. Usually, it’s around four inches deep. Get your measurements and cut your two-inch PVC pipe into at least 12 segments. The goal is to fit as many segments into your box stacked on top of each other as possible.

Carefully sand the storage box to get rid of any splinters or wood chips. If you want to apply a few coats of spray paint and a sealant, this is completely optional. If you do, allow it to dry before you move onto the next step. Start stacking your PVC pipe in the crate. You should be able to stack three or four across the bottom. Then, start making the next layer by staggering them and starting the next layer in the groove left by the one below it. You can glue them together as you go.

Each segment of PVC pipe will be enough storage area for one or two small Matchbox cars. You can glue the PVC pipe straight into the storage box too. This way, if your kid accidentally tips it over, you won’t have to worry about the entire thing collapsing.

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Eight – Zip Tied Buckets

Corner space is often wasted space because it can be difficult to find anything that fits comfortably in the area. However, using a few zip ties and some plastic buckets, you can take full advantage of this space to create a unique storage idea. There are different sized buckets available, so you can tailor it to fit the space you have on hand.

To start, get 10 storage buckets, drill, and 18 to 20 large zip ties. You’ll line up four storage buckets on the bottom of the stack to start. Each bucket should have six holes drilled around the perimeter on the lip. String a zip tie through each of the bottom buckets to create a line of connected buckets. Stack three buckets on top of the first layer, and zip tie them together. You’ll zip tie the second layer to the first layer for stability. Keep going and add a third layer with two buckets before adding the final bucket to the top of the stack. You now have 10 storage compartments you can use for outdoor toy storage in a garage or shed. These are great for pool toys as well.

Toy Storage 3 Buckets
Using plastic buckets for this outdoor toy storage idea gives you a cost-effective and easy way to keep your kid’s things contained and organized. 

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Nine – Shoe Organizer

If your kid has an outdoor playhouse, this is an excellent outdoor toy storage idea. You don’t want to leave this one outside and exposed unless you cover it because the pouches will retain water. You’ll need a shoe organizer, mounting hardware, labels, staples, stapler, velcro, and a piece of plastic if you plan to make a cover for it.

Start by deciding where you’d like to hang the organizer. This should be somewhere that your kids can reach all of the pouches. Attach your mounting hardware. This could be something as simple as a screw or nail. Hang up your shoe organizer. Get your labels and label every pouch with the toys that belong in them. One could be for cars, one could be for chalk, and one could be for dolls or action figures.

For those organizers that’ll be exposed to the elements, you can create a quick cover for it by using a piece of plastic sheeting, velcro, and staples. Simply staple the edge of the plastic just above your shoe organizer. Let it drape down over the organizer to seal out the moisture. You can run velcro along each side to hold it in place in the wind. When you want to open it, roll the plastic sheeting up and secure it with the velcro.

Outdoor Toy Storage Idea Ten – Covered Sandbox

Kids love to play in the sand, but it can be very messy when it rains or snows. If you buy sand to put in the sandbox, you want it to last as long as possible because it can be expensive. Getting a sandbox with slightly higher sides and a secure cover is an excellent way to go. As a bonus, you can store several of their smaller sandbox toys in there to keep them secure. You will have to buy the sand with most of these sandboxes, but Amazon has dozens of options to choose from at an affordable price.

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This smaller sandbox comes with four molded seats for your kid to sit on, and it has a domed lid that gives you space to store bigger toys when your kids aren’t playing with them and keeps them organized. It can hold up to 200 pounds of sand, and it arrives ready to go. 

Pegboard Nerf Gun Toy Storage Ideas

Everyone loves nerf guns, but there are so many tiny pieces that go with them. This can make it difficult to ensure you don’t lose any between your epic nerf gun battles. Additionally, nerf guns are usually more bulky, and they can take up a lot of space if they get left around. This is where this slick outdoor toy storage idea comes into play.

You’ll need a piece of pegboard, glue (gorilla glue works well) and mounting brackets. Pick out an area of the wall that is large enough to hang all of the nerf items. Glue your piece of pegboard to the wall. Hang your mounting brackets on the wall, spaced out so they support your nerf guns. The goal is to securely hang as many items as possible without overcrowding the board. You can add a small drawstring bag for the foam bullets and arrows and hang them up too.

Toy Storage 4 Nerf
Nerf guns and water guns are an excellent way to get the whole family involved in a friendly game, and our outdoor toy storage idea ensures everything stays together and well-organized when you finish. 

Hidden Toy Storage Nook Ideas

Many homes have a small nook somewhere outside that isn’t big enough to create a seating area, and the space seems to go to waste. However, you can easily take advantage of this hidden space by creating a carefully hidden area for some of the outdoor toys your kids leave scattered around. If you’re not a DIYer with this outdoor toy storage idea, you can measure the area and buy a simple wooden or plastic table. This will form the base of your storage area. You can use 2x4s and a sheet of plywood to make one too.

Once you have your table, slowly slide it back into the storage nook. It should fit snugly and leave the majority of the space underneath open. This is where the toys will go. Get two nails and nail one into each leg right under the top of the table. This will give your twine an anchor.

Go buy a shower curtain and cut it so it fits hanging from the top of the table to the ground. String the shower curtain across the twine, and secure the other end of the twine to the other table leg. You should see the tabletop, but the rest should be obscured by the shower curtain. You can store the toys underneath.

Car Holder Toy DIY Storage Ideas

Does your child love small cars? Do they leave them all over the yard and inside the house? Maybe they like to be in the garage with dad and pretend to work on their toys while dad works on his hobby. Whatever this reason, this simple car holder uses magnets to secure the cars to the wall.

This gives your kid a centralized location to store them, and it keeps them off the floor. You’ll need mounting hardware and a magnetic knife strip or two. Make sure you attach the magnetic strip at a height your kid can easily reach.

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These outdoor toy storage ideas are specific to keeping cars organized. This 16-inch bar is big enough to hold several small metal cars at once, and it comes with all of the mounting hardware you’ll use to secure it to your wall. 

Stackable Metal Baskets Toy DIY Storage Ideas

Getting your outdoor toys off the ground and up into a safe storage space is half of the battle. However, a neat stackable metal basket storage rack is an easy answer to this problem. They’re durable enough to be either inside or outside, and the baskets are at different levels for you to store your outdoor toys easily. This makes it a suitable solution for children of different ages. The older children can put their outdoor toys in the taller basket, and the smaller children can put their outdoor toys in the lower baskets that are easier for them to reach. Amazon has a great option available.

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These toy storage baskets come in three tiers, and it has a wide base to provide excellent stability. The toy baskets sit slightly tilted, and this makes it easy for your kids to reach in and get their toys when they want to play with them, while keeping everything organized. 

Playhouse/Storage Shed Toy DIY Storage Ideas

The final item on our DIY outdoor storage solution list is a combination of a playhouse for your kids and a storage shed for their outdoor toys, kids toys, sports equipment and pool toys. If you get a big enough toy box shed, you can partition part of it off for storage and organize the other side as a cute playhouse to keep your kids entertained for hours at a time. At the end of the day, you can help them put their toys away and lock down the shed to keep everything secure. This is weather resistant and great for storing toys such as water guns, ropes, balls pool toys and more.

When your kids grow out of their playhouse, you can convert the whole thing for storage for their bikes, sports equipment, and whatever other toys they’d like to put it in. As a bonus, the storage solution we picked is weather resistant has cute windows with shatter-proof glass, shutters, sky lights, a locking mechanism, and multiple doors.

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This cute storage solution for this outdoor toy storage idea can easily double as a playhouse, and it has a slip-resistant floor to keep your kid safe when they play. It’s UV protected, has a steel reinforced roof, and each door locks for extra security. Works great for ball storage too. We love these ideas for storing outdoor toys, sports equipment, kids toys and more, and keeping everything organized. 

Toy Storage 5
Use these DIY outdoor toy storage ideas to keep your home tidy and keep the toys in your kid’s reach all summer long. 

These 15 DIY outdoor toy storage ideas can help you keep your yard and home tidy and organized all summer long. Your kids will be happy to know that their stuff is safe and has a place to store, and you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing these perfect outdoor toy storage ideas can be used to store many things and will keep your home looking nice.

Do you have more DIY toy storage ideas? Be sure to reach out to us so we can include your outdoor toy storage ideas here.

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