Best Garden Lights for Every Type of Garden

Chances are, you’ve poured many hours into crafting the perfect garden. You’ve invested in landscaping, you’ve chosen the perfect blend of flowers, you’ve added the right soil, and you now have a garden to be proud of. What’s next? Enjoy it!

After all the work that has gone into your garden, it’s important that you be able to enjoy your garden anytime of day. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need garden lights to illuminate your nature paradise when the sun begins to go down.

I’ve gathered some suggestions for lighting. Because every garden is unique, I’ve included several options so that you can find exactly what you need. Whether you want solar powered lights, ambiance lighting, or novelty lights to add extra flair, you’re sure to find what you need in the list below.

Types of Garden Lights

String Lights

1 String Lights
String lights add instant elegance and ambiance to a garden. 

If you ever host events in your garden, string lights are an amazing choice of garden lighting. String lights can make any event feel enchanted and elegant. These are perfect for outdoor parties, tea parties, or weddings. They are also an excellent choice to decorate around a fire pit or gazebo. Here are a couple of great string lights you can purchase today.

Minetom Outdoor String Lights

The Minetom Outdoor String Lights have 15 edison bulbs per string. Edison bulbs are large and attractive. Not only do they give off plenty of light, 50 lumens each, but they are also romantic and elegant.

The Minetom lights are heavy duty, waterproof, and able to withstand outdoor weather. The lights come with a one-year warranty.

Each light comes with a built-in loop for easy installation. Each string of lights is 48 feet long so it’s easy to stretch the lights around a balcony, gazebo, or other outdoor space.

With warm white light, these bulbs will illuminate your garden in a warm glow that enhances the best features of your outdoor space.

Brightown Outdoor String Lights

The Brightown Outdoor String Lights have more rounded bulbs than the Minetom. These bulbs also give off a warm white light that is bright without feeling as aggressive as cold white light can.

You can purchase these lights in strands of 25, 50, or even 100 feet. The 25 foot strands come with 25 light bulbs and hanging sockets for easy implementation.

Since these lights are designed to go outdoors, they are weatherproof and reliable. Brightown Outdoor String Lights also come with a built in spare fuse for extra durability.

Christmas Lights

2. Christmas Lights
Nothing makes a garden feel enchanted faster than Christmas lights all year round.

Christmas lights, or sometimes called fairy lights, are enchanting and beautiful. Who says these lights only need to come out once a year? Decorating your garden with many tiny lights can create a fantastic atmosphere unlike anything else. These lights tend to glisten and shimmer as the wind blows, making your garden look even more alive.

To use these well, you can wrap lights around tree trunks and branches, attach them to your patio, gazebo, or garden benches, or hang them from tree branches to create an effect like dangling icicles or a curtain of light.

Solar String Lights by LiyuanQ

LiyuanQ has created a solar powered variety of these lights. They come in two strands that are 33 feet long. Each strand has 100 micro LEDs. They’re flexible and can be easily wrapped around plants or statues or draped over a structure.

The lights are warm white in color and have eight different modes, from flashing to twinkling to solid color. These solar powered lights charge during the day and turn on automatically at night.

They have low heat emission so you don’t need to worry about where you put them. Since they’re designed for the outdoors, they can withstand high and low temperatures and precipitation.

JMEXSUSS Fairy String Lights

The Fairy String Lights from JMEXSUSS also have eight lighting modes and a warm white light. Each strand has 100 LEDs which can create a stunning look. Plus, the wire is clear, meaning you can emphasize the light and not have a bulky wire taking away from the magical lighting effect.

These lights also give off very little heat, so they’re safe to use around the garden. The wires are 50 feet long, though there aren’t lights across the entire 50 feet. They give plenty of unlit wire in order to reach an outlet.

Solar-Powered Lights

3. Solar Powered
Many garden lights are solar-powered so you can save on electricity and make the most of your outdoor lights.

We’ve already included some garden light options that harness the power of the sun. Solar lights are a favorite type of garden light for obvious reasons. Since garden lights will be outside, anyway, it just makes sense to let them recharge in the sun during the day and light up at night–without raising your electric bill.

This style of solar-powered light is one of the most common garden lights. The lights come with stakes that can easily be inserted into the ground to mark a path or illuminate the edges of a flower bed. If you want an easy and affordable way to light up your garden, these are some great options to look into.

Solpex Solar Pathway Lights

The Solpex Solar Pathway Lights kit includes eight lights so you can line a walkway or place them around the garden for optimal lighting. The solar panels charge during the day and the lights turn on automatically at night. They can run for up to eight hours on one charge.

The Solpex lights are just over 15 inches high and are waterproof and designed to withstand severe weather changes. They come with a one month warranty.

The lights have two rings which create a unique pattern of illumination. Warm white lights create a calm and well-lit environment that can really add some personality to your garden.

GIGALUMI Solar Lights

The solar lights from GIGALUMI also recharge in the sunlight and turn on and off automatically in the evening and morning. A single charge can last up to eight hours, keeping your garden well-lit throughout the night.

The GIGALUMI solar lights come in a pack of twelve. They are more durable than some brands, being made with stainless steel. They are, like most outdoor lights, weatherproof and waterproof.

The GIGALUMI solar lights give off white light that may feel brighter and more vibrant than warm lights.

Lamp Posts and Lanterns

4. Lamppost
Want to turn your garden into a magical land? Consider adding in a lamp post or two.

A lamp post can vastly change the ambiance of your garden. Lamp posts may make you think of your favorite childhood fantasy story, or they may make you think of cities, adventures, and innovation. There’s just something so classic about a lamppost that can’t be ignored.

You may think that lamp posts are a little too big to be used in a garden, but in reality there are some easy ways to incorporate lampposts or lanterns into your garden for minimal cost. These options will make your garden look vintage in the best way, and they may add a magical feeling your guests will love.

MAGGIFT Solar Hanging Lights

Oil lanterns may not be as common today as they once were, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still hold significant charm. This two-pack of lanterns comes with shepherd hooks that make easy installation.

These lanterns come with LED bulbs with four lumens of bright white light. Each lantern is 12 inches high and resistant to changing weather.

The MAGGIFT hanging lights are solar powered. Just leave them in direct sunlight during the day and they’ll turn on automatically at night. The charge on these lights can last up to 10 hours and will turn off again once the sun comes up in the morning.

Westinghouse Intelligent Solar Post Light

The Westinghouse solar post light is a lamp post I love. It looks both elegant and magical with two warm white lights. The Westinghouse post light has a high and low setting. The low setting gives off 100 lumens, and the high setting gives up to 1200 lumens.

This lamp post is also solar powered and turns on and off automatically with the setting sun. It is over six feet high and seven inches wide. It’s made of stainless steel and can withstand rain, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures.

Pathway Lights

5. Pathway
Use lights to line pathways and direct guests through the garden.

Lining your pathways with lights can make your garden feel safer and more inviting. You can use almost any kind of light for this. I’ve chosen two spotlight-style lights which are especially bright and great for making your garden safer and better lit.

I chose these two lights for pathway lights because they are bright and have a wide path of illumination. This means you can light up an entire pathway with fewer lights. They also afford you brighter options for increased safety. Plus, the wide angle of these lights will help to show off the garden you worked so hard on!

Litom Solar Landscape Spotlights

The Litom Solar Landscape Spotlights come in packs of two. Each light has 12 LEDs for a brighter yard. The lights give off a cold white light that is especially bright.

The lights have two settings, high and low, and the low light setting can last up to 12 hours on a charge. These lights are solar-powered and charge during the day. They have an automatic on and off function.

The Litom spotlights can be used with stakes to line a pathway or they can be mounted to a wall to shine out over a walkway. You can also use the Litom spotlight to illuminate a flag, statue, or structure in your garden.

TOPELE Landscape Lights

The TOPELE landscape lights are not solar-powered but don’t suck all your electricity. They have 1100 lumens, extremely bright, but are durable and long-lasting. In fact, the TOPELE landscape lights come with a five year warranty.

These lights are waterproof and have a glass lens that lasts longer and allows for more light than plastic lenses. The frame is made of die-cast aluminum for extra durability.

Heated Lamps

6. Heated Lamp
Heated lights can add light and help your plants grow.

I didn’t want to only give you light ideas for the outdoors. Indoor gardens can be just as special as outdoor gardens. If you live in a small space, having a garden in your home can be important for wellbeing and happiness. If you have some house plants, you can still incorporate lights to make the space feel special.

These heated light ideas will make your indoor plants feel like a real garden. Having a plant light can make a corner of your living room feel cozier. Plus, these heated lamps can have huge benefits on plants that don’t get enough light or warmth from the sun.

LED Grow Light

The first grow light I wanted to suggest uses a combination of red and blue LEDs. There are a total of 250 LEDs, 186 red and 64 blue. This combination helps seedlings grow quicker and helps older plants become more fruitful.

The LED Grow Light has hanging brackets so you can easily hang it above your indoor plants. It doesn’t overheat, so you don’t need a fan and don’t need to worry about burning your plants. The light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours!

One thing to note with this light is that the blue and red LEDs create a soft purple light. This can really create a magical ambiance for your indoor garden, but you’ll probably want to plan for the purple hue that will fill whatever room it’s in.

VOGEK Grow Light

The VOGEK grow light has 144 LED beads. Instead of using red and blue LEDs, this lamp mimics sunlight with a warm yellow light.

The grow light has three lamps with adjustable gooseneck attachments. You can move them independently of each other and can turn on just one or two lamps or all three at once. The dimensions are 14 by 6 by 2.8 inches.

The light has ten different brightness settings. It also includes a timer and the option to automatically turn on or off at certain times during the day.

Novelty Lights

7. Novelty Lights
Don’t be afraid to get creative with your garden lights!

We’ve gone through some practical lighting ideas for various situations and gardens. But I didn’t want to end the list without including some more artistic garden lights as well. These ideas are fun and creative. Instead of just being useful, they will feel like part of the garden themselves.

Pandawill Color Changing Mosaic Solar Light

The Pandawill mosaic solar light will be a beautiful addition to any garden. The light can be set to a soft white or a color changing mode with a soft, gradual change of color.

This light is solar-powered and turns off and on automatically. Once the battery has been fully charged in the sun, it can last for up to eight hours. This novelty light doesn’t overheat, so you can place it anywhere around the garden.

When lit, the light shines out through the decorative crystal mosaic, causing beautiful patterns around the mosaic solar light.

Solar Garden Decorative Lights

The Solar Garden Decorative Lights are designed to look like flowers. They can be hidden around the garden to make it look like the plants themselves are glowing. These lights are also solar-powered and will turn on and off automatically.

This purchase comes with two packs of lights. Each light has eight different colors of lights for you to choose from. You can also adjust the settings for solid light or flashing light.

Once charged, these lights can last between 8 and 14 hours. They are waterproof and made to withstand harsh temperatures.

I hope this guide has helped you decide which kind of garden light you want to install in your garden. Whether you need a bright spotlight, a magical lamp post, or an elegant strand of edison bulbs, a well-lit garden will be beautiful, safer, and ready for a nighttime stroll.

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