Best Orchid Pots to Help Your Plants Thrive

Orchids are beautiful flowers that many people are very intimidated to grow because they think they’re challenging. But, having the correct orchid pots can take a lot of stress out of the growing process, and there is a slight learning curve associated with growing these plants. Once you get past this, get the correct supplies, and know how to properly care for your orchids, they can be a breeze to grow and keep healthy. Additionally, they can add a tropical look and feel to your home, and they come in many bright and bold colors that are a welcome additional to any home or office. 

Orchid pots can take a lot of the guesswork out of raising these plants because they make it easy to see whether they need water and how the roots are doing. They can also create a barrier between the orchids themselves and the root system, and this can help to keep your orchids healthy. I’ve picked out 10 different orchid pots for you and reviewed them below. You can compare them side by side to help narrow down your choice. Also, the short buyer’s guide at the end of this post will help you understand what to look for when you start shopping for your new orchid pots. 

1 Orchid Start
Orchids are a wonderfully tropical-looking plant that many people are intimidated to try, but they are relatively easy to grow once you find the correct orchid pot. 

Atri Ceramic Orchid Pot – Top Pick 

My top pick for the best orchid pot comes from Atri, and this is a white decorative container that has aeration holes built into the sides to give it great drainage to keep your orchid happy and healthy. This pot measures 5.75-inches tall by 6.5-inches wide, and it has a 5.5-inch wide saucer to prevent accidental leaks. The small holes in the sides and bottom of the container give your plant plenty of air circulation around the roots to keep them healthy and thriving, and you can detach the saucer if you choose not to use it with your orchid and store it with the other containers.  

This orchid pot is 100% porcelain ceramic, and it comes handcrafted with a stunning white glaze that will fit into almost any decor or design aesthetic. It goes through a kiln at high temperatures to reduce the pot’s porosity so it doesn’t stay too damp, and it gives it a very sleek appearance. This is a slightly larger pot that can support small, medium, or large orchids without a problem, and it has a slightly wider base that makes it very stable and difficult to tip over on accident. If you need to wash it, you can dip it in warm and soapy water before rinsing it thoroughly and letting it air dry. 


  • Slightly wider design
  • Larger air holes in the bottom and side
  • Goes through a kiln to reduce porosity 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Larger pot for bigger orchids 
  • Detachable saucer 
  • Sleek coloring 


  • Easy to break 

Gepege Beaded Ceramic Planter – Step-Up Pick 

If you have orchids you want to transition out of a closed terrarium, this orchid pot makes an eye-catching and stable container for them. It comes with slightly larger drainage holes on the sides and bottom, and there is also a leak-proof mesh that keeps the soil from leaking out when you water it. It works well for orchids, cacti, succulents, or other small plants. You can detach or re-attach the saucer to help trap any moisture that leaks through, and it has ornamental designs with a blue-green coloring that makes this a beautiful ornamental addition to your home or business. 

When you purchase this orchid pot, you’ll get a 5.9-inch wide pot that can easily accommodate any sized orchid, and you get two pots per order. You also get two saucers and two mesh pads. The mesh pads are easy to clean and maintain to keep using them over and over. Another bonus with this pot that pushed it onto the top of the list is that it comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It comes with thorough packaging to protect it in transport, and the customer service team is extremely responsive to any questions or concerns you may have. 


  • Has a leak-proof mesh 
  • Get two pots per order
  • Blue-green textured design 
  • Slightly wider top
  • Easy to clean the mesh out 
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee 
  • Heavier 


  • Can chip around the top

Clear Orchid Pots with Holes – Mid-End Budget Pick

If you want a cheaper orchid pot to try and grow orchids and you’re on a tighter budget, these very simple clear pots can do. They have several holes around the sides and bottom that release any excess moisture in the pot to prevent the orchid roots from rotting due to too much moisture. You’ll be able to monitor your orchid’s water level by looking at the top due to the clear design, and it lets you know when it’s time to add nutrients to help your plant grow and bloom over and over again. 

One great point with this clear orchid pot is that you can easily slide the clear pot into another slightly larger container to make it more decorative without damaging your orchid’s fragile root system. When you purchase this product, you can choose from a six pack in three sizes, or you can get two of each size to help fit larger and smaller orchids. They’re easy to clean between orchids, and all you have to do is soak them in warm and soapy water before rinsing them out very well and leaving them to air dry. Don’t stack them wet as this can lead to mold growth. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Allows you to move the plant without damage 
  • Clear design 
  • Slightly larger drainage holes
  • Several sizes available
  • Easy to clean
  • Suits small, medium, or large orchids 


  • Very, very thin plastic 

Truedays Orchid Pots – Bargain Budget Pick 

If you have orchids, cacti, or succulents that you need to repot or pot and let grow, try this bargain budget orchid pot pick. This is a second clear pot that is 5.5-inches across the top, 3.7-inches across the bottom, and 4.33-inches high. You get four pots in each purchase, and this is enough to keep several small plants healthy and growing. There are several holes spaced around this pot that allows excess moisture to slip out and keep the orchid roots slightly moist but not soaked, and the holes also allow for excellent airflow around the roots to keep them healthy. 

The clear design on this orchid pot also allows the roots to get more light, and this can help them dry out quicker after you water to get rid of as much moisture as possible. It works well for tropical plants, violets, and all orchid types. There is a raised portion in the center of the pot that will help to hold your orchid up and ensure the roots don’t sit directly into the water, and this helps to keep them healthier. It uses slightly thicker plastic that is more durable and less prone to cracking, and this can help each pot last much longer. The customer service team is very responsive to questions or concerns. 


  • Works for several plant types 
  • Wider top 
  • Raised portion in the center 
  • Several air holes 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Get several pots per order 
  • Thicker plastic 


  • Base is too narrow 

Mkono Plastic Orchid Pots  – Best for Apartments

If you have limited space in an apartment, try these smaller and more compact orchid pots by Mkono. These pots give your orchids the perfect air, water, and nutrient ratio to ensure healthy growth, and it uses a very high-quality PP plastic for the planter material. This gives it strength so it won’t crack or bend, and it has a bright matte white coloring on the outside that makes it easy to blend into different decors and design aesthetics without a problem. It works well for a host of different plants, including Cattleya and Dendrobium orchids, cacti, or succulents in a range of sizes. 

This is a slotted orchid pot that can lead lateral root growth better and make sure they distribute themselves all around the pot in an even design to help them all retain moisture, get sunlight, and get good aeration. It helps to avoid root rot and keep the plant healthy, and you get an outer and inner pot set. Both pots have slits on them to allow for air and water to pass through, and the inner net pots hold the orchid out of the water in the bottom. They’re almost 7.5-inches across by 6-inches high, and this makes them able to accommodate plants of different sizes with ease. 


  • Net pots included
  • Matte white coloring 
  • PP plastic 
  • Works well for different plants 
  • Lots of air holes 
  • Slightly larger design 
  • Thicker plastic 


  • Liner is too tight inside the pot 

Gardenera Self Watering Pots – Best for Busy Gardeners 

This pretty orchid pot is a self watering pot that removes all of the guesswork out of trying to remember when you watered them last and whether or not they need more. It can hold up to a half gallon of water per fill, and this is more than enough to water your orchid for weeks at a time. It’s almost seven inches tall and five inches wide, and this is perfect for bigger and more established plants to ensure they grow and do very well. The bottom is slightly wider at four inches to make it very stable and reduce the chances of you accidentally knocking it over. 

This is a decorative plastic orchid pot that has UV stabilization in the build to make it more durable, and you get the pick of a host of bright and bold or classic shades that will fit into any decor or design aesthetic. You can also use it indoors or outdoors without worrying about it getting weakened due to exposure to the sunlight or elements. This pot has a very elegant design to it, and it can work well in your home or office. You get three pots in each order, and this is more than enough to plant several different orchids or plants and space them all around your home. 


  • Self watering design 
  • Holds up to a half of a gallon
  • Slightly larger size 
  • UV stabilized
  • Can use indoors or outdoors
  • Elegant design 
  • Several colors available 


  • Thinner around the edges 

Gepege Ceramic Orchid Pot – Best for Large Plants

Anyone who has a larger orchid that wants a slightly sturdier orchid pot should look at this pick by Gepege. The top of the pot is 5.9-inches across with a 5-inch inner pot, and it stands almost 6-inches high. There is also a smaller saucer that the pot sits in to help catch any stray moisture that comes out so it doesn’t create a mess for you to clean up and drip everywhere. The entire pot is ceramic, and this is a more durable material than plastic. Additionally, the ceramic goes through a kiln to reduce how porous it is, and this can ensure that it doesn’t hold too much water. 

There is a large drainage hole in this orchid pot that makes it a suitable planter for succulents, orchids, cacti, and air plants. It’s an excellent decorative piece for your home because it has a greyish-white coloring with an intricate design that goes all of the way around the pot. You can swap the saucer out or leave it off, and you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you purchase it. This means that the company will refund you the purchase price if you’re not completely satisfied with how it works and looks. It’s easy to clean between plants, and it’s heavier so it won’t tip over as easy. 


  • Sturdy design 
  • Intricate pattern
  • Removable saucer 
  • Reduce porosity 
  • Larger drainage hole 
  • Wider base
  • Harder to tip over


  • Will break if dropped 

rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot – Best for Small Windowsills

This is an excellent orchid pot if you’re new to orchid care or if you have different types of cacti you want to keep healthy and growing. These simple plastic pots have a clear design, and they give you maximum airflow and drainage to the plant’s roots to keep them healthy and ward off rot or fungal growth. You won’t have to worry about excessive soil or water leaking out of the pot, and you can easily nest two pots together to give you precision control over the sizes of the drainage holes, and you can turn them to increase or decrease the size of the holes as your plant’s needs change. 

This orchid pot has 46 slots running beneath and around the sides of the pot, and this gives it uniform moisture drainage to all of the roots. These pots are also small enough to slip them inside a larger, more decorative pot without damaging the orchid’s root system. The center of the pot has a raised area where your plant will sit to raise it slightly up from the bottom of the pot, and this ensures that it never sits in water. You can also look and see if they have too much moisture at a glance. 


  • Can slip it inside a larger pot
  • Protects the root system 
  • Control the drainage hole size
  • 46 slots 
  • Raised part in the center 
  • Can nest two together 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Very thin plastic 

Zirka Clear Orchid Pots – Best for Novice Gardeners

This is a very thin orchid pot that makes a great liner to help protect the root system when you move it to a bigger, and more decorative container. There are several holes spaced around the sides and along the bottom that provide excellent drainage each time you water your plant to prevent rot, and it also allows for great air circulation to help keep the plant’s root system healthy. Since they’re clear, you can tell whether or not your plant is healthy at a glance, and you’ll also be able to tell whether or not you need to add more water or nutrients to your planter. 

This is a slightly thinner orchid pot, but it’s great for beginners who are just getting a feel for this orchid care. There are three sizes and a variety pack of all three sizes available, and you get a pack of six with each order that you can use as single pots or double them up to take care of three orchids. It’s also suitable for cacti and succulents, and it will support small or medium-sized plants. You can easily wash them between uses to keep them clean and sterilized. 


  • Thinner liners
  • Get six pots per order 
  • Several drainage holes 
  • Protects the root system 
  • Good for beginners 
  • Can slip them into a decorative planter
  • Several sizes available 


  • Can dent or crack easily 

Better-Way Orchid Pot – Best for Small Orchids

The final orchid pot on the list is another ceramic-style pot that works very well for small orchid plants. The top is over eight-inches across, and it’s almost seven-inches high. This is a very sturdy orchid pot made out of thicker ceramic that won’t break or dent, and the surface has a hollowed-out design with a white glaze finish. It has ornamental holes all around the outside, and the white glaze helps to lock the moisture out to prevent the pot from being too damp when you water it. In turn, this can help to keep your orchids much healthier and less prone to mold or rot. 

There is a rounded saucer on the bottom that will help to catch any excess moisture that drips out, and you can remove it to dump the water and avoid a mess. The elegant design makes this a perfect gift for the gardener in your life, and the holes in the sides ensure your plant’s roots get adequate aeration to encourage growth. It has a hand-crafted look and feel that adds a whimsical design element to this pot, and this makes it excellent for a home or office as a functional but decorative piece. 


  • Heavier ceramic design 
  • Whimsical look
  • Larger drainage holes 
  • Less porous 
  • Removable saucer 
  • Larger pot 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Will break if you’re too rough with it

Best Orchid Pots – Buying Guide 

When it comes to orchid pots, you’ll learn very fast that there are so many different designs, sizes, and styles available. This allows you to mix and match your orchid pot until you find something that fits into your decor while being practical enough to support healthy plants. I’ll outline the biggest things you want to consider when you shop for your orchid pot below. 


There are many different types of orchids available, and you have to make sure that your orchid pot is an appropriate size. It should be large enough to not pinch the roots, but it shouldn’t be so large that your plant drowns in it. You should pay attention to the width and height of the pot you buy to ensure that it is the right fit for your plant. 

2 Orchids in Pots
Orchid pots come in a host of sizes, shapes, and styles that makes it possible to find one that matches your decor while being large enough to sustain your plant. 

Drainage Holes

One of the biggest differences between orchid pots and traditional houseplant pots is the drainage holes. Traditional pots have holes in the bottom, but orchid pots have slits or holes in the sides of the pot as well as the bottom. There is also usually a raised portion in the bottom of the pot to help ensure that the plant doesn’t sit directly on the bottom and collect a lot of water because this can lead to unhealthy roots. Check and see if you can moderate how big the drainage holes are by nesting one or two pots together. 


You can get plastic or ceramic orchid pots. The plastic pots can act as budget-friendly liners that you put your orchid in and slip inside a larger and more decorative pot. The ceramic pots go through a kiln at very high temperatures to reduce the pot’s porosity, and this can prevent a lot of water from sinking into the sides of the pot and making it too damp for your orchid to thrive. Ceramic is more fragile than plastic, and it can easily chip or break if you drop it. 

Bonus Features 

Some orchid pots come with bonus features like a self-watering system or a saucer that will help collect any stray water that makes it through the planter. While these items aren’t exactly necessary, they can make your entire plant raising experience easier. After all, you don’t want to have a mess if water leaks everywhere. Self-watering systems could put too much water by your orchid’s roots, so keep this in mind when you shop and compare your options. 

3 Orchids End
It’s easy to mix and match different types of orchids to create a tropical corner in your home. With enough air, water, and food, and the correct pot, it’s easy to encourage your plants to bloom over and over again.

Bottom Line 

No matter what orchid pots you pick out for your home, make sure you take your time and compare your options. This will help to ensure that you get the correct pot to support your orchid’s growth. I’ve picked out 10 options that you can look at and see what’s available on the current market. I invite you to compare your options and use the short buyer’s guide to make your final choice and have them shipped straight to your door. 

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