Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard

If you have a lawn that is 10,000 square feet or less, you don’t need a huge, fancy lawn mower to keep it trimmed and looking nice. All you need is one of the best lawn mowers for small yards that is affordable and compact. We wanted to help you shop, so we’ve picked out 10 of the best lawn mowers for small yards, and many of them come from very reputable brands with great reviews. 

You won’t find any self-propelled or riding lawn mowers on the list, but you don’t necessarily need them either since you have a smaller space. What you will on this list is everything from high-quality push mowers to reel mowers to help you get the job done without draining your bank. 

1 New Compact Lawn Mower
Picking out a new mower for your smaller yard can be difficult because you don’t want something that is too difficult to maneuver, but it should be large enough to help you quickly mow the space.
New Mower by Chris Pesotski / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

1. PowerSmart Lawn Mower – Top Pick 

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This is arguably one of the best lawn mowers for small yards available, and it’s a push-style mower from PowerSmart. You get a wider 21-inch cutting deck that allows you to slice through your lawn in no time while not having to take dozens of trips and forth. It has a 170cc OHV engine that helps power the mower through everything from wet or overgrown grass to slopes without it stalling out, and this is especially important if you live with a yard that has smaller hills and valleys to it. This mower weighs in at 60-pounds, and this makes it a relatively lightweight option for a gas mower, but it’s heavier than the reel or electric mowers on the market. 

As a bonus, this best lawn mower for small yards is very compact, and this makes storage a breeze between uses. You get more cutting height options than several options on the list, and you can choose from five heights that range from 1.80 to 3-inches. You get a standard side-discharge chute for your grass clippings, but this option also comes with mulching capabilities. It also comes in at less than $200, and this ensures that you get a high quality machine that will tackle the biggest projects without breaking your bank. 


  • 170cc OHV engine 
  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Very compact design 
  • Mulching capabilities 
  • Five cutting heights 
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight design 


  • Fuel is not included 

2. Sun Joe Brushless Lawn Mower – Step-Up Pick 

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Sun Joe’s best lawn mower for small yards is a battery-powered electric option, and it comes at right around $200. This makes this choice much more affordable than many other comparable models from different brands, and it doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. It has a very powerful brushless motor that will allow you to tackle everything from quick trims to getting rid of thick, overgrown grass without stalling out. The motor is also quiet, so this mower won’t disturb your neighbors each time you break it out to use it, and it ensures that you get as much efficiency as possible out of your motor. 

This best lawn mower for small yards also runs on a 40-volt lithium-ion battery that will keep running for up to 40 minutes on one charge. The battery and charger don’t come with the mower when you order it, so you have to leave room in your budget for it. It has a 16-inch cutting deck that makes it great for maneuvering around smaller spaces, but it’s large enough to mow in a few passes. It has a push-button starting mechanism on it that makes it very easy and convenient to use. The all-terrain wheels will easily traverse the thick grass without getting stuck, and this makes it easy to use.


  • Has a push-button start
  • Runs 40-minutes on a single charge 
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Has all-terrain wheels 
  • Powerful and efficient 
  • Brushless motor 
  • Runs quieter  


  • Battery and charger not included 

3. 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower – Mid-End Budget Pick

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Anyone who is on a budget and wants an eco-friendly but affordable best lawn mower for small yards should take a look at this pick from American Lawn Mower Company. Since there is no power source on this mower to make the blades spin, it’s very simple to use and lightweight. You can effortlessly maneuver it around your flower beds, pathways, decks, ponds, and more because all you have to do to power it is push it. This reel mower sits close to the top of the list because it has a very durable construction to it with a lower price below $80.00. 

You get a four-blade reel on this best lawn mower for small yards that is made out of heat-treated alloy steel. This material will stay sharp for years with no maintenance on your end, and it has 8.5-inch polymer wheels on it that are easy to maneuver, and they can tackle uneven terrain without a problem. It has a smaller 14-inch cutting deck that means you have to do more passes to finish the project, but it’s great to get around your yard ornaments. It can cut grass up to four inches tall without a problem, and you can adjust the cutting height between 0.5-inches and 1.75-inches. 


  • Maintenance-free design
  • Very lightweight
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • From a reputable company 
  • 8.5-inch polymer wheels
  • Cuts grass up to four inches high
  • Affordable


  • Has a smaller cutting deck  

4. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lawn Mower – Bargain Budget Pick 

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This is a corded electric style mower from Black+Decker that has a very compact size, but this best lawn mower for small yards can have a big impact. You get a 12-inch cutting deck that you can easily transform into an edger or trimmer and back to a mower quickly and easily to help you tackle a huge range of projects. It’s one of the only tools you’ll need to keep your lawn, paths, and more looking nice and neat all summer long. This is also one of the lightest options on the list as it weighs in at just 10-pounds, so this makes it extremely easy to maneuver and use without experiencing any fatigue. 

However, you do have to factor in the smaller size when you shop and consider how much longer it’ll take you to do your yard with the 12-inch cutting deck. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue with smaller yards though. You get an adjustable handle with this best lawn mower for small yards that make it much more comfortable to use. There are dual cutting height options of 1.6 and 2.4-inches, and it’s a very budget-friendly choice that costs around $80.00. However, you get three tools in one to maximize the bang for your buck. 


  • 3-in-1 design 
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Very easy to convert between tools 
  • From a reputable brand 
  • Dual cutting heights 
  • Easy to store between uses 
  • Has an adjustable handle 


  • Cutting deck is only 12-inches wide

5. Corded Electric Lawn Mower – Best for Lawns with Slopes

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One of the biggest appeals of this best lawn mower for small yards is that it’s easy to use and very lightweight. This makes it an excellent choice to use if you have a lot of yard decor to work around like a pond or hot tub enclosure. This is an electric lawn mower that will start immediately as soon as you push the button, and this makes it very user-friendly when you want to break it out. It also comes outfitted with an easy-adjust lever to help you shift between five different cutting heights to allow you to personalize your results to your tastes to protect your lawn. The adjustable handle ensures that you stay comfortable and that other people can use it without having to bend over. 

Even though this is an electric model, this best lawn mower for small yards has an 11-amp motor that will run efficiently while delivering a gas-like power. It has bagging and mulching capabilities too for your grass clippings, and it comes with all of the necessary attachments required for this project, including the 16-gallon bag on the rear. Because of the compact size, it’s perfect for small yards and it won’t take up a huge amount of floor space when you store it.


  • 11-amp motor
  • Five cutting heights 
  • Compact footprint
  • Mulching and bagging capabilities 
  • Easy-adjust lever
  • Push-button start 
  • Adjustable handle 


  • Smaller cutting width 

6. WORX WG779 Lawn Mower  – Best for Uneven Lawns

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With this best lawn mower for small yards, you get a very high-quality cordless model with dual 20-volt batteries all for less than $200. As a bonus, the batteries that you get with this product can switch between other Worx tools you have, so you don’t have to go out and buy more batteries if you buy a string trimmer, cordless leaf blower, or other powered tool from Worx. It has a more compact 14-inch cutting deck on it that is ideal for smaller yards, and the deck comes outfitted with a single-lever height adjustment system that lets you cycle through six different cutting heights to personalize it to your preferences. 

There is a mulching blade and a rear bag on this best lawn mower for small yards, so you can collect the clippings as you mow or discharge the mulch right back into your yard. It also comes with Intellicut technology built in, and this allows you to change the mower’s torque using a dial on demand. So, you can increase it to cut through thick patches and decrease it for thinner areas to help preserve the battery. So, it’s great if you have uneven areas in your yard where the grass grows faster than other areas. 


  • Comes with Intellicut technology 
  • Get dual 20-volt batteries 
  • Can use the batteries with any Worx tool
  • Single-lever height adjustment 
  • Six cutting heights 
  • Mulching blade with a rear bag 
  • Easy to preserve battery life 


  • Mulch bag can get in the way 

7. Greenworks 40V Lawn Mower – Best for Flat Yards

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This best lawn mower for small yards from Greenworks is a battery-powered electric model, and it features a mixture of aluminum and ABS plastic in the design to make it one of the lightest on the list without sacrificing durability. It’s a great option for working around shrubs without accidentally hitting anything, and the lightweight design makes it very easy to use over an extended period without any fatigue. You get a 2-in-1 bagging and mulching system with a five-height adjustable deck that has a lever by the front of the mower that makes it easy to reach and adjust. You can allow the clippings to go back into the yard or funnel them into the bag to pop them into your compost pile later. 

As a bonus, this best lawn mower for small yards has a battery system that allows you to swap them out between any other Greenworks product you have. So, if you think that the 45-minute runtime isn’t enough to finish your yard and you have other battery-powered Greenworks tools, you can have one backup battery charging while you run down the first one. Depending on your terrain, the battery could last longer than 45-minutes. It has a bright coloring that is easy to see and it has a compact design that is easy to store. 


  • Lightweight but durable design 
  • 2-in-1 bagging system included 
  • Five adjustable heights 
  • Battery is interchangeable with other Greenworks products 
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Has a maintenance-free design 
  • Bright colors 


  • Average battery life is 45-minutes 

8. Craftsman M105 Lawn Mower – Best for Slightly Larger Yards

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If you want a lot of power wrapped in a compact and sleek design, this best lawn mower for small yards is a good fit. This is a gas-powered model that has a 140cc Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine that will power through a host of conditions without a problem. It also has an auto-choke and recoil to make it very easy to start whenever you want to take it out, and you get a slightly larger cutting width of 21-inches to reduce how many passes you have to take to finish your yard. There are oversized rear wheels to allow you to travel effortlessly over rough terrain, and you can easily adjust the blade between 1.25 and 3.75-inches. 

You also get options for grass clippings with this best lawn mower for small yards. You can bag them with the included bagger and toss them into your compost pile or mulch them and use them to enrich the whole yard as you cut. There is a side chute that discharges your longer clippings for blowing, bagging, or raking later. The dual lever allows you to easily switch between heights at six increments, and you get a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Offers grass clipping disposal options
  • Can mulch 
  • Six height adjustments 
  • 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine 
  • 21-inch cutting deck 
  • Has a two-year warranty 


  • Engine isn’t as clean as an electric one

9. Great States Push Reel Mower – Best for Side Yards

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If you’re someone who likes to be outside and use a manual push mower, this can be one of the best mowers for small yards. It comes from Great States Corporation, and it’s a very quiet option that you can easily use around your garden without disturbing anyone by or in your home. It gives you a slightly larger 18-inch cutting path with a five blade design that will allow you to make fewer passes to finish cutting your yard, and the 10-inch wheels allow you to move over rough terrain relatively easily without getting stuck. It prevents you from tearing or ripping the grass up, and you’ll get the same clean cuts that you’d get with a pair of scissors. 

This best lawn mower for small yards comes outfitted with a nicely padded handle to keep you comfortable as you work with it, and you can adjust it to several different heights to keep you or anyone who uses it comfortable. It also has a bagger attachment to collect the grass clippings as you work. It features durable but lightweight materials that won’t rust or corrode with hard use, and the alloy steel blades will stay sharp use after use to give you continually clean cuts. It’s also possible to manually sharpen the blades if needed. 


  • Very quiet operation
  • Has five sharp blades
  • Padded handle is comfortable
  • Easy to sharpen the blades 
  • Lightweight design 
  • 18-inch cutting path
  • Larger 10-inch wheels 


  • More labor-intensive choice  

10. Fiskars StaySharp Push Reel Mower – Best for Shorter Grass

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 The final best lawn mower for small yards comes from Fiskars, and the bigger plastic base on it makes it look like it’s a fuel-powered mower. However, it’s not, and this makes it a solid choice if you want to put more manual effort into mowing. The cover also makes it safer than many other push reel-style mowers as it prevents you from getting your hands between the blades and cutting yourself as you use it. The company claims that it’s 30% easier to use than other similar models, and it comes designed to glide smoothly over grass. It has four wheels that make it a much more stable option, and it means that pushing hard won’t cause the mower to jam with grass. 

This best lawn mower for small yards also comes outfitted with a InterDrive reel that gives you a high cutting range, and it can easily cut grass that is between 1.5 and 3.5-inches long without a problem. This same system stops the blades from accidentally touching as they cut, and this reduces the overall friction while keeping your blades much sharper for longer periods. It has a 17-inch cutting width to it, and this means that it’ll take you less time to finish your mowing project. 


  • Has a larger plastic cover 
  • Safer design 
  • Less blade friction to keep them sharp for longer
  • Cuts grass up to 3.5-inches 
  • 17-inch cutting width 
  • Very quiet operation 
  • Has an InterDrive reel 


  • Difficult to get into tight spaces

Best Lawn Mower for Small Spaces – Buying Guide

We’ve listed 10 of the best lawn mowers for small spaces, but how do you compare your options to make your final choice? Which buying criteria should you include when you start to compare products to make your final choice easier? Read on to find out what is important to ensure that you get the best lawn mower for small yards for your needs below. 

Power Source

One of the biggest things to consider when you shop for a new mower is the power source. You can go with the standard gas power if you want to have a longer runtime and more power overall, but it’s not the best for the environment. A battery-powered option is much more eco-friendly, but it doesn’t have the power or runtime that you’ll need with a larger space unless you have multiple batteries. Another option is the manual reel-style mower, and this one requires you to actually push the mower to power it. 


Most of the options on the list come in at under $200, but this can still be a significant investment for some people, so you do want it to last. Going with a reputable brand is one way that you can ensure that you get a powerful and durable tool that is going to last for years with repeated use. More well-known brands like Black+Decker, Sun Joe, PowerSmart, Worx, and Craftsman are more prone to use high-quality materials in their mowers to ensure they last. Also, they’re usually much more responsive to your questions or concerns than other brands. 

2 Lawn Mower Buying Guide
It’s important that you know which buying criteria to use because this will help give you common ground to compare the various mowers you find to help you narrow down your final choice.
Have I ever told you how much I HATE mowing? By Laundry Broad / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Before you purchase any product, you want to look and see whether or not the company offers a warranty. If they do, see how long it is and if it is a full or limited warranty. Full warranties usually cover more than a limited one will. Ideally, you’ll get at least a two or three-year warranty from the date of purchase to help protect your investment and ensure that you can get at least a few seasons of use out of it. See if anything you do could void the warranty too, and double-check and see if you have to register your product for the warranty to kick in. 

Cutting Width

The cutting width on your best lawn mower for small yards describes the grass area that you can cut in one pass. The wider the mower’s deck is, the fewer passes you’ll have to make to cut the lawn. Like your power levels, the cutting width isn’t as big of a concern in a smaller yard that’s easy and quick to mow regardless of the mower size. Also, larger usually has a higher price tag on anthem, so you’ll have to decide if you want to save time later on or money now. 


The weight is something to keep in mind, even if you have a smaller yard. Heavier mowers are more difficult to push, especially if you have limited upper body strength or have a yard with a lot of hills. You should pay attention to the weight when you start shopping for your mower to be sure that you don’t get one that is too heavy for you to comfortably push around. 

Bottom Line

We’ve outlined 10 of the best lawn mowers for small yards, and you can compare them side-by-side to help narrow down your choices and give you an idea of what’s available on the current market. Once you get down to a few, the short buyer’s guide will help you make your final choice to ensure that you get a mower you can use all season long without any issues. 

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