Best Hydroponic System for Healthy Plants

Using a hydroponic system to grow plants isn’t new, but it’s really catching on in commercial operations around the world. People are starting to take notice of it too, and they’re incorporating hydroponic systems into their own home gardens because it can help streamline the growing process while ensuring your plants grow organically. Additionally, most plants will grow much faster using hydroponics, and it gives you the ability to grow anything you want all year round with minimal hassle. You use less space, yield more vegetables, fruits, or plants, and you conserve both water and soil at the same time. 

If you’ve never heard of a hydroponic system to grow your plants, it can seem intimidating to jump in. These systems can be expensive, depending on the size. But the benefits usually outweigh the cons. I’ve taken the guesswork away for you and picked out 10 high-quality hydroponic systems you can order and have shipped right to your door. If you’re thinking about adding to your current setup or making the switch, you can compare my reviews and use the short buyer’s guide to narrow down your final selection. 

Hydroponics 1 Start
A good hydroponic setup is a semi-permanent system, so you should be very careful when you consider where you’re going to put it. It’s going to stay in the same place because it is very heavy and you don’t want to disturb your plants as they grow. 

1. Royalsellpros Hydroponics Growing System

This hydroponic system uses LED lights with a full-spectrum, 21-watt bulb that has 110 bright lights. This helps to maximize your plant’s natural growth cycle while boosting photosynthesis. The LED indoor planter will automatically close after 16 hours, and it’ll switch back on after eight hours. There is a larger 1.2-liter water tank on this system with a level indicator that allows you to see when it’s time to add water to ensure that your plants have the correct level at all times. This helps to shorten your watering cycle to weeks instead of days, and you can easily use it to grow a host of plants like Mediterrainan herbs, vegetables, and flowers. 

You get nine pots in this hydroponic system that allows you to grow a variety of things at one time. It gives 135-degree wide-angle light regulation that allows your plants to grow and thrive. You get all the tools you need when you order to create your system from scratch. It comes with the system itself, tweezers, measuring cup, sponge, plant hole cover, seed box, and nutrient water. You’ll be able to use it for 100% soilless cultivation all year round, and you’ll have plants ready to harvest in as little as 25 days. 


  • LED lights included 
  • 1.2-liter water tank included
  • Ready to harvest in as little as 25 days


  • Hanging chains are flimsy 
  • May not hang 100% level
  • Water indicator is small 

2. AeroGarden Black Harvest

You can choose from a black, grey, or sage coloring on this hydroponic system by AeroGarden, and it comes with a gourmet herb seed kit with six pods. You get Dill, Curly Parsley, Thyme, Genovese Basil, Mint, and Thai Basil. Additionally, it also includes a three-ounce bottle of nutrient water that can feed your plants for an entire growing season. The plants can easily grow up to a foot tall with this system, and you can grow six plants at once. There is a simple control panel that will warn you when the water is running low and tell you to fill it. It’ll also tell you when to add nutrient water and automatically turn on the lights. 

The LED grow lights on this hydroponic system boost your plant’s growing capacity, and you get a full-spectrum 20-watt LED light included. You can use this system to grow herbs all year round, and it has a very sleek look with a modern appeal. The broad base will help to keep the system upright and sturdy, and the entire setup is less than 18 inches tall. If you have space constraints, this smaller hydroponic herb growing station can fit right on your counter or windowsill without an issue. 


  • Herbs can grow a foot tall
  • Comes with nutrient water 
  • Control panel tells you when to add water and nutrients 


  • Runs slightly smaller to size
  • LEDs get very hot 
  • Customer service is difficult to contact 

3. LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit

Anyone who has a large amount of cruciferous vegetables to grow will appreciate the sheer size of this hydroponic system. It’s excellent for beginners, and you will get fast results each time you use it. You can choose from 36 of 108 plant sites, and you can grow everything from melons and herbs to vegetables. It delivers the nutrients and oxygenated water straight to your plant’s roots, and each pipe is made out of food-grade material that is completely safe and won’t leach into your plants. It’s very quick and easy to assemble out of the box, but you have to buy the nutrient solution. 

There is a pump included in this hydroponic system with a timer that makes it run for five minutes every 30 minutes to push the nutrient water past your plant’s roots and encourage them to grow. It’s a very clean system that is easy to take care of and maintain, and you get a full year warranty from the date of purchase with it. This will protect you from defects or damage, and you can buy the optional planting net cups if you think you’d like to try them with this system. 


  • Available in two sizes 
  • Has a pump with a timer 
  • Very easy to set up and use 


  •  No plant cups included
  • Doesn’t come with nutrient water 
  • Pump can stall 

4. VegeBox Hydroponics Growing System

VegeBox’s hydroponic system comes with a four-in-one light technology that gives you a powerful 22-watt LED light with dual timers. This light can help your plants grow up to 1.5 times faster than normal, and you get clear, red, blue, and green lights to stimulate growth. The smart LED system automatically flips on and off to stimulate growing conditions, and you get a large two-liter water tank. This larger tank will allow you to save on water and preserve your nutrient water. All you have to do is add water to your tank once every two weeks to keep your plants growing and healthy. 

This hydroponic system comes with 12 plant pots that allow you to grow a variety of plants in one cycle. It has 135-degrees of wide angle light adjustment to ensure none of your plants get missed. There are just three easy steps to using this system. All you have to do is sow your seeds, wait for them to germinate, and transplant them following the instructions. In as little as 25 days, you’ll have a nice herb or vegetable garden that is thriving and ready to use. You get everything you need to start your project right out of the box, and there is a 100% replacement warranty. 


  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • 12 plant pots included 
  • Only add water once every two weeks


  • Instructions are vague 
  • Timer doesn’t stay on 14 hours 
  • Customer service is unreliable 

5. Freehawk Hydroponic System

If you like to grow peas or potatoes in containers, you can try to start them in this hydroponic system. This is an excellent beginner system that comes made out of a durable plastic that isn’t easy to break or show wear and tear. You get six holes to plant your vegetables or herbs, and you can use any types of seeds you want to get started. This is very easy to use and it has a simple design that is very safe. You get nutrient water that gets highly oxygenated before rushing straight to your plant’s roots to encourage fast and healthy growth. In turn, this shortens the growing cycle by several days or weeks. 

There is a small air stone included with this hydroponic system that slips through a small hole in the top of the unit. You add the water, add the pump, and put your plants in the pockets. This blocks the sunlight from getting into the bottom of the system, and this reduces the chances of algae or mold growth that could hurt your plants. You check the water levels at least once a week, and you’ll have to add water at least twice a month to keep your plants happy, healthy, and growing strong. 


  •  Six planting spots 
  • Comes with an air stone pump
  • Kid-friendly materials 


  • Plastic can crack or break 
  • Runs small to size 
  • No water gauge 

6. SuiteMade PVC Vertical Grow Tower

Anyone short on space should take a look at this vertical hydroponic system. This works well for any home gardeners who want to grow things year round, and it gives you up to four times more yield than traditional gardening. Each tower on this setup has 16 pots for your seedlings to go in, and you can grow everything from Bok Choi and Strawberries to Basil and Lettuce without running into a problem. It has a sleek and modern design with a black and white color scheme that can fit into almost any decor, and it’s a good choice for smaller homes or apartments that don’t have a lot of space. 

With each order you get 16 heavy-duty net pots that you can use over and over again with this hydroponic system, and they’re very easy to clean. There is an adjustable galvanized steel chain included in each order that allows you to suspend this system from the ceiling to save even more floor space. The tower comes from the United States using strict quality control standards to ensure it lasts, and it uses a durable PVC material that won’t crack, scuff, or break. 


  • 16 pots with net pots included
  • Can suspend the tower
  • Takes up very little room 


  • Need a strong pump 
  • No lights included 
  • Warranty is very short

7. Lettuce Grow 30-Plant Farmstand

If you want to grow a lot of lettuce, you’ll get several options with this hydroponic system. It comes in five sizes ranging from 12 plants up to 36 plants, and you can easily grow over 200 different varieties of herbs, fruits, and vegetables in this self-fertilizing, self-watering stand. It’s made in the United States, so you know that it’ll last for years of repeated use. There is an automatic water distribution system on this setup that removes the need to manually water your plants, and this frees up your time to use elsewhere. There is no mess, no soil, and you can be ready to harvest your plants in as little as 21 days. 

You’ll get pre-sprouted seedlings when you purchase this hydroponic system, and it has a very small 22-inch by 22-inch footprint. This is great news for anyone who has space constraints and can’t have a full-sized garden in their yard. You get a timer, pump, and nutrient water when you order this kit. You can order the seedlings separately, and you can buy an extension kit if you want to expand your current growing capability. This extension just snaps to your existing setup. 


  • Easy to expand
  • Has several sizes available
  • Small footprint 


  • Plant pots are very small 
  • Difficult to clean 
  • Seedlings aren’t included 

8. GrowLED Indoor Garden Germination Kit

You can choose from the advanced or basic version of this hydroponic system. You get smart soil with it that comes packed with all of the nutrients your plants need to grow strong for up to three months after you plant them. You won’t have to add any liquid plant food. It has a full-spectrum LED light included that ensures your plants get all of the light they need to take off and thrive, and you can easily adjust the height as your plants grow to prevent the LED light from being too bright and damaging them. The smart pods slip into the plant pots and give your seedlings a secure place to start growing. 

The LED light with the hydroponic system has a smart timer included that will run the light for 16 hours a day before shutting it off. In turn, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off at night. There is a highly visible water indicator that lets you see how much water is inside the planter at a glance. This way, your plants will never run dry because you know exactly when to add more. You’ll add water every other week or so to keep your flowers, herbs, and vegetables growing strong. 


  • LED light has a smart timer 
  • Can adjust the light’s height 
  • Advanced or basic versions available 


  • No directions included
  • Seed pots can be messy 
  • Have to buy more seed pots after the first growing period 

9. SURPCOS Upgraded Hydroponic Grow Kit

Anyone looking to jump into using hydroponic systems should start with easy vegetables to increase their chances of success. However, easy vegetables should thrive in this kit and produce a surprisingly high yield of berries, vegetables, melons, and herbs. They recently increased the distance between each plant pot in this system to give the plants more room to spread out, and they changed the shape and size of the holes to encourage rapid growth. You can choose from a 28, 56, or 84 plant site system that will grow clean and healthy food in a very short amount of time. 

There is a pump on this hydroponic system that will automatically cycle water for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to ensure that all tiers get a good amount of nutrients. This can help save the pump from burning out very quickly, and it ensures that each plant has the same chances to grow. It’s very easy to use and put together, and you can use it both indoors and out. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this product, and you can get in touch with customer support very easily if you have questions. 


  • 100% money-back guarantee 
  • Available in several sizes 
  • Pump automatically cycles the water 


  • Not extremely stable 
  • Difficult to get plants into position 
  • Pump can quit working as effectively after a few months 

10. Viagrow Deep Water Vegetative System

The final entry on the best hydroponic system for healthy plants comes from Viagrow. This is a deep water system that uses a five-gallon bucket and a cost-effective four site bubbler system to keep all of your plants healthy and well-oxygenated. It works best with cuttings or rooted seedlings due to the depth, but it helps you grow small plants to their maturity before you harvest or transplant them to start the growing cycle over again on other cuttings. 

When you purchase this hydroponic system, you’ll get four net cups to put your plants in, a five gallon bucket, air stone, air pump, and enough tubing to ensure the water circulates through all of your plants. If you want nutrient water to give your plants a boost, you’ll have to buy it separately. The bucket is BPA-free and approved by the FDA for use around potential food products, and there is a free pH test kit that allows you to test your water’s chemistry. 


  • Works well for cuttings 
  • Four net cups included 
  • BPA-free bucket


  • Only holds four plants at once 
  • Pump is slightly flimsy 
  • Difficult to move around 

Hydroponic System Buyer’s Guide 

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a gardener is whether or not you’ll use a hydroponics system or not. Hydroponics is the art of growing plants like vegetables using nutrients and water without soil. Your hydroponic system is a technique you employ to grow your plants all year round, and you can use it both inside and outside. Some use pumps and timers and some use a type of growing medium, and some plants work better in these systems. 


Your pump system won’t run constantly, but it can be a hassle to remember to switch it on and off. If you don’t, your fruit trees, vegetables, or flowers won’t grow as well. Many of the systems on my list have a timer. The timer turns the pump on for 5 or 10 minutes every 30 minutes to an hour. This is more than enough to circulate the water through your hydroponic system and make sure all tiers get the correct amount of nutrients to grow and thrive. 

Hydroponics 2 Timer
Having a timer on your hydroponics setup will ensure that it’ll cycle the water and nutrients through every tier of your plants and encourage even growth.

Smart Display 

A lot of the newer systems come with a smart display. On this display, it’ll remind you when it’s time to add nutrients, water, run the pump. The display will light up until you do whatever it indicates you should do. They may even have a timer that you can look at to see when it’s time to switch the pump on or off. Other smart displays also control the lights. They’ll run them for up to 16 hour before shutting them off for eight and starting a timer to keep your plants on a schedule. 

LED Lighting 

It’s difficult for your plants to get all of the light they need to grow, especially if they’re indoors. Some systems come equipped with LED lighting. It may be in one color, but some offer different color schemes like red or green to ensure your plants get the full light spectrum. If the LED lights are above the plants, make sure that you can easily adjust them as your plants grow. 

Easy Setup 

Your hydroponic system should be very easy to set up and run. This is especially important if you’re brand new to growing your plants hydroponically. Look for something that comes mostly set up or with very few parts that you have to connect. Each system should come with easy instructions and diagrams that make it easy to put everything together and get it running. 

Hydroponics 3 Size
Bigger hydroponics setups are generally more difficult to put together and get running. It’s a good idea to start small and work your way up once you get the hang of using this new system. 

Nutrient Water and Plant Nets 

Some systems come with nutrient water that you add to your water to feed your plants for up to three months. This is a liquid-type fertilizer that works very well to give your plant a boost and help it grow. Check and see if your setup comes with this water because some don’t have it. Plant nets are small nets that stick down into the hole and support the plant so it can dangle in the water. Check and see how many plants your setup supports too. 


Maybe you want to start with a small garden before transferring them to a larger container garden, but you decide you want to start more seedlings at once. If so, you want to be able to expand your hydroponics setup. Some companies allow you to buy more plant nets and pipes or areas for them and attach them to your current setup, and other companies make you buy a whole new system. 

Bottom Line

Hydroponics is a great way to grow a host of plants all year round. There are so many systems available that it makes sense to go slow and compare various products. My 10 reviews allow you to compare high-quality products and narrow down your search. The short buyer’s guide highlights everything you need to know about these systems to ensure you make a good choice and find a system that will last for years. 

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