Best Watering Can to Water Your Flower Pots

Looking for the best watering cans? A watering can or a watering pot is a quick and easy way to water plants manually. They come with a spout and a handle, and most standard-sized cans can hold between 1 and 2.5-gallons of water. You can get the best watering cans in metal, ceramic, or plastic. Steel watering cans have been in use for centuries, and they’ve undergone many design improvements to streamline them. 2-gallon steel watering cans were very popular, but they’re mostly decorations today. A high-quality watering can should be easy to fill and empty into your flower pots, and the best watering cans help you water all of your indoor plants quickly. 

There are a lot of high quality watering cans on the market today, and this can make it challenging to pick out the best one to water all of your plants. You can use them indoors and outdoors, and this can further complicate the buying process. Luckily, this isn’t an expensive investment, and I’ve picked out 10 of the best watering cans on the market. I’ve written short reviews on each one so you can compare products side-by-side, and the short buying guide will highlight everything you want to keep in mind when you shop and browse through products. 

1 Watering Cans
Watering Can by Peter Miller / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 The best watering cans can add a whimsical touch to your home while still being very functional. You can customize your choice based on the plant type you have, and you can use them to create a focal point in your home or on your patio.

Behrens Steel Watering Can – Top Pick 

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Our top pick comes from Behrens, and it can hold up to two gallons of water per fill. This is enough to water several planters inside or outside your home before storing it by your faux fireplace. We love the sleek classic look that you get with this watering can with a generous capacity and a high resistance to different weather conditions. The frosted effect is due to the galvanized steel body, and it can give you a whimsical look and feel that makes you think of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. 

There is a non-removable sprinkler head on this watering can that does it make trickier to clean, but it offers a very nice broad sprinkle each time you use it since it has a rose head. The broad spout will also produce a water flow with a nice pressure that feels balanced in your hands each time you go to use it, no matter if it’s in a small or large pot. The wide opening allows you to easily fill it whenever you need to, and you get a novel wire handle that will clang when you set the watering can down. 


  • Galvanized material resists rust
  • Two gallon size 
  • Broad sprinkler head 
  • Produces good flow 
  • Quality construction 
  • Novel wire handle 
  • Wide mouth fills easily 


  • Sprinkler head isn’t removable

SunnyTong Metal Watering Can – Step-Up Pick 

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You can simplify your plant watering by reducing the effort and time with this watering can from SunnyTong. It is another one that offers a sleek metal design and body that makes it very durable against environmental conditions, and it’s available in four colors, including copper, black, galvanized steel, or green. You can use it indoors or outdoors without a problem, and it has two handles to make it easier to use. It also comes with a removable rosette cap for hose or tap refill. 

This watering can has a maximum capacity of one gallon, and it’s both rust-proof and weather-resistant. It’s ideal for use on raised beds, pots, or hanging baskets. The angled spout comes reinforced with a neat brace tube that will add strength while making sure it stays stable. If you want to hold the can in both hands when you use it, you can grip the thick tube top handle to get a firm but comfortable grip. It also has a broad base that makes it very stable when you fill it to help reduce the chances that it’ll tip over and spill on your patio. 


  •  Four attractive finishes available
  • Removable rosette diffuser included
  • Comfortable, rounded handles 
  • Weather and rust-proof
  • Compact size
  • Broad base 
  • Reinforced angled spout


  • Finish can peel

Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you’re looking for a fun retro design and only have a few plants to water, this mid-end budget pick is perfect for you. It’s an adorable conversation piece that will fit wonderfully indoors or outdoors by your bench on your patio or in your garden.  It holds 0.3-gallons of water, and it has a copper finish on it that is very attractive. The stainless steel construction is resistant to corrosion and rust, and this helps to ensure that your watering can last a long time after you purchase it. 

One nice thing we like about this stylish watering can is that it has a very long spout on it, and you can easily reach your hanging plants. You’ll get a very nice straight flow of water that is easy to control so you avoid spilling anything. Since this is a smaller watering can, you’ll have to refill it several times if you have more than three or four plants, or if you have larger plants. This is the trade-off you make for the pretty retro design, but it can be well-worth it to create a conversation piece. 


  • Easy to control
  • Has a very long spout on it 
  • Smooth retro design 
  • Copper coating on it
  • Stainless steel design 
  • Gives you a long stream of water 
  • Solid base


  • Smaller water capacity 

WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can – Bargain Budget Pick 

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This sleek and modern best watering can from WhaleLife has a Nordic style that brings out a fluent line design with a chic aesthetic feeling. It uses a thickened resin body that is strong enough to withstand repeated use while being transparent enough to allow you to see exactly where your water levels are so you know when it’s time to refill it. Since the water level is highly visible, it makes it quick and easy to control your water flow so you don’t add too much to one pot and not enough to another. This is a model that works better inside, but you can use it outside without too many problems. 

This best watering can is able to hold up to 1.4-gallons of water, and this gives it a slightly larger capacity than other options on the list while still being a lower price point. The longer spout makes it more comfortable to water, and there is an ergonomic handle that can reduce fatigue. It has a slightly wider base design that makes it challenging to tip over, and it has a chic green coloring that blends well into almost any decor. 


  • Sleek and modern
  • Nordic design
  • Semi-transparent body 
  • Holds 1.4 gallons
  • Longer spout
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Thicker plastic body


  • Can have sharp edges

Tierra Garden Traditional Metal Watering Can – Best for Stylish Patio Decor

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Tierra Garden’s powder-coated galvanized steel watering can resist rust, and it comes with a bigger 2.1-gallon capacity. This makes it a great decor idea for your patio, or you can easily use it outside to water a multitude of plants.  You’ll get the choice of six vibrant colors so you can pick one that matches your personality. You can choose from blue, red, orange, yellow, green, or purple. It has a fun shape on it too that allows you to turn it into a conversation piece. 

It has a convenient flat steel pouring handle with a top carrying handle means that it’s not as comfortable as a more traditional tube handle if you use it over prolonged periods of time. The watering rose screws on, and it comes designed to eliminate leaks and drips. The company guarantees each of these watering cans come checked and tested for leaks before they leave the factory. In turn, their customers receive long-lasting and high-quality products each time they buy it. It also has a braced spout that adds more stability to it to ensure it lasts. 


  • Holds up to 2.1 gallons of water
  • Rust-resistant design 
  • Six colors available 
  • Screw-on rose is easy to clean 
  • Solid base
  • Two handles 
  • Funky design 


  •  Handles aren’t comfortable for prolonged use

Gardener’s Supply Company French Blue Watering Can  – Best for Large Flower Pots

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Sometimes, having a three gallon watering can is big enough to tackle watering your bigger pots. This product is made to be very lightweight but strong, and this allows you to fill it all of the way with water and carry it around without a problem. It features durable polyethylene plastic that won’t crack or split in cold weather. This is great if you live in colder planting zones and accidentally leave it outside. 

The handle on this watering can is the perfect size for you to hook over an outdoor tap or in your pump spigot, and this means that you won’t have to hold it while it’s filling with water. It comes with a removable rose on it, and it has a stainless steel faceplate that you can take off, and this makes it very easy to clean. It works well for watering established, hardy, borders or large plants. You can also turn the rose head to face upwards to deliver a rain-like, super-soft spray. It works well for tender plants because it doesn’t put out a huge spray. 


  • Holds up to three gallons
  • Durable plastic construction 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Offers a super-soft spray 
  • Can remove the rosette 
  • Handle hooks over the tap
  • Solid base


  •  Only in one color

Cesun Watering Can – Best for Indoor Pots

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If you have a lot of indoor pots and a minimalist decor style, this watering can is a nice pick for you. It works well for watering hanging baskets, and it has a solid stainless steel construction despite looking like it was made of copper. You can choose from gold, matte black, and copper for the coloring to match your decor. It has a smaller capacity at 900 milliliters, and you can easily store it away between uses. It’s also stylish enough to sit on your sideboard as a pretty decoration. 

There is a wonderfully ergonomic handle on it with a long spout that makes it excellent for getting into all of those harder areas. It allows you to accurately water the plants in groups as long as they’re in smaller pots. The design of this watering can allows you to have the top section of the pot covered, and it helps to prevent leaks and spills when you water indoors. It works well on orchids, succulents, bonsai, or general house plants. The handle tapers by the bottom to make it wider, and this is easier to grip when you use it. 


  • Best for smaller watering projects
  • Available in copper, gold, and matte black 
  • Stylish enough to use as a decoration 
  • Longer spout
  • Tapered handle 
  • Works well for succulents or bonsai
  • Decorative coloring 


  •  Only holds a small amount of water

Fasmov Stainless Steel Watering Can – Best for Hanging Planters

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This is another smaller watering can with a longer spout on it, and this makes it an excellent choice for indoor plants or hanging pots because it significantly increases your reach. It can hold up to 1.5 liters on a single fill, so it does give you a slightly larger capacity. The watering can stand just 10-inches tall, and this is big enough for you to work your way through a decent cacti or succulent collection without having to refill it. It comes with solid stainless steel construction that is rust and tarnish-free, and you get a highly-polished watering can that helps prevent scratching while enhancing how it looks. 

You’ll get an ergonomically-designed handle on this watering can with an ultra-thin and extra-long spout that allows you to have excellent control over your pouring accuracy when you water the plants. You can accomplish really detailed work with it, and it has a useful iron rim around the base to add stability when you leave the can sitting in a standing position. The handle basically loops around from the side of the pot to the top to give you plenty of area to grab onto. 


  • Could double as an ornament
  • Long spout increases pouring accuracy
  • Highly polished look gives you a scratch-free surface
  • Stands 10-inches tall
  • Iron rim on the bottom 
  • Resists rust 
  • Minimalist design 


  •  Can leak

HORTICAN Watering Can – Best for Small Flower Beds

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This is a farmhouse-style galvanized watering can from Hortican, and it offers a rust-proof product that will work for many years. It offers an eye-catching look that allows it to double as a decorative piece on your porch, and you can use it for smaller flower beds or lower hanging baskets. The handle is rounded, and it’s comfortable to use for extended periods while giving you a durable gripping surface to work with. The metal and black color scheme is also very eye-catching, and it gets spot welded to the body of the can for a secure hold. 

This watering can can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water on a single fill, but it’s still lightweight and can outcompete many other watering cans. You can hold and position the watering can in a host of different ways due to the design. It’s comfortable, durable, and it’ll last through several seasons without an issue. The broad base has a light rim on the edge that lends more stability to it when you set it down between uses. 


  • Farmhouse-style
  • Long curved handle is comfortable 
  • Larger capacity
  • Easy to fill
  • Black and metal color scheme 
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Won’t leak


  •  Can’t swivel the rose head

Bloem Deluxe Watering Can – Best for Deep Planters

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If you need to tackle deep watering projects that allow you to look and see the watering levels inside while you’re working, this is for you. It will hold up to a half-gallon in a single fill, and this allows you to water a few different plants before you have to refill it. The plastic, small watering can from this company has a spill-free design because it has a curved spout on it, and this prevents it from spilling out during watering and filling it. Due to this support, you can slip your hand into the handle without risking dropping it. 

The spout is very easy to use to hit targeted areas in the pot. If you’re worried about the watering can’s longevity because it’s plastic, you should know that it comes from 100% stabilized UV polypropylene plastic. This ensures you get long-lasting protection and color against extreme weather conditions. You get the choice of 11 different colors too, and this allows you to match your preferred decor style. There is also a very light design on the side of this watering can to give it some definition. 


  • 11 color choices 
  • Wrapped handle 
  • UV-stabilized polypropylene plastic 
  • Design on the side 
  • Half-gallon size 
  • Long-lasting design 
  • Lightweight 


  •  Slightly more expensive for plastic 

Best Watering Can – Buying Guide 

When you start to shop for the best watering can, there are several things that you want to look for, especially when you compare products. Using this short buying guide will help you figure out which is the best watering can to suit your needs, and it also ensures that you get a product that is durable enough to last for years at a time. 


The capacity of your watering can is extremely important because this will dictate how much you can water before you run back to your expandable hose to fill it again. Many of the best watering cans on the list could hold at least one or two gallons. Smaller products may only hold a half gallon or so. The trick is to figure out what types of plants you want to water and how many you have. Succulents and cacti don’t require nearly as much water as other picks, and this will influence how big you need your watering can to be. 

2 Plastic Watering Can
Watering Can by Liz West / CC BY 2.0 A larger watering can may be more difficult to lift when it’s full, but it gives you enough water to give a lot of plants drinks before you have to go back and refill it. 

Stream Style 

There is more than one stream style that watering cans can have, and some products allow you to seamlessly switch between the two by taking off the end of the spout. You can choose from: 

  • Sprinkler – A sprinkler-style head releases water that looks like raindrops. It allows you to spread your water evenly over your plant, and it works well for younger plants that can’t handle heavy streams. 
  • Targeted – This type of stream style features a single hole that pours a dedicated stream of water out. You can focus the water where you want it to go, but it’s easy to over-water your plants using it. 


The materials your watering can is made out of will play a large role in how long they last. Galvanized metal with stainless steel watering can options are very popular choices because they can withstand the elements without rusting or corroding, and you can tuck them into your outdoor storage shed without worrying that they’ll break. Plastic is the other popular material, and this is a lightweight option that can come UV-stabilized to prevent them from breaking down in the sunlight. Make sure whatever materials you choose are durable enough to withstand repeated use without issues. 

Spout Length

The spout length will decide how easy it is for you to water your plants. For example, if you have deeper pots or hanging plants, you will most likely want a longer spout length to help extend your reach. Longer spouts are also more aesthetically pleasing than shorter spouts. However, if you’re just going to water plants that are at eye or waist-level, you can get away with a shorter spout. 

Outdoor Vs. Indoor 

For indoor use, you can get away with watering with plastic containers. For outdoor watering, you may need to get metal, larger-capacity cans because they generally last much longer. You can safely store your metal watering can outside without worrying about it cracking, rusting, or corroding. Plastic watering cans will typically weaken or split with large temperature fluctuations, especially freezing temperatures. 

Leak-Free Design

One of the best selling points of many plastic watering cans is the single-piece construction they have. There are no seams to develop leaks and allow the water to slip through. Non-galvanized metal is more likely to leak after a single year or two because rust can develop. No matter which material you end up choosing for your watering can, they can have rubber washers or a curved spout that are less likely to develop leaks when you water. 

3 Watering Can Buying Guide
Watering Can by Carl Harper / CC BY-NC 2.0 Watering cans can double as eye-catching garden-themed decorations. They’re durable and able to withstand different weather conditions without breaking down, and this makes them a versatile gardening tool you want to have around your home. 

Bottom Line 

Picking out the best watering can doesn’t have to be a difficult choice, and every product on the list is budget-friendly enough to meet almost any price point. Take your time and decide which size and materials will work best for the plants you have in and around your home. When you have a good idea, you can use this shot buying guide with product reviews to make your final choice and ship it straight to your door. 

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