The Best Blood Meal for Lush Indoor Plant Growth

You want to keep your indoor plants healthy and thriving all year round, but they can be a challenge when they start lacking nutrients. Since they survive in containers, they’ll eventually pull all of the nutrients out of the soil and start to weaken, rot, and die unless you fix it. You can help them by adding fertilizer periodically, and you should make a point to mix blood meal into your plant’s soil. You can add it annually or bi-annually to help your plants recover from illnesses. It’s especially important if your plants are wilted or showing brown spots on the leaves. 

Blood meal will help the nutrients in your soil break down quicker, and this can rush a nutrient boost to your plant’s roots. It’s very effective if you add blood meal and fertilize your plants a few days later. The nutrients can help perk up your plants, kickstart their growth, and keep them looking lush and full all year round. Additionally, blood meal works on almost any type of plant without being too strong for them to handle. You can use it on succulents, hanging plants, cacti, exotics, and more. I’ve picked out 10 of the best blood meal products and reviewed them for you. You can take these reviews and the short buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your choices. 

Blood Meal 1 Start
Keeping your indoor plants healthy and happy can be a challenge because they have limited nutrients in their pots, and there is no steady stream to keep the lush and green. This is why you should make a point to refresh the soil once or twice a year to boost the nutrient content. 

1. Burpee Organic Blood Meal Fertilizer

When you grow Gardenias or any plant indoors, they need a steady stream of nitrogen. Nitrogen is essential for promoting strong growth from the time your plants are young until they finish the active growing phase, and blood meal is rich with it. It works well as a nice starter fertilizer when you first plant for indoor plants, and this product comes with a 12-0-0 formulation. This formulation means that your plants will get a high amount of nitrogen with a healthy mix of microorganisms that help balance your plant’s soil, and it also helps the plants absorb more nutrients during their active growing phase. 

This blood meal comes from the United States using reputable manufacturers, and this ensures that you’re getting a high-quality product that will work well on indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers. You can choose from a three-pound pack, the new 2020 mix, or packs of two, three, four, or five when you order. If you have a lot of houseplants, you may want to order more. You can reseal the bag when you finish to keep it fresh for the next use, and  it uses an organic formula that won’t burn your plants. 


  • Uses a 12-0-0 formula
  • Made in the United States 
  • Available in a few sizes and formulas


  • May take a few weeks to see results 
  • Can have a stronger smell 
  • More expensive for the amount you get

2. Down to Earth Blood Meal

This five-pound box of blood meal uses a 12-0-0 formula that comes listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as acceptable to use in organic production. The organic formula doesn’t use the harsh chemicals that you’ll find in some blood meals, and this makes it generally healthier for your plants and safer to use on more delicate blooms. This product will give your plants a rapid boost of nutrients for exceptional growth, and it can help any compost piles you have break down much quicker. A single box will cover just over 100 square feet, and this is more than enough for dozens of houseplants. 

This blood meal formula works well for starting plants, or you can use it when you repot your plants once or twice a year to help them establish their roots and grow strong. Don’t get the product on your plant’s leaves as it can cause burns. For best results, you can mix it into the first few inches of your plant’s soil and let it go to work. It’ll help your plants absorb more nutrients and grow lush and green well past the initial growing season each year. 


  • Covers 100 square feet 
  • Organic Materials Review Institute listed 
  • Boosts healthy growth


  •  Packaging is thin and prone to tearing 
  • Can burn plant leaves 
  • Difficult to dose correctly 

3. Espoma 163680 Blood Meal

Espoma’s blood meal is perfect for establishing living walls both indoors and out, and it’ll help your plants gain greener, richer leaves, stronger roots, and grow larger overall. This is nice if you want to create a natural privacy wall very quickly around an area of your home, or you can use it if you notice your plants turning brown or looking stunted. To use it, you have to follow the dosage instructions and add the product to the first few inches of your plant’s soil. It’ll work down to the roots and encourage your plants to absorb as many nutrients as possible to help keep them healthy. 

This blood meal works well on both annual and perennial plants, and it’s a safe source of nitrogen that can help prevent your plants from getting sick. The zipper lock on the bag makes it easy to close and keep the product fresh between uses, and it makes for a mess-free cleanup and storage. You can choose from one or four three-pounds bags, and this allows you to customize your order to suit your needs. You use ½ of a tablespoon per plant, so this ensures that a single bag will go far. 


  • One bag goes a long way 
  • Works on annuals and perennials 
  • Bag zips closed 


  • Have to reapply it frequently 
  • Can be challenging to dose correctly based on container size 
  • May take more than one application to work 

4. Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Blood Meal

This blood meal from Miracle-Gro will help your plants restore any nutrients they lost from being in the same pot year in and year out, and it’s a fast and effective way to help revitalize the soil. A single bag of this product will cover up to 140 square feet, and this ensures that every bag will go a long way with feeding your plants and keeping them lush, green, and healthy. When you add nitrogen to the soil, it can help bring your plants back from sicknesses and keep them healthy all year round. 

For the best results with this blood meal, you should apply the first round to all of your indoor plants in the spring before the active growing season kicks back in. Once you apply it, make a point to apply it once every two months throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. You can cut back in the winter months. You can choose from a blood meal, bone meal, or a combination of the two when you order, and all you have to do is lightly water your plants after you mix the meal in to see the best results. 


  • Covers up to 140 square feet 
  • Very easy to apply 
  • Works on all indoor houseplants 


  •  Have to apply it multiple times throughout the year 
  • No pour spout or resealable bag 
  • Can burn more sensitive plants 

5. Blood Meal 13-0-0 Nitrogen Fertilizer

If you’re growing miniature roses indoors, you’ll need a high-quality blood meal to help spur the growth on and help the plant’s roots establish themselves. This is what you get when you try Greenway Biotech’s product, and you get a full five pounds of organic meal in every order that contains 1% fat and 85% protein. This means you get 13% nitrogen that is ideal for vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, and other types of indoor and outdoor house plants. As a bonus, it also works very well as a deer repellent, and it can reduce the amount of time you spend protecting your plants from pests. 

This is an organic nitrogen fertilizer source, and it comes packaged in a heavy-duty resealable bag that keeps it fresh until you’re ready to reapply it. You use one pound for every 100 square feet, and this is more than enough to give all of your plants a good dose every few months. When you apply it, it’ll work to lower the soil’s pH levels to make it more acidic, and it’s a very fast-acting formula that will go to work as soon as you apply it to help create lush, full, and deeply green houseplants. 


  • Very fast-acting formula 
  • Heavy-duty resealable packaging 
  • Doubles as a deer repellent 


  • Very strong formula 
  • Can burn or injure plants 
  • Difficult to measure out 

6. Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome Blood Meal

This blood meal gives your plants a very slow-release boost of nitrogen. In turn, you won’t see results straight away. However, this product will slowly help boost your plants and turn the leaves into a lush green coloring with larger growth. It can slowly get rid of brown spots as well and help ward off sickness. You can use this product on flowers, roses, shrubs, trees, pansies, vegetables, and other indoor plants. You’ll apply two pounds of meal for every 100 square feet, and this works out to less than a teaspoon per pot when you’re adding it to individual indoor plants. Larger pots will need more than smaller ones. 

This blood meal comes in a durable bag that won’t rip or tear, and it makes it easy to store between uses because you won’t have to worry about it spilling. The formula has a slightly more compact makeup, and this makes it very easy to mix into your soil before you repot or pot your plants. Once you add a little water, this will help to work it deeper into your soil and activate the slow-release process of the nutrients to feed your plants for months at a time. 


  • Slow-release formula 
  • Durable packaging 
  • Works on a broad range of plants 


  • Have to add more for good results 
  • Not a quick-fix 
  • Price

7. BaleBuster Organic Blood Meal

Anyone who wants to try straw bale gardening should consider this bone meal to their preparation routine. This is a 100% organic formula that gives you complete five-bale preparation for both small and large straw bale garden operations. You’ll get simple and straightforward instructions that’ll guide you along the preparation process step by step, and this product will help you get fresh vegetables without encouraging the growth of weeds. This formula will prep almost any straw bale within 18 days of the original application, and uses porcine meal to boost the nitrogen content of the product. 

There are fungi and bacteria in this blood meal product that help to support healthy and strong plant growth while breaking down the straw bale to create the perfect growing environment for all of your plants or vegetables. It’s safe to use around people and pets, and this means that your kids can help you apply it. One order can cover five bales, and it is relatively easy to apply. You get 18 pounds per order, and the instructions make it easy to get the correct amount for your needs. 


  • Cover five straw bales
  • Comes with very detailed instructions
  • 18 pounds per order


  • Takes up to 18 days to work 
  • Better suited for larger applications 
  • Box is flimsy 

8. Winchester Gardens Select Blood Meal

Winchester Gardens’ organic blood meal boosts the nitrogen content of your plants, and it’s ideal for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and all sorts of indoor houseplants. Each time you order this product, you’ll get three pounds of the meal. There is also a handy measuring spoon included to ensure that you get the correct dosage for your plants to encourage healthy growth without overpowering everything else in the soil. One package is more than enough for dozens of different plants, and you can use it several times throughout the years to keep the nitrogen levels up in your plants to ensure they absorb a good amount of nutrients. 

This blood meal comes in a durable package that is quick and easy to store between uses, and you won’t have to worry about it ripping or tearing when you move it from plant to plant. It’s also a nice product if you’re trying to keep rabbits away from your plants when you set them outside as it works well as a natural rabbit repellent. This is a slightly higher concentration that will start showing results very quickly, but you don’t want to get it on your plant’s leaves because it can lead to burns. 


  • Starts working very quickly 
  • Comes in three-pound bags
  • Has a measuring spoon included


  • Can burn plant leaves 
  • Have to carefully measure it out
  • Will have to reapply it during the year

9. Bloom & Root All Natural Blood Meal

Bloom & Root’s blood meal is a solid choice if you want to start an indoor or outdoor container garden at your home. When you order this product, you’ll get a 12-0-0 fertilizer formula with a high nitrogen content that encourages healthy but quick growth and deep green leaves. It comes formulated with feather meal to increase the nitrogen content even more, and the coarse powder form is very easy to mix into the first few inches of your plant’s soil before watering it. Doing this will help the formula sink to your plant’s roots and open them up so they can start absorbing more nutrients to kickstart healthy growth and high vegetable production. 

This blood meal also contains a slightly high iron content to bring out the green coloring in your plant’s leaves, and you should apply it straight away in the spring for the best results. One package covers 100 square feet, and a single application can last for 90 days before you have to reapply it. It uses natural ingredients, and you don’t have to worry about it having sludge or manure in it. This formula makes this product safe to use around your kids and pets indoors. 


  • Contains a high amount of iron and nitrogen
  • Coarse powder form 
  • 12-0-0 formula 


  • Have to reapply it every 90 days 
  • Challenging to get the correct dosage
  • Difficult to store 

10. Miracle-Gro Plant Nutrition Granules

This blood meal formula by Miracle-Gro is the final product on my list. It comes in granules that will feed your flowers, plants, herbs, and vegetables very quickly and easily. Once you apply it, you can start to see results in as little as seven days. You will want to reapply this product every four to six weeks to give your plants continued support and keep them growing strong and healthy all year round. This product uses all-natural and organic ingredients that are better for your plants, and the granular formula reduces the chances of accidentally burning your plant’s leaves when you apply it. 

This blood meal formula comes in three sizes and four formulas, including all-purpose, blooms, edibles, and raised beds. You can tailor your order to match your indoor plants to ensure the best results. It comes in a plastic bottle with a twist top design and a pour spout to give you precision application capabilities, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry this product from plant to plant. Finally, the container forms an airtight seal that will keep the product fresh and ready to use again and again. 


  • Granular formal 
  • Has a pour spout 
  • See results in a week 


  • Reapply it once a month 
  • Has a strong smell 
  • Difficult to dose accurately 

Blood Meal Buyer’s Guide 

If you’re considering incorporating blood meal into your plants, you have to know what to consider when you start shopping. A short buying guide can help you compare the various products and sift through the product reviews until you narrow down the choice that will work best to give your houseplants a needed nutrient boost to keep them healthy and thriving all year round. 

Defining Blood Meal 

This product is an upgraded form of traditional fertilizer, and it gives your plants a slow-release of nitrogen when you mix it into your plant’s soil. This is a huge source of nutrients for your plants because animal blood has higher levels of nitrogen and proteins. It is dried and powdered blood from cows or other slaughtered animals, and it’s very popular to mix into vegetable and fruit plants. You can also create a liquid fertilizer with it because this type of meal is water-soluble. 

Once you purchase it, you should read the dosage instructions very thoroughly. If you accidentally get it on your plant leaves, it’s strong enough to burn them and cause more damage. To use it, you want to mix it into the first few inches of soil and water it. The water will help push the meal down to your plant’s roots to help them absorb more nutrients. 

Blood Meal 2 Type
Matching the types of indoor plants you have to your blood meal will help ensure that it’ll create an optimal growing environment for them, and you should avoid getting anything on the leaves because it can burn them.


The brand you choose is very important because more well-known ones tend to pay more attention to the ingredients. It’s also easier to get in touch with a brand if you have problems. Maybe you’re curious as to whether or not a brand will do well with your indoor orange trees or if you should pick something else. The customer service team will be able to advise you on which product would work best for your plants. 


Stronger formulas will cover more area, both inside and out. The average coverage area hovers right around 100 to 200 square feet, and this works out to a teaspoon or less per plant. If you don’t have a lot of houseplants, you could get at least a year out of a single purchase. This includes reapplying the product every few months to encourage continued growth and the dark, green coloring. 

Blood Meal 3 End
As with any type of fertilizer, you’ll need to add water to help it start working and sink to the roots of your plants. Each time you water, the fertilizer will encourage your plants to absorb as many nutrients as possible to green up the leaves and help them grow. 

Application Process

How do you apply your meal? For the most part, many companies recommend that you mix the product into your soil before you plant your indoor plants. Once you apply it and get the plant in the pot, you should apply a light layer of water. Also, make sure you double-check the recommendations for reapplying it. Larger tomato plants will most likely need more meal than smaller succulents to make it last for a few weeks before you have to reapply it. 

Bottom Line 

Blood meal is an organic way to help your plants stay healthy while giving them a boost of nutrients. I’ve given you 10 different options from various brands that you can compare side-by-side to see whether or not they’ll work well for your indoor plants. You can use the buying guide to narrow down your choices and make the best selection for your needs to keep your indoor plants looking lush and healthy 365 days a year. 

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