Best Lawn Sprinklers to Irrigate Your Yard

Keeping your flower beds, lawn, or container gardens healthy and thriving requires that you routinely water them. This is especially true during those longer, hot, sunny summer days. The best lawn sprinklers are effective, simple, and they help you complete this task without eating up a lot of your time. Many times, you can simply set them and let them run. Depending on the size of your yard, you may have to move them around to reach every area and give it a good drink. You’ll quickly learn that the best lawn sprinklers come in a host of different options. You can pick from different watering patterns, price points, and materials to match the one that will work best for your needs. 

Since there are literally hundreds of products available from dozens of brands, picking out the best lawn sprinkler and narrowing down your choices can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This is especially true if it’s been a few years since you last bought one. With this in mind, I compiled a list of the 10 best lawn sprinklers available on the current market. I’m going to review them for you, and you can compare these reviews side-by-side. You can also take a look at the short buying guide at the end to help you choose between your one or two final picks. 

1 Sprinkers in Yard
As you can see with these best lawn sprinklers, they spray outwards to water the lawn and inwards to hit the flower beds to keep them both well-watered and lush.  Freshly laid front lawn, spinklers, close – D7000 by Alpha / CC BY-NC 2.0

Orbit Tripod Brass Impact Sprinkler – Top Pick 

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My top pick for the best lawn sprinklers comes from Orbit. It’s a great choice for a larger vegetable garden layout or for people who use raised beds because it sits on an adjustable tripod that allows you to choose the height in which it runs. It has impact heads that give you an uninterrupted water flow, and they are resistant to clogging with heavy use. You can even use it with reclaimed or dirty water from canals and ponds without worrying about it clogging up. The sprinkler will spray up to a 90-foot diameter when you put it on the highest setting, and you can easily adjust it to spray in a partial or full circle. 

There is a deflector shield on this best lawn sprinkler that allows you to adjust the spray distance, and the anti-backsplash arm is great in helping you decide which spray pattern you’d like and how far you’d like the water to go. You can create smaller water droplets or larger ones by twisting the diffuser screw, and the tripod base will adjust from 22-inches up to 48-inches. You can fold it down to a small size to make storage convenient and easy. It connects to a ¾-inch garden hose using a gooseneck attachment, and it has an all-metal construction that will easily withstand a lot of wear and tear or harsh environments. 


  • Has an adjustable tripod 
  • All-metal construction 
  • Uninterrupted water flow
  • Sprays out up 90 feet
  • Collapses for easy storage 
  • Anti-clog head 
  • Deflector shield 


  • Can leak a little at the attachment point 

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler – Step-Up Pick 

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With this step-up pick for the best lawn sprinkler, you can quickly and easily adjust it to water one smaller flower bed or an entire yard because it gives you maximum coverage of up to 4,500 square-feet. There are twin touch controls on this sprinkler system that allow you to quickly and efficiently set or adjust the range and width of the water pattern so it goes exactly where you need it too without wasting a lot of water. There is also a zoom control that will help you adjust your watering area, and you can set it to zoom out to cover your entire lawn or zoom in to a tight flower bed or container. There is an Infinity turbo drive motor on this system that gives it very smooth movements, and this means that you get even coverage that won’t for puddles. 

There is a very durable design on this best lawn sprinkler that will allow it to last season after season. There is a quick-connect system on this sprinkler system that lets you quickly connect and disconnect it from your hose. It works well for small, medium, and large spaces, and the connectors are brass so they won’t rust or corrode with heavy use in different environments. All you have to do is attach the threaded end of your hose to the sprinkler system and it’s ready to go. If you need assistance or have questions about this product, the customer service team is very responsive. 


  • Covers up to 4,500 square feet 
  • Easy to adjust the width and range 
  • Quick-connect system 
  • Zoom control included 
  • Durable design 
  • Responsive customer service team 
  • Different styles and patterns available 


  • Diagrams are very small 

Brizer Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler – Mid-End Budget Pick

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You get the choice of teal or aqua coloring with my mid-end budget pick, and this is one of the best lawn sprinklers available if you’re on a tight budget but have a large forest garden to keep hydrated and growing. All you have to do is place it in your yard where you need it, adjust the oscillation, attach it to your hose, and open the faucet. It’ll cover up to 3,000-square feet of space without having to move it, and this is great news for people with larger yards or gardens. It comes packed with 20 nozzles on each system that give you maximum coverage, and there is a dial that lets you easily control your spray area. 

You can set this best lawn sprinkler to spray left, right, full, or narrow width for maximum control. There is a nozzle cleaner included in each purchase that keeps your system running while avoiding clogging, and it’ll filter out dirt and debris before it reaches the nozzle itself. The design makes it very easy to move from one spot to the next, and it’s very durable. You can adjust your spray pattern to hit where the lawn needs it the most. There is a 30-day warranty attached to this product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


  • Covers 3,000 square feet
  • 30-day warranty 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Easy-to-move design 
  • Nozzle cleaner 
  • Durable design 
  • Adjustable distance, width, and spray patterns


  • Fittings are plastic instead of brass 

WOVUU Lawn Sprinkler – Bargain Budget Pick 

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This newly upgraded product is the best lawn sprinkler for anyone on a tight budget, because you’ll get a lot of nice features without breaking the bank. It has three adjustable spray patterns on every arm, and it has 36 spray holes built in, and this is an increase from the original 24. You can easily adjust the sprayer’s nozzle pattern at the base of the handle to give you adequate spray coverage. It needs at least 28.4PSI water pressure to spin, and it has up a 49-foot range. This makes it acceptable for small or medium-sized yards, but you’ll have to move it around if you have a larger area to cover because it won’t reach far enough. 

The spray arms on this best lawn sprinkler will rotate 360°, and it uses a durable ABS plastic that won’t rust, corrode, or break down with heavy usage. You can easily attach it to your garden hose using the threaded end, and you get waterproof tape to help you create a watertight seal to cut down on the amount of water you waste when it runs. Before you start the sprinkler, you’ll have to have your nozzles adjusted how you want them, and it should click into place. If you have questions or concerns, the customer service team will respond to any queries within 24 hours. 


  • Adjustable spray patterns 
  • Sprays 360°
  • 49-foot range 
  • Easy to attach
  • Comes with waterproof tape
  • Clicks into place 
  • Responsive customer service 


  • Uses ABS plastic in the body

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler – Best for Large Yards

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This simple but powerful best lawn sprinkler works well for anyone who has a larger yard to contend with and keep watered through the spring and summer months. It comes with a fully adjustable spray range, and it’ll cover a maximum of 2,400-square feet. This is more than enough room to reach out to cover your landscape edging when you water. You can easily and quickly adjust the spray area anywhere from 950 to 2,400-square feet, and this is great for people who have smaller gardens in one area and larger, open spaces in their yards. This is a reliable and durable option that will last in harsh environments. 

You’ll get a product that comes with a 12-month parts and labor warranty when you purchase this best lawn sprinkler, and they’ll fix it or send you a new one if a problem crops up. You also get free estimates before you send it in to get it fixed. It has a flat bottom with a very wide base that makes it very stable and less prone to tip over when you switch it on. This also ensures that it’ll stay in place on rough terrain or slopes. It has a metal and ABS plastic construction that won’t rust, corrode, or crack with repeated use, and it also won’t break your bank when you purchase it. 


  • Covers 2,400-square feet 
  • Adjustable spray area 
  • 12-month parts and labor warranty 
  • Metal and plastic construction
  • Very flat bottom 
  • Easy to pick up and move
  • Quick-connect adapter 


  • Can clog rather easily 

GrowGreen Sprinkler – Best for Gardens

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Anyone who has a decent garden will like this best lawn sprinkler because it’s versatile enough to water small to large gardens in traditional and odd shapes. You will need at least 80 PSI water pressure for it to work well, and it offers 32.8-feet of spray distance at maximum power. It also comes with 360° rotation that ensures the entire area gets even coverage. Also, it’s not too powerful for more delicate plants, and it won’t break them if it sprays them. You can quickly adjust the sprayer nozzles on this product to spray in any direction you want for custom watering, and the sprinkler base comes weighted to keep it in place. 

This best lawn sprinkler uses high-quality ABS plastic for the build material that won’t crack or freeze if you leave it out in harsh conditions. You get worry-free performance that lasts a long time. Since this system is so easy to use and set up, it can help you save water. Also, it comes with conservative water technology built in that sprays an even amount of water of your area. It’s versatile enough to set up for your kids to run through on a hot summer day, or you can use it to keep your lawn and plants well-hydrated and thriving. 


  • 32.8-feet of coverage 
  • 360° rotational spray 
  • ABS plastic build
  • Weighted base 
  • Water conservative technology 
  • Easy to set up
  • Can adjust spray speed


  • Doesn’t put out consistent water streams 

Rain Bird Pop-Up Sprinkler – Best for Manicured Landscapes

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Maybe you have a nice manicured landscape with a lot of xeriscaping and you don’t want a traditional sprinkler system maring the look. If so, this is the best sprinkler system available. This is a pop-up sprinkler system that gives you a 0° to 360° spray pattern, and it has an 8 to 15-foot spray distance. They’re meant to be placed along your yard and they sink to ground level when they’re not in use to give you a clean and neat look. It has up to 40% more efficiency than other models, and this can help you cut down on your water consumption while keeping your yard looking green and lush. It can also help shorten your watering times while correcting any uneven coverage so  you don’t have splotchy landscaping. 

This best lawn sprinkler will resist wind-blown overspray, and it can help you keep the water off your sidewalks or pathways to keep it dry and safer to walk on. It has a match precipitation rate that lets you use it with any other RainBird adjustable or fixed pattern spray devices. It uses a heavy-duty stainless steel spring to push it up to use and lower it back down when you finish watering that resists rust and corrosion to make it very durable. There is a multi-function seal design that reduces leakage, and it has a tapered neck that helps to push debris out of the way when it comes up to reduce clogging. 


  • 0° to 360° spray pattern
  • Easy to adjust
  • Slinks to ground level when not in use
  • Stainless steel spring 
  • Rugged and durable
  • Resists clogging 
  • Cuts down on water consumption 


  • Challenging to install 

Madeking Garden Sprinkler – Best for Busy Gardeners 

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This is one of the best lawn sprinklers for busy gardeners because it’ll spray in 360° to cover your entire lawn or space without you having to pick it up and move it. It also offers three adjustable rotating arms that will put out the same amount of water to give your landscape very even coverage. Also, you can easily connect two or more lawn sprinklers to give you more spray coverage, and this frees up your time to use elsewhere around your home or business. It works very well to water your lawn, vegetable garden, flower beds, trees, and other greenery you have around your home. 

There is a quick-connect fitting on this best lawn sprinkler that makes it snap to attach it securely to your hose when you’re ready to set it up, and it has a durable enough connection that it reduces the chances of it leaking when it’s on. It uses a strong ABS plastic in the build that won’t crack in colder temperatures, and it has a lower profile that is very easy to store in your shed between uses. Before you start it, you can easily adjust the direction that you want it to spray and create unique spray patterns to suit your area. 


  • 360° coverage 
  • Three adjustable rotating arms 
  • Even coverage 
  • Quick-connect fitting 
  • Can attach more than one sprayer 
  • ABS plastic 
  • Very flat bottom 


  • Too lightweight

Aqua Joe Indestructible Oscillating Sprinkler – Best for Harsh Environments

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Anyone who lives in a more harsh environment like a desert landscape and needs to periodically water it to keep it looking nice should look at this best lawn sprinkler by Aqua Joe. Not only is it very durable, but it gives you a host of coverage patterns that are completely customizable. If you have an area of your yard that doesn’t need water, you can easily direct the spray away from it to keep it dry while the system waters the rest of your yard or garden. It will spray out to 3,600-square feet with higher water pressures, and this is great for larger yards or gardens because it won’t fall short and miss anything along the edges. 

There is a leak-resistant connection point on this best lawn sprinkler that reduces the amount of water waste you have when it runs, and it gives you 16 nozzles with each purchase. These nozzles resist clogs, and this is great if you have sandy or dirty water. This oscillating sprinkler comes backed by the Snow Joe and Sun Joe customer promise. This is a warranty that will last for two full years from the point of purchase, and the company will either refund or replace any system that fails due to damage or defects. The customer support team is very responsive to problems or questions. 


  • Several coverage patterns 
  • 3,600-square feet of coverage 
  • Leak-resistant connection 
  • 16 nozzles
  • Nozzles resist clogs 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Very solid 


  • Can stick in certain positions 

VIVOSUN Garden Sprinkler – Best for Greenhouses

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The final product on the best lawn sprinkler list comes from Vivosun. This is a 360° rotating sprinkler system that has three adjustable swivel arms. There are 45 built-in nozzles on this product that sit at different angles on the arms to give you enough direction and power to hit every area of your greenhouse or yard when you turn it on. There are three sets of spray holes on each arm, and you can combine them or set individual patterns. It’ll cover up to 3,600-square feet with 116 PSI of water pressure to reach the back corners of your greenhouse, and it’s delicate enough to use around fragile plants. 

There are dual design inlets on this best lawn sprinkler that you can connect in a series, and this allows you to cover more area with one system. It uses a thicker ABS plastic in the design with a stable disc base that ensures it stays in place when it runs. All you have to do is connect it to your hose and turn it on. There are no complicated knobs or dials to worry about. There is a full 18-month warranty from the date of purchase for this item to guard you from damage or defects. There is also a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy from the date of purchase. They have a very good record for their customer service team. 


  •  45 built-in nozzles 
  • 360° coverage 
  • Sprays up to 3,600-square feet
  • Dual design inlets 
  • Thicker ABS plastic 
  • 18-month warranty 
  • 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy 


  • Bottom isn’t very durable 

Best Lawn Sprinkler – Buying Guide

When you’re shopping for the best lawn sprinkler, there are several important considerations you want to keep in mind. This way, you’ll make sure you get a system that can easily reach over your entire rock garden to hit behind it, and it won’t move when you put it in place. This short buyer’s guide will outline the most important considerations to keep in mind when you shop for your new best lawn sprinkler system. 


One of the biggest things you have to consider is the sprinkler system’s coverage capabilities. For example, do you have a large or small yard or garden? Do you have time to pick up the sprinkler system and move it from point A to point B? If not, you want to know how many square feet your space is. The best lawn sprinklers have a coverage area that can range from 40-square feet up to 3,600-square feet. Matching this area to your yard size is essential. 

2 Tall Yard Sprinkler
The best sprinkler systems come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, and this allows you to customize your choice to fit your unique space. Credit:
Sprinkler by Oliver Finlay Beaton / CC BY-NC 2.0


You want your best lawn sprinkler to last for years, and the type of materials it uses is one factor that plays heavily into this. Metal will usually outlast plastic. But, if you have to get plastic due to budget constraints, go with a thicker ABS plastic. This will help it survive any accidental falls or problems. Metal is generally more durable, especially if it’s stainless steel since it won’t rust or corrode when it gets wet. For the fasteners, look for brass over plastic. 


Even if you’re just getting the best lawn sprinkler to soak the mulch in your flower beds, you’ll want a warranty on it. Some warranties will only last for 30-days while other warranty periods can stretch up to 18-months from the original purchase date. Pay attention to the warranty if the product offers one. Make sure you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered under it. Some of them only offer limited coverage while others offer full coverage, including accidental damage. 

3 Decorative Sprinkler
Even if you pick out a low-cost system, you want to have a warranty to protect you against damage or defects to get the most use possible out of it.
Sprinkler by Ken Martin / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Finally, the best lawn sprinklers allow you to easily adjust the spray width, pattern, and how far it sprays out int your yard. This makes it easy to shield plants or flowers that don’t need as much water while making sure your water-loving plants get enough when you water. Ideally, any system you get will have dials or knobs that you can twist to your preferred settings so you can water without worrying about damaging your more delicate plants. 

Bottom Line 

The best lawn sprinkler is different for everyone. I’ve given you 10 great examples you compare side-by-side to see which one works better for your space. Once you compare the reviews, the short buyer’s guide will help you narrow down your final choice. You can then choose to have it shipped straight to your home so you’re ready to jump start your yard and plant growth in the early spring months. 

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