Best Garden Hose Reel to Store Your Hose

You need your expandable garden hose to water all of your plants and vegetables to keep them healthy and happy throughout the growing season. But, this can lead to having a very bulky tool laying around your yard that easily becomes a tripping hazard if you’re not careful. Storing it can be a hassle if you don’t have the best garden hose reel on-hand and ready to go. There are so many available that it’s easy to find one large or small enough to accommodate your garden hose’s size. What’s more, they now come in a host of materials that are very durable and will last for seasons. 

If you’re in the market for the best garden hose reel, you’re in luck. I’ve done all of the research for you and found 10 great choices that will fit into almost any decor while being sturdy enough to stand up to the weather and last season after season. Once you take a look at all of the reviews, you can use the short buying guide to narrow down your choices to the best garden hose reel to suit your needs and get it shipped straight to your door. 

Hose Reel 1 Start
Buying the best garden hose reel will ensure that you never end up with a tangled, kinked, or untidy hose sprawled across your yard or running between your flower beds. Instead, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your hose and prevent someone from tripping. 

1. GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel

If you don’t have an expandable hose, I suggest you take a look at this best garden hose reel from Gardena. When you give a short tug on your hose’s end, the lock will slowly release and draw the hose safely into the box without any bending or cranking on your part. There is an integrated steel spring that provides excellent traction with an even pulling power to ensure that your hose doesn’t kink up or wind up too quickly once it starts moving. The steel design of the spring makes it very resistant to rust, corrosion, and wearing out. It has a plastic body with a slight overhang on the top to stop moisture from getting in. 

There is a hose guide bracket that lets you mount this best garden hose reel right onto the side of your house or shed, or you can mount it up in a corner. You can store brushes, nozzles, and sprayers on the unit to keep everything neat and together until you need it. When winter comes, you can take the hose box down using the ergonomic handles and pull it off of the wall bracket to bring it inside to protect it from frost or cold damage. You get the wall plugs, screws, and wall bracket when you order. 


  • Stainless steel spring
  • Each to remove for winter 
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • Mechanism not big enough for huge hoses 
  • Uses mainly plastic in the design 
  • Lock can slip and stop it from reeling 

2. Yard Butler Hose Hanger

This heavy-duty best garden hose reel by yard butler comes in three styles and four color choices that allow you to tailor your picks to suit your needs. It uses 12-gauge steel with a powder coating on it that comes equipped with additional bracing that ensures it won’t sag when you put your hose on it. This design also works to eliminate tangles and kinks in your hose, and this can extend your hose’s lifespan by helping to avoid the development of weak spots. This brand has been around for years, and it has a very ergonomic design that will last season after season.

This best garden hose reel can hold 100 feet of ⅝-inch hose without a problem. But you can store even more hose by mounting the caddy up slightly higher on your house and making larger loops. If you’re not completely satisfied, Yard Butler will either refund you or offer you a complete replacement for your original purchase. It won’t chip, break, crack, or let loose from your wall or shed once you put it up, and you can easily leave it outside all year round without an issue. 


  • Available in three styles and four colors
  • Attaches securely to your wall
  • Can hold up to 100 feet of hose


  • Doesn’t attach to textured siding well
  • Sticker can leave a sticky backing on it
  • Powder coat can scratch and scuff

3. Liberty Garden Hose Reel Cart

Liberty Garden’s best garden hose reel works well for commercial or professional landscaping hoses, and it’s a durable but functional option that helps you store your hoses in your sheds or move them around as you need. You can store up to 300 feet of ⅝-inch hose on this reel without it being too bulky, and it has a nice non-slip handle that allows you to easily transport it from point A to point B without losing your grip. This is nice for larger nurseries or vegetable gardens that sprawl over several areas and you have to get your hoses to them to water everything each day. 

This best garden hose reel cart has durable 13-gauge steel construction that won’t wear out, rust, or corrode with repeated use. The powder coating on this product makes it resistant to weather changes like snow, rain, hot weather, or humidity. You’ll get brass and galvanized steel fixtures with a 90-degree swivel connector. There are four 10-inch pneumatic tires to give this cart excellent stability, and it has a low center of gravity that prevents the cart from tipping over. You will have to put this cart together when you get it, and it comes in a sleek tan coloring. 


  • Has large tires for balance 
  • Low center of gravity 
  • 13-gauge steel construction 


  • Brass components are weaker 
  • Tires are difficult to replace if they wear out
  • Paint can peel off very easy 

4. Liberty Garden Garden Hose Reel

This sleek and stylish best garden hose reel has a durable steel construction that won’t rust or corrode with exposure to wet conditions like snow, rain, or humidity. This means it’s safe to leave out in the elements all year round without worrying about it. It has a powder coat finish to help boost the durability and resistance to weather. This reel will hold 125 feet of ⅝-inch hose, and it makes it a very easy and smooth process to unwind when you need it. All you have to do is grab the hose and go. It’ll unwind until you get it to the length you need to water your flowers or vegetables. 

When it’s time to rewind this best garden hose reel, it has a durable crank on the side to make the process easy. The end has a rubberized non-slip grip to make it comfortable, and it comes full put together and ready to use out of the box. There is a small shelf on the top of these garden hose reel that is perfect for storying nozzles, sprayers, or other small garden tools all in one spot until you need them. The mounting hardware doesn’t come with this product, so you’ll need to buy it on your own. 


  • Stylish and elegant look 
  • Holds 125 feet of hose 
  • Easy to wind and unwind


  • No mounting hardware included 
  • Tray is very thin and narrow 
  • Difficult to get in touch with customer service 

5. TomCare Garden Hose Holder

If you need the best garden hose reel that you can easily move and store, this is it. It’s the perfect gift for the gardener in your life who has everything. It comes apart easily in several pieces for storage, and this is nice if you don’t have a lot of room in the winter for all of your things. It’s a stable and freestanding design that features three larger spikes in the bottom of the holder that sink deep into the ground to provide a stable base to set your hose on, and you can place this holder anywhere you have soft enough ground to drive them in. It has a durable metal design that lends more weight to it to help keep it in place. 

The metal is thickened and rustproof, and it can support a lot of weight without bending, breaking, or developing weak points. This best garden hose reel features a very elegant design that will hold your hose well off the ground to help it last much longer than it would if it laid collecting moisture. When you purchase this product, you get a 45-day money-back guarantee. There is also a full year worry-free warranty from the date of purchase to give you a greater peace of mind when you purchase this item. 


  • Holds your hose well off the ground
  • 45-day money-back guarantee and a warranty 
  • Easy to move and store


  • Screw holes are easy to strip
  • May bow under heavier hoses 
  • Black coating can chip off

6. Suncast Hideaway Outdoor Storage Reel

Suncast’s best garden hose reel is a hidden design that artfully keeps your hose out of sight and out of mind in your yard until you need it. It has a very sturdy resin design that will help it last through the changing seasons and different weather conditions without breaking, cracking, or showing a lot of wear and tear. It has a Slide-Trak Hose Guide that makes it quick and easy for you to wind and unwind your hose as you need it, and it’ll help to keep the kinks out of the hose so it lasts for years. There is a crank handle to help with this process, and it tucks neatly alongside the box when you don’t. 

There is a stay-up lid on this best garden hose reel that ensures it’s easy to store your items and keep it open until you’re ready to close it. It also comes with a reinforced seal that locks moisture out once you close it to keep the inside of the storage compartment clean and dry. The storage container will easily hold up to 225 feet of hose that is neatly coiled, and this is great for both homes and businesses alike. It keeps your landscape looking tidy and uncluttered while providing shelter for your hose. 


  • Sturdy resin design 
  • Stay-up lid included
  • Has a watertight seal 


  •  Difficult to reel the hose in smoothly 
  • Very lightweight design 
  • Can rot if it sits on the ground 

7. Rolio Hose Reel

If you’re looking for the best garden hose reel with a hose included, try Rolio’s product. The expandable hose is a very nice touch if you have a container garden sprawled around your yard that you want to water, and it folds up neatly on the reel when you finish using it to keep it well out of your way. The holder has a slightly larger carrying handle that makes it easy to take it from wherever you want to mount it on the wall or shed and bring it inside during the winter months. Both sides of the hose reel stick up to help create a buffer that keeps the hose on the reel until you’re ready to use it. 

The hose that comes with this best garden hose reel can expand up to 50 feet during use before going back to a much more compact size when you finish using it and shut the water off. Both of these items are lightweight, and they give you excellent bang for your buck. You can choose a 75-foot hose if the 50-foot option isn’t long enough to meet your needs. 


  • Includes a hose in the purchase 
  • Has a very ergonomic handle 
  • Comes with a spot for the sprayer to sit


  • Plastic body isn’t durable
  • Edges are slightly shorter 
  • No mounting hardware included

8. IRIS USA Hose Reel Box

This best garden hose reel in a box comes with a 48-foot hose wound and ready to go. It has a sleek nozzle attachment that allows you to water and wash down any item around your home or business. The hose reel features an enclosed design with a slender profile that is easy to slide right up against your home or business to keep it out of the way. There is a durable crank on the side that makes it easy to reel this hose back in without causing kinks that could weaken the hose walls. There is a textured grip on the crank that makes it comfortable to hold while you use it. 

If you need multiple hoses, you can easily stack these best garden hose reel two or three high. Not only does this maximize your storage space, but it gives you a greater flexibility when it comes to keeping your yard or garden neat and maintained. There is a thicker bottom on this unit that resists wear and tear, and there are larger ergonomic handles on the top portion that make it very easy to pick up this whole unit and carry it to storage or around your yard. 


  • Has large handles
  • Uses a stackable design 
  • Hose is available in three sizes


  • Hose connector to the reel is weak
  • Has a plastic body
  • Easy to break the handle 

9. TACKLIFE Hose Reel

When you pull your hose out to a certain distance with the best garden hose reel, it’ll automatically lock in to ensure that you’re not constantly pulling on it to keep it at your desired length. It only takes between 12 and 15 seconds to fully retract a 65-foot hose, and this is more than long enough to water your entire vegetable garden, no matter the layout. There is a braking mechanism inside this reel storage device that ensures your hose doesn’t fly back, and it’ll use a steady and controlled motion from start to finish to safety and effectively reel your hose in.  

The hose that comes with this best garden hose reel features seven patterns on the nozzle with a very durable and lasting design. You’ll get 180-degree coverage with a robust wall bracket that lets you quickly turn the reel up to 180-degrees when you use it or reel it back in. You get wall plugs and screws to mount this reel, and you can drive them into concrete, brick, and stone. You get everything you need to quickly and easily hang this reel up and use it straight away. 


  • Reel pivots 180-degrees
  • Includes a hose in each purchase
  • Has a braking mechanism included


  • Feed guide is very finicky 
  • Installation can be complicated
  • Instructions aren’t very clear 

10. Giraffe Metal Hose Reel

The final product on my list of the best garden hose reels is by Giraffe Tools. This is a very sturdy unit that has a metal body with an anti-rust powder applied to it to help it prevent rust or corrosion when you expose it to different weather conditions. Additionally, the metal design adds much-needed weight to this product that ensures it stays securely on your patio or deck when you set it down. It has a very large capacity  that can accommodate up to 130-feet of ⅝-inch hose or 200-feet of ½-inch hose comfortably and keep it out of your line of view. 

There is an automatic tracking system in this best garden hose reel that ensures it evenly distributes the hose across the reel when you wind it back up. You can also adjust the hose guide as needed, and it has a double-seal water system. The aluminum seal system won’t leak, rust, corrode, or break, and it stands up to colder temperatures much longer than other systems. 


  • Has a heavy metal design 
  • Comes with a larger capacity 
  • Automatic tracking system included


  • Difficult for one person to carry or move
  • Crank shaft isn’t as durable
  • Handle can unscrew when you use it

Best Garden Hose Reel – Buying Guide 

When you start shopping for the best garden hose reel, there are several important considerations to keep in mind when you browse through the different products. To start, you want to pick out a type before you shop because this will help you narrow your choice down to one variety of the best garden hose reel. If you don’t, you could flood yourself with dozens and dozens of options. 

  • Wall Mounted – One of the most popular types of best garden hose reels are the wall mounted units. You attach them to your sheds, potting benches, or houses close to your flower beds or gardens. You can choose the height of the unit, and they usually stay outside all year-round. This includes even if you bring the hose inside during the winter 
  • Boxes –  A hose box is a nice choice if you want a discreet place to hide your hose in plane sight until you need it. These are stylish metal or plastic boxes with a small hole for the hose to feed through and a crank on the side that allows you to wind the hose back into the box when you use it. 
  • Freestanding – Freestanding units come on posts with two to four stakes on the bottom that dig down into the ground. You can place them wherever you like around your yard, and they’re usually pretty portable and easy to take down. 
  • Portable – The final big type of hose reel is a portable unit. These products are on wheels, and you can easily move them around to other portions of your yard or garden as you need. You can see these types of reels in commercial operations or with professional landscapers. 

Hose Reel 2 Types
A high-quality hose reel usually only takes a few minutes to reel and unreel without causing any twists or kinks in your hose. Some have braking mechanisms in them that prevent them from accidentally snapping the hose back for your convenience. 


Did you know that the best garden hose reels have a maximum capacity that they can safely hold? Many of them can hold between 100 and 200 feet of ⅝-inch hose. If you try to pile on more hose after this point, the reel can start to bend and buckle under the weight. Consider the capacity of your hose reel, and take a look at how much hose you need to reach all of your shade flowers in your forest garden. It’s a good idea to get a slightly larger reel than you think you need. 


Take a close look at the materials on the best garden hose reels. Most of them are metal or mostly metal with a few plastic ones. Generally speaking, metal will outlast many other materials to allow you to get the most use possible out of your hose and storage space. If you pick a metal best garden hose reel, choose one with a powder coating on it that can protect it from scratches and rust. For plastic, ensure that it has a UV-protectant coating that stops it from weakening in the sun. 

Hose Guide 

A lot of the best garden hose reels come with a hose guide on them. These hose guides are great for ensuring your hose doesn’t tangle or kink when you wind and unwind it. You want to take a look at these guides and see how thick they are. Once your hose goes up over the guides, they won’t be effective at their job. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the suggested hose size when you purchase one of the best garden hose reels. 

Hose Reel 3 End
As you can see in the picture, the guides along the edges of the hose reel stop the hose from accidentally slipping off and falling over when you reel and unreel it. These guides come in several sizes, and they can support various lengths of hoses. 


Since your hose reel will be outside for the majority of the year, you want to make sure it has a lot of weatherproofing measures in place. For example, the seals should be tight to prevent water from leaking into the inside of the unit, and there should be a protective layer on the outside like a powder coat to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Bottom Line

The best garden hose reel will help keep your yard or garden neat and tidy, and they’re especially useful in small spaces like rooftop gardens. I’ve given you 10 high-quality options to compare, and the buying guide will get you on the right track and ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision. 

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