Best Plant Stands for Your Home

Part of the joy of being able to shop on the internet is the sheer number of choices you have available right at your fingertips, and plant stands are no different. The number of independent retailers and shops available is staggering, and you get tons of beautiful plant-related products to choose from each time you shop like hydroponic watering systems, planters, plant maintenance items, and more. One of the most popular picks for both indoors and outdoors is plant stands. These are absolutely essential if you want a minimalistic look with your garden fixtures or indoor plants. 

You can get simple and sleek designs or plant stands that are large and awe-inspiring. No matter which types of plants you want to grow, we have a plant stand available for you. If you’re not sure where to look, you’re in luck. We’ve done the research and narrowed down the top 10 best plant stands available on the current market for a broad range of budgets, and we’ll detail them below. We’ll also go over buying considerations that you want to keep in mind when you shop to ensure that you get the best plant stand for your needs. 

1 Outside Plant Stand
Whether you want to put your plant stand indoors or outdoors will play a vital role in your final choice. Outdoor stands have to be much more durable than indoor ones due to exposure to the elements, but it’s possible to find one to suit your area.
Plant Stand by Megan / CC BY-NC 2.0

1. DESHENG Bamboo Plant Stand – Top Pick

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If you’re looking for a mid-range plant stand that goes on your balcony or patio, this is a great choice. It uses very sturdy durable materials in the design, and it uses 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Bamboo is the main component, and it has a durable varnish finish on it to make it resistant to mold, moisture damage, and rot from repeated use if you accidentally spill fertilizer or water on it when you’re caring for your plants. It’s very simple to assemble once you get it, and it has room for seven plants. 

The slim design allows you to set it up virtually anywhere in your home, and this plant stand has a stable base that can prevent it from wobbling. As a bonus, you can easily use it for both plants and garden decorations because the shelves have thin slats to sit your items on. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this product, and it also has a 13-month warranty that protects you against defects or damage. They’ll refund your purchase price if you’re not completely satisfied. 


  • Holds seven plants
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made out of bamboo
  • 13-month warranty
  • 100% eco-friendly 
  • Durable varnish coating 
  • Slender design


  • Screws can protrude a little bit

2. Foldify Pine Wood Plant Stand – Step-Up Pick

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This is an aesthetic and visually-pleasing plant stand that works well to liven up your balcony, patio, or a modern design in the living room. It’s durable, waterproof, and resistant to corrosion and compression to ensure that it can last for years, even with heavier plants placed on it. It uses seven-year-old pine wood in the design, and this makes it an eco-friendly and beautiful addition to your home. You can safely water your plants on this stand without worrying about it warping or weakening if you splash water on it, and it can hold up to 100 pounds without a problem. 

When you purchase this plant stand, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and this means that the company will refund your purchase if you’re not totally satisfied with it. There is also a full year warranty on this product. It stretches out horizontally instead of vertically, and it can hold between five and nine plants, depending on the size. You’ll get a slightly darker finish that looks very chic, and this helps it fit into many different design aesthetics. You can also use it as a sleek storage rack along with a stand for your plants. 


  • Multiple plant spaces available 
  • Holds up to 100 pounds 
  • Waterproof coating
  • Made with pine
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee attached
  • 12-month warranty 
  • Very stable and sturdy


  • Not suited for very large plants 

3. Bamboo 6 Tier Plant Stand – Mid-End Budget Pick

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This mid-end budget pick for the best plant stand holds up to six pots at one time. The top three shelves are open, and this allows you to put taller plants or something like the lemon grass plant without worrying about it growing too big. It features a practical but simple design that is tiered to create visual interest. You can put two plants on the bottom, one in the middle, two on the upper layers, and one at the highest point in the middle. It has slats that allow you to position your pots so they’re secure.  

The light coloring on the wood of this plant stand ensures that it blends well with your decor, and it has insect protection. This stand also resists corrosion due to the bamboo material, and it’s very easy to assemble once you get it. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this stand that ensures you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the final product. It is slightly wider, but this helps to lend more stability to the finished product. 


  • Holds six plants
  • Uses bamboo in the design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Slightly wider design 
  • Light coloring 
  • Sits elevated off the floor
  • Comes with everything you need to assemble it


  • Slats may be too wide for skinnier pots

4. FaithLand Mid Century Plant Stand – Bargain Budget Pick 

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FaithLand’s plant stand is our bargain budget pick because you’re getting a solid option for very little money, and it has a very sleek, simple, and attractive design to it. You can pair this stand with a huge range of plants like the fiddle fig leaf tree, snake plant, or cacti. It’s made from premium steel for added durability, and this also ensures that it can support the weight of your larger plants without buckling. The double-layer crossbar is reinforced for added durability too, and you’ll get four solid legs that make it very difficult to tip this stand over. 

The matte black powder coating on this plant stand helps it resist damage to water, scratching, or chipping. It also makes it very easy to clean between uses. It works well indoors and out, and it comes in six sizes ranging from six-inch pots up to twelve-inch pots. All you have to do is stand it up, insert the crossbar, and tighten one screw to assemble it. It has foam foot pads to help stop it from scratching your hard flooring if you accidentally slide it around. 


  • Available in several sizes
  • Powder coating
  • Uses steel construction
  • Quick assembly
  • Foam foot pads
  • Sleek and simple
  • Open design 


  • Foot pads can tear

5. Down Under Plant Caddie – Best for Heavy Pots

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Sometimes, you need a simple and discreet plant stand in order to shop off a dramatic, creeping vine like Clematis, or you need a very sturdy base to help balance an extremely heavy pot. Whatever the reason, this stand is excellent for heavier pots. You get five high-quality steel and nylon wheels that come in a locking caster to keep them in the correct place when you get the pot on the stand. You can easily push it across your hard flooring indoors and out, and it transitions smoothly to carpets without dumping anything. 

You can choose from a few generous sizes when you pick out this plant stand, and it comes in terracotta, grey, or black coloring to make it easier to match your decor. There is a nice drainage hole in the center that lines up with your pot to ensure that your plant doesn’t retain too much water. The stand also resists damage due to UV rays, and this allows you to use it outside without worrying about it breaking down. It can easily support up to 500 pounds without breaking down. 


  • Supports 500 pounds
  • UV-resistant plastic
  • Wheels lock into place
  • Larger sizes 
  • Three colors available 
  • Drainage hole included 
  • Easy to maneuver 


  • Doesn’t work well on uneven ground 

6. YueTong Metal Plant Stand – Best for Adjusting the Size

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You can choose from a single or double plant stand when you order this product, and it can fit 8, 10, or 12-inch round or square pots without a problem. It has a waterproof and rustproof design to it, and it uses durable iron in the design with a powder coating that helps prevent damage. So, you can easily use this stand both indoors and outdoors without running into an issue. You can easily adjust the stand to fit different sized pots as your needs change, and this adds a layer of flexibility to this plant stand that you don’t get with a lot of products. 

Each leg on this plant stand comes with an adjustable screw to ensure that it doesn’t slip and topple over, and it also keeps the entire unit stable. The cross bar on the body is made out of thickened steel, and this makes it very durable and resistant to bending or breaking. It can hold up to 50 pounds without breaking, and it fits in nicely with more rustic or farmhouse decor. The bottom of the stand has a soft coating that prevents it from scratching the floor if you move it around. 


  • Available in one or two-packs
  • Steel material 
  • Easy to adjust 
  • Legs lock into place 
  • Holds up to 50 pounds 
  • Can fit 8, 10, or 12-inch pots
  • Powder coating


  • Difficult to adjust 

7. cfmour Wood Plant Stand – Best for Multiple Plants

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This plant stand features a 100% eucalyptus wood design that makes it very durable, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly. It undergoes a carbonization process at very high temperatures, and this makes this stand able to resist water damage as you’re figuring out how much to water your indoor plants. It has six generous-sized racks for your plants to go on, and you’ll get a tiered look that allows you to enjoy all of your plants. There’s even a space for a smaller hanging plant to go. 

It can easily hold up to 100-pounds without an issue, and it has eight fixed legs to lend this plant stand an excellent stability rating. The stand also has a lower center of gravity to make it less likely to tip when you load it, and you get an illustrated instruction booklet to tell you how to assemble it. It has four wheels that makes it easy to move from point A to point B, and you can detach them if you don’t want it to be mobile. You can use it to display other items besides plants too without a problem. 


  • 100% eucalyptus wood 
  • Resists water damage 
  • Six generous-sized racks
  • Supports up to 100-pounds
  • Detachable wheels
  • Space for hanging plants 
  • Lower center of gravity


  • Instructions are unclear

8. Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand – Best for Hanging Plants

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If you’re someone who needs a plant stand to support both potted and hanging plants, this is the stand for you. It has a very sturdy design that comes equipped with an elegant hanging rod that can support multiple plant baskets, and it works well on your balcony, porch, patio, or inside your home. It uses an eco-friendly material that resists water damage and corrosion, and this allows you to use it both indoors and out. It has a crossbar and round corner design that makes it very sturdy and stable. 

The crossbars come spaced out on this plant stand to ensure that each plant gets good ventilation and sunlight, and it can easily suppose 11 medium-sized plants with two or three hanging baskets. It has a slightly tiered design where the bottom sticks out more than the top to showcase your plants. When you’re not using this plant stand, you can fold it flat and store it wherever you like. You’ll get the instruction booklet and all of the tools you need to set up this stand when you get it, and it requires no additional tools. 


  • Tiered design
  • Space for hanging plants 
  • Folds flat for storage 
  • Holds up to 11 medium-sized plants 
  • Sturdy and stable 
  • Easy to assembly
  • No further tools required


  • Not much growth space for bigger plants 

9. ZPirates Plant Stand – Best for Indoor/Outdoor Use

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This plant stand fits several plants ranging from eight to twelve-inches in diameter, and all you have to do is pull out the stand rails to get your planter to fit. So, it’ll fit your smaller succulents like chicks and hens and your larger house plants. There is a convenient removable plant tray or coaster, and this helps the pot balance better on the stand. It also protects the pot and enhances how your stand looks. You can choose between two heights with this product. The six-inch position is good for larger pots, and the ten-inch position works better if you put smaller planters in it. 

This plant stand features hardwood bamboo in the design, and this allows the stand to easily support a pot weighing 45-pounds without buckling. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. You get all of the screws and tools you need to assemble this product when you purchase it, and the broad base lends more stability to this product that makes it harder to accidentally tip it over when you brush by it. The darker coloring is sleek and matches many design aesthetics. 


  • Fits 8 to 12-inch pots
  • Adjustable heights
  • Removable plant tray included 
  • Hardwood bamboo
  • Darker coloring 
  • Sturdy base 
  • Supports up to 45-pounds


  • Screws are shorter 

10. Cretee Potted Plant Stand – Best for Tight Spaces

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The final plant stand on the list comes in two sizes, and it can support four and five potted plants or six and seven potted plants without a problem. It is a 100% iron shelving unit that is very heavy-duty and durable, and it is smooth with no burrs. This makes it very easy to care for, and it’s resistant to water damage. You can put up to 66-pounds of weight on it without a problem, and it works well as a stand for your plants or as a smaller shelving unit for your books and knick-knacks. This stand works well for medium and small-sized pots due to the weight restrictions. 

It comes with a white coating on it that gives it a classic look and feel, and this allows it to work well with many decor styles. Each layer can support between 10 and 14-pounds with the larger plants on the bottom to keep it stable. There is a 100% money back guarantee attached to this product, so you can return it for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase. It has rounded corners that won’t hurt if you happen to run into them accidentally, and it weighs in at just over five pounds to make it easy to move. 


  • Available in two sizes 
  • 100% iron design 
  • Holds up to 66-pounds
  • 100% money back guarantee 
  • Easy to move when it’s empty
  • Slender design 
  • Rounded shelving units


  • Coating can chip off

Best Plant Stand Buying Guide

When you start shopping for a stand for your plants, there are several things you want to consider. This is especially important because there are so many choices available in a huge range of styles. This buying guide will outline the biggest things you want to consider when you’re picking out your new stand, and you can use it to narrow the products down to your best pick. 

2 Buying Guide
There are several things you want to consider when you start looking at the different stands. Keeping these important factors in mind, you should be able to narrow down your choices to pick out the perfect stand to suit your needs. You may even get more than one if you have dozens of plants.
Wallflower Vertical Garden by Haldane Martin / CC BY 2.0


First off, how many plants do you have that you want to put on your new stand? If you have multiple plants and you’re on a budget, it can be better to get a slightly larger stand that can support multiple plants at once rather than trying to buy individual stands for each plant. Some stands will only hold two or three plants, but bigger stands can hold between 10 and 15 plants, and some even have space for potted and hanging plants all in one design. 


Along with the number of plants your stand can support, you have to figure out what size plants you have. For example, snake plants will require more overhead room than a smaller succulent will, and they tend to grow larger overall. Most stands have boxed in areas for your plants, so the challenge is to find one that fits the majority of your plant’s sizes. You will eventually find a few that can’t fit your plants due to size or weight restrictions, but it should hold most of your plants. 

Room Size

If you plan to have an indoor stand, how much room do you really have? If you have a lot of room available, you could get a larger stand that sits horizontally and sticks out more into your room. Smaller apartments may have to consider getting a slimmer vertical stand to avoid taking up too much space. Measure the area where your stand will go and try to match your measurements up with the stand’s dimensions to get a good fit. 

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Do you plan to put your stand indoors in your living room or use it as a patio decoration? Will it routinely get exposed to moisture and the elements or will it be protected? Maybe you want to put it outside in the summer and inside in the winter. This will determine which materials you get for your stand. Some are more durable like steel or bamboo against the elements while some won’t survive well if they get wet. 


What material do you want you new stand to feature in the design? Wood, metal, and plastic are all common. Metal like stainless steel or iron usually comes with a powder coating on it to help make it resistant to water damage, rust, and corrosion. Wood usually is bamboo to resist water damage, and plastic is usually cost-effective but it can break down quickly. Ceramic and masonry are also available, but they’re much less common and heavier. 


Your stand will come in several different types, and you have to decide which one is going to work best for your needs. You can choose from tiered, nesting, tabletop, and single. A tiered design either sticks out more in the room, or it has plants on both sides. A tabletop stand is very small and it sits on your table while a nesting design sinks the plant down into the stand with four pieces that stick up to support the planter. A single stand holds one plant. 

3 Plant Stand Types
There are several types of stands available, and they come in a host of shapes and sizes.You want to get a stand that fits your space and doesn’t take up too much room while still offering enough spaces for your planters. This can be challenging, depending on how many plants you have and their assorted sizes.
New Flower Stand by Michael Lehet / CC BY-ND 2.0

No Drainage or Drainage

Some stands have slats in the wood that allow for excess water to trickle through, and you’ll have to plan for this by putting trays to catch the water. Other stands offer zero drainage because they have solid shelving, and this works well for plants you don’t have to water much like cacti

Floor Protectors 

If you slide a plant stand around your floor, you run the risk of scratching it. This is why a lot of these stands come with a rubberized coating on the bottom of the feet. Some also offer foam coating, but this tends to wear away quickly. These protectors provide a barrier between your floor and the stand, so make sure that yours has them to stop it from scratching anything. 

Bottom Line

These 10 plant stands are all high-quality options that you can sort through and see which one works best for your needs. You can look through the reviews and read the highlights of each product before using the buying guide to help narrow down your final choice. Once you pick it out, you can have it shipped straight to your door and set your plants up to create a beautiful display all year-round. 

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