Best Wiffle Ball Bat

Wiffle ball is a baseball variation that originated in Connecticut. A father wanted to teach his boys how to throw pitches past each other and created it, and this game has since been modified to play both indoors and out and in small and large groups. Once it took off, you began to see wiffle ball played in backyards, at picnics, and in sandlots around the United States. 

Wiffle ball differs from baseball by the equipment. Wiffle ball bats and wiffle balls are plastic, and this allows people to safely play in backyards without fear of breaking any widows. In the 1990s, wiffle ball leagues took off, and wiffle bat makers began mass producing their products. This is why there are so many available on the market, and it can be a challenge to narrow down the best wiffle ball bat to suit your game style. We’ve picked out 10 great options for you, and our short buyer’s guide will outline everything you need to know about this equipment. 

1. Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball Combo

This is a plastic replica of the Louisville Slugger C271. This model is one of the best wooden bats that Louisville Slugger makes. However, this bat is an exact replica in plastic form, and it comes in at 34-inches long. This length and the lightweight material makes it a great option for both kids and adults to use. It has a high-grade plastic design that makes it durable enough to hit those home runs way over left field. It won’t crack, bend, or break with repeated use. 

A unique bonus with this wiffle bat is that it comes with a faux woodgrain finish. This finish makes it look like a real wooden bat, and it gives it a unique texture that’s comfortable to hold. This set comes with a wiffle ball included, so you can start playing as soon as you get it. The seam blends into the body of the bat so you can’t see it unless you look along the top to lend a more authentic look. 


  • Has a woodgrain finish
  • Modeled after a popular wooden bat
  • 34-inches long makes it suitable for kids and adults


  • Has a thinner design
  • Can crack with rough use
  • Seam tends to give way

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2. Easton Pro Stix Training Set

If you’re after an entry-level model, this is one of the most cost-effective options available. It’s under $20, and it doesn’t skimp on quality. It is 33 inches long, and it has a very lightweight design. As a bonus, get a seamed wiffle ball along with the bat each time you buy it. This bat is strong enough to withstand lightweight wiffle balls and tennis balls without bending or cracking. However, very hard balls will dent the bat, and this means you should avoid them if you want to not damage it. 

The lightweight design on this wiffle bat makes it suitable for kids, and they won’t have a hard time smacking the wiffle ball a good distance. You can’t tell it has a plastic design because it has an eye-catching finish on it. It’s available in over 10 different colors, and the metallic elements invoke the look of a metal bat. It’s slightly thicker, and this makes it easier to connect with the wiffle ball when you swing. 


  • Easy to pick and and swing
  • Supports small and large players
  • Looks like an authentic wooden bat


  • Can dent or bend with harder softballs
  • Wiffle ball dents easily
  • May warp with a lot of use

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3. WIFFLE Ball and Bat Combo Set

This ball and bat combo set comes with 10 perforated wiffle balls and two wiffle ball bats. The tape pack ensures that you’ll get handle grips, or you can use it and let your kids decorate. Both bats in this package are 32-inches long, and they have a bright yellow coloring that makes them easy to spot. They have a slightly thinner handle and a very hard plastic design. The bat works well with plastic balls or with the perforated wiffle balls, but it’ll dent if you try to use it with harder balls like baseballs. 

The balls aren’t the highest quality, and they can dent if you hit  them too hard. However, this wiffle bat is a good value for your money because you get so much equipment in every purchase. It also comes with a nice guide that outlines how you throw excellent pitches with these perforated wiffle balls. Additionally, everything comes made in the United States following strict standards. 


  • Comes with 10 yards of grip tape
  • Get two bats and 10 balls
  • Has a tips and tricks guide


  • Not strong enough for adult players
  • Can dent with heavy impact
  • Seams are highly visible

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4. Blitzball Champions Set with Soft Grip Handles

This set has three colorful balls made out of polyresin, and you get one hard plastic bat. Since it’s such a colorful set, this makes it perfect for beginners because you can easily see the bat and balls when you’re out and about. It weighs in at 10.2 ounces, and this gives you just enough weight to swing it hard without being too heavy for younger players. It’s long enough for adults to play, but it’s not so long that smaller kids will have a problem picking it up or using it. 

The barrel has a medium sizing to allow you to get a firm grip. Since the balls don’t have perforations like most standard wiffle balls, you’ll find it difficult to get the ball to curve when you hit it. The bat and balls can both withstand heavier hits without denting or splitting, and you can use it in hot or cool weather without worrying about damaging it. 


  • Comes with bright coloring
  • Slightly heavier for harder swings
  • Works for adults and kids


  • Ball has no perforations 
  • Bat has a weak point in the handle
  • Can warp with hard use

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5. BSN Polybat 

Anyone looking for a slightly more durable option should take a look at this pick. Because of the unique shape, this bat can make it more difficult to hit the ball, and this makes it a good choice for older players. It has the exact same dimensions as a regular baseball bat, and it has a heavier design that allows you to hit those long drives without worrying about breaking the bat. There is a taped grip that allows you to get a firm hold on the bat each time you use it. 

The hollow construction ensures that this isn’t extremely heavy, and it makes it challenging to get the ball into the sweet spot. It comes made from poly materials that will hold up to rough play, and the end cap on the bat mimics the feel and look of a real softball bat. Finally, this bat comes in a sleek black and white color scheme that gives it a classic look and feel. 


  • Has a taped design for a firm grip
  • Hollow construction makes it easy to use
  • Mimics a baseball bat’s look and feel


  • Tape can unravel fairly quickly
  • Slightly shorter design is difficult to use
  • Seams are very prominent

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6. Franklin Sports MLB Kids Bat

Wiffle ball isn’t a sport for adults alone, and it’s an excellent one to get kids in on. This is the perfect size for kids because it has a slightly shorter and lightweight design that suits smaller bodies. It’s great for kids three and up, and it comes in at 24-inches long. Another perk that makes it excellent for kids is that it has an oversized barrel that is 3 ¼-inches wide. Your kids will be able to easily hit the ball as you toss it to them due to this larger size, and it can give the ball a little extra speed. 

There is a textured soft grip foam handle on this that makes it comfortable to grab onto when you play. It also helps to keep the bat so it isn’t too slippery if your hands are wet. It has a bright coloring that makes it very easy to see, and it comes outfitted with an official MLB sticker on the wide part of the bat. It has several color options that make it a very visible piece of equipment. 


  • Sticker shows the sweet spot
  • Has a larger barrel to make hitting easier
  • Soft foam grip handle


  • Issues with balance
  • Can be awkward to hold
  • Foam base can peel away

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7. Wiffle Ball Bat

This is another option that is excellent for younger players because it comes specially designed for beginners and smaller kids. It has a latex-free hard plastic design, and this makes it a safe choice for your children to play with. It is 32-inches long, but it has a hollow construction that makes it very lightweight and easy to move around. It’s a very cost-effective choice, but it does use slightly thinner material that will dent or crack after a lot of use. 

The very skinny structure of this option makes it easy to hold onto, but it does make it slightly more challenging to hit the ball. This entry-level bat can help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination each time they use it, and it has a very bright color scheme that makes it easy for your kid to keep an eye on when they take it outside and use it. 


  • Get two bats per order
  • Hollow construction makes it light
  • Latex-free design


  • Doesn’t come with a ball
  • Very thin design 
  • Seam is a large weak point

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8. Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Series

Rawlings’ gives you a nice combination of power and speed. It has a slightly heavier construction due to the alloy design, but it’s a metal bat that can withstand harder hits and rougher play without breaking down, warping, or denting. It’s available in two different color combinations, and you can pick from four sizes ranging from 27-inches up to 30-inches when you order. This allows you to tailor your bat size to suit your needs and your players’ sizes. 

If you’re after a league-certified bat, this is it. It has a streamlined design that allows you to get a faster swing speed and put more power behind each hit. It uses aerospace-grade alloy in the construction, and this is a very lightweight material that makes it easy to store. The bottom of the bat makes an excellent area to get a comfortable grip, and it’s easy to find the sweet spot in the middle of the barrel. 


  • Available in four sizes and two colors
  • Uses aerospace-grade alloy
  • Very durable and lightweight


  • Slightly more expensive 
  • Can start to show wear relatively quickly
  • Too heavy for some players

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9. Champion Sports Lightweight Plastic Bat

This wiffle ball bat is a cost-effective alternative to those aluminum or heavy wood-grain bats. It has a design that appeals to players of all skill levels and ages, and it’s not too light for serious players to use. It has a thicker plastic construction that helps it last season after season without breaking down, and it has a hollow design that is nice for helping the bat balance while reducing the overall weight. At 31 inches long, this bat has a broad enough barrel with a longer reach to make hitting a breeze. 

The modeled handle has a texture on it that helps you get a better grip each time you pick it up. The sharp black coloring is timeless, and it won’t show scuff marks as easily as other choices. The seam is rather large and prominent, but it doesn’t take away from the bat’s durability. It’s easy enough to store between games, and it makes an excellent addition to your kid’s toy sets to help keep them active


  • Good for practice sessions
  • Black color scheme is sleek
  • Textured grip is easy to hold


  • Too large for children five and under
  • Barrel gives if you squeeze it
  • Handle can dent

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10. SKLZ Power Stick Baseball and Softball Training Bat

The final entry on our list of the best wiffle ball bats is from SKLZ. This bat is excellent if you want to practice your hits and get a good feel for a quality bat to improve your coordination. It’s slightly heavier, but it weighs around the same amount as a real training bat. It has a skinner barrel that challenges you to improve your timing and coordination to slam those smaller wiffle balls out of the park. It comes in two different variations, and you can decide which one works best for you. 

You’ll get a durable steel design with this wiffle ball that is built to last season after season without breaking down or warping. It works well with wiffle balls, baseballs, and softballs. Additionally, it’ll help your kids develop their strength, and you get three practice balls with each order. It’s ready to go straight out of the box, and it clocks in at 30-inches long. 


  • Comes in two types
  • Weighs 30 ounces
  • Steel design is durable


  • Has a learning curve due to the weight
  • Not suitable for kids under 10
  • Pleather grip isn’t secure

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Wiffle Ball Bat Buyer’s Guide

When you go out and start shopping for your new wiffle ball bat, one of the first things you’re going to notice is the sheer amount of choices you have available. There are dozens of companies that produce hundreds of bats in all shapes and sizes. This can make you grab the first wiffle ball bat you see, and this is how you end up with a sub-par product. Our buyer’s guide will outline everything you need to keep in mind when you shop for your wiffle ball bat. 

Wiffle Ball Bat 1 Guide
Picking out a bat doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you have a set of buying considerations in mind that help you narrow down your products. 

Why Try a Wiffle Ball Bat

You’d think that you should skip the wiffle ball bat and go straight to a traditional baseball bat, don’t you? While there is nothing wrong with this technique, you could start your kids out much sooner if you start with this type of bat. It’s usually more lightweight than a traditional bat, and it can teach your kid the basic foundation they’ll build on to become a solid hitter. The benefits of using this type of bat include: 

  • Hand/Eye Coordination – This lightweight bat is an excellent way to help teach someone hand/eye coordination. They have to learn how to time swinging the bat to connect with the wiffle ball, and using a plastic wiffle ball and bat gives you greater control over the speed as a pitcher. You can throw it slower and give your kid a chance to practice their coordination and timing. 
  • Hitting Mechanics – Starting your kid on a heavy wooden or metal bat makes it difficult to teach them proper hitting mechanics. They can develop bad habits that take a long time to break. The lighter weight wiffle ball bat allows you to ensure they start with the correct posture, swing, and follow through without having to try and compensate for a heavier bat. 
  • Sweet Spot – Every bat has a sweet spot that you want to try and get the wiffle ball in each time you take a swing at it. Many wiffle ball bats have a larger barrel on them, and this makes it easy to find the sweet spot early one. Once you find it, you can learn how to adjust your position to get as many wiffle balls to hit here as possible. 

Wiffle Ball Bat 2 Benefits
Starting your kids early with a lightweight bat can give them a solid foundation to build their skills on as they grow older. 

How to Choose a Wiffle Ball Bat


One of the first things you’ll notice when you start shopping is the materials wiffle ball bats use. It’s possible to find metal or wooden ones, but the most popular options are made out of a durable plastic with a hollow design. This makes them lightweight without sacrificing the durability factor. In turn, this makes storage much easier. Double-check the bat’s material and make sure it’s thick enough to withstand repeated use. Take a look at the handle and see if it has tape, foam, or a textured space that makes it easy to grip. 


Wiffle ball bats can come in several different lengths. The shorter bats are great for younger players who shouldn’t have to extend far or worry about trying to balance a bat that is too large for them. Adults and bigger players use longer bats to give them more power when they hit. Check the length and see the recommended ages. Most packages will tell you which age is the cutoff point for each specific length. 

Wiffle Ball Bat 3 Length
Younger players need shorter bats than adults, so you want to make sure you match your bat length to the size of the players you have.

Barrel Size

The barrel is the portion of the wiffle ball bat that the wiffle ball connects with when you swing. You can get these bats with very skinny barrels, but be aware that this can make it much more challenging to hit the wiffle ball. Smaller kids can get bats that come with bigger barrels, and these wider areas make it easier to connect with the wiffle ball. However, a larger barrel can make balancing the bat difficult. You want one that makes it easy to get outside with everyone and play on the patio


Even though you may not spend a lot on your new wiffle ball bat, you want to get a durable product. The last thing you want is a bat that cracks or dents after a few hits, and this is why it’s important to buy from a reputable brand. Pay close attention to the material and the age range because this will give you a good indication on whether or not it’ll withstand whatever you have planned for it. Look at the balls you can use with it too, and try to find a bat that will withstand softballs without breaking. 


There are several different brands available, and you want to go with one that has a long history of making quality products. Not only will this make it easier to find reviews on your new bat, but you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re buying from a reputable source. Made in the United States is usually a good sign because they use higher-quality materials. 

Wiffle Ball Bat 4 End
The correct bat can last for several seasons, and you can use it to teach your kids how to play. At the same time, they’re getting out of the house and being active. 

Bottom Line

Any bat you pick out for wiffle ball should be able to last you at least a season or two. We’ve picked out the top 10 best picks on the current market for you to compare. We also encourage you to take a look at our buying guide and use it to narrow down your choices. Play ball! 

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