40 Nature Bedroom Ideas

If you’re out in your garden as often as possible and find yourself bringing in more and more houseplants, you’re probably trying to recreate the same atmosphere you have outside, but inside. While it’s nice to have the shelter and comfort of the indoors, it’s certainly possible to make the two better blended.

Whether you’re aiming for a full on indoor jungle or just want to cultivate a space that feels comfy and natural, there’s many ways you can design your space with inspirations from nature. In this article I’ll describe 40 nature bedroom ideas to show you different color schemes and decorations to help you design a natural space.

Decorative Stones

1. buddha head

Creating a natural space is all about bringing elements of nature into your home, and this design trick literally does that! You can both collect stones you find while working or hiking outdoors, or you can buy magnificent geodes and crystals at specific stores. Just be careful when choosing which store, because sometimes crystals are overmined or faked.

In this photo, you can see the quartz stone shining in the sunlight, along with some rocks I’ve collected from trips and a Buddha statue in limestone. Placing stones literally brings the Earth into your home and is very inexpensive.

Bamboo Furniture

2. bamboo furniture

Another way of incorporating the Earth into your design is by using furniture made from bamboo. Bamboo is a very sturdy and durable material that has been used for furniture for centuries. Its color is light beige, so it naturally has an earthy look and, generally speaking, bamboo furniture has a boho style.

Moon Symbols

3. moon symbols

Aside from using earthy materials, you can also include items that have nature imagery, like the moon hanger I have here. This is a necklace holder I have in my own bedroom that is cute and stylish, but also very useful. The small tree and wooden mirror complement with more natural materials.

Sun Symbols

4. sun symbols

Of course, where you have moon symbols, you have to have sun symbols to stay balanced! Suns are another way to add nature imagery in your room, here I have a print artwork with little suns. You can find many decorative items with suns, such as mirrors, artwork, or bed linens.

You can also make some DIY decor since a sun symbol is a familiar and simple shape although you can do a more complex design if you want to. This would be a great idea for a propagation station!

Simple Room

5. simple room

It’s really popular to see nature bedrooms filled to the brim with plants and lots of bohemian patterns. However, let’s not forget that one of the greatest beauties of nature is its simplicity. If you’ve ever stopped to admire a field of wheat in peak summer or the sunlight shining through a canopy of trees, you know this gorgeous simplicity.

This room replicates that beauty with a simple color scheme and minimal decor. We often see minimalist designs in hyper-modern style, but this room shows how you can keep a natural design to the minimum.

Mushroom Decor

6. mushroom decor

Another natural design that you’ll see on lots of decor is mushroom imagery! Here I have a framed print with mushrooms on it, although I also have a mushroom-shaped ceramic jar and mushroom windchimes (which you’ll see later in this article).

Mushrooms have such an important role in nature that they’ve become a classic for nature decor. I have seen many different kinds of mushroom themed or shaped decor at gardening  and home improvement stores- especially in the spring!

Plants as Shelf Decor

7. plants as shelf decor

Along with cute decorative items, plants make great shelf decor for nature bedrooms. There’s such a diversity of houseplants that you can get really creative with how you style them. There are tons of bright and colorful houseplants, and they all have different shapes and designs.

Colorful Decor

8. colorful decor

But you shouldn’t stop with just bright colored houseplants- you can add pops of color with all the decor you place in your room. In the same way that wildflowers pop in a field, bold colored decor can be bold touches around your room.

Bright colors are great for invigorating a room, but can also have sentimental feelings attached that help you make the room feel how you want it. Using colors strategically is one of the elements of Feng Shui design.

Light and Dark Colors

9. light and dark colors

This design makes a beautiful contrast between the light colored wicker chair and vase and the dark wall behind. Just as you want a good balance in your own garden, it’s good to have a balance of colors in your room. Plus, this black wall makes the chair and dried grass seem even lighter.

Soft Colors

10. soft colors

You can see here that in my room I have a few items with vibrant colors- like the yellow pillow and eclectic blue cushion- that pop out against the other, gentler colors. I mostly have things with lighter colors and this creates a light contrast, making the colors more vibrant.

Depending on where you’re drawing inspiration from, you may want lots of bright colors or you may want a very calm space. Either way, you can balance this with soft colors that gently add something to the room.

Floor Cushions

11. floor cushions

Floor cushions for seating help keep your design down to earth (I’m sorry, I had to!) But they certainly do help create a cozy atmosphere and are simpler than furniture- something that can be very useful if you don’t have much space.

They can also be very decorative and another way to add color to your room. Here I have two with bright patterns and the other three have neutral shades of green.

Wooden Accents

12. wooden accents

Wood is another natural material that is easy to find and implement into your design. For one, there’s many kinds of wood you can use, each that have their own color and grain pattern. It’s also super versatile so, as you can see in this photo, you can use wood in so many different ways and paint or stain it in many shades.

Floral Rug

13. floral rug

Rugs with floral patterns are a subtle way to add a lot of natural design to your room. Since rugs are on the ground, they serve as a background for the rest of the room. You can get a large rug to add in lots of earthy design in one go, or you can have a small rug, like I have here.

Casual & Cozy

14. casual and cozy

If you find being outside in your garden to be very calming, then you want to aim to recreate that feeling inside your home. There are many ways you can do this, and it’s ultimately up to you to pick decor and colors that make you feel at home.

Having a simple and casual design in your room can help make a space feel as carefree as sitting in a park. As you can see here, my old apartment was such a calm space that my rabbit would casually hang out anywhere!

Spider Plant

15. spider plant

This hanging plant is a Spider Plant, one of the easiest houseplants to care for! Adding any houseplant is a great way to bring the Earth inside, but Spider Plants are especially easy to care for, making them a go-to for everyone. They look great hanging and are super easy to propagate.

Flower Wicker Chair

16. flower wicker chair

Any kind of wicker furniture is a great touch for nature bedrooms, since it’s also a very natural material. This flower chair is super cute though and its flowers style adds another element to the design.

Mushroom Windchimes

17. mushroom windchimes

On this shelf I have a mixture of different nature inspired decor, like the mushroom windchimes, dried lavender, several stones, and ceramic jars. Just as how we see many colors and textures in nature, I have a kind of “biodiversity” in shelf decor.

Rainbows in the Room

18. rainbows in the room

If you can find some decor with reflective material, you can bring rainbows into your room! This works with either reflective material or crystal prisms, that distort the light that shines through them. Whichever one you use, place it near a window where it will get hit with direct light and watch the rainbows pop up around your room.

Mushroom Mirror

19. mushroom mirror

As I said earlier, you can find mushroom imagery in just about any form, and this mushroom shaped mirror is yet another example. Plus, it looks great paired with the hanging wicker lighting and freshly cut flowers.

Earthy Bedside Table

20. earthy bedside table

This bedside decor is a beautiful example of how to use earthy decor other than just houseplants- although there’s nothing wrong with adding more houseplants! The natural materials for the lamp and triangular decor are a nice pop against the black wall.


21. orchids

While floral patterns are beautiful, they don’t have the same effect as real, growing flowers in your home. Orchids aren’t the easiest plant to care for, but their gorgeous blooms make them worth the work. Plus, there aren’t tons of flowers that grow well as houseplants, but Orchids are actually perfect houseplants and are one of the best options.

Layers of Plants

22. layers of plants

This kind of design mimics the aesthetic you get in your greenhouse, with plants growing high and low. If you like the feeling of having plants a little bit everywhere, copy the same design indoors! Here I have a skinny potted plant on the ground, then two houseplants on the shelf, with plant decor on the walls above.

Plant Diagrams

23. plant diagrams

Speaking of plant decor, these plant diagrams are both useful and aesthetically beautiful. You’ve likely seen these before, because these diagrams have become very popular for decor. This means you can find diagrams for many kinds of plants, so look for one for a plant you want to learn more about anyways.

Dried Wheat

24. dried wheat

Here’s another nature bedroom bedside table design, with a design that’s very simple and clean. The dried wheat is a bold accent, yet it’s still very natural because of its light color. Dried wheat as decor is common in boho design, and you’ll see it in more of these photos.

Dainty Dried Flowers

25. dried flowers

Dried flowers are another common element of boho design and are perfect for those who aren’t as experienced with houseplants. This design uses huge dried flowers paired with potted plants, wicker baskets, and dainty wall art.

Low Bed

26. low bed

Bed frames that are low to the ground also create a cozy atmosphere, mimicking the comfort of sitting on a blanket in the grass. Plus, the lighting in this room is similar to sitting outside and looking at the stars.

Bedside Sconce

27. bedside sconce

This beautiful bedside sconce is huge and makes a statement, but is still gentle. Such a large lighting piece goes well with the tiny bedside table under it. The wicker material is perfect with the neutral color scheme in this room.

Light Color Scheme

28. light color scheme

This room also has a light color scheme, with a very natural desert aesthetic. The white background created by the walls and linens make the ceramics and plants stand out even more. This design with the vines strung along the ceiling is another way to have plants all around your room.

Natural Chandelier

29. natural chandelier

This chandelier is perfect for a boho chic design, because it makes a bold statement but is still much more down to Earth than a regular chandelier. The naturally stained wooden beads and candle holders makes this lighting fixture extremely natural.

Colorful Room

30. colorful room

This room has more diversity of color, but still manages it in a smooth and natural way. The patterned rug adds many colors to the room, which is complemented by the orange in the wall art. Plus, small accents like the plants and gold bedside decor, help bring all these colors together.

Neutral Shelf Decor

31. natural decor

Here’s an example of nature bedroom shelf decor, done in a very simple and low profile way. All these decor items are made from natural materials and with neutral colors, so they have a very light presence.

Ceramic vases are always great shelf decor and, as you can see here, as beautiful even without any glazing painted on. They’re also great for popping some dried flowers in.

Bright Colors

32. bright colors

Even though this room still has a pretty natural feel, it incorporates some bolder colors. This shows how with a bright blanket and pillows you can throw bright colors into a room that completely grabs your attention.

Although there isn’t much wall decor, what is there adds a simple touch and the rest of the blank walls make the colors stand out even more. Plus, the mirror in the corner helps increase the sunshine in the room and make everything brighter.

Boho Desert Design

33. boho desert design

This wall decor is inspired by a wild desert aesthetic and embodies the feeling of desert wilderness. Although this isn’t for everyone, using a skull as decor is another way to bring the Earth into your home that we haven’t seen yet. It is a natural material, and the wood frame mirror and decor around it complete the design.

Natural Wall Colors

34. natural wall color

By painting a full wall you bring lots of color into the room all in one go. This has a similar effect as adding a colorful rug, yet painting a wall is a much simpler use of color. Plus, using a natural color, like this strong dark green, adds to your color scheme and gives the color dan unmistakable natural feel.

Natural Without Plants

35. natural without plants

This room is a beautiful reminder that you can create a very down to earth space, without adding tons of houseplants. While they’re always a great touch, you may not, for whatever reason, want houseplants in your bedroom but still want a design that feels natural.

This room does that perfectly with all the shades of brown and beige, and the study wooden bedframe. Plus the soft, off-white linens and copper metal decor above the bed, and you have a cozy nature bedroom design.

Natural Kid’s Room Decor

36. natural kids room

This image comes from a children’s room design, showing cute natural decor that has a childish playful style. Although this decor is used for a child’s room, you can also surely use it as inspiration for your own bedroom decor.

As we’ve seen in other images, dried grass and flowers are great for natural decor and here it is again as part of a children’s design. This design is also a nice reminder that kids aren’t the only ones who should be playful and to bring the cheerful spirit of running around outside, into your home.

Beige and White Color Scheme

37. beige and white

This room uses a very simple and limited range of colors, but strikes a perfect balance with the white, beige, and tan colors. It might seem a bit boring to just use two or three colors for the entire room, but if you incorporate several shades of these colors you can still have a varied design in your room.

Decorative Vines

38. decorative vines

Vines are one of those houseplants that can double as decor and as they grow more, can be spread all over the room. As the picture shows, they can be draped over a mirror or along a bookshelf, you can place nails in the wall to string the vines along, or you can propagate them and grow them all around your room!

There’s an amazing variety of vines, with many colors and varying needs, so you can look for a variety that works best for your room. There are also many flowering vines!

Decorative Ladder

39. decorative ladder

Ladders make for very easy DIY shelves and have a more natural look than store-bought shelves. Plus, even better if you can repurpose a ladder from your garden or backyard shed! Ladders provide extra storage while keeping everything openly displayed, so they’re great for keeping houseplants and other decor.

Cozy Corner

40 cozy corner

Lastly, this gorgeous reading nook might just draw you inside out of the garden more than you’d like! This space has such a natural and open feel that it really could be in your bedroom or out on the back patio. This is a great example of how (small) patio furniture could be used inside as well.

The color scheme, again, is simple yet varied and the potted Palm and Fiddle Leaf Fig help add a pop color- while also cleaning the air! This design is very toned down and gentle, yet not boring.

Time to Get Started!

I hope that these nature bedroom ideas showed you that they’re aren’t really rules for cultivating a space that feels natural. Feeling natural in a space is feeling comfortable there, and that looks different for everyone.

If you’re wanting to recreate the same kind of feeling you get when being outside, it’s important to first reflect on what that feeling is. Maybe you want a space that feels just as alive as your garden that’s buzzing with pollinators and blooming flowers. Or, maybe you want a tranquil space that feels like sitting in the shade under a tree.

Once you know what you’re aiming for, you can start creating the vision and you’ll be able to know better if something fits or not. Use your own combination of natural colors and materials and find ways to work the Earth into your home!

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