Kitchen Remodel Cost – How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

In this kitchen remodel cost guide we share everything you need to know about how much does a new kitchen cost. Ask that question to five different kitchen fitters, and you’ll get five very different answers, often varying by thousands of dollars.

After all, with so many different factors at play, the frustrating truth is that trying to determine even a rough cost for your kitchen remodel can certainly prove challenging.

Yet that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

With a little insight, inspiration and forward planning, it’s entirely possible to get a pretty accurate idea about the kitchen remodeling costs involved.

That’s where we come in.

Today, we’ll outline everything you need to know to put together a remodel cost budget for your new kitchen.

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From cabinets to countertops, a number of factors related to kitchen remodeling come into play when determining the cost of a new kitchen. Here, we detail the average kitchen remodel prices you could expect to pay for every aspect of your kitchen remodel.

We’ll look at how much the average American homeowner spends on revamping the one room that has long been considered the very heart of the home.

We’ll take an in-depth look at an itemized kitchen remodel budget breakdown, detailing the typical prices you should expect to pay for every aspect of your kitchen remodel.

Finally, we’ll answer your key kitchen remodeling questions on how to get the best possible value for your hard-earned money with your kitchen remodel.

How much does a new kitchen cost to fit out?

Kitchen Costs 2 Average Kitchen Costs 1
Larger kitchens like this one will inevitably cost more than the more compact spaces. You will need to budget more for your kitchen remodeling if so.

According to the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association (NKBA), over 48% of Americans budget $15,000 for their renovation.

In our kitchen remodeling experience, this certainly holds true, though if you’ve got the remodel cost budget to play with, a more extensive kitchen remodel could cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $125,000.

Ultimately, it all comes down to how much kitchen remodel work you actually want done.

$13,000 – $21,000 Cost: Basic Kitchen Remodel

Though half of Americans may be spending over $15,000 in cost for their kitchen remodeling, it is possible to spend a few thousand dollars less and still create a completely new look for your space with creative kitchen remodeling.

At this price range, you’re mostly looking at cosmetic kitchen remodeling enhancements. This could include refacing your kitchen cabinets by replacing those tired, old-doors with new ones like these well-crafted red oak doors by Kendor, getting rid of those well-worn handles and upgrading them to something more modern.

It could mean repainting, adding new light fixtures, replacing the countertops or replacing that threadbare flooring with new laminate.

$25,000 – $65,000 Cost: Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel

If you have this kind of budget to play with, you could take that cosmetic remodeling upgrade to a whole new level.

Rather than simply refacing your cabinets, you could rip them out completely and replace them with a brand new one, with stylish new countertops to boot. You could install a practical yet attractive kitchen island like this elegantly ornate model from Crosley Furniture.

You could invest more on painting and decorating, even adding a tile backsplash and replacing laminate flooring with a better quality tile or vinyl.

At the higher-end kitchen remodeling budget, you could also look at investing in new kitchen appliances.

$100,000 – $125,00 Cost: High End Major Kitchen Remodel

At this point, you’re no longer just changing the look of your kitchen but the entire layout and design with your remodeling.

At this high end, you’re looking at ripping the whole thing out so that you’re left with nothing more than a bare room and designing a brand new kitchen (often working with a professional designer) that better suits your tastes, your space, and your lifestyle.

These kitchen remodels are likely to include new cabinets, counters, lighting, decorating and flooring, as well as upgrading your kitchen appliances and paying any plumbing and rewiring that needs to be taken care of.

Average Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown

Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Kitchen Costs 3 Cabinets 1
Kitchen cabinets like these will often be the most expensive item in your kitchen remodel cost tally when remodeling your kitchen. 

Nothing makes a bigger impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen area than the cabinets so, when it comes to remodeling, it makes sense that you’d want to start here.

As with the kitchen itself, the amount you ultimately spend on your kitchen remodels is largely dictated by your kitchen remodel goals.


If you’re simply hoping to create a fresh new look with your kitchen remodels, you could keep costs down by refinishing those cabinets. This usually involves nothing more complicated than sanding them down, painting or staining each surface and potentially adding new door handles.

On average, you could expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $50 for door handles and in the range of $15 – $30 for furniture paint. We like Rust-Oleum’s chalk paint range as the results look great on wooden furniture like kitchen cabinets, but you can always shop around and find something that works for you.

This is the cheapest kitchen remodel option for transforming the appearance of your kitchen, though obviously, the costs rise significantly if you bring in a professional to make sure you get it right.


As we’ve already seen, refacing is all about getting rid of your cabinet doors and surfaces altogether and replacing them with new ones.

The national average cost for cabinet refacing is around $6,500, but the amount you pay will largely depend on two factors:

  1. The size of your kitchen
  2. The quality of materials you use for the remodeling

Laminate cabinet doors tend to be cheapest, and will usually cost you between $25 – $70 per linear foot. If you opt for a high-quality veneer, expect to pay around $100 and $250 cost per linear foot, while real wood will set you back between $250 and $600 per linear foot on the high end depending on where you buy from.

In other words, if you stuck with less expensive materials and carried out all the home improvements yourself, you could probably do a whole cabinet resurfacing job for between $500 and $1,000 in cost. Opt for cabinet doors at the higher end of the price scale and you could find yourself paying anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 in cost, especially in larger spaces.

Buying Brand New Cabinets

The cost of brand new kitchen cabinets can usually take up most of your kitchen remodel budget, ranging anywhere from under $1,000 to in excess of $10,000 for high end remodeling. Again, this all comes down to which options you choose for your kitchen remodels.

$50 – $150 Cost Per Linear Foot: Pre-Built Cabinets

Off-the-shelf options that you find in most kitchen and furniture stores will work out the cheapest. These usually come in a limited number of styles and sizes.

This is usually the best option if your budget is limited, but it does mean that there’s a chance you won’t find cabinets in the exact sizes you need.

$100 – $1,000 Cost Per Linear Foot: Custom-Finished Cabinets

Custom-finished cabinets tend to be the most popular option for kitchen remodels among modern homeowners, offering a welcome compromise between the cost-effective pre-made pieces and the high-end bespoke kitchen furniture.

With this option, you’re looking at the same pre-made cabinets as before, albeit with the option to pay more to customize them with a different finish or, in some cases, even to resize them to fit your kitchen.

$1,000 – $3,000 Cost Per Linear Foot: Fully Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

If you have the money to spend, this can be a great way to really make your kitchen stand out and add a unique, personal touch with your remodeling.

With bespoke cabinets, you’re essentially paying for a trained carpenter to build one-of-a-kind cabinets that you won’t find in any other kitchen.

This tends to include a consultation with you about your needs and preferences, the design, and then the building of your furniture.

Kitchen Remodelling Installation Costs

All of the costs above assume that you’ll be doing the installation yourself, but if you prefer to leave the hard work to the professionals, then you’ll need to factor in additional labor costs for your kitchen remodels.

To hire a kitchen remodel contractor, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of $2,000 – $7,000 cost depending on the size of your kitchen and the exact features you need.

This typically includes coming up with the plans for your new kitchen, gutting out the old one where necessary and installing new cabinets, worktops, and appliances.

Depending on how much you pay, it may also include plumbing, decorating, and electrical wiring, though we’ll cover these in more detail later on in this guide on kitchen remodels.

Kitchen Appliance Costs

Kitchen Costs 4 Appliances 1
Thanks to advances in home technology, it’s worth investing in new appliances like ovens and refrigerators when you do your kitchen remodel

For anyone fitting out a new kitchen and investing in kitchen remodels, new appliances generally prove to be a worthwhile investment.


Because unless you bought your refrigerator, oven, and other kitchen essentials within the last 18-months to two years, those appliances are going to be so out-of-date that they’ll become practically obsolete in the near future.

Smart home technology has evolved at such a rapid rate that many of today’s appliances not only offer a whole wealth of advanced, time-saving features but also tend to be much more energy-efficient. As such, you’ll make your money back down the line thanks to the reductions in your home energy bills.

So far, so good, but how much does all this cost anyway?

Let’s break down some of the average prices for kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Oven Costs

Throughout our research, we’ve found that most good quality ovens will set you back around $500 in cost, though it’s possible to spend as little as $300 or as much as $15,000 for high price models.

Refrigerator Costs

For a good quality, top of the line fridge-freezer suitable for an average American family, you should look to set aside somewhere in the region of $900 – $1,500 in cost, though again, cheaper and more expensive models are available.

We’ve found decent, basic refrigerators for as little as $500, though some of the more advanced models can cost thousands of pounds.

No products found.

Dishwasher Costs

The increasingly busy pace of modern life has turned the kitchen dishwasher from an added luxury to everyday essential.

Here too, prices vary greatly.

For a basic, entry-level model, you could get away with spending as little as $250 – $500 cost and still get something that works perfectly well.

Most mid-range models cost between $500 and $1,000, though the extra cost can be worth it to pay for advanced features like adjustable interior racks and more cycles.

Finally, at the top end of the scale, you could splash out anywhere up to $2,500 cost for a premium dishwasher that is built with better quality materials and comes with a wealth of features such as remote control and automation.

All of these prices are minus delivery and installation charges which can add anywhere from 25% to 50% of the cost of your appliance to the final total. Buying other new appliances such as microwave ovens, juicers, or toasters will also bump up your budget.

Countertops and Backsplash

Kitchen Costs 5 Countertops and Blacksplash 1
A tiled backsplash and stone countertop can really upgrade the appearance of your modern kitchen

If you’re going to renovate your kitchen cabinets, it makes sense to replace the countertops too.

Again, prices vary greatly here, but for the most part, you get what you pay for.

Though materials such as ceramic tile are generally cheaper (costing an average of $8 per square foot), they’re also much more susceptible to cracks, chips and other damage that can reduce both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your counter.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you could find yourself paying anywhere from $70 to $200 in cost for materials like quartz, onyx, and limestone.

In between those two options, we actually recommend looking for a granite or marble kitchen countertop which will likely cost between $40 – $100 per square foot. These tend to offer a similar beautiful finish and lasting durability that you’d get with a higher-priced model while still keeping your costs down.

Countertop Refinishing

Of course, if your existing countertop is still in good condition, it may prove easier and more cost-effective to simply refinish it. To do this, you could sand it down, re-tile it, paint it, or even buy marble-look adhesive vinyl to create a stunning finish at a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Kitchen Backsplash Costs

For the backsplash, you can create some amazing looks that cost not much by using ceramic tiles, again budgeting around $8 per square foot in cost.


Kitchen Costs 6 Kitchen Flooring 1
Even if you do nothing else, replacing the kitchen floor can add a whole new look to the space.

There are times when you’ll want to replace your kitchen floor to keep with the aesthetic of your new remodeling, and there are times when that floor has become so well-trodden and full of hard-to-get-rid-of stains that just switching it out can make your whole space look brand new.

Either way, you should expect to budget between $1,000 and $5,000 for a new floor depending on the materials you use.

Ceramic tiles typically work out cheapest, averaging around $1,500 for a standard-sized kitchen, though again, they’re prone to cracks and chips, especially if you happen to drop something heavy on them.

Laminate, linoleum, and vinyl often prove more durable while still offering a great-looking finish. With these options, you should expect to pay at least $1,500 for good quality material, but certainly no more than $4,000.

Wooden floors are generally the most expensive, costing homeowners anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. These types of floors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, though it’s a good idea to save them for other areas of your house as they have a high moisture susceptibility which means they’re far from ideal for kitchens.

Plumbing and Wiring

Kitchen Costs 7 Plumbing 1
DIY experts may be capable of adding new faucets themselves, though it often pays to hire a professional.

If you know what you’re doing, you can handle basic plumbing tasks like installing new appliances and fitting kitchen faucets yourself.

If you need a helping hand, however, expect to pay up to $300 for faucet installations and up to $600 to fit a new kitchen sink.

If you’re investing in a completely brand new kitchen where you’re stripping everything out and starting from scratch, this may require completely new piping which should set you back around $1,000.

For basic electrical work, a trusted electrician may set you back around $75 an hour. Given the potential safety risks involved, this is certainly a worthwhile investment.

Painting and Decorating

Again, this may be something you can handle yourself, especially if you’re just applying a few coats of chalk paint to revitalize those tired-looking cabinets.

However, you might want to set aside between $750 and $2,000 to pay a professional painter and decorator who can prepare, prime, and paint your entire space.

Where to Find Professionals

If you need professional help with your kitchen remodeling, use this resource to help you find the top qualified professionals in your area:

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Remodel Costs

Kitchen Costs 8 Kitchen FAQs 1
The cost of creating a brand new kitchen all depends on how many new features you include, though expect to pay more for cabinets than anything else.

What is the Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Though every home is different, most homeowners will find that the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen in 2020 is paying for new cabinets.

Though you may be able to get away with spending no more than $1,000 for pre-built stock cabinets, it’s advisable to set aside a budget of between $5,000 – $10,000.

One way to significantly reduce this cost is to avoid buying new cabinets altogether and spend your money on refinishing those cabinets, spending less than $100 on painting or staining them.

Another alternative is to reface them, which will cost a few thousand to replace the doors and handles.

How Much Does IKEA Charge to Fit a Kitchen?

IKEA is one of the biggest furniture brands in the world, selling attractive products at relatively low costs. So it’s no wonder that many homeowners turn to them when remodeling their kitchen.

If you’re one of them, paying IKEA to install the new kitchen you buy from them will cost around $2,500, though as with everything in this guide, the final quoted price will depend on your exact requirements.

A Few Final Tips to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Costs 9 Kitchen Oven 1
Keeping your kitchen oven and other appliances where they are will reduce rewiring costs.

Remodeling a kitchen is never cheap at the best of times, but unless you keep a tight rein on things, it’s easy to get swept away in a happy storm of ideas and inspiration and end up spending way more than you planned to.

With that in mind, here are a few quick tips to help you keep those kitchen renovation costs under control.

Refinish or Reface Cabinets

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

Kitchen cabinets are often the most expensive cost of any new kitchen fit-out, but only if you buy entirely new ones.

It’s often much cheaper to stick with your existing cabinets and give them a makeover. The cheapest option is to simply give them a fresh coat of paint, though spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on refacing those cabinets with new doors and handles can work just as well.

Opt for Open Shelving

Another alternative for kitchen remodels is to forget about cabinets altogether and install open shelving on your kitchen walls. These can be helpful for storing everything from crockery to non-perishable goods, though they typically work best in larger kitchens with plenty of space.

Use Adhesive Paper to Transform Your Countertops

Marble and granite countertops make an attractive addition to any kitchen space and will generally last for years, but at $40 – $100 per square foot, they’re not exactly budget-friendly.

A more affordable option for kitchen remodels would be to sand down your existing counters and refinish them with adhesive paper which is designed to look like marble or granite. That way, you get the same gorgeous finish for less.

Keep Your Appliances Where They Are

Even if you’re buying all new appliances, you’ll still save kitchen remodel costs by installing them in the exact space as your previous models. That’s because all the wiring, power sockets and infrastructure are already in place, meaning you could potentially save thousands of dollars that you’d otherwise have to spend on a completely new layout.

Hope this kitchen remodel cost guide was useful! The cost for kitchen remodels can vary significantly so paying attention to the details behind the kitchen remodeling is important.

How much does a new kitchen cost to fit out