25 Beautiful DIY Fall Decor Ideas

As the seasons change, are you the type of person that redecorates your home along with it? If you are, here you’ll find 25 simple and stylish DIY fall decor ideas for beautiful fall decor that you can create at home, as you also transition your garden from summer to fall.

The weather is turning cold, the leaves are slowly beginning to brighten into beautiful fall colors, and roadside pumpkin stands are popping up along the rural roads. Even though it happens every year, there is still a thrilling feeling to watching the world fade from summer to fall. All of your favorite cozy drinks, foods, and clothes are just around the corner. Fall is coming!

Sweater pumpkins

For this project you’ll need a fake pumpkin, an old sweater to upcycle, and some miscellaneous twine, ribbon, and hemp cord for the stem. You’ll also need scissors, a hot glue gun, and a long, narrow tool such as tweezers, a pencil, or even a paint can opener. This tool will help you force the edges of the sweater into the top of the pumpkin and achieve a clean look.

The first step is to remove the stem from the artificial pumpkin and carve out a large hole; this is where the edge of the sweater will be tucked in before you add a “new,” fake stem. The next step is to cut an arm off the sweater and slide the pumpkin in through the arm hole. Then, beginning with the top of the pumpkin, use your fingers to tuck one end of the sweater into the hole you’ve created. This is where the pencil, tweezers, or paint can opener can come in handy to tuck the edges of the sweater in tightly. Once completely tucked, gather the remainder of the sweater arm at the bottom of the pumpkin and cut off any excess. Then use a hot glue gun to glue the sweater to the pumpkin.

The final step is to create a stem, and this is where you can really get creative! Wrap a bottle cork in thin jute twine, coil heavier hemp cord and gather it at the bottom, or even use a short stick you found outside. If you desire, add ribbon, a twig with fake berries, or artificial autumn leaves to your stem for a beautiful finished look.

Sweater pumpkin 1
This fall DIY project is a great way to use an unworn sweater from your closet. Or you could check out a local thrift store to find a specific style of sweater for your pumpkin.

Pom Pom Garland

This craft is rather addicting, and you’ll quickly find that it has many applications aside from DIY fall decor.

You’ll need yarn in two or three colors, a pair of scissors, and a dinner fork. There are different methods for rolling the yarn for a Pom Pom, but my preference is wrapping the string around the tines of a fork. Start by cutting two 6-inch lengths of string, and set them aside. Next, thread the end of the yarn through the tines at the back of the fork and let this hang as a “tail.” Then wrap the yarn around the tines 50 times, doing your best to wrap evenly from left to right and back again. Take one of the 6-inch lengths of yarn you cut earlier, and tie it around the wrapped yarn as tightly as you can. Now slide the whole bundle off the tines. At this point, I find it helpful to take the second 6-inch length of string and tie it around the bundle again; I can usually tie it more tightly once it’s off the fork. This step is optional, but I find that it gives me a tidier pom pom.

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These pom pom makers make it simple to wrap and cut the yarn, but the effect is easily mimicked by using a fork or a cardboard pom pom maker.

Now, get ready for the fun part. Use scissors to snip the loops open on both ends of the bundle, and you’ll begin to see the pom pom take shape. From this point, the pom pom needs a lot of shaving to turn it into a tidy ball. Be generous when using your scissors to give it a haircut; you’ll be surprised at how much fuzz you need to cut off before the pom pom really comes together.

After you’ve made a dozen or so pom poms, they can be threaded on a string of your choice and hung as a beautiful garland anywhere in the house.

Different types of yarn will yield different size and texture of pom pom. I prefer acrylic, because it’s a less expensive option, but a simple internet search will show you what other textures you can create with different types of string.

This quick video is a great tutorial for the entire process.

ball of yarn 2
Aside from a simple garland to hang on your mantel, pom poms can be used to make wreaths, add texture to decorative baskets, or be attached to wood stems or sticks to make beautiful pom pom flowers. 

Indoor/Outdoor Wooden Sign

For a rustic yet welcoming fall DIY decor project, you only need a few things: a wooden plank, paint, and an easy-to-use adhesive stencil.

This is a great way to use reclaimed wood pieces for beautiful decoration either inside or outside the home. Make sure the wood is sanded, stick the stencils, and paint them in using either latex or acrylic craft paint or spray paint.

If you aren’t interested in painting, there are also a wide variety of beautiful fall-themed decals available for purchase online. These are even easier than stenciling, because they only require peeling the adhesive decal and sticking it to a smooth surface.

The calligraphy font in these easy-to-use stencils is trendy and tasteful, and the variety of words and items like leaves and snowflakes makes them customizable and friendly for more than just a fall DIY project.

Homemade Faux Flower Wreath

This simple and stunning DIY wreath idea was inspired by 2 Bees in a Pod. Using an embroidery hoop for the wreath makes this project deceptively simple. I found that the width of the hoop allowed me to glue the shortened stems of the flowers so the flowers face outward. It’s also easy to stack the faux flowers to give the wreath a full look.

All that is needed for this craft is a 12 or 14-inch embroidery hoop, beautiful faux flowers of your choice, a pair of wire cutters, and a hot glue gun.

Since I have a dark red front door at home, I chose to use flowers in muted fall colors. This DIY decor idea would also be beautiful with bright red, orange, and yellow flowers, leaves, or berries.

Begin by using the wire cutters to snip the stems from the faux flowers, but leave enough to be able to attach the stem to the embroidery hoop. Loosely arrange your flowers however you like, and then begin gluing. I started by gluing the green leaves along the edge of the hoop, because I knew I wanted them to be the background of my flower arrangement. After that I moved on to the sunflower I used as a centerpiece, and then finished by filling it in with berries and small red flowers. This creative and beautiful DIY project will give your home a shabby chic touch of fall.

fall wreath materials 3
The supplies needed for a DIY fall wreath are simple. You can customize your wreath by choosing a bigger or smaller embroidery hoop and different colored flowers.

fall wreath 4
Once complete, the wreath is simple to hang and makes a big impact on a front door, closet door, or just hanging on the wall.

Sparkling Homemade Lantern

If you have some glass jars sitting around the house, this DIY lantern project is a great way to showcase them. The only other supplies you need are glitter paint and black paper. Use the black paper to cut out your favorite fall shape: a leaf, pumpkin, acorn, sunflower, or even a ghost if you’d like to make a spooky lantern. Using your glitter paint (a beautiful gold, red, or orange tinted paint would be perfect for fall!), paint over the silhouette shape so it adheres to the outside of the glass jar. Now use battery-powered tea lights, a string of Christmas lights, or a tea light candle to illuminate the jar.

If you prefer to use something other than glitter paint, consider using Mod Podge or another decoupage medium to adhere the silhouette to the outside of glass.
Maon jars 5

Vintage mason jars would be perfect for this fall DIY lantern project, as would jam jars, baby food jars, or even small glass vases.

Painted Mini Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins have become very popular in recent years. They come in two varieties: Jack B. Little pumpkins, which are orange, and Baby Boo pumpkins, which are white. These cute gourds don’t need much treatment to make beautiful fall decor for your home.

With a basket, some fake fall leaves, and mini pumpkins, you can easily arrange a pretty centerpiece.

Another idea is to add a little paint to them–think polka dots or horizontal stripes–and use them to top candlesticks or other DIY decorative stands to create instant height for any fall decor display.

mini pumpkins 6

These tiny pumpkins are so versatile when it comes to DIY decor. The white Baby Boo variety complements many fall colors, and the orange variety are great for small, simple DIY projects.

Two-Tone Pumpkins

With some white and gold paint, painter’s tape, paint brushes, and a few pumpkins of various sizes, you can create trendy and attractive DIY decor for either inside your home or outside on your front porch.

Simply use the painter’s tape to create diagonal or horizontal lines on the pumpkin. I recommend at least two coats of white paint for full coverage over the orange pumpkin. Let the paint dry completely and remove the painter’s tape to reveal clean straight lines. Then use the gold to embellish the beautiful pumpkin anyway you like!

This is a craft that would be easy for children, as well, and let them show their creativity right alongside yours!

two tone pumpkin supplies 7

The supplies needed for this beautiful DIY craft are simple; you may have the majority of them in your home already.

two tone pumpkins 8

A few pumpkins of different sizes painted in a trendy two-tone style make for simple and cute front porch DIY fall decor.

Fake Pumpkin Vase

This is the time of year when we walk by crates full of plastic trick or treat pumpkins in the stores. You probably have a few of them lying around at home! Have you ever considered upgrading that bright orange fake pumpkin into something beautiful you could use on your dinner table?

Use some white spray paint to transform the color of the bucket (gold or a deep red would work nicely for fall, too). After that, it’s a simple matter of choosing some big, beautiful faux flowers in fall colors. Shorten the stems and arrange them as you like in the painted plastic pumpkin. Some fake lamb’s ear or eucalyptus tucked around the faux flowers would be a nice finishing touch.

Yarn-wrapped Wine Bottles

Jute twine, or hemp cord, comes in a wide variety of colors, including brown, dark green, sunflower yellow, and so much more! Using clean, dry wine bottles and some hot glue, wrap the twine from bottom to top. The bottles can be displayed as they are, or they can be filled with beautiful faux flowers or greenery. Use them as a table centerpiece, fireplace mantel decor, or on an entry table for simple DIY decor. This is another versatile DIY that essentially creates a vase which can be used on a number of occasions.

Nature-filled Glass Vase

If you like to keep your decor simple, all you need for a little beautiful fall DIY decor is a vase and some pine cones or acorns. Tie a ribbon around the vase for embellishment, and you’ve just perked up your table centerpiece or mantle.

nature filled vase 9

Fake leaves, shortened berry stems, or mini pumpkins would also fill a decorative vase nicely.

Glass Jars & Faux Flowers

With three to five beautiful glass jars of varying heights, some accents of nature, and a few faux flowers, you can create a rustic DIY fall centerpiece. Choose a filling such as pine cones, acorns, or corn kernels, then clip stems from faux flowers and berry stems to appropriate lengths and tuck them into the jars. Simple is best with this beautiful DIY fall decor project; choose only a few colors of flowers, greenery, or berries to complement the natural brown hues of your collected nature items.

glass jar and faux flowers 10

This DIY project is totally customizable and can change with the seasons.

Embellished Floral Bouquet

A simple and beautiful faux floral bouquet can be brought to life with a few quick additions. After you’ve chosen a bouquet in a color you like, use additional greenery, branches, stems, and a bow for added embellishment. This upscale bouquet can be put in a vase, hung upside down from a wreath hook, or laid horizontally on a shelf to give a , beautiful fall decor upgrade to any space.

embellished bouquet 11

DIY fall decor doesn’t get any simpler than using a ready-made faux bouquet with a few quick touch-ups.

Plaid & Buffalo Check Bunting

Buffalo check patterned fabric has seen quite a resurgence in popularity for Christmas decor, but it’s equally suitable and beautiful for the fall.

With fabric triangles in a plaid or buffalo check pattern and some twine, you can easily DIY some trendy bunting to embellish your fireplace, bookshelves, or front door. Lay the triangles in a row with the point down. Then lay the twine across the bottom of the triangles (the side directly opposite the point). Make sure to leave an inch or so of fabric above the twine. Using a hot glue gun, fold the fabric over the twine and hot glue the fabric to itself. Once the glue is cooled and dry, the bunting is ready to hang anywhere you like.

Upscale Jack O’ Lanterns

If you’re in a rut when looking for simple, DIY fall decor, never forget the most classic of fall and Halloween decorations: carved pumpkins! Carved pumpkins aren’t limited to scary faces or one-toothed Jack O’Lanterns. With a little finesse and the right tools, you can create a delicate carving that complements your beautifully decorated front porch or balcony.

With a beautiful stencil like this one from Amazon, you can trace a pretty design on a pumpkin. From there, cut or carve the pumpkin as you normally would.

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A stencil with flowers, greenery, pumpkins, acorns, and more will help you create a design that elevates a carved pumpkin to trendy fall decor.

Stacked Pumpkins

A fun recent trend you’ll see at pumpkin patches is pumpkins in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Instead of just choosing between orange and more orange, there are now orange, white, and green pumpkins available. Choosing wide flat pumpkins in a few different colors, removing the stem, and stacking them one on top of the other is a simple way to bring beautiful color and height to a fall decor display.

stacked pumpkins 12

This ombre stack of pumpkins is just one example of a trendy pumpkin decoration that can be used inside the house or out on the front porch.

Gourd Table Runner

Gourds are the beautiful, unsung heroes of DIY fall decorations. To create a visually appealing table runner, collect a variety of gourds and wire-edged ribbon. Burlap, plaid, buffalo check, or gingham are popular options for ribbon patterns that would also pair well with different colored gourds. Arrange the gourds lengthwise along the table, and then weave the ribbon through the gourds in whatever way you like.

groud table runner 13

Because gourds come in such a wide variety of shape, size, and color, you can use them to create a DIY table runner that exactly fits your personal decorating style.

Refreshed Wreath

Have an old fall wreath that needs some new life? Vintage tobacco baskets are a versatile trend that help to update old decor. Use hot glue, zip ties, or string to attach the wreath to the tobacco basket and use it as a simple and beautiful DIY wall hanging.

Berry Stem Wreaths

While they’re beautiful in a floral display, berry stems can also be used to create small touches of fall decor around the house.

Using a jar or large can as a mold, wrap a berry stem and secure it in a circular shape with florist wire. After you’ve made a few of these small wreaths in varying sizes and with various colors of berry stem, they can be used to embellish all sorts of things such as candlesticks, vases, cabinet doors, and more.

Kid Friendly DIY Fall Decor Ideas

One of my favorite craft activities to do in the fall is to get the kinds involved, too. When we take hikes or walks in the woods, we collect all kinds of treasures: leaves, acorns, pinecones, sticks, and rocks. All of these items can be used in different ways to create simple, beautiful, and kid-friendly DIY fall decor.

Fallen Leaf Wreath

For example, using some of the freshly fallen leaves we’ve collected and a paper plate, we make DIY wreaths. Simply cut the center out of the paper plate and glue the leaves onto the edges of the plate. After it’s dried, hang it in a window or on the front door!

fallen leaf craft 14

The stunning colors of freshly fallen leaves make a simple and bright homemade wreath.

Fallen Leaf Placemat

Another simple and practical fall DIY project that can be done with kids is to make a placemat. This craft only requires fallen leaves, contact paper, and some scissors. Cut two pieces of contact paper of equal sizes; 12 to 15 inches long is probably a good size. Take the backing off the first piece of contact paper and stick the leaves to it. Then seal it with the other piece of contact paper. Now your kids have a beautiful placemat ready to use for their meals!

Golden Pine Cone Door Hanger

This fall DIY door hanger is inspired by Countryliving.com. All you need for this fall decor project are pine cones collected from outside, gold spray paint, wide ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

Spray paint the pine cones golden and allow them to dry completely. Then cut the wide ribbon in varying lengths, and glue one to each of the pinecones. Finally, gather the ribbons together at the top, making sure they hang at different lengths, and attach them together with a bow using the same ribbon or ribbon in a complementary color. This beautiful,  nature-inspired DIY decor project is now ready to be hung on the front door!

Pressed Goldenrod in a Frame

What fall flowers are plentiful where you live? Mums, goldenrod, or other fall flowers are perfect for pressing and framing. Let your children pick wildflowers of their choice, lay them between two sheets of clean, white paper, and set something heavy on top, like a thick book or a rock. Check the flowers periodically until they are flat and dry, then glue them to a background of your choice, such as heavy cardstock. Frame the flowers as they are or cut them into a few pieces to fill frames of different sizes.

This beautiful DIY fall decor is a great decorating solution for small spaces, because you can just replace existing framed wall art for a short time.

goldenrod 15

This simple craft is a great way to include kids in decorating for the fall.

Collected Stick Sign

This is another project that is great for kids that love to pick up nature treasures outdoors. Collect sticks of various length and thickness. With a length of reclaimed wood or some cardboard painted white, use the sticks to write a word such as “fall,” “acorn,” or “leaf,” and glue them to the sign. You’ve just made a simple and fun sign to include in your fall decor!

Framed Leaf Rubbings

This simple DIY project is great even for the littlest participants. All you need is a variety of fallen leaves, crayons, and tracing paper. Lay the leaf under the tracing paper and gently rub the crayon over the texture of the leaf until the entire leaf is revealed on the tracing paper. Choose some frames to match the shape and size of each leaf rubbing, and display them on the mantel or hang them on the wall.

leaf rubbing 16

When hunting for leaves, try to collect a variety of shapes and textures to make a beautiful array of leaf rubbings.

Fall Sun Catchers

Creating sun catchers with tissue paper and contact paper is a classic activity for kids, and it doesn’t take much to give it a fall-themed twist. Choose tissue paper in fall colors like yellow, orange, red, or even black for a touch of Halloween.

Cut the tissue paper into small squares, then remove the back from a piece of contact paper and cover it with the squares. Now use another piece of contact paper sticky side down to seal the tissue paper in. Finally, you can cut the sun catcher in whatever fall-themed shape you choose like a leaf, an acorn, or a pumpkin so you have a beautiful window display.

Fall is a fun time to stretch your DIY decor creating skills. Using some items you have on hand along with some simple additions like pumpkins, faux flowers, and natural materials, you can refresh your indoor and outdoor home decorations at a low cost and be proud of the beautiful results of your own efforts.

diy fall decor ideas 1 diy fall decor ideas 2