16 Types of Lemons and How to Grow Them

Lemons are a slightly sour citrus plant that originates from China, northeast Myanmar, and northeast India in Asia. People started cultivating different types of lemons as early as in the first century AD, and Argentina, Brazil, India, China, and Mexico currently hold the title for being the top five countries for different types of lemon

Growing Watermelon: Care Guide for Beginners

Easy to grow and great to eat. Almost anyone with a bit of space can grow a watermelon. Full of nutrients such as citrulline, which helps the blood to circulate, these great tasting fruits are actually 92% water. So as well as being packed with nutrients, they also help to keep you hydrated. Watermelon is

How to Grow a Tomatillo Plant

The tomatillo plant is an intriguing addition to any garden. Growing Tomatillos inside papery husks that often resemble hanging lanterns, tomatillos are tart in flavor. The plant’s fruit, reliability and unique growth habit have all helped contribute to its rise in popularity. Today the tomatillo is an increasingly common sight in gardens. Sometimes known as

Ultimate Guide To Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Growing tomatoes indoors can be difficult but it is also a great way to ensure a fresh supply throughout the colder months. Many people continue growing during the colder months because supermarket purchased fruits often lack the great flavor of home grown varieties. This is also a great option for gardeners in colder USDA planting

How to Grow Avocado Indoors

With the rise of “healthy fats” and decade-defining foods such as avocado toast and guacamole, these warm-weather fruits have been in incredibly high demand, meaning that their prices in the grocery store continue to rise. If you love avocados and gardening, you’ve likely looked into growing your own avocado plant to help save a few

Plum Tree Care Guide – How to Grow Plum Trees

Want to grow a plum tree? Growing plums can be a valuable addition to a home-grown diet. These fruits are delicious either fresh or cooked in a wide range of recipes. The right plum trees, placed in the right location, can provide an abundant source of these healthy fruits for many years to come. Some