What are the Average Kitchen Island Prices?

If you want to make your kitchen layout more functional, versatile, or attractive during your kitchen remodel project, figuring out kitchen island prices and adding one in can help give you a solid starting point. These islands can be small and come designed to give you extra storage space, or you can have a larger pick with built-in cooking or seating areas. They can extend your counter space or contain appliances and sinks, and you can choose from several materials and countertop choices, and this will help your new island complement any kitchen design. 

Your kitchen island prices will heavily depend if you want a standard model or something more custom and high-end. The size, cabinet and counter material, and additional features like a sink with a drain, bar, or built-in appliances will also impact your final kitchen island prices. This is why there is such a large cost range associated with this project, and it can also make it slightly more difficult to narrow down a budget when you see just how many options you have available to you. 

On average, this project will cost between $3,000 and $10,000. Most people will pay $5,500 for a semi-custom island with a bar sink and granite countertop that is 24-square feet. There is also enough seating space on one side. If you pick out a readymade rolling island, your kitchen island prices will sit around $500. At the higher end of the spectrum, your kitchen island prices can include antiqued glaze with a custom exotic hardwood and a waterfall marble countertop with a seating area, cooktop, and built-in shelving for just over $10,000. 

Since this island is so functional, it’s hard to find a contemporary kitchen design that doesn’t offer it. You can get extra storage space, more room to cook and prepare meals, and additional space to store items so your kitchen doesn’t look so cluttered. If you’re trying to figure out your kitchen island prices, this quick guide will highlight all of the biggest factors you want to consider before you settle on one. This way, you’ll get a look that matches your home’s design without breaking your budget. 

1 New Kitchen Island
A sleek kitchen island is a welcome addition to almost any space because it increases your storage area and work area. Additionally, it can make your kitchen function much better each time you use it.
Kitchen Island Hanging Rack by Chalon Handmade / CC BY 2.0

Kitchen Island Prices by Style

One of the first things you have to do is pick out a style for your island to help you determine your kitchen island prices. The shape and style of your island is almost as important to many people as the island’s function. It can easily complement the cabinet style, color, shape, countertop, or layout of your kitchen. The goal is to increase the space’s functionality, and the most popular styles include but are not limited to: 


If you want an interesting and modern design for your island, consider picking out a circular, rounded, or oval shape. These islands lend a very contemporary look to your space. They have a fluid appearance since they lack sharp angles, and this allows them to contrast nicely with the cabinets. The contractors use specific types of wood that is very bendable with a wood veneer. The countertop has to get cut to fit, and this increases your kitchen island prices. Depending on the material and size, these prices range from $3,000 to $10,000. 


This is an eye-catching and attractive piece that turns into the focal point of your kitchen. A lot of these types of islands come ready-made, and you can choose from several different set sizes, designs, and colors to make it look like it’s a piece of moveable furniture. Furniture-style islands typically come with feet and legs, are usually open, and they’re usually very decorative. However, these are usually smaller pieces that don’t have the space to accommodate as many extra features, and your kitchen island prices will vary from $2,000 to $9,000. 


If you get a galley island, you’ll get a thin rectangular island that is longer. You usually add it to galley kitchens to give yourself additional cabinet or counter space. You’ll find that they’re around the size and shape of a traditional perimeter cabinet run, and you can use them to section off your open floor plan. Your kitchen island prices for this type range from $500 to $5,000. 


This is a good island if you have a galley-style or bigger kitchen that features an open floor plan. You’ll get more layout and storage options. It also offers seating on the short end, and the long end has a prep area and a sink installed. It also offers counter space on a section, and the other section will feature a cooktop. 

Since you’ll need more cabinets on the island, this can increase your kitchen island price from $1,000 up to $7,000. If you want to imitate this style without spending as much, you can slide two stock islands together under a single countertop. 


This type of island is very good for several different kitchens. It fits in nicely if you have a U-shaped, L-shaped, or a galley. It works very well in open floor plans because it can help split your kitchen or divide two adjoining spaces nicely. This is a simple design that can come with seating, sinks, or cooktops, depending on the size. The purpose, style, and size makes the kitchen island prices fluctuate from $500 to $5,000. 

Rolling Cart

Maybe you don’t have the space or budget to put a permanent island in, but you need more workspace or storage outside of your cabinets. If so, this is a nice choice. You’ll get a readymade island mounted on wheels. It can have open shelves or cabinets built in, and most come outfitted with a butcher block top. You can easily push them into a closet or to the side when you’re not using them, and you get several sizes. Depending on the style and size, your kitchen island prices range from $100 to $1,000. 


This is a less common type of island, but it’s one that can pull double or triple-duty in your kitchen if you have an open floor plan or a galley-style kitchen because it can have more space. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical to work well, and it doesn’t have to come with deep wings on either side. You can create this style using three stock pieces of cabinetry to save money, or you can get it custom designed. On average, your kitchen island prices will range from $2,000 to $9,000 because you need more cabinetry. 

2 Kitchen Island Styles
There are different styles of islands, and each style has a different price point attached to it. Knowing the prices can help you get accurate prices when you call for estimates.
White kitchen island by Tom Chapman / CC BY 2.0

Price Points for DIfferent Kitchen Island Types

You’ll find that most design professionals describe the different island types by how they function. There are seating, prep and wash, and cooking islands available, and each one has different kitchen island prices associated with it. Some islands come with open shelving and seating on each side, and some offer wine storage, bookshelves, and cabinetry

If you pick out a prefab model, you have more limits on your options. A skilled contractor can make adjustments during the installation process though. If you want a more accessorized and detailed design, design it from the ground up. Just be aware that your kitchen island prices will be much higher. The following are popular types of islands: 


This is one of the most popular island layouts available, and it comes with a full range or a cooktop installed on it. It allows you to get a cleaner working triangle, and gallery-style counter sections give you more area to cook in. Just like the cooking area around your kitchen’s perimeter, this type of island has to have enough landing area on both sides to stay up to code. 

This is a slightly larger island than other choices, and you’ll have to be able to accommodate electrical or gas line hookups. Stock cabinets aren’t an option here, and you’ll have to pay more for a custom or semi-custom design. Depending on the features, material, and size, your kitchen island prices range from $1,000 to $7,000 per island. 

Island with Seating Area

If you don’t currently have an eat-in kitchen and you want seating for guests or to accommodate your family, an island with a seating area is a good compromise. You can opt to have an entertainment sink or bar added, or a storage island is a possibility too. It can also have open cabinets or shelving, but the countertop has to overhang by 12-inches on one side to accommodate leg room. 

You’ll have to shrink your cabinetry portion in your kitchen to fit this bigger island. To pass code, you have to have at least 36-inches of clear space around the entire island, including the seating area. A lot of people pick corbels that match the island to help accommodate the extra hang in the countertop, and this can raise your kitchen island prices. On average, you’ll pay between $750 and $5,000. 

Prep and Wash

This type of island comes with a larger sink on it to give you more working space. It can help you make meal preparation and cleanup quick and easy, and it’s a nice pick if your kitchen needs to move the sink to the island to create a working triangle. You can include a dishwasher in it, or you can pick out a small faucet with a bar sink. You can find these islands in stock cabinetry to help save on your kitchen island prices. They’re much more popular in custom or semi-custom designs though. Your kitchen island price ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. 


Storage-style islands are the most simple option, and they contain a countertop and cabinetry. You could get a cart with a built-in butcher block countertop, or you could go for a more elaborate island with speciality organizers and wine racks. They can have full cabinets or open shelving, or you can mix these elements. You can have one custom-made or find ready-to-install or prefab storage islands. Depending on the construction, material, and design, your kitchen island prices will range from $500 to $5,000. 


The working island usually comes with a faucet and sink. You might need to figure out how much a plumber will cost to run plumbing through the island, install a drain, and install the faucet and sink set. This can increase your kitchen island prices, but it also makes it much more functional because you can clean, prep, and cook all in this one space. 

You could design this island for special functions like preparing pastry with a marble work surface that makes dough rolling easy. There are stock islands available to suit this use, but you’re better off going with a full or semi-custom design. The kitchen island prices range from $1,000 up to over $5,000. 

Countertop Material and Kitchen Island Prices

You’ll have to pick out a countertop for your island. Some do have the countertop included already, like stock islands. If you pick out a custom or semi-custom island, you’ll have to buy the countertop by itself after the contractor installs the island. If you want a cooktop or sink on the island, you’ll have to purchase those beforehand. The contractor will create a template of your island and cut it to fit any cooktops or sinks to get a perfect fit. 

There are dozens of countertop materials available to choose from, and each has a different price tag attached.You can mix and match materials to get a unique design, or you can match your existing countertops. They can come made out of any stone, laminate, metal, or tile. We’ve picked out the most popular countertop materials and their price points below. 

Butcher Block 

If you buy a stock island for your kitchen, it’ll most likely have a butcher block top included on it without increasing the price. Custom or semi-custom bases allow you to add a butcher block island onto them for around $500 to $7,200. This increases your total kitchen island prices to $3,500 to $10,200. 

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is popular on flooring, but it’s also popular for countertops. It comes in many finishes, sizes, shapes, and colors, and it’s one of the least expensive countertop materials available. Assume that the base kitchen island price is $3,000. 

This will get a wood base without a lot of accessories. To install a ceramic tile counter, you’ll pay between $25.00 and $30.00 a square foot. This means the counter costs between $600 to $720 for a 24-square foot counter. Your total kitchen island cost sits between $3,600 and $3,720. 


Copper allows you to get a whole new depth level to your kitchen design. It has a living finish to it, and this finish will age according to how you touch and use it. If you frequently interact with the countertop, it’ll stay polished and bright. Areas that you don’t touch will slowly turn duller and darker with the coloring. The average kitchen island prices with this countertop cost between $5,400 and $7,200 with the countertop itself costing between $2,400 and $4,200. 


This is one of the most popular materials for countertops in kitchens. You can pick from a huge array of styles and colors, and it’s extremely durable. You can coordinate or match very well with a variety of perimeters, including other materials. On average, a granite countertop will cost between $1,800 and $12,000. So, your total kitchen island price will fluctuate between $4,800 and $15,000. 


Laminate flooring is popular, but laminate is also popular for countertops. Islands will have an edge that runs around the entire island’s perimeter, and you have to finish those edges using laminate. This makes your costs start to run close to other materials that are more durable. If you start at $3,000 for a base, add between $720 and $960 for the laminate. Your kitchen island prices range from $3,720 to $3,960. 


If you bake a lot, you may want a marble countertop because it’s a great material for rolling out dough. Marble slabs can easily be big enough to cover an average-sized island, but they’re usually smaller than other materials. You’ll need more than a single slab for a big island, and this can drive your prices up. The countertop alone will cost between $960 and $4,800, and this drives your kitchen island prices up to $3,960 and $7,800 when all is said and done. 


Maybe you want a lower-maintenance countertop with your island. If so, try quartz. These countertops come with around 10% pigment and resin and 90% natural quartz mixed in. This makes them almost impervious to everything, and you can pick out a host of different styles and colors. The countertop cost range starts at $1,320 and goes up to $4,800. So, your entire kitchen island price will fall between $4,320 and $7,800 per island. 

3 Countertop Materials
Picking out a countertop material is a good way to tie your whole kitchen design together. You can make it match, or it’s easy to create a nice contrast that draws the eye around your space. 
Granite Kitchen Island by Govi Reddy / CC BY 2.0

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a beautiful material for kitchens of all sizes. If you currently have a contemporary or modern kitchen, you can choose an island that features exclusively stainless steel. They also come with a mix of other materials and a stainless steel countertop. The counter will run between $1,920 and $4,800. If you pick out a stainless steel island, your kitchen island prices will run from $6,900 to $9,800 with MDF or Melamine cabinets costing between $4,900 and $7,800. 


A waterfall-style island is a nice statement piece for any kitchen. You get a slab countertop like granite, quartz, or marble and create a 90° that allows the slab to continue down one side of the island. The side that has the angled slab is not accessible, so you have to have one blank side on your island instead of choosing drawers, shelves, or drawers that run all of the way around. 

For a waterfall island, the average cost for the countertop is around $3,600. This price could fluctuate up or down depending on the material  you pick out. For an average-size setup, your kitchen island prices will sit right around $6,600. Bigger islands or islands that feature more accessories will drive your kitchen island prices up very quickly. 

Labor Costs to Install a Kitchen Island

If you pick out a simple storage or furniture-style island, the installation process can be very quick and easy. However, it can quickly turn into a very complex project if you have to run a gas line, run pipe, or install a stove. Most contractors will charge a flat installation fee. The base rate is right around $100 per cabinet that forms your island. So, you may have six cabinets on a 24-square foot island, and this will increase your kitchen island prices by $600 for the installation. They usually include the countertop installation when you buy the material to help save on costs. 

However, if you want a sink, you’ll have to pull in a plumber at $45.00 to $200 an hour. On average, installing a sink will cost around $400. When you install a dishwasher, add $300 to $450 to your kitchen island prices. A cooktop will boost your costs by $1,500. If you have to run a gas line, you’ll pay around $200 for an extension. For an electric cooktop, you’ll have to bring in an electrician at $40.00 to $120 an hour. 

It’s also very common to install outlets in your island during this process, and you’ll pay around $275 for a GFCI outlet installation. If you have a 24-square foot island that is semi-custom with a granite countertop and a small bar sink, labor would make up around $800 of your total $5,000 kitchen island price. 

Cost for Accessories

Kitchen islands are extremely customizable due to all of the accessories. You can easily outfit your island with bins, shelving, organizers, and racks to make your kitchen very functional. The following may be optional, but they’ll add to your total kitchen island costs by: 

  • Hanging Lights (not including installation) – $99.00 to $600
  • Hanging Pot Rack – $75.00 to $330
  • Mixer Lift – $370 to $500
  • Slide-Out Shelving – $55.00 to $140 per shelf
  • Sliding Garbage and Recycle Bins – $50.00 to $200
  • Wine Rack – $250 to $700

Where to Find Kitchen Island Installers Near You

If you’re looking for contractors to get estimates for your kitchen island prices, you want to pick two or three companies in your local area to call for quotes. Doing so will help you get the best price possible while still getting the island you want. You can search here: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

4 Kitchen Island Prices FAQs
It’s a good idea to ask questions when you contact the contractors in your area to give them a good idea on your project’s scope. If you don’t, you could end up with kitchen island prices that are very different from the original estimates.
KitchenReno-2177.jpg by ktbuffy / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

1. Will you need to factor permits into your kitchen island pricing?

Local and state laws will decide if you need a permit for your kitchen island project. The plumbing and electrical work will need a permit. However, building codes may need other permits. Your prices will vary from $350 to $1,350. Ask if your contractor will include these prices or if they’re extra.

2. Where is the best place to situate your island?

You can put your island anywhere you have 36-inches of room on all sides to allow for traffic to pass safely by. This includes if you decide to place one end against the wall. The other three sides have to have 36-inches of clearance around them. 

3. What is a kitchen island?

Your island is a key cooking space. It’s typically a multi-purpose area that aims to improve your kitchen’s function and the appearance. You can use it for food preparation, or you can use it as an extra seating area for guests. 

Bottom Line

Your kitchen island prices will vary depending on a large range of factors. Knowing which factors apply to your situation and which don’t will help you narrow down your choices until you find one that suits your design aesthetic and budget. Done correctly, these islands can easily boost your home’s appeal and create a functional space for years to come. 

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