Best Kitchen Faucets to Give Your Space a Fresh, New Look

When you’re tackling a kitchen renovation project, new appliances and cabinetry are usually two of the biggest budget eaters available, especially if you want the best kitchen faucets and fixtures. New fixtures and other smaller design choices can make a huge impact on your cooking space’s aesthetic. The faucets are some of the most used features, and it is a vital piece of hardware that you’ll use for washing hands, cooking, and keeping your area clean. This is why you want to go with the best kitchen faucets instead of the first ones you see when you shop. 

There’s so much more to consider outside of price and brand, and this can make choosing the best kitchen faucet challenging. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, not including the finish and optional features available. If you’re looking for the best kitchen faucet for your own home, this is for you. We’re going to round up 10 high-quality options for you to compare below. 

1 Stylish Faucet
Your kitchen faucet will be one of the most-used items in your home. This is why it’s so important to pick out one that goes with your current style and design while being powerful and large enough to handle all of the daily tasks you throw at it.
July 13, 2018 by osseous / CC BY 2.0

Moen Arbor – 7594ESRS – Top Pick

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Moen’s faucet is our top pick for the best kitchen faucet because it has a touchless system installed that allows you to control it without touching the handle. It has two infrared sensors on it that detect when something is under the faucet or when you wave your hand over the top. There is a pull-down sprayer on this system that comes with Moen’s Relfex system that gives you full movement before returning the faucet to the docking station. 

It automatically returns to the docking station when you finish with it, and the spray head comes equipped with Moen’s Power Clean technology that gives you a huge amount of cleaning power. The hose is 68-inches long with 20-inches of range. It mounts to a single hole sink, but you can use the escutcheon that is included in each purchase to install it in a triple hole sink. There is a high arc design on this best kitchen faucet to bring the height to 15.5 inches with a spout clearance of 8 ¼-inches. The maximum deck thickness tops out at 2.5-inches. 

There is also a limited lifetime warranty that covers the original purchase for as long as you own your home. The warranty guarantees the faucet won’t leak or drip, and it covers every normal finishes as long as you don’t use harsh or caustic cleaners. 


  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Detachable faucet head 
  • 20-inch range 
  • Power Clean technology included 
  • Two infrared sensors 
  • Installs in a one or three-hole system 
  • Several finishes available 


  • Difficult to troubleshoot problems. 

Delta Leland – 9178T-AR-DST – Step-Up Pick  

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You’ll get touch on and touch off water control with this best kitchen faucet. It also allows you to manually adjust the water flower and temperature with the handle. There is an LED indicator light that switches from blue to red to indicate the temperature of the water to prevent burns. It comes in four finishes to fit any design style, and it has Shield Spray technology that gives you a powerful water stream inside a sphere that will stop splatter to make it neater to use. 

The spray wand has a pull down design that comes with a magnetic docking space to keep the sprayer in the correct place until you need it. It has Diamond Seal patented technology to get rid of drip and leak points on the faucet, and it gets tested to last twice as long as the industry standard faucet. It comes designed to mount on a single hole system, but this best kitchen faucet has a 10.75-inch wide escutcheon that lets you use it on a three hole system. The faucet tops out at 14.875-inches high while the sprayer reaches 9.203-inches. 

When you purchase this  model, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase. It guarantees that this faucet won’t leak or drip for as long as you have it, and this extends to cover the finish. Delta will replace anything that doesn’t stand up to the warranty. 


  • Touch on and touch off sensor 
  • Temperature indicator light 
  • Four finishes 
  • Shield Spray technology 
  • Pull down spray wand design 
  • Diamond Seal patented technology 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


  • Extension hose uses a plastic retainer

American Standard 4175300.002 – Mid-end Budget Pick  

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If you want the best kitchen faucet without breaking the budget, this is a nice mid-end pick. You’ll get a pull-down sprayer that has an adjustable spray pattern. There are also pause buttons on it that allow you to cross the sprayer directly over your counter to get to a bowl or pot that needs filling without making a mess. You can mount it on a one or three hole system without a problem, and they include a 9-inch wide escutcheon in each purchase so you can convert it to a three hole system. The total height for this model is 14.65-inches, and the spray head can reach almost nine inches out. 

The spray head on this best kitchen faucet sits eight-inches above the deck, and the installation deck has to be less than two inches thick for you to install it. It has memory position valving on it, and this will keep the water at a set temperature without having to maneuver the handle. So, you can switch on the faucet without changing the temperature of the water, and the faucet features brass for the material to make it resistant to rust or corrosion to help it last longer. 

When you purchase this faucet, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty that covers the finish and function of the faucet. Labor and shipping aren’t covered, but it covers any damage or defects for as long as you own the home it was installed in. 


  • Pull-down sprayer included
  • Adjustable spray pattern 
  • Pause button
  • Memory position valving
  • Brass is corrosion-resistant 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Two designs available


  • Warranty doesn’t cover shipping or labor

WEWE Kitchen Faucet – Bargain Budget Pick  

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This brand isn’t as well-known in the home improvement industry as some others, but you get a solid faucet for the price. This best kitchen faucet features a single handle design, and this really improves your control. You’ll get a smooth and efficient operation, no matter how busy your kitchen is or what projects you have going on at the time. The classic color allows it to stand out from your kitchen cabinetry and make a subtle statement. There is a pull-down sprayer on this faucet that is made of a combination of stainless steel and ABS plastic. There are three water modes, and the aerator is ABS plastic. 

You can set the faucet to have a spray, direct stream, or pause the water flow to allow you to pass it over the counter without soaking it. You can install this best kitchen faucet in a three or one hole system. If you have a single hole system, don’t use the escutcheon. For a three hole system, you’ll install the included 10-inch escutcheon. The spray hose reaches just shy of six feet, and your deck has to be at 1.6-inches thick or lower for installation to go smoothly. 

This faucet has an overall height of 15.7-inches, and the sound clearance and reach sits at 8.5-inches. It’s very easy to install in a few simple steps. They include every part you need to install it when you purchase the kit, and there is a five-year warranty included. 


  • Five-year warranty
  • Trouble-free installation process 
  • Three water modes
  • Pause button 
  • Single handle design
  • Precision control 
  • One or three hole system compatibility 


  • Has plastic parts

KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice – Best for Poor Water Pressure

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This best kitchen faucet by Kohler has a very useful sprayer head feature with a single handle. You’ll get three different spray types that you can use for different things. The first spray works well for everyday tasks. It offers a standard stream with aeration to increase the water pressure. The second spray is a sweep-style spray that creates a wide blade of water that helps you rinse everything clean. Finally, there is a boost spray that can increase your water flow rate by 30% to fill pitchers or sinks when you need them. 

It works on a single or multiple hole sink system because it includes an escutcheon with each purchase. This best kitchen faucet has a total height of 16.6-inches, and the spray head can reach up to nine inches from the base. It has a clearance height of 9.6-inches. The deck thickness has to fall below 2.5-inches for you to install it properly. There is a limited warranty included when you purchase this faucet, but it covers both the function and the finish you pick out. 

If either of these things fail due to a defect, Kohler will send you the necessary parts to repair them and get the faucet in working order. You get the choice of five styles, three finishes, and three patterns when you order this product. 


  • Three different sprays 
  • Increases water flow rate by 30%
  • Single or multiple hole installation 
  • Reach of nine inches 
  • Five styles available 
  • Three finishes 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


  • Tends to drip after a year or so

DELTA FAUCET Kate – Best for Easy Cleaning

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Delta’s Kate is one of the best kitchen faucets available due to the important features it packs in. There is a stainless steel finish on it that allows it to blend into most modern decors, and it’ll complement your new backsplash perfectly. There is a single handle control system with a handle that is mounted on the side instead of on the faucet stem. You do need a three-hole mounting system for it to work. The pull-down sprayer gives you 20-inches of hose to let you reach every corner of your sink to clean it. 

All you have to do is give the sprayer a quick wipe with a cloth to clean them out between uses and keep them working at top levels. This can remove hard water buildup. The spray wand has a magnetic dock to hold it in place when you finish using it. There are dual spray options with this best kitchen faucet, including a direct spray and an aerated spray. There is a toggle on the spray wand that allows you to switch between them. There is a soap dispenser included in each purchase. 

Delta offers one of the best warranties on their faucets out of all the brands. They’ll replace the faucet free of charge during the warranty period, and this extends to the warranty. If you install this faucet in a business instead of residence, the warranty drops to five years. 


  • Stainless steel finish 
  • Single handle control system
  • Dual spray options 
  • Magnetic dock
  • Soap dispenser included 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Warranty drops to five years for a business installation 

Moen Brantford – 7185SRS – Best for Power Cleaning

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Moen’s faucet comes with a single handle control that lets you quickly and easily control how intense the water flow is and the temperature very easily. This best kitchen faucet lets you control the flow volume by pulling the handle away from the faucet body. It has a pull-down sprayer head that comes with the patented Reflex system built-in that lets you move the head wherever you need to direct your spray of water. When you finish using it, the head will automatically retract to the correct position and stay in place until you take it out again to help avoid messes. 

There is power clean technology built into this best kitchen faucet too that will increase your cleaning power by over 50% when you compare it to traditional faucets. It comes with 68-inches of hose lines to increase your reach, and the faucet can extend out by 20-inches. It works installed on a single hole mounting system, but it comes with an escutcheon that allows you to mount it on a three hole system too. The faucet features a high arc design at 15.5-inches, and the maximum deck thickness tops out at 2.5-inches. 

There is a limited lifetime warranty on this product that guarantees it’ll work for years without leaking or dripping. If the faucet does start to leak, Moen will send you the necessary parts to replace it and get it back into working order. It has a very modern look to it. 


  • Single handle control
  • Reflex system 
  • Self-retracting nozzle 
  • Power clean technology 
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Single or triple hole system 
  • PowerBoost


  • Only one finish available

Delta Essa – 9113T-AR-DST – Best for Directing Water Sprays  

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This best kitchen faucet from Delta comes with a touch on/touch off system that allows you to control the faucet when you can’t use your hands. All you have to do is touch the faucet to switch the water on with any part of your body and touch it again to switch it back off. This is great when you’re painting or preparing your lunch and have raw chicken on your hands to avoid cross-contamination. There is also a handle that gives you manual control. 

There is a pull-down sprayer on this best kitchen faucet that comes with a magnetic docking head. The sprayer hose is longer to give you much more space to maneuver and reach anywhere in your sink. There is Diamond Seal technology on this faucet to help reduce the amount of leak points on the faucet, and it guarantees you’ll get a smooth operation for over one million cycles. It comes designed to mount on a single hole system, but they include an escutcheon if you have a two or three hole system. 

The spray head can reach over nine inches, and the faucet has a high arch at 16-inches. The deck thickness can be no more than three inches or you won’t be able to install it. There is a limited lifetime warranty on this product, and it includes both the finish and the faucet parts. 


  • Touch on/touch off system 
  • Pull-down sprayer
  • Nice reach at over nine inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Smooth operation for a million cycles
  • Diamond Seal technology 
  • Three styles available


  • Has a hard plastic gasket

Kohler Sensate – K-72218-VS – Best for Built-In Technology   

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Kohler’s Sensate touchless kitchen faucet is one of the best kitchen faucets to have if you want something technologically-advanced. You don’t have to worry about turning the handle when you want to switch it on. Instead, all you have to do is wave your hand or item in front of the sensor window to switch it on, and the sensor has a 20-millisecond response time. There is a magnetic docking system that securely locks the sprayer head in place when you finish using it to help prevent accidental sprays and messes. It also offers dual sprays to cycle through. 

You can use a stream or spray setting on this best kitchen faucet, and you can adjust them both right on the spray head. The hose is 26-inches long and made out of braided nylon to make it very durable and resistant to damage. There is an integrated swivel ball joint on the hose to make it easy to control. The touchless system runs on an AC adapter so you don’t have to swap out batteries. There is a high arc for this faucet at 15.5-inches, and it can reach just over eight-inches from the centerline of the faucet’s body. 

There is a limited lifetime warranty on this product, and it covers the purchaser and owner of the faucet for as long as you own the home you install it in. If it starts to leak or drip, the company will send you the parts needed to replace it and get it in good working order. 


  • Technologically-advanced
  • Large sensor widow
  • Magnetic docking system 
  • Dual sprays 
  • 26-inch hose
  • Runs on AC adapter 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


  • Difficult to install 

Delta Faucet Trinsic – Best for Voice Control 

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Anyone who has smart voice-controlled tech in their home will like this best kitchen faucet. This faucet incorporates Delta VoiceIQ Technology to help sync your faucet uip to any existing devices you may have like your smartphone or smart speakers with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. It has a sleek look that will fit right into any modern decor you have. Any smart home devices you have will relay your commands to the faucet when you say them. 

Voice control allows you to switch the faucet on and off, dispense however much water you need, and switch to warm water. The faucet operates with a light touch anywhere on your body. There is a hand wash feature as well that gives you enough time to lather, scrub, and rinse your hands without wasting water. TempSense LED indication lights allow you to know what the water temperature is before you touch it. It will change colors to represent the temperatures. 

This best kitchen faucet rungs on six C or AA batteries and an AC wall adapter. There is a low flow rate of 1.8-gallon per minute. It does have a higher price tag to match, but you get premium features for what you pay for it. 


  • Voice-controlled
  • Modern look 
  • Activates with a touch 
  • Hand wash feature 
  • TempSense LED light 
  • Runs on batteries or an AC wall adapter 
  • Delta VoiceIQ technology 


  • Over $500

Buying Guide

What makes the best kitchen faucet? There are a few things  you should keep in mind when you shop to ensure you pick out the one that is going to meet your wants and needs. You can narrow down your choices by looking at: 

2 Faucet Buying Guide
This buying guide can help you narrow down your sink choices until you can pick out the best kitchen faucet for your needs. There are dozens of options available, and it’s a good idea to go with a well-known brand to help ensure quality.
Sink with faucet and disposal installed by Jill / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • ADA Compliance – If you’re trying to make your home ADA compliant, this extends to your fixtures. There are certain thresholds that your faucet has to meet to be ADA compliant, and some don’t have these features. 
  • Budget – Your budget is going to factor in here because the best kitchen faucet can get expensive quickly. Some models are easily over $500 for a single faucet. Set a budget before you shop to keep your expectations realistic. 
  • Design and Style – Ideally, your faucet will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen or space. Try to find a style and design that works well with your decor. This could be modern and chic or rustic and classic. 
  • Finish – All of the best kitchen faucets come with finishes on them. Stainless steel is very popular, but bronze is too. Bronze naturally resists corrosion, so this can help your faucet last longer. Match the finish to your color scheme. 
    • Maneuverability – Ideally, you want to get a faucet that is very easy to control and maneuver. The best kitchen faucets will come with longer hoses, ball joints, and multiple options for spray to give you complete control and ensure you don’t soak your counters
  • Reach – It’s nicer to get a faucet that comes with longer hoses on them to increase their reach. You want to be able to easily hit every area of your sink without running out of hose. If you have a higher spigot, you can fit more bulky items in the sink without having to maneuver around and waste time too. 
  • Warranty – Almost all of the best kitchen faucets on the list come with a lifetime limited warranty. This does cover parts and finish, but it doesn’t cover labor or shipping. Also, make sure you know what voids the warranty like using a caustic cleaner on the finish. 

Bottom Line

These 10 best kitchen faucets give you an excellent starting point to begin your search when you’re going to upgrade your appliances. We’ve highlighted several nice brands in a huge range of prices, and you can see which ones work best for your needs. Take this information and use the buying guide to narrow down the search and pick out the best kitchen faucet to help you pull your remodel or style upgrade together. 

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