What is the Average Cost to Install Exterior Door?

Exterior doors are typically on the back, front, or sides of the house and you use them to enter and exit your space. They can be a focal or statement point of your home’s exterior that can spruce up your entryway, but budgeting for the cost to install exterior doors can be difficult because there are so many styles and factors to consider when you start to shop. Ideally, you’ll always have a professional perform the installation to ensure that you have proper protection from the elements and security when they finish, and there are many steps involved that can add into your cost to install exterior doors. 

Different types of doors offer a range of purposes and styles. You can choose from simple screen or glass patio varieties, or you can go all of the way up to a more ornate custom wooden door. Specialized doors like French, sliding, and fire-rated picks will factor into your total cost to install exterior doors, and there are dozens of choices and thousands of brands available. This gives you a broad price range when it comes to the cost to install exterior doors. 

On average, the cost to install exterior doors will cost just over $1,000. The installation price range starts at $500 and goes up to $1,600. Standard single doors cost between $150 and $600 for the door and installation materials by itself, but the cost to install exterior doors can easily climb into the thousands. If you choose a pre-hung style, you’ll pay between $50.00 and $200 more than you will if you choose a slab variety, but they lower your labor and installation costs by as much as 50%. If you choose bi-fold glass or steel doors, you could spend upwards of $6,000. 

Since there is such a huge range associated with the cost to install exterior doors, this can make it hard to budget for it correctly. This is why we’re going to outline the biggest price factors associated with this project so you can see which ones apply to you and figure out a decent estimate. This way, you’ll be able to set aside money to help cover the cost to install exterior doors to help boost your home’s curb appeal while making the house more secure. 

1 Red Door Beginning
A bright front door that is in good shape will help draw attention to the entryway of your house, and you can get it without having a hugely expensive cost to install exterior door.
Porch with red door by Patricia / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Popular Types of Exterior Doors by Price Points

One of the first things you have to consider is the type of door you want when you get an estimate to install exterior doors. Some doors come designed to fit perfectly into your front entryway, and other doors might be a better pick for your deck, patio, or yard. They come in several materials and styles to help match your home’s look and aesthetic. 


These are bi-folding doors, but they’re generally  more popular inside than outside. On the inside, the doors can easily collapse like an accordion, but it’s difficult to secure the folded sections on the outside. For an exterior accordion door, you’ll get foldable sections when it’s open. You’ll have to open up the entire wall or a small portion of it for this door, and this can cause your cost to install exterior doors in this style to range from $600 to $5,000. 


This is a slightly newer style for exterior doors, and you’ll usually see these doors on decks, patios, or in any area where you want to create an indoor/outdoor entertainment or living area. They use a track to fold up, and this allows them to open bigger than traditional sliding doors. They also take up less space than traditional French doors. They give you the look of a floor-to-ceiling window wall when they open to give them a modern look, and they can cost between $500 to $5,000. 

Double Entry

Double entry doors allow you to easily boost your home’s curb appeal. These doors will lock into each other, and you don’t have to install a stile or center frame. You can add a lock at the bottom or top of the doors to give yourself extra security. You can also open both or one at a time, and the cost to install exterior doors like these range between $800 to $4,000. 


Fire-rated doors are popular to help a commercial building meet codes, and they also enhance the safety of the building. They come with heavier hardware and specialized parts that can drive your cost to install exterior doors up. They can help contain a fire from 20 minutes to three hours, and they can cost between $400 and $1,300 to install. 


Whenever you install French doors, they make a classic statement. You get paned glass double doors that you can open together or by themselves. They’re popular for going out on decks or patios, and they’re a nice alternative to sliding doors. They don’t use a track, so they can be easier to pen, and you can install multiple locks. They range between $500 and $4,500 to install. 


If you need a new front door for your home, pre-hung is a popular choice. The door comes framed and hinged out of the box, and this is what makes pre-hung doors different from slab doors. Slab doors don’t have hinges when you open the box. They come in many styles and materials, and the material will play the biggest role in the cost to install exterior doors of this type. The average cost ranges between $300 and $2,000. 


This is a unique sliding door type. It doesn’t slide along the track to cover a stationary panel or wall. Instead, it slides right into the wall. They help you create an accessible opening while saving you space. It can be challenging to install and retrofit this door because the contractor might have to open your walls full to install the door’s track. The cost to install exterior doors of this type range between $800 and $1,500. 


Security-style doors are more durable and harder than traditional doors. They come pre-hung for the majority of the time, and you can get several materials or styles. You can make them look indistinguishable at a glance from normal doors. They’re heavier and thicker, and this can cause your cost to install exterior doors to range from $400 to $3,000. 


Sliding doors are an excellent choice to install to get to any adjoining decks, patios, or outdoor kitchens. If you want to create an outdoor/indoor living space, or if you have a gorgeous view, sliding doors are great. They usually come made out of glass, and the frames can be a huge range of materials. One door is stationary, and the other door will slide past it to open. Installation costs range from $350 up to $4,000. 


Storm doors allow you to get additional insulation in the cooler months while protecting your home from insects and letting breezes in during summer. It hangs from the front of your entryway door, and it can come with glass panels for more insulation. You can swap the glass panels with screens, and you can remove them as needed. On average, this door can cost between $200 and $800. Whether or not it’s glass or the frame material will influence the price. To hang it onto an existing frame, you’ll pay around $100. 

2 Door Types
The type of exterior door you choose will have a big impact on your total cost to install exterior doors. Some are far more expensive than others due to their complexity.
The Livingston Apartment Entryway by Barry Cruver / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Exterior Door Material Prices

Once you decide on a door type, the next step is to decide on the material. This will help you get an accurate estimate on the cost to install exterior doors in your home. The material will have a direct influence on how your entry door performs, looks, and the price. 


Aluminum is popular because it’s lightweight without sacrificing the durability factor. It also resists corrosion and rusting with exposure to the elements. You can choose a foam core in this door to boost your insulation factor, and aluminum may be more readily available than other materials. However, they’re not as secure as some other materials and they can dent. On average, aluminum will increase your cost to install exterior door price by $400 to $1,200. 


Composite doors are newer to the market, and they can give you several of the same benefits as you’d get with fiberglass. They use mixtures of resins, wood pulp, and pigments in the door’s makeup, and they can look like traditional wooden doors. However, they’re low-maintenance. They usually come custom-made, and it can be difficult to find the correct size prefabricated. The cost to install exterior doors of this material ranges between $500 and $3,000. 


When it comes to efficiency, durability, and looks, it’s hard to beat fiberglass. They have the same feel and look of traditional wooden doors, and they won’t rust or corrode like other materials. They offer excellent insulation to keep the wind out, and you can pick from several styles. This is why fiberglass is one of the most popular door types, and the cost ranges between $350 and $3,000. 


Iron doors have been in use for centuries, and they create a very secure doorway that has a unique look that is impossible to replicate with other materials. They come in many styles from contemporary to traditional, and they’re extremely durable. However, there is some maintenance involved since they’ll rust, and they have a higher price range at $1,500 to $6,000. 


A lot of different entry doors use steel because it’s very durable and strong. You can also get steel doors with a thicker foam core to help with insulation. Steel does tend to fade and rust with exposure to the elements, so this reduces the popularity of this material. It’s a popular choice for security doors due to the strength, and it can cost between $300 and $3,000 to install. 


If you’re looking for an inexpensive and low-maintenance material for your door, look no further than vinyl. You don’t have to paint vinyl, and it can give you the look of wooden doors at a fraction of the cost. However, vinyl can crack or warp, and it is a very poor insulator. This is why it does best in moderate temperatures, and the cost to install exterior doors with this material falls between $300 and $900. 


A wooden front door is traditional and classic. It has a unique feel and look that was difficult to replicate. Composites and fiberglass can mimic the look and feel of wood, but they lack the warmth. Wooden doors need ongoing maintenance like scraping, painting, and periodic checks for rot. However, it comes in several patterns, colors, and it’s a great insulator. The cost to install exterior doors in wood range between $800 to $4,500. 

3 Door Materials
The material you pick out for your exterior door will impact the price, but it’ll also impact how much you spend in maintenance and general upkeep too. Catedrales e Iglesias/Cathedrals and Churches by Catedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena / CC BY 2.0

Front Door Part Costs

Along with the door itself, you have to consider the parts you’ll need to finish the process. The following pricing guide is based on a standard exterior door that measures six-feet, eight-inches tall and is three to six-feet wide. If you need to buy or replace these parts, it drives the cost to install exterior doors up. 


You’ll usually replace your door frame each time you install a new door since they’re prone to damage. They can swell and warp, and this can reduce your overall security. The door frame also has to be able to accommodate your new door type, and they typically use composite or wooden materials. Composite frames are more expensive, but they resist insects, mold, and rot. To replace a wooden door frame, you’ll spend around $150. A composite door frame replacement will boost your cost to install exterior doors by $250. If you get a pre-hung door, you won’t have to worry about a frame. 


Door hinges are the metal pieces that you install on the frame and door itself. They help to ensure that your door opens and closes correctly. The door essentially hangs on the hinges. If you need to order new hinges, they’re relatively inexpensive at $10 to $20 a pack. 


The door jamb is the two upright edges of the door frame where you hang the door. The pre-hung doors come with a door frame, but you can buy it separately if your door type doesn’t have it. A new basic door jamb will cost between $30.00 and $50.00. 


The door knob is the metal part that you use to open the door. A door knob has a large price range that starts at $25.00 and can easily go upwards of $550. The price will depend on whether the knob has door plates, the type, if they have locks, or if it’s a basic knob. 


You’ll need a good lock to secure your entry door. Most contractors will include the cost to install a lock in your total cost to install exterior doors. You may have to buy the lock by itself, and there are several choices to consider. Locks can start at $20 and go up to $1,200. The higher-end prices are usually smart locks that run off technology. 

Door Installation Costs

The cost to install exterior doors will depend on whether or not you choose to use a professional company or do it yourself. You’ll also need specific tools, and this can drive your costs up if you have to go and buy them. The first thing you have to do is remove the old door and open up the frame. Then, you have to fit and caulk in the new door before you shim and fasten it. You’ll secure the door jamb and frame before you add any caulk, insulation, or weatherstripping. Finally, you’ll install the trim to finish the door. 

On average, the process will take between one and three hours. It’s best to hire a structural engineer since you’re cutting into supporting walls. They’ll typically charge between $100 and $150 per hour. Framing will also cost between $7.00 and $16.00 per square foot, and weatherproofing and sealing the door will run between $80.00 and $200. If you have bi-fold or sliding doors, the costs will range between $300 and $500. Pocket doors range between $200 and $2,000. 

4 Door Installation Costs
Knowing the different door installation costs will help you budget correctly for this project. It also reduces the chances that you’ll end up with a nasty surprise bill at the end of the installation process.
No 10 door installation by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office / CC BY 2.0

Door Frame Installation

You’ll install the door and frame at the same time to help save you on the cost to install exterior doors. Pre-hung doors are the fastest types. The cost will fall between $250 and $275. For separate costs, the installation is usually $175, and the frame is $75.00 to $100. If you buy the frame and door together, the cost goes up to around $1,200. 

Pre-Hung Door Installation

Pre-hung doors are the most common type of exterior door homeowners use. They offer the quickest and easiest installation process, and this can help you control your cost to install exterior doors. To install this type of door, expect to spend between $250 and $300. This includes the installation process, leveling it, and adding the trim. For a fiberglass pre-hung door, you’ll spend around $1,200. 

Labor Costs

If you choose not to hire a structural engineer to install your exterior door, you can go with a contractor to help save on your overall cost to install exterior doors.  For a contractor, the labor costs will fall between $40.00 and $90.00 an hour, and the average cost is $70.00 per hour. If you want a pre-hung door, it’ll usually take between two and three hours. To install a door with a frame, it can take between six to seven hours from start to finish. 

Replace an Exterior Door Price

Replacing your exterior door is around the same amount of money as you’d get with the cost to install exterior doors. The only difference is that you have to remove the get rid of the old door before you can install the new one. On average, this runs around $50.00 per door. So, if you wanted to replace a fiberglass door that is pre-hung, you’d spend $1,250. 

Walkout Basement Door Cost

If you have a walkout basement, you can install a door for between $2,500 and $10,000. The exterior has to be completely level with the basement’s bottom, and you’ll have to cut the concrete wall to the correct size. Framing with a header will cost between $300 and $800. Most people choose to use a double patio-style door, and this can cost between $500 and $4,500 with labor and materials. Finally, the patio installation to run out from your basement can cost between $1,700 and $4,800. 

Front Door with Sidelights Cost

You can boost your home’s curb appeal and bring the focus to the front door, you can install sidelights. These are thin glass windows that go along either side of your door and share the frame. You can buy them when you buy the door, and they install them at the same time. You’ll spend around $500 for labor and $1,500 to $4,000 for the sidelights and door itself. 

Miscellaneous Cost Considerations

There are several miscellaneous cost considerations to keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out your cost to install exterior doors. Knowing what they are will help you get accurate estimates and budget for this project before you start it. 


You want to insulation the entry door to help protect your home from the elements while lowering your heating and cooling costs. You’ll usually pay for door insulation trim per door, and the average cost range is between $100 and $300 per door. This includes both the materials and the installation fees. If you choose to buy your own insulation, you’ll pay a contractor around $70 per hour to insulate it. For a standard-sized door, this will take between one and two hours. 


Adding lights to your entryway can boost your home’s curb appeal. There are many styles of lighting you can choose from. For example, path lights will illuminate your plants, walkways, and doors. They cost between $70.00 and $100 each. You can attach floodlights to your home to light up large spaces at $75.00 to $150 each. Wall lanterns are also very popular at $100 to $150 each. You have to include electrician charges for lighting when you figure out your cost to install exterior doors, and they can charge between $50 and $120 per hour. 

5 Door Lighting
Lighting up your front door is a great way to call attention to it. It also enhances the safety factor if you light up the pathway leading to the door.
Golden light – front doors by deldevries / CC BY-SA 2.0


Adding a coat of paint to your door can change how your entire home looks. The door, paint, style, and number of doors you want to paint will determine your costs. On average, you’ll pay between $75.00 and $300 to paint your exterior door. This includes the primer and paint at $20.00 to $30.00 per gallon, and the labor costs for a professional company at $25.00 to $40.00 per hour. 

Screen Door

You’ll install a screen door between the inside of your home and the exterior door. It works like a barrier to protect you against insects, pests, and bugs while allowing the breeze to come through. To install a standard 36-inch screen door, you’ll pay between $250 and $400 for the labor fees and the door. 

Where You Can Find Professionals

Use this helpful resource to find door installation professionals near you:

Frequently Asked Questions

6 FAQs 1
Knowing which questions to ask when you get estimates for your cost to install exterior doors ensures that you’ll get as close as possible to the actual project price.
Front door, Cleland Kinloch Huger House by Spencer Means / CC BY-SA 2.0

1. How do you measure your exterior door?

Measure the width of your exterior door, starting from the left edge of the door and working to the right. Then, find the height by measuring vertically from top to bottom. Don’t include any weatherstripping when you measure. You want to measure the door jamb from the interior to exterior trim. This is the depth of the wall. 

2. How long does it take to install your exterior door?

Labor costs are a huge consideration when it comes to figuring out your total cost to install exterior doors. As long as they don’t run into any problems, it can take between one and three hours to complete the project. 

3. How much does it cost to close up a current exterior door?

If you want to close up an exterior door, you’ll have to frame the wall before insulating it and installing both siding and drywall. To install a new wall, you’ll pay around $1,800. You’ll add around $550 to $600 to this total for new siding. 

4. Can you replace the door without replacing the frame?

Yes. As long as the frame matches your new door and it’s not warped, cracked, or showing damage, it’s possible to replace the door and keep the old frame to help keep your cost to install exterior doors down. 

Bottom Line

The cost to install exterior doors will fluctuate depending on a broad range of factors. We’ve listed the biggest ones you want to consider, and you can take this short guide and see how it applies to your current situation. Also, call a few contractors around your area and get several estimates. This will help you come up with a feasible budget for the cost to install exterior doors before you tackle this project and boost your home’s curb appeal. 

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