Best Dehumidifier for Basement

Dampness and mold can be problems in a lot of houses, and they can have a negative impact on your health if you aren’t careful. To make matters worse, you can get rid of them only for them to turn up when the humidity levels and temperatures rise. However, did you know it’s possible to succeed in keeping your basement dry and safe if you buy the best dehumidifier for basements available? 

A quality dehumidifier will catch the excess moisture and pull it out of the air while preventing mold from growing at the same time. Generally speaking, the best dehumidifiers for basements can perform well in severe instances as well as new moisture problems. 

However, there are so many devices available on the current market that it’s difficult to pick out the right one. There are also several factors you have to consider. This is why I created a list of the top nine best dehumidifiers for basements and reviewed them all for you below. I also put together a short buyer’s guide to help point you in the direction of the best dehumidifiers for your basement based on your needs.

Dehumidifier 1 Start
The best dehumidifiers for basements remove the moisture from your basement and areas of your home by pulling it out of the air, and this can help get rid of mold. 

1. Tosot Energy Star Dehumidifier

Tosot’s dehumidifier measures 14.8-inches by 11.4-inches by 24-inches, and it can hold up to 70 pints of moisture before you have to empty it out to keep it running in top shape. It works well in garages, basements, laundry rooms, bigger retail locations, and anywhere you can imagine in your home. Depending on the room size, the dehumidifer will absorb up to nine gallons of water per day. It’ll save you money by cutting down on the electric bill while effectively getting rid of the moisture that can wreak havoc on your home. 

There is a filter inside this dehumidifier that you will have to clean periodically, but the bright display will give you an indication light to remind you. It’ll switch on after 250 hours of run time, and all you have to do is wash it with warm water, let it air dry 100%, and put it back in the unit. If you have a power outage, the dehumidifier will quit until the electricity returns, but it’ll keep your settings so you don’t have to reset it again. 


  • Has an Energy-Star rating
  • Restarts automatically after a power failure
  • Loudest it goes is a quiet 48-decibels


  • Need to empty it everyday or every other day
  • Pump may not be large enough to keep up
  • Difficult to contact support

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2. Vremi Portable Dehumidifier

Weighing in at 44 pounds, this dehumidifier for basements is slightly larger. This bigger size means that it can easily handle larger rooms, and there are three coverage areas you can pick from, including 1,500, 3,000, and 4,500 square feet. There is a removable water tank on this unit, and it can safely hold around nine gallons without spilling. It’s effective at removing moisture and preventing mold growth, but it can also screen out common allergens like dust while purifying the air to make you more comfortable. 

The automatic shut-off feature on this dehumidifier ensures it never overflows onto your floor, and this can give you greater peace of mind. The air filter can screen out irritants in your air like mildew, dirt, and dust, and the filter pops out to make cleaning quick and easy. The bottom of the unit has four wheels on canisters that make it easy to shift this dehumidifier from space to space, and this is nice since it’s a slightly heavier model. 


  • Purifies the air up to 4,500 square feet
  • Three size options available
  • Automatic shut-off included


  • Slightly louder run sound 
  • Have to empty the tank more than once a day
  • Wheels tend to get stuck and not roll smoothly 

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3. Inofia Dehumidifier

Are you considering adding a medium or smaller extension on your home? As long as your extension or room is 1,056 square feet and below, this dehumidifier is powerful enough to cover it. It can pull up to four gallons of water out of the air in a 24-hour span, and it has an 8-liter water tank built into the design. You get two dual drainage options when you choose this model, including an automatic drainage using a six foot pipe and a water tank you can pull out and empty. All you have to do is press both sides of the tank, pull it out, empty it, and put it back. 

If you see a red warning light, this means you have to clean the tank before you restart the machine. There is only a single on/off button, and this makes it very user-friendly. This dehumidifier has an automatic shutoff feature for when it gets full so it doesn’t accidentally overflow if you forget it, and it has a handle that lies flat to the top to make moving it easy. It weighs in at almost 24 pounds, and you have to clean the filter every month. 


  • Very user-friendly design 
  • Automatic and manual drainage options
  • Won’t overflow


  • Indicator alarm is very loud and won’t automatically shut off
  • Too small to leave run 24 hours a day
  • Warranty is very short

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4. Ivation Energy Star Dehumidifier

The compact design on this dehumidifier allows it to fit almost anywhere, even in very tight spaces without a problem. It does weigh in at 45 pounds, but it has caster wheels attached to the bottom that make it easy to roll from room to room. You get two different fan settings with this unit, including a regular speed and a turbo speed for wetter areas in your home. There is an LCD interface that will show you your filter status and the reservoir status at a glance, and the tank is 2.25 gallons. It pops out for easy cleaning, and it comes with a level line that will let you know when it’s time to change it. 

The handle on this dehumidifier makes it easy to carry it to the sink to dump it out. It has a six-foot power cord attached with a three-pronged plug, and this gives you more movement. You can easily maneuver this unit around your basement to dry other areas without having to plug in an extension cord or switch plugins. It has an auto restart and an auto defrost feature, and this is an Energy Star-rated product that won’t drive up your electric bill. 


  • Water line indicator or the tank
  • Uses a simple LCD display screen 
  • Automatically restarts if the power goes out


  • Can be noisy on turbo
  • Raises the room temperature 
  • Humidistat isn’t 100% accurate 

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5. hOmeLabs Dehumidifier

Anyone who is looking for ways to damp-proof their basement should invest in a dehumidifier like this one from hOmeLabs. This is a larger unit that weighs 45 pounds and measures 15.4-inches by 11-inches by 24.3-inches, and this makes it a good pick for larger areas like basements, cellars, or garages. It can collect up to nine gallons of water every day, and it comes Energy Star-certified to save on the electric costs when you run it. The two-year warranty can protect you from damage or failure, and it uses durable materials in the construction. 

This dehumidifier has built-in handles with rolling wheels to make moving it easy despite the larger size. You can set it to your preferred moisture settings to enhance how well it works, and it’ll run 24 hours a day. It’ll stop automatically when the reservoir reaches the fullest point to prevent spills, and there is a gravity-fed drain hose outlet you can hook up and let it run 24/7. It emits heat, and it can raise the room temperature by a few degrees when you have it on. 


  • Has built-in handles and wheels
  • Works best in larger areas
  • Has a gravity-fed drain hose outlet


  • Gets hot with 24/7 operation
  • Buttons have small writing
  • Auto-defrost is finicky 

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6. Frigidaire Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier can pull 8.75 gallons of moisture out of the air per day, and it works with a standard 115-volt electrical outlet. Along with protecting your basement from moisture and humidity, it’ll also double as a filter to remove contaminants like dust and mold spores. This makes your air easier to breathe, and it can help if you have allergies. There is a 24-hour timer with a control lock on this unit, and you can set the house that it runs and shuts off each day. In turn, you can precisely control the humidity levels in the room to keep it dry. 

It’s easy to move this dehumidifier from room to room, no matter if they’re on the same floor or on another level that requires stairs. There are wheels on the bottom, but there are also handles on the sides and top to make movement easy. The collection bucket is 1.6 gallons big, but it doesn’t come with a splash guard built into the design. This means it’s easy to accidentally spill when you empty it unless you’re very careful. There is a digital humidity readout too. 


  • 24-hour time with a control lock 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Digital humidity readout included


  • Not energy-efficient 
  • Too small for bigger rooms 
  • Small water collection area

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7. Sante Fe Compact 70 Pint Dehumidifier

If you have mold in your shower, kitchen, basement, or anywhere in your home, using the best dehumidifiers for basements can erase your problem. It has a compact enough design to slide into crawl spaces, crowded garages, corners, or you can hang or duct it between your floor joists. It can remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day from the room, and it uses one kilowatt of energy for every five pints of moisture per day it removes. As a bonus, it doubles as an air purifier by using MERV-8 filters to purify the air of allergens and other contaminants. There is an eight-foot drainage tube you can run out the window. 

To work this dehumidifier,  all you have to do is set your desired humidity level by turning a knob and choose how you want the fan to run. There is a single fan speed, and the fan will run without a problem in cooler temperatures down to 49-degrees Fahrenheit. It has auto reset and auto defrost options, and it uses durable materials that last. The six-year warranty will protect you from breakdowns or hardware failure, and it’s made in the United States using strict standards. 


  • Full six-year warranty attached
  • Energy Star-rated unit
  • Horizontal build makes placement easy


  • Price – very expensive 
  • Weighs 55 pounds
  • Has a louder run sound

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8. Keystone KSTAD50B 50 Pint Dehumidifier

As a highly efficient model, this dehumidifier can remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day in a 24-hour period, and you get electronic controls that make it easy and convenient to keep your room moisture-free while reducing your energy usage. The bright LED display will show every setting you choose to use, and you get very accurate readings that help you set the best humidity levels. This makes it easy to double-check your settings in dim lighting conditions. 

The automatic defrost on this dehumidifier will detect when frost starts to build up on the coils and switch the fan on to prevent it from freezing up. Once the water tank reaches the maximum capacity, the automatic shutoff function stops it from running over. There is a 24-hour timer that lets you choose when you run this unit, and it has a slender design that fits into large or small rooms. 


  • Automatically shuts off
  • LED display is bright 
  • Has a drainage hose outlet


  • Tank has a rounded bottom
  • Stays on when you remove the tank
  • Can leak

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9. GE High-Tech Home Dehumidifier

Anyone who wants a high-quality unit at a cost-effective price should look at this dehumidifier from GE. Maybe you’re building a garage and you’re worried about the humidity levels, or you noticed that you have damp spots on your walls. If so, this dehumidifier is easy to move from spot to spot due to the hidden wheels. The LED panel on the unit makes it very easy to set, check, and change your various settings, including cycling through three fan speeds and choosing the humidity level you’d like. The frost sensor ensures that this unit won’t freeze up with extended use. 

This dehumidifier has a port for a drainage hose, but you have to buy this separately. The automatic shutoff will stop it from running over, and there is also a flashing indicator light to let you know it’s time to empty it. The two-gallon tank is a decent size, and it has an easy-carry handle. You get a very quiet operation with this dehumidifier, and it has a limited one-year warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • Slightly more cost-effective 
  • Flashing indicator light
  • LED panel


  • Bucket is slightly smaller
  • Automatic defrost may not work well
  • Bucket is difficult to remove 

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How to Choose Dehumidifiers for Basements 

Now that you have nine of the best dehumidifiers for basements above, you can compare them side by side to narrow down your choices and find one that suits your needs. This short buyer’s guide will give you useful information you can use when you start to shop. 

Dehumidifier 2 Guide
It’s important to make sure your dehumidifier is powerful enough to handle your room size. If it isn’t, it won’t effectively be able to pull the moisture from the air and dry out the room. 

Size of the Room 

How large is the room you want to run your dehumidifier in? Maybe it’s a small laundry room or a larger bathroom. The best dehumidifiers for basements can only handle specific rooms sizes, and they’ll list this in square feet on the box. To get the square footage of a room, measure the length and width of the room and multiple them by one another. So, if one wall is 20 feet and one is 50 feet, the room would be 1,000 square feet. You’d have to find a dehumidifier that can cover a room 1,000 square feet or over. 

Drainage Type

There are generally two types of drainage options for the best dehumidifiers for basements. The first one is a drainage hose. You can run this hose outside or into a floor drain. The second option is a bucket inside the dehumidifier that fills with water and you have to manually dump out and replace. Most units with a built-in bucket require you to drain them once a day to keep it working at peak levels. Decide if you have the time to drain it at least once a day. If you don’t, getting one with a drainage hose is a good idea. 

Indicator Light

If you have a filter in your dehumidifier, an indicator light comes in handy because it tells you when it’s time to clean and/or change the filter. There should also be an indicator light or sound to tell you that the collection bucket is full and ready for you to empty. If your model doesn’t have one, the dehumidifier can switch off and quit working until you empty the bucket. The filter can also get clogged and not work as well to filter out allergens. 


Auto-defrost is excellent for areas that get cold for a few months out of the year or in cooler climates. The auto-defrost can either switch the machine off or turn on a fan if it senses that the interior coils are starting to ice up from running the dehumidifier too long. This can help to keep your unit running in peak shape and pulling moisture out of the air. 

Automatic Reset

In the event of faulty wiring or a power outage, you want your dehumidifier to automatically reset and start up again when the power comes back on. This is what an automatic reset function will do, and it’ll ensure the unit remembers your settings so you don’t have to go back and set it up again every time it goes off. 

Dehumidifier 3 Auto Reset
An automatic reset function will save you time if the power goes out because it automatically reverts back to the previous settings without any input from you.


How often do you want to empty your dehumidifier? Take a careful look at the reservoir size if your unit doesn’t have a drainage hose. This size will give you an idea on how often you’ll have to empty it throughout the day. Chances are, you don’t have a lot of time to constantly check and see how full it is or if it’s still running. Getting a unit with a bigger reservoir can help solve this problem, especially if you have a larger space to pull the moisture from. 

Noise Levels 

If this best dehumidifier for basements is going to be away from your living area, you want to pay attention to the noise levels. Generally speaking, putting your dehumidifier on higher settings will cause the noise levels to go up, and some can be really loud. Decide on where you’re going to put this dehumidifier, and look for one that has noise levels that match that. If it’s going to be around places you are during the day and you don’t have soundproofing measures in place, you’ll want to get a quieter model. 


Ducting allows your dehumidifier to heat more than one area at one time when it runs. It’s useful if you plan to stick your device out of sight and out of mind like in a closet or somewhere that it isn’t going to be out in the open. Humidistats and remotes can also add a convenience factor to your dehumidifier, and some units don’t have them included. 


Not all of the best dehumidifiers for basements come with a warranty attached to them. Since they tend to work hard 24 hours a day and they can be an expensive investment, you want a warranty to protect you against the unit failing. Check what the warranty does and doesn’t cover, whether or not your unit has one, and the warranty length. It can vary from a few months up to over six years. 

Dehumidifier 4 End
Having a dry basement allows you to open up the space and turn it into a fun place for your family to hang out. You could have a game room, music room, or an extra bedroom. 

Bottom Line 

The best dehumidifiers for basements can help you keep every area of your home safe, dry, and free of mold and mildew with humidity levels under control. My list of the top nine best dehumidifiers for basements give you a good starting point to shop, and the short buyer’s guide ensures you know what to keep in mind when you compare the various models. This way, you can pick the one that suits your needs. 

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