What is the Average Metal Roof Cost?

Metal roofs are quickly gaining in popularity with homeowners, and one of the biggest draws is that they require very little maintenance over traditional roofs. You can install your metal roof over your existing roof, they last between 40 and 100 years, are energy-efficient, durable, will not be affected by rot, termites, mold, or mildew, and all of these things can help justify your metal roof cost. These reasons are why metal roof prices are creeping up each year, and more people are starting to seriously consider them when they’re looking for a way to boost their home’s curb appeal. 

This roof works to protect your home from outside damage and the elements, and this is another reason metal is a popular material. Your upfront metal roof cost can help pay for itself in what you save in maintenance and general upkeep costs over the years. Additionally, you won’t have to replace them as soon as you would a traditional roof. You can choose from metal roofs that offer style and durability or something more cost-effective to fit your budget. 

If you wanted to install a metal roof on a 1,500-square foot home, your metal roof cost would vary between $10,000 and $14,000. Most people pay around $12,000 for this project, but you can get a flat metal roof for just over $7,000 at the lower end of the metal roof cost spectrum. On the high end, your metal roof costs can reach $18,000 to get a standing seam galvanized metal roof painted and installed with underlayment, insulation, penetration flashing, and a sealant. They can cost anywhere from $7.00 to $14.00 a square foot. You also have to factor in labor costs. 

Since this can be a lasting investment in your home, it’s important to get a solid estimate for your metal roof cost. You can do this by going through this guide and seeing which criteria apply to your project and which don’t apply. Then, you can take your prices to local contractors and get a more thorough metal roof cost estimate. This way, you’ll know if it’s possible to swing this project or if it’s something that you want to wait on. 

1 Installing a New Metal Roof
Installing a new metal roof can boost your home’s value and the curb appeal, but this is a larger project to undertake. Knowing how much it could cost can help you create a working budget before you start the project.
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Style and Metal Roof Costs

Your metal roof cost will get impacted by the style of the metal. Most people find themselves paying between $3.00 to $8.00 a square foot for the materials and installation. You can choose from standing seam and flat-lock in a broad range of styles and colors. Different styles can help complement your home’s design style, but they also offer different levels of durability, protection, and resistance. These things will impact how long they take to install and your total metal roof cost. 

5V Crimping Roof Metal

Per square foot, your metal roof cost will fall between $4.00 and $7.00. This is one of the most timeless styles you can choose, and it was traditionally used for sheds and barns. However, the cost-efficiency of this type of roof style made it a popular choice for homes. 

You’ll have to install this roof over a solid surface, but it’s very easy to maintain. Additionally, it has a shape that makes it resistant to leaking. You’ll get a very flat and sturdy design, so this makes them not ideal for rough weather. They’re popular in areas that don’t have pelting rain or strong winds. 

Corrugated Metal

This has a slightly higher price tag attached to it that can increase your metal roof cost. Per square foot, you’ll pay anywhere from $4.00 to $8.00. It offers fire resistance, energy-efficiency, and it’s very durable. This makes it great for use in areas that get routine wildfires. You’ll usually get a grey finish on this metal, and it can be very challenging to change the color. So, you won’t get a lot of customization as far as color is concerned. 

R Panel Metal

For both labor and installation, this material has a metal roof cost of $3.00 to $8.00 a square foot. It’s low-maintenance and durable, and this gives your home a higher level of protection against the elements. You can use them in exterior applications for roofs or for interior applications like in kitchens or on walls. They’re popular for these uses due to their affordability and durability. 

Roof Type and Price Points

For materials only, your metal roof cost will fluctuate between $2.00 to $7.00 a square foot. Metal can refer to tin, but it can also refer to metal sheets that come with a stainless steel core that gets clad or coated in a mixture of tin and zinc or tin and lead. It’s available in flat-lock or standing seam styles. Older metal roofs feature flat-lock panels, and more modern roofs use standing seam. Both use blind-nailed clips and wood sheathing in the installation process. 

Flat Roofs

A flat roof has a lower metal roof cost at $2.00 to $4.00 a square foot. This type of roof is great for a rooftop garden, and you’ll get wider panels that lock together using a flat overlapping seam. They won’t have tall or high edges on them. Most contractors will cut these panels right on site, but this drives up the metal roof cost because it’s more time-consuming labor-wise. They give your home a more old-fashioned appearance, so they won’t get as much attention as a standing seam style roof. 

Standing Seam Roofs

A standing seam roof has a slightly higher metal roof cost to it, and the average cost per square foot ranges from $4.00 to $7.00. This roofing type has panels that feature taller overlapping edges to it. This is where it gets the name because the seams stand along the roof in neat, even rows. 

The panels will lock together at the seams, and this allows you to hide the fasteners. You’ll get a contemporary look with this type of roof, and it’s the most common type available. However, it can be challenging to find a contractor with the necessary experience to install them correctly to avoid issues later down the line. 

How Location Impacts Your Metal Roof Costs

Installing a metal roof typically carries a metal roof cost of $5.00 to $12.00 per square foot for labor and materials. They get installed on a broad range of structures due to their durability and price. You’ll see them on everything from single family homes to mobile homes and sheds. Some areas have easier access points than others, and this will affect your overall metal roof cost. 


The metal roof cost for the average 1,500-square foot home will cost between $5.00 to $12.00 a square foot. This equals out to $7,500 to $18,000. The price will depend on the house’s size, materials you want to use, roof pitch, and how long the installation process takes. The contractors will have to come in and prepare the flat surface where they’ll install the roof, lay the roofing, and add any sealant. If you want to paint it, it’ll drive your costs up more. 

Mobile Home

To install a metal roof on a 1,025-square foot mobile home, your metal roof cost starts at $5,000 and goes up to $12,000. It’s a very popular choice for mobile homes because it’s a very budget-friendly and long-lasting option. Mobile homes get exposure to the elements, so they need a durable roof that will give them enough protection. Metal roofs are able to provide this protection while being easy to replace or repair, and this makes them a great fit. 


Per square foot, it would typically cost between $5.00 and $12.00 to install a metal roof on your porch. For a 16-foot by 20-foot porch, your metal roof cost starts at $1,200 and goes up to $2,900. A metal roof allows you to customize your look, and they’re great for people who want the home and porch aesthetics to match. You’ll start by setting the foundation to your roof, set the roof over your frame, and affix the metal. 

Roof Cover

Installing a cover for your roof involves putting panels down in areas where you need reinforcement. Panels can cost anywhere from $23.00 to $42.00 a sheet, and many sheets will be between 8 and 12-feet. So, if you need 100-square feet of coverage, your metal roof cost will range from $500 to $1,200. You’ll typically install this roof cover outside in areas where you want more protection, or you can install them over an existing roof. 


Installing a metal roof on a 10-foot by 12-foot shed can have a metal roof cost of $600 to $1,400. For the installation, the contractor will have to prepare the roof, install any insulation, install edging, and then install the panels. You can also place roof ventilation at this point if you want it with flashing trim to prevent leaking, but this will increase your project costs. 

2 Roof Location
The location where you want to install your new metal roof will play a large role in the final price. Some places are more difficult to access, and this will drive up your project costs because the installation process can go slower.
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Different Metal Prices

You get a choice of several different metal materials when you put up a metal roof, and they all impact your total metal roof cost. A lot of contractors use squares as measurement for metal roofing material, and a square is equal to 100-square feet. Each type of metal material has benefits and drawbacks associated with it too, and the most popular options are: 


Aluminum is very popular because it’s very easy to work with. It has a high natural reflectivity attached to it, and it’s recyclable to make it very eco-friendly. It’s one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials you can get, and it comes in sheets or single forms. Your metal roof cost will range from $150 to $600 a square with it. 

If you choose insulated aluminum roof panels, you’ll get a medium that is very easy to install. They come with foam cores, and you can choose two-inch to eight-inch widths. There are several color and style options available, and your materials cost will range from $3,000 to $5,000. 


Copper is very difficult to work with, and this is why you’ll need professional-grade insulation with it. It doesn’t rust, and this makes it good for planting zones that get a lot of rain, and it’s a very long-lasting material. It has low maintenance needs for it, and it’ll develop a pretty corrosion-resistant patina over time that is very attractive to homeowners. 


Galvalume will increase your metal roof cost by $75.00 to $200 a square. It has a zinc or aluminum coating over a strong steel core to make it more durable. This is a slightly lower-cost roofing material for those on a budget, and it’s available in several colors. It’s very pliable, and it’ll resist corrosion. However, the color can fade with exposure to sunlight or the elements. 

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized products come with a steel core under a zinc coating, and this makes them very resistant to rust. Your metal roof costs will vary from $150 to $350 a square. This product isn’t as corrosion-resistant as other material, but it has a long life expectancy. It will help increase your energy efficiency, and it has very low maintenance needs. It’s more durable against impacts, and it gives you a heavier style when you install it. 


Lead has a higher metal roof cost at over $1,000 per square, and most lead products come with an alternative core like copper with a lead outer coating. Manufacturers that deal with this type of metal have done tests to ensure it’s safe, but you want to check with your state legislature and installers to make sure it’s allowed. It works well on flat or steep surfaces, resists corrosion, and it’s long-lasting. You can get panels or shingles, and it’ll develop an attractive patina over time. 

Rusted Metal

You can get rusted metal that is better known as Corten steel or weathering, and it’ll increase your metal roof cost by $200 to $300 a square. Over time, it’ll develop a protective rust layer on it, and this lends a weathered and rustic look to your home. You can get it in most panel styles, but it doesn’t work well for coastal residences due to the interaction with salt. 


Your metal roof cost for steel will depend if you choose stainless steel at $400 to $1,200 per square or steel at $75.00 to $350 a square. Stainless steel is durable, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant. It has a reputation for durability. Steel comes in shingle or panel options, and you will choose between galvalume or galvanized steel. 


A tin roof will add to your metal roof cost by $350 to $1,500 a square, not including installation. Today, many tin products are better known as Terne. The core material won’t be tin, but the coating will. Terne comes with a steel core and a lead and tin or tin and zinc outer coating. It resists corrosion, is very durable, and it’ll form a grey patina over time. 


Zinc is a naturally-occurring material that forms a coating over time that will protect the zinc and reseals the surface if it gets dented or scratched. It’s long-lasting, durable, and you can choose standing seam styles for a higher price tag. If you want a lower-cost option, you can get zinc shingles for your roof. 

3 Roof Materials and Colors
The material you pick out for your roof can come in a host of colors and shades, and some can develop an attractive patina over time. This adds character to your home, and you can use it to make your home stand out.
After – Blinded by the finish by buyo / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Metal Roof Costs by Size

A lot of contractors choose to charge by square foot for your metal roof costs, and labor will cost between $3.00 and $5.00 a square foot. Materials will add another $2.00 to $7.00 to the project price. It’s popular to charge by the square foot over the hour because the time they spend installing the roof and the material cost will depend on the size of the project. The average costs by size are: 

  • 1,000-square feet – $5,000 to $12,000
  • 1,300-square feet – $6,500 to $15,500
  • 1,600-square feet – $8,000 to $19,000
  • 2,000-square feet– $10,000 to $24,000

Prices Per Sheet

Per sheet, your metal roof cost will start at $23.00 and go up to $42.00. The most common sheet size is 8-feet by 12-feet. There are sheets that measure 3-feet by 16-feet. Some roofers may quote your prices based on the amount of sheets they use. 

Then, the roofers will calculate the time it takes them to install the sheets on your roof to get the labor costs. They add this cost to your material cost to give you a full project quote. If you choose sheets, you can replace single sheets if they get damaged. This minimizes your maintenance costs. 

Cost to Seal the Roof

Sealing the roof after the installation will range from $300 to $1,500. The coating prices range from $100 to $250 to buy a five-gallon bucket. A single gallon of coating can cover around 100-square feet. Sealing your roof can help protect it from the elements, and it can add color. A lot of sealants keep the material from chalking or developing a white haze. It also makes it more fade-resistant, and this should get included in your original estimate. 

Costs Associated with Replacing a Tin Roof

When you install a metal roof, you don’t necessarily need to remove your old roofing. However, if you want to remove the old roof first, you should add around $1.00 per square foot to your metal roof cost budget. To replace a 1,500-square foot roof, you’ll add $1,500 to the average $12,000 cost. This brings your total up to $13,500. 

If the contractor has to repair, clean, or replace the underlayment on your roof, your metal roof costs will rise accordingly. The roofers will start the project by removing the old roofing material before placing new underlayment. Then, they’ll install the new roof. They may include disposing the old roofing material in their original quote. 

If you want to save on your replacement costs, you can install your metal roof over your current roof without removing it. The old roofing will act like underlayment. This is typically more budget-friendly because you’re not including adding the cost to remove the old roofing. You want to consult your roofing contractor to make sure that you’re able to do this without removing the old roofing material. 

Installation Costs

Your installation costs for metal roofs will vary, depending on the roof’s pitch, scope of the project, and the materials. Generally speaking, your labor costs will fall between $3.00 and $5.00. You’ll add $2.00 to $7.00 per square foot for materials to your metal roof cost. Most people end up paying $4.00 for both materials and labor, so this splits the cost evenly for a $1,500-square foot project. 

To install your metal roof, the contractor can remove the old material or choose to install the new one over the top. They put down insulation and underlayment before putting down the edges. They’ll flash any openings in the roof like your chimney or skylights too. Then, they’ll trim the roof panels and install them one at a time, keeping the edges overlapped. The panels will be cut or trimmed on-site to help accommodate any openings you have, and they can add ridge caps or roof vents as needed. 

Optional Metal Roof Costs

There are a few things you can include in your metal roof costs that can drive up your prices. Depending on which ones you choose, you’ll have to create a working budget for this project. They include but are not limited to: 


Per linear foot installed, gutters can add to your metal roof costs by $3.00 to $30.00. They average around $7.00 a linear foot. Gutters will direct water away from the foundation of your home, and this can prevent soil erosion and damage. Gutters get installed in areas where you need to direct rainwater from the foundation, so the exact amount of gutters you need depends on your area and your home. 


If you want your metal roof to have another color other than gray, you can choose to have the professional paint it for $1.00 to $2.50 a square foot. Before they can paint it, they’ll have to pressure wash it to remove any grime or flaking paint or debris that may have built up. Per square foot, the costs range from $0.20 to $0.70. 

Penetration Flashing

Choosing to add penetration flashing will increase your metal roof cost by $20.00 to $100. The contractor will always install it before the roofing material to help prevent leaks around skylights and chimneys. If you have more areas to cover, the cost will be closer to $75.00 to $100. 

Where to Find Metal Roof Contractors Near You

If you’re considering your metal roof cost, it’s always a good idea to contact two or three local companies and get quotes. They can help you decide which materials work best, and they may be able to help you get good prices for your materials. You can start looking here: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

4 Metal Roof Cost FAQs
Get a set of questions to ask all of the contractors you get in touch with for this project. Doing so will ensure you get solid prices across the board, and this can help you pick out the best company to install your new roof for the best price.
Metal Roof by Scott Robinson / CC BY 2.0

1. Can you paint a metal roof?

Yes, you can paint and repaint almost any type of metal roof. However, you shouldn’t change or paint them for at least six months after the initial installation. 

2. How long can a metal roof last?

These types of roof have a long lifespan that has an average range of 40 to 70 years. If you maintain them correctly, this lifespan can easily stretch to over 100 years from the initial installation. 

3. Is a metal roof cheaper than traditional shingles?

For metal roofs, your materials are usually cheaper at $2.00 to $5.00 a square foot while shingle roofs have a material cost of $3.50 to $5.50 a square roof. However, your metal roof costs for installation are much higher, so it’s cheaper to install a traditional shingled roof. 

Bottom Line 

Your metal roof cost can get expensive very quickly, so it’s important that you understand the various cost factors that come into play. We’ve picked out the biggest considerations you want to keep in mind before you start this project, and you can easily get a rough estimate to take to your local contractors and get a new attractive roof on your home. 

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