Best Pond Vacuum to Clean Your Pond

If you have a pond, you know how challenging it can be to keep it clear, free of debris, and healthy when the sun’s out and shining directly on it for a large part of the day. You could clean it manually, but this can take hours out of your day, and it can be difficult for anyone to find the time. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a green, slimy, and debris-filled pond that can look bad and endanger any fish or water plants you have in your pond. 

This is why so many people rely on a high-quality pond vacuum. These pond vacuums help you easily get rid of any debris or buildup along your pond floor or on the walls, and it does it in a fraction of the time it’d normally take if you’d clean it manually. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality pond vacuums and reviewed them for you. Additionally, the handy buyer’s guide will outline everything you need to be aware of when you shop to help you narrow down the best model and tailor your choice to your pond. 

Pond 1 Start
At least once a year, you want to make a point of vacuuming out your pond and cycling the water through a cleaning system to keep the algae and other debris from taking over. You may have to vacuum it once every two months if you notice a lot of debris buildup. 

1. Vacmaster Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

This compact but powerful wet/dry pond vacuum is perfect for large and small ponds. It gives you a long 19-foot cleaning reach that ensures you can get every corner and the middle of your pond clean each time you use it. It has a tough polypropylene construction that will stand up to the biggest jobs without wearing out or retaining damage, and the extra-large drain port allows you to get rid of any dirty water very quickly and easily. It takes mere minutes to go from full to empty, and you can use the 210 miles-per-hour blower to clean around the sides of the pond to keep the whole area neat. 

You get a host of accessories with this pond vacuum, including two extension wands, a seven-foot hose, car nozzle, crevice tool, utility nozzle, blower adapter, concentrator nozzle, standard cartridge filter, air and noise diffuser, and a foam wet filter. You can store all of these items in the integrated compartment so you don’t accidentally lose them between uses. It also makes storage much easier in general. The wide bottom with wheels ensures the pond vacuum stays upright when you use it on rocky ground. 


  • Has a wide base for excellent stability
  • Blower tool is very powerful
  • Comes with integrated tool storage


  • Heavier and bulkier design
  • Switch can stick 
  • May not be powerful enough for very large ponds

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2. OASE 602401853010 Pondovac

If you’re after a compact pond vacuum to help you keep your koi pond clean and maintained, this is it by Oase. It’ll give you between maximum and high-power suction capabilities depending on the depth of your pond. For example, you’ll get high-power suctioning in 59 inches of water or less, and it switches to maximum suction in 78 inches of water. This means you have a suction depth of six feet while ensuring this pond vacuum works very well. The hose is an impressive 13 feet long, and this gives you more than enough length to reach the furthest corners of your pond without a problem. 

This pond vacuum uses between 1,200 and 1,400-watts of power each time you use it, and it has an operating voltage of 110 to 120-volts at 60Hz. The hose has a clear section on it so you can see exactly what you’re sucking up as you clean your pond. It comes equipped with a two-year limited warranty against defects or damage, and this gives you peace of mind as it is a slightly more expensive model. Finally, it’s easy to clean between uses with large body clips to hold it together.  


  • Has a clear section of hose 
  • 13 feet of reach to clean every area of your pond
  • Suction depth of six feet


  • Drain hose is very short
  • Lets dirty water back into the pond when it drains 
  • Extension wands are slightly thinner

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3. TACKLIFE Wet/Dry Vacuum

This powerful pond vacuum by Tacklife has a very large capacity with a five-gallon tank made out of durable polypropylene that boosts your collection times. This makes it excellent for large ponds, and it comes with a 5.5HP motor that gives you excellent cleaning capabilities to ensure each corner of your pond stays clear and clean. You get a 10-foot cord, 5-foot hose, and three extension rods that give you a combined 17 feet of cleaning range, and you’ll be able to reach farther without picking up and moving your pond vacuum. When you reach the maximum capacity, the vacuum will automatically switch off. 

This automatic off switching capability ensures you don’t accidentally overfill and burn out your pond vacuum on larger projects. It has four casters that give you a very smooth and stable movement. It comes with several useful accessories that makes it easy to clean every part of your pond. There is also a blower function with this vacuum that makes it easy to clean around the sides of your pond to get any loose debris away to stop it from going in the water. 


  • Several accessories boost your cleaning power
  • Automatically switches off when it gets full
  • Blower function included


  • Hose is a thinner plastic
  • Filter can come loose
  • Parts are difficult to fit together

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4. Python Ulti-Vac Pond System

Anyone who has a wildlife pond in their yard or is considering building one will need a pond vacuum to keep it clean like this pick from Python. This small and compact system gives you effortless, mess-free cleaning capabilities for even the dirtiest water, and it has a removable waste chamber that is clear plastic. This allows you to see when it’s getting full and needs to be emptied. In turn, you’ll always get the maximum cleaning power because it’ll never get so full that it interferes with the suction. 

This pond vacuum effortlessly extracts decaying and rotting debris from any area of your pond, including those hard to reach places where it tends to build up. The clear hoses allow you to see exactly what you’re getting out of your pond, and this ensures you don’t accidentally suck up something you’re not supposed to. There is a low flow rate with an ergonomic handle that gives you precision control over your cleaning capabilities, and it has a 13-foot discharge hose that ensures you can put your waste products right where you need them. 


  • 13-foot discharge hose included
  • Pump and connector included
  • Very ergonomic and lightweight design 


  • Not enough suction for bigger debris
  • Very slow flow
  • Not suited for larger ponds

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5. Professional Pond & Muck Vacuum

This powerful pond vacuum has a larger 1,400-watt motor that can effectively remove large and small debris from your pond while cleaning out any stray sludge that can make your pond water look murky and dirty. It has a 27-liter holding tank that is large enough to accommodate small, medium, or large pond sludge without overfilling or requiring you to dump it out in the middle of your cleaning project. It uses gravity discharge to drain, and this does take a little time. The intelligent device control allows the pond vacuum to activate, restart, and empty without any additional input from you. 

When you order this pond vacuum, you’ll get four suction nozzles. These nozzles are a flat nozzle with a rubber lip, crevice nozzle, sludge nozzle, and an algae nozzle. You’ll be able to move around your pond while you clean and the vacuum automatically drains for a seamless clean from start to finish. It’s also a great tool to help you filter water back into the pond to get a clear and clean finish. The extension wands allow you to reach the deeper parts of your pond without an issue. 


  • Powerful 1,400-watt motor
  • 27-liter holding tank 
  • Nice to filter clean water back into your pond


  • Can clog relatively easy 
  • Difficult to use on uneven pond floors
  • Can drain slowly 

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6. Matala Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum

If you harvest rainwater for your pond, you’ll need a powerful pond vacuum to keep it clean and clear. This is especially true if you have your pond in an area by a lot of trees that can drop debris in when it gets windy. This powerful choice comes with two motors for extra suction power. Additionally, you get a continuous discharge capability that ensures it doesn’t get too full and shut off halfway through your project. The motor can effectively vacuum between 1,200 and 1,500 gallons per hour, and this makes this vacuum an excellent choice for large and small ponds. There is an internal sludge pump that pumps away dirty water. 

Another nice thing about this pond vacuum is that it can pump water up to 18 feet vertical. For anyone that has a deeper pond, this is an excellent feature because it ensures you get every area. You get 25 feet of suction hose with this vacuum, and it has a 30-foot exhaust hose that allows it to drain while you work away from the edge of your pond. From end to end, you get almost 60 feet of distance. It weighs in at 45 pounds, so this is a slightly larger vacuum that will take time to move. 


  • Gives you plenty of movement 
  • Dual motors clean water and sludge 
  • Has a continuous exhaust hose


  • Customer support is challenging to get in touch with
  • Difficult to clean settled muck from the tank
  • Only runs for 5 to 7 intervals without overheating

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7. Laguna PowerClean Cordless Pond Vac

If you’re after a lightweight and simple pond vacuum, look no further than the Laguna Powerclean Cordless vacuum. This is a rechargeable unit that will recycle any water you suck through it back into our pond or into your garden to fertilize your plants. It’s a very balanced and lightweight model that is perfect for anyone who has trouble maneuvering a heavier model. You get a continuous water flow when you use this unit that helps to prevent clogging and it allows you to move around your pond without having to stop and unclog it. The battery allows you to clean small or medium ponds between charges. 

You get a nice brush attachment on this pond vacuum that will slowly loosen any caked-on debris to get you pond cleaner. The rotating blades will break up patches of debris before the vacuum can suck them up to keep them out of your pond. The metal handle will telescope out to 92.5 inches to extend your reach and ensure you can get into every corner of your pond without having to miss areas in the middle or corners. There is an ergonomic handle that is easy to use. 


  • Rotating blades break up sludge
  • Gives you a continuous water flow
  • Balanced and lightweight design 


  • Battery dies quickly 
  • Takes hours to charge to 100%
  • Difficult to tighten sections 

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8. KUPPET Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Anyone looking for a fun idea for their patio should consider putting in a small pond and getting this high-quality pond vacuum from Kuppet to keep it clean. It gives you 5.5hp of very strong suction, and it has a 1,400-watt motor installed. This makes it easy to pick up larger debris that stick to the corners of your pond. There is a high-energy filtration system that can easily adjust to different cleaning angles, and the sponge filtration can pull out everything from algae to sludge. It has an LCD waterproofing layer that protects the components from moisture, and it uses PP plastic in the design to ensure it doesn’t warp. 

There is a 3-in-1 multifunction cleaning mode on this pond vacuum. You have a dry suction available for debris and dust, a wet suction for liquids and pond water, and a blower function that will dislodge the things around your pond to help keep it cleaner. There are several accessories available on this vacuum that include a mud brush, four plastic pipes, floor brush, slit nozzle, drain pipe, sponge filter, and a cloth bag. The base is very wide and stable, and the carrying handles are very sturdy. 


  • 3-in-1 multifunction cleaning modes included
  • High-energy filtration system 
  • LCD waterproofing


  • No wheels to move it around 
  • Instructions are vague 
  • Suction isn’t strong 

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9. Pro Aquatics Pond Vacuum Cleaner

This pond vacuum puts out 1,400 watts of power, and it has a single chamber system included that will automatically switch the vacuum between discharge and suction to keep the holding tank at a safe level and keep the vacuum running at peak levels. There is a 13-foot suction hose with a wand extension that allows you to reach spots up to six feet deep all over your pond. This is nice for trying to reach down into the middle or far corners of the pond to ensure you get a thorough clean. The extensions have a secure fit that helps to reduce any leaks while the vacuum runs. 

You get two discharge options with this pond vacuum for your convenience. You can use the collector bag to strain water through before turning it back to the pond, or you can feed your garden plants with the water by funneling it through the hose. There are large carrying handles included that make it easy to transport, and it has a broad base that won’t tip over. When it’s time to clean it, you can pull the two parts away from each other and dump it out. 


  • Can clean up to six feet deep
  • Automatically switches between suction and discharge 
  • 13-foot suction hose included


  • Has a smaller tank
  • Bag clogs really fast 
  • Have to stop and start a lot

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Pond Vacuum Buyer’s Guide 

Pond vacuums are an essential tool to have in your arsenal if you want to keep your pond looking its best. Pond vacuums work just like a traditional vacuum. It uses suction power to clean debris and pull the water through a filtration system. They have unique designs and a powerful motor that helps it effortlessly collect everything from algae and debris to sludge. You can use it to fertilize your lawn and keep it looking green and lush all season long. 

One of the best things about pond vacuums is the unique ability to break up the muck stuck to the sides and bottom of the pond. A traditional vacuum is very good at picking up loose debris, and it’s not ideal for breaking up ground-in debris that gets ingrained in your carpet. This is why companies created steamers or wet vacs that loosen up the stains before a traditional vacuum cleaner picks them up. 

Your pond vacuum is a form of wet vac that loosens dirt and debris before suctioning it into a holding bag or tank. There is a pump that powers the machine, and it may have a dual motor to get rid of sludge. The water usually goes back into your pond, but there are pond vacuums that give you the option to syphon it out into your yard or garden. It usually adheres directly to the bottom and sides when you do your annual pond cleaning, and this reduces the chances of disturbing the fish or plants. 

Pond 2 Fish
Depending on the pond size and vacuum, you may find yourself removing any fish you have before you clean it. If you do, this should be as quick of a process as possible so you don’t stress them out more than you absolutely have to.

How Pond Vacuums Work 

We mentioned that pond vacuums mimic a steamer for indoor carpeting and upholstery. The motor or pump gives the vacuum suction that pulls your water up into an intake hose. The water then travels through the hose and into the vacuum itself. From this point, the dirty water goes through a filter that catches any debris like algae, dirt, or leaves. The clean water cycles back into the pond through an output hose or into your garden to your plants. They’re usually simple to clean. All you have to do is remove any muck or debris from the vacuum, flush out the hose, and assemble the vacuum. 

Pond Vacuum Types 

One of the first things you have to decide on when you pick out your vacuum is the type you want. There are two broad categories available, and you can really narrow your choice down quickly so you’re not so overwhelmed. 


The first type of pond vacuum is a hand pump type. You have to pump it to create the suction you need to pick up the debris. They’re great for small ponds because they’re inexpensive and compact. They don’t need an electric motor, and you have precision control over the suction. However, they don’t work well for larger ponds because it’s easy for them to clog. In turn, this increases your fatigue levels. 


The second type of pond vacuum runs on electricity and relies on it to drive the suction. They’re a very popular size because they work well for all pond sizes. They also don’t require as much labor except for periodically cleaning them out. They have a stronger suction power, but they’re more expensive. If you have a medium or large pond, this is the type of pond vacuum you want to have in your arsenal. 

Pond 3 Floor
Anyone who has a rough, uneven pond floor or a floor made out of stones will require a stronger vacuum to get all of the debris and dirt out. If it’s not strong enough, you’ll miss pockets of algae and other contaminants. 

Buying Considerations 

There are several things you have to consider when you start shopping for your new pool vacuum. Keeping them in mind ensures that you pick out the correct option for your needs. Since this can be an expensive purchase, it’s very important. 

Suction Depth Vs. Length of the Hose 

You have to know your pond’s dimensions and how deep it is. Your hose should be long enough to get into the deepest part of your pond without a problem so you can reach the entire bottom. Pond vacuums also have a maximum suction depth to them, and this is usually much shorter than the length of the hose. If you have a small pond on your rooftop garden, you can get away with a shallow suction depth. The longer hose lets you reach out further if you have a bigger pond. If not, you won’t have to worry about it as much. 


The pond vacuum’s suction power will vary depending on how dirty your pond gets and the dimensions. A bigger pond that has more grime and buildup will need a stronger suction power to clean. A more clean or smaller pond won’t need as much. It’s a good idea to buy something with more suction power than you necessarily need. You can measure the power by looking at the flow rate. A higher flow rate lets the vacuum strain more water through every hour while a slower flow rate gives you more control. 

Pond 4 Power
Smaller ponds shouldn’t need as much power to clean as larger ponds. However, it’s always a good idea to have more power than you need so you don’t find yourself re-cleaning areas you missed the first time around. 

Mobility and Weight 

You’ll most likely have to move your pond vacuum around at least once or twice when you use it, so the mobility and weight will play a large role in this factor. Some vacuums are slightly heavier and more bulky, and this can make them difficult to move. Other vacuums don’t have wheels on them, and this complicates the process further. Double-check the mobility and weight of any pond vacuum you look at because this will directly affect how easy it is for you to clean your pond.  


You can set up an outdoor bench by your pond to help you clean it while giving you a nice place to sit and relax. When you clean your pond vacuum, you want enough attachments to help you clean every corner of your pond. You should have a brush attachment to scrub at any stubborn stains, algae, and buildup, and there should be a variety of suction hoses and nozzles. Think about attachment storage too. 

Bottom Line

Pod vacuums are something you have to have to keep your pond clean and healthy. I’ve listed out several great options that you can ship right to your door, and you can compare them side-by-side. Finally, the short buying guide highlights all of the important features you want to keep in mind when you shop. 

Best Pond Vacuum to Clean Your Pond