35 Pretty Types of Lotus Flowers

In many parts of the world, all types of lotus flowers are considered to be sacred. They are well known for their religious significance and their beauty, especially in Asia. This is a very ancient type of flower, and some seeds have been germinating for well over 1,000 years. This makes it one of the

10 Types of Geum and How to Grow Guide

Popular for its jewel-like flowers, textured aesthetic foliage and bright colors, the geum is an attractive addition to any planting scheme. Also known as the Avens plant, these colorful flowers are part of the rose family. An attractive colorful flower, the geum is a good companion plant for other sun loving perennials. They can also

15 Colorful Types of Cosmos Flowers

Big, bold and colorful, it is easy to see why the cosmos flower is such a popular member of the flower garden. Part of the Asteraceae family along with zinnias, daisies and chamomile, these colorful daisy-like blooms are a vibrant choice. The showy blooms in shades of pink, white, maroon, red and white are guaranteed

25 Prettiest Bulb Flowers: List for Gardeners

Bulbs are one of the easiest ways to add beauty and color to your flower beds, woodland or prairie landscapes, yards, and home gardens. You won’t have to worry about germinating seeds. Additionally, if you want to treat your bulb flower list as annuals you add back in each year, you will have a very

24 Hardy and Popular Types of Marigold Varieties

The dozens of marigold varieties are very versatile and colorful Mediterranean flowers that have managed to adapt to a huge range of growing conditions as they’ve traveled the world. This adaptability factor has made marigolds one of the most popular and common plants with beginner and veteran gardeners alike. Marigolds are very easy to grow

20 Colorful Coneflower Varieties and How to Grow Guide 

The coneflower has long been one of the most overlooked flowers in the garden. In recent years that has started to change. Breeders have spent more time and effort developing new varieties with better resistance, more versatility and a wider range of colors and shapes. This has led to the native wildflower enjoying a much

25 Tremendous Tall Flowers 

Tall flowers are a great way to add color, height, structure and interest to the garden. Suitable for a range of planting schemes and garden designs, tall flowers can also be used to mask walls and fences or introduce privacy to open areas. When planting tall flowers take into account your chosen position. If planted

20 Standout Types of Sunflowers

One of the best additions to the garden, everyone recognizes the tall, yellow open blooms of the sunflower. However, there are actually many different types of sunflowers. They can be tall or short and come in a range of eye-catching colors. Some varieties even produce multiple blooms on a single stem. This versatility means that

20 Attractive Types of Orchids 

Elegant and attractive, the exotic orchid is one of the most popular houseplants. To the uninitiated, caring for one of these attractive flowers can seem a daunting proposition. But it really isn’t. Requiring just a little care and patience, the orchid is one of the most visually rewarding plants around. This guide to the different

The Complete Guide to the Aconite Flower

The aconite flower, also known as monkshood, is an attractive herbaceous wildflower. The plants can be found growing in mountain meadows all across the northern hemisphere. The aconite flower is an increasingly popular addition to the garden because of its purple blue blooms and attractive foliage. Further adding to the attraction is the plant’s moderate

15 Laurel Flower Plants and How to Care for Them 

The laurel flower is an attractive addition to the garden. It is also a versatile specimen. The laurel flower can be cultivated as either a flowering shrub or small tree. However you choose to grow them, these attractive specimens add height and interest as well as long lasting structure and greenery to a space. Additionally,

25 Attractive Types of Geraniums

Geraniums are amongst the easiest flowers that you can grow in the garden. This makes them ideal for children, novices and nervous gardeners. The colorful blooms are also popular with more experienced gardeners, especially those who value the presence of a few low maintenance plants in their gardens. With just a little care the geranium

5 Windflowers and How to Grow These Colorful Flowers 

Windflowers or anemones are perennial plants, popular for their colorful, poppy-like flowers. Suitable for a range of planting schemes, despite their delicate appearance these resilient little plants are surprisingly easy to cultivate. Commonly known as windflowers because they sway in the breeze, the name anemone derives from the Greek word “anemos”, meaning wind. Members of

How to Grow and Care for All Petunia Colors

The petunia is one of the most popular bedding plants. A reliable way to introduce long lasting color to your garden, these versatile plants flower throughout the summer months. Pleasingly easy to grow, the petunia’s colors are ideal for flower beds, containers and hanging baskets. This guide to petunia colors is intended to highlight some

5 Types of Blue Bell Flower and Care Guide 

The blue bell flower is one of the most popular sights of spring, carpeting gardens, meadows, woodlands and glens. I, like many people, take great delight in walking through the springtime woods to admire these delightful blooms. But did you know that there is more than one type of blue bell flower? This guide to

27 Pretty Flowers That Start with P

There are a lot of popular flowers that start with P available, and you can most likely name a few of your favorites without having to think too hard. If you want to create a themed garden, having many flowers that start with P is one way to go about it. We’re going to give

38 Marvelous Flowers that Start with M

Sometimes, pretty things you see in nature seem far too pretty to actually be real. From brilliantly hued flowers with waxy leaves to water droplets shimmering in the sun, looking around your garden can make it seem like you stepped into another world. If you’re trying to bring another dimension to your garden or yard,

36 Large and Beautiful Poinsettia Varieties

Poinsettia flowers are part of the Euphorbia family, and these gorgeous plants have very large and bold flowers when they bloom. The flowers are native to Mexico, and they got their name in honor of the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and U.S. Congressman Joel Roberts Poinsett. Today, you may hear poinsettia varieties referred to

52 Cheerful Types of Tulips for Your Spring Garden

Gardeners have a huge amount of choices from thousands of different types of tulips when they first start shopping for these bright flowers to fill in their gardens. Many companies organize their various types of tulips into groups to make it easier to pick out the best choices for your needs. All of these flowers

17 Azalea Varieties to Plant in Your Garden

In several parts of the United States, especially throughout the Southeast, springtime wouldn’t be the season it is without flowering azalea varieties. They put on a brilliant show of color in woodland gardens starting in late March and going until early April. Because this plant has been selectively bred for centuries, you can now choose

18 Types of Bell Flowers

Bell flowers are a native plant to the Northern Hemisphere, and some cultivars come with golden leaves that are valued as much as the actual flower portion of the plant are. They are generally a low maintenance choice once you get them in a suitable location, but you do want to avoid the types that

Create Beautiful Arrangements with 25 Types of Bouquet Flowers

Fresh flowers make the perfect gifts, and the world has acclaimed giving flowers for centuries as a simple love language. No matter if it’s a birthday party, wedding ceremony, funeral service, or an anniversary, presenting different types of bouquet flowers is a way to bring a smile to their face. They can uplift the mood

5 Types of Naked Ladies and How to Care for Them 

Naked Ladies are amongst the most distinctive flowers that you can grow in your garden. Popular for their bright flowers, and surprising lack of foliage, these exotic ornamentals are an increasingly popular choice for people looking to introduce color to a green landscape or otherwise plain flower bed. Further adding to the attraction, Naked Ladies

20 Yellow Primrose Flowers

A collection of yellow primrose flowers is a great way to add early season color to the spring garden. The foliage of many varieties remains in place long after the blooms have faded, providing color, interest and a useful way to plug gaps in the flower bed before late season flowers emerge. Early to flower,

25 Types of Iris

The iris is a reliable flowering plant suitable for use in mixed flower beds and a range of planting schemes. While the flowers add dramatic color, in a range of shades including blue, pink, lavender and white the foliage provides long lasting color. Once the flowers fade, the foliage remains in place, acting as a

12 Rhododendron Varieties and How to Care for Them 

Rhododendrons are some of the most vibrant plants you can add to the garden. Reliable and long lasting, many rhododendron varieties provide year round color and structure to a space. As well as highlighting some of the most attractive rhododendron varieties currently available, this article will also seek to explain exactly what these colorful, showy

20 Most Attractive Coastal Flowers 

While many of us enjoy a sea view, cultivating a healthy garden on the coast can be difficult. The sea air, while bracing and restorative, can be difficult for a number of plants. High in salt, sea air is naturally corrosive. This poses further problems for gardeners as does the high salt content of the

20 Bulb Flower Types – Ultimate Guide

It is natural to assume that all plants develop in the same way. That each plant has the same fleshy underground storage structure at the point where the root system meets the base of the stem. This storage structure is known as a bulb, and while many plants do develop a distinct storage system not

20 Peony Varieties You Can Grow at Home

The peony is an increasingly popular choice for both gardeners and flower lovers. Thanks to their showy blooms, more and more people are looking to add peonies to their garden. While these attractive blooms may look delicate and high maintenance, peonies are actually amongst the easiest flowers that you can grow. Further adding to the

25 Brilliant Blue and Purple Flowers 

Blue and purple flowers provide a cool companion to brighter hot red, yellow and orange blooms. When planted alone they can create a soothing effect. Popular with gardeners and pollinators alike, the blue and purple flowers listed below are suitable for a range of spaces and growing conditions. 1 Agapanthus Agapanthus (Agapanthus africanus) is an

Different Types of Zinnias for Your Garden

A mainstay of the flower garden, the zinnia is a great way to fill your garden with long lasting color. Popular for their large, colorful blooms, the zinnia is one of the easiest flowers to grow. When planted in favorable conditions the plants produce masses of attractive, long lasting, bright blooms. Easy to grow from

10 Types of Lantana 

One of the most visually attractive garden plants, the lantana is prized for its bright, colorful flower clusters which sit above rich green foliage. A satisfyingly long lasting plant, with the right care and in the right conditions, they can flower from spring until early winter. An ideal choice if you want to add a

25 Most Common White Flowers Names 

When designing your garden or flower bed it can be tempting to plant lots of different colored blooms. However, while colorful flowers are great, you shouldn’t neglect the simple, white flower. As you will see from our white flowers names list, light, simple or pale blooms can help to balance an area and enhance greenery.

12 Types of Begonias for Your Garden 

Originating in tropical and subtropical areas, begonia plants are prized for their asymmetrical, variegated or patterned foliage which, along with their large blooms, adds color and interest to shady areas of the garden.  Thriving in flower beds, planters, hanging baskets and window boxes, these attractive specimens can also be grown indoors as office or house

A Complete Guide to Different Types of Chrysanthemums 

One of the most popular fall flowers, there are actually many different types of chrysanthemums. Native to Asia, in the wild over 40 different chrysanthemum species have been recorded, while many more varieties are cultivated by gardeners around the world. The different types of chrysanthemums each have their own distinct characteristics, helping us to tell

The Parts of a Flower Explained

As a gardener, you’ve undoubtedly gotten up close and personal with a variety of different flowers. However, you may not be familiar with the function of each part of a flower’s anatomy. Plants are incredibly fascinating, and all the parts that make up a flower play an important role in a plants’ life cycle. If

10 Fabulous Jasmine Flowers

Elegant and fragrant, Jasmine flowers are one of the garden’s most delightful plants. Also suitable for indoor cultivation these attractive blooms are unsurprisingly popular with gardeners and pollinators alike. But did you know that there is more than one type of flower? These attractive plants actually come in a range of shapes and sizes as

4 Types of Marigolds and Why they Benefit Your Garden

One of the most attractive flowers, the marigold is also pleasingly easy to grow. A good companion plant, bringing a myriad of benefits to the garden or vegetable patch, even the most inexperienced gardeners can have success growing these cheerful little flowers. But did you know that there is more than one type of marigold?

How to Care for Hibiscus Plants

Hibiscus plant is an attractive plant which produces distinctive trumpet-shaped flowers. While tropical hibiscus varieties are best grown undercover, hardy varieties of hibiscus plant can thrive in a garden. The flowers of the hibiscus plant, in shades including red, pink, peach, orange, coral and white, attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. This guide will

How to Grow Perfect Peonies

Peonies are prized for their large, showy flowers. A popular cut flower, they are also an attractive plant in a sunny flower bed or container garden. While the flowers may be relatively short lived, the foliage lasts throughout the summer months. In a mixed border, this provides an attractive background to showcase your other plants.

20 of the Most Attractive Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are a great way to add color to a space. When grown outside or undercover these exotic plants can add drama and interest to any space. This list of tropical flowers is designed to not only highlight some of the more commonly grown tropical flowers, such as orchids and African violets, but also

25 Red Flowers for Your Garden

Red flowers are a great way to add color and interest to a flower bed. Heavily laden with symbolism, red flowers are also used to display love and compassion. When planted in the garden these eye-catching blooms color and warmth to a space. Many red flowers also have other benefits, such as attracting pollinators and

25 Orange Flowers for Your Garden

Orange flowers can be a great way to add color and vibrancy to an outdoor space. Our list of 25 orange flowers is designed to highlight some of the most versatile blooms. Many of our suggestions are suitable for growing in a range of conditions and spaces, from large mixed flower beds to windowsill planters

22 Beautiful Pink Flowers – Annuals and Perennials for Your Garden

The color pink continues to enjoy its rebirth as a multi-tasker with mass appeal, no longer relegated to the nurseries of newborn baby girls or cotton candy. It’s a trendy fashion statement for men and women alike, is synonymous with causes like breast cancer awareness, and tints our gold jewelry and electronics accessories. Not one

25 Yellow Flowers to Grow

Yellow flowers are a great way to brighten up a garden. Any outdoor space can benefit from even the smallest splash of color that these bright blooms are guaranteed to bring. This list of 25 yellow flowers is designed to include as many different types of ornamental plants as possible. Whatever you are looking for,

How to Care for Saffron Flower

The saffron flower is sometimes described as the spice worth more than its weight in gold. While this may seem an expensive luxury, the bulbs and blooms it derives from can be grown at home, by anyone. If you have the space to grow enough bulbs you can even harvest your own supply of fresh,

How to Grow Delphinium

The delphinium is one of the most attractive summer flowers. Its showy, spiky blooms emerge on tall, towering stems. Sadly many gardeners believe the delphinium is difficult to grow and therefore avoid planting it in their garden, instead opting for low maintenance alternatives. However this attractive perennial, which flowers in a range of colorful shades,

How to Grow Crocosmia

Tall and elegant, the crocosmia is a summer flower that brings both height and color to your garden. Similar in appearance to gladioli, the crocosmia is actually a member of the iris family. Popular for their showy blooms that attract hummingbirds and pollinators to your flower beds, they also make great cut flowers. If you

How to Grow and Care for Columbine Flower

Columbine flowers are a beautiful addition to your outdoor garden. These unique flowers come in various shades, from periwinkle to yellow to orange. Columbines are native to woods and slopes of North America. They are hardy wildflowers that can survive harsh conditions in the wild, but they can sometimes feel tricky to get started in

How to Grow and Care for Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks are a staple of the cottage garden and mixed flower bed planting schemes. Usually a biennial plant hollyhocks produce flowers on tall spikes at the height of mid summer, from June until August. While many varieties are biennial, flowering in their second year, some cultivars are similar to perennials. This means that they flower