Best Cordless Impact Wrench to Keep Your Lawn Equipment in Top Shape

If you have a lot of lawn or automotive equipment, you most likely have one of the best cordless impact wrenches laying around. You also most likely know how important it is to have this tool around when you need to fix something on your riding lawn mower. Having the best cordless impact wrench makes repair projects easier, and it also allows you to go about your daily tasks much quicker. You don’t want to settle for tools that are second-rate when it comes to your lawn equipment. Using second-rate tools can be very frustrating, and this is especially true when you know that the best cordless impact wrench could solve your problems. 

In the technological field, rapid advancements are being made every day, and this ensures that higher-quality tools are becoming more readily available. In turn, they’re getting less expensive without sacrificing quality, and this allows you to pick up the best cordless impact wrench without breaking your budget. We understand how difficult it can be to sort through all of the available products on the market, and there are so many great brands to choose from. This is why I’ve put together a list of the 10 best cordless impact wrenches, and you can compare these top-quality products below.
1 Cordless Impact Wrench Example

Credit: Sealey Power Products – CP2400 by Mark Hunter / CC BY 2.0

DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Wrench Kit – Top Pick 

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Although this best cordless impact wrench is slightly on the high end for pricing, it is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to work on your tow behind spreader or other lawn equipment. You get 400 pounds of maximum torque when you use it, and this gives you enough torque to tackle heavy-duty fastenting projects. It comes with XR Li-ion batteries that have a fuel gauge equipped that gives you up to 33% longer running times than traditional battery packs. There is a variable speed trigger that you can use to control how slow or fast it runs, and it has an electric brake to improve your control levels. 

The LED lighting on this best cordless torque wrench gives you a higher degree of visibility when you work in darker environments. There is a magnesium gear case combined with an all-metal transmission that gives the tool extended durability with tough applications. You get a ½-inch square drive or anvil type with this product, rapid charger, two 4.0 aH batteries, and a kit bag to keep everything neat and together when you’re not using it. You can use it to remove fasteners in concrete, metal, or wood along with stuck nuts and bolts. 


  • Handy storage case
  • Magnesium gear case 
  • Dual batteries 
  • Rapid charger
  • 400-pounds of torque 
  • 33% longer run times 
  • Electric brake 


  • Heavier and bulkier design 

Milwaukee Impact Wrench – Step-Up Pick 

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Next on the best cordless impact wrench list comes from Milwaukee, and it will boost your productivity when you’re building your extension by helping you remove any stubborn or high-torque fasteners up to twice as fast as other products. It comes in at 8.39-inches long, and this makes it an extremely lightweight and compact option that allows you to take on small and large projects without running out of room or having to contort to reach the fasteners. This product comes with a four-mode drive control that has a specialized bolt removal mode that gives you higher levels of control when you use it. 

Redlink Plus comes built into this best cordless impact wrench, and this system stops you from damaging the battery or the tool by overheating or overloading it when you work. It also has Redlithium batteries that will last longer than other types for larger projects. There is a friction ring that allows you to make easy and quick socket changes when you need, and it has a rubber overmold that withstands corrosive materials while boosting your comfort levels. The LED lighting illuminates your work area to make the project go smoothly from start to finish. 


  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • Four-mode drive control
  • Bolt removal mode included 
  • Redlink Plus protection system 
  • Friction ring
  • LED lighting 
  • Rapid charging


  • Bare tool only – no batteries or charger included

Neiko 10878A Cordless Impact Wrench – Mid-End Budget Pick

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Anyone who wants a slightly more affordable best cordless impact wrench that still brings the quality you need should look at this pick by Neiko. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty motor that gives you 300 foot-pounds of max torque, and it has a no-load speed that goes from 0 to 3,000 RPMs. The impact frequency goes from 0 to 3,500 BPMs that delivers a high performance rating on bolts, sockets, and lug nuts on your reel mowers or other lawn equipment. You get a variable speed trigger that is easily accessible when the wrench is in use, and there is a reverse and forward switch on the side of the head. 

You’ll get an ergonomic gun body on this best cordless impact wrench that has a sturdy belt hook at the base that makes carrying it around your jobsite easy and convenient. There is a rubber surface handle on this product that gives you an excellent grip that won’t slip, and there is a rubberized boot that increases the product’s durability and protection level. There is a nice indicator light that will warn you when the battery is at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% charged. It comes with a fast charger, a four square drive to socket adapters, one rechargeable battery, and a hard-sided storage case. 


  • 300 foot-pounds of max torque 
  • 3,000 RPMs
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Battery indicator light
  • Rubber surface handle 
  • Hard-sided storage case 
  • Non-slip grip


  • Difficult to squeeze the trigger

ENEACRO Cordless Impact Wrench – Bargain Budget Pick 

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Eneracro’s best cordless impact wrench comes with a 20-volt brushless motor that gives you 300 foot-pounds of maximum torque with an impact frequency of 0 to 3,500 BPMs that will help to deliver a higher performance level on tough lug nuts, sockets, and bolts. You’ll get a longer usage life with smaller battery power losses when you use it, and it also results in lower noise levels. On the bottom of this impact wrench, you’ll get three speed controls that allow you to set it at 1,600, 2,100 or 2,800 RPMs when you work, and it can turn clockwise or counterclockwise with the flick of a switch. 

There is a very ergonomic design on this best cordless impact wrench that features a belt clip on the side of the handle that makes it easy to carry from project to project. There is also an LED light on the front of the machine that allows you to work in dark environments without having to stop. The insulated soft grip handle reduces your fatigue while protecting the wrench’s body, and there is an electronic brake system that stops you from injuring your wrists if the wrench suddenly stops. 


  • Fast charging system 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • LED lighting 
  • Electronic brake system 
  • Indicator light 
  • Charges in two hours 
  • Hard-sided case 


  • Have to press the trigger several times for it to work 

Makita XWT11SR1 Impact Wrench Kit – Best for Large Projects

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Anyone who has a larger project on hand like getting their mowers for hills ready for the season should look at Makita’s best cordless impact wrench. This is a brushless option that gives you an extended run time with a unique speed control that allows you precision control of your project. There are three speed options with a reverse rotation switch that comes with an auto-stop mode that will stop the tool’s rotation within two seconds to protect your wrists and protect the tool. This also makes it ideal for installation, automotive, and fabrication projects. 

This best cordless impact wrench is part of Makita’s 18V LXT system, and this allows you to switch out the battery with any other 18V battery as long as it’s part of the system. They have rapid charging times that ensures you can complete your work quickly and efficiently, and you get a full kit that features the battery, wrench, charger, and a carrying bag to keep everything organized. This is a Star-Protection tool and battery exchange that allows it to monitor conditions to prevent overloading, overheating, or over-discharge while you have it in use. 


  • Brushless motor
  • Star-Protection built in 
  • Three speed settings 
  • Auto-stop mode 
  • 18V LXT system 
  • Carrying bag 
  • Full kit


  • Lower torque settings

PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench  – Best for Outdoor Work

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Porter-Cable’s best cordless impact wrench has a powerful motor that gives you 260 foot-pounds of torque that allows you to work outdoors on heavy applications without it failing. You’ll get an impressive 1,650 RPMs that allow you to drive larger fasteners very quickly, and the variable speed trigger gives you a high degree of control to help you efficiently loosen your fasteners. There is a ½-inch hog ring included in this product that makes it easy and fast to make socket changes without having to quit working or interrupt your flow. There are professional-grade lithium-ion batteries that give you maximum performance and a long life. 

You’ll get a smaller LED light on this best cordless impact wrench that helps to boost your visibility when you work outside after dark, and there is a chemical-resistant housing with this tool that makes it durable enough to use for automotive applications. The overmold grips will keep you comfortable while reducing your fatigue levels when you hold it, and it has a balanced and lightweight design that comes in at right around six pounds. It measures 9.9-inches from end to end, and it comes backed by a three-year limited warranty that will protect you against defects or damage. 


  • 260 foot-pounds of torque 
  • 1,650 RPMs
  • Variable speed trigger 
  • ½-inch hog ring 
  • LED light
  • Chemical-resistant housing 
  • Overmold grips


  • Warranty is only limited 

Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench – Best for Tight Spaces

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Anyone who news a more compact best cordless impact wrench to fit in your tool storage space should consider Avid Power’s product. This is a powerful tool with a high-spec motor that allows you to remove over-tightened or rusted bolts and nuts, and it has a maximum tightening torque of 3,983 inch-pounds with a maximum loosening torque of 4,465 inch-pounds. There is a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the wrench speed starting at 0 RPMs and going up to 2,000 RPMs to match your project. The bright LED light will illuminate your work space to allow you to work after dusk or in dark conditions. 

When you use this best cordless impact wrench, you’ll get a product that you can use in versatile applications. You can use it to remove tires from cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trailers, or trucks, and you can use it for construction projects, product assembly, heavy equipment maintenance, and auto repairs. There is a fast charger that’ll charge your 20V 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery in two hours, and it comes with a four-piece driver impact socket. You also get the wrench, 20-volt lithium-ion battery, tool bag, user manual, and a fast charger with each purchase. 


  • High-spec motor 
  • Variable speed trigger 
  • LED lighting 
  • Versatile 
  • Fast charger 
  • 20V 3.0 Ah battery 
  • Tool bag included 


  • Heavier design 

Dobetter 4Ah Battery Impact Wrench – Best for Hot or Humid Work Areas 

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The soft ergonomic grip on this best cordless impact wrench from Dobetter gives you a sure grip when you work in hot or humid conditions, and it can help to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. The electronic motor protection allows you to use this product for extended periods because it’ll protect it from overloading and automatically switch it off to protect the motor. There is a cast aluminum gear box that protects the internal components from damage if you should drop it or work in dusty conditions, and it has a very compact and cordless design that makes it very versatile. 

When you purchase this best cordless impact wrench, you’ll get a 4A battery, one fast charger that’ll charge it in an hour, four sockets, the wrench itself, and a carrying bag to keep everything together. You get 0 to 2,100 RPMs and 0 to 2,900 RPMs to tighten or loosen your bolts and nuts, and it offers 300 N.m. of nut-busting torque and 250 N.m. of tightening torque. There is a nice belt clip that makes it easy to carry from project site to project site, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors without a problem. 


  • For inside and outside work 
  • Soft, ergonomic grip 
  • Electronic motor protection 
  • Overload protection built in 
  • Cast aluminum gear box 
  • Compact design 
  • Fast charger 


  • Not enough torque for really stuck bolts or nuts 

KINSWOOD Cordless Impact Wrench – Best for Dark Areas

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Kinswood has one of the best cordless impact wrenches available on the current market, and they have their own custom line of tools that makes it easy to build your porch or keep your lawn equipment in top shape. If you choose to order this tool, you’ll get an entire set with eight pieces included in each purchase. It comes with a 4,000mAh lithium-ion battery that gives you an extended working time, and the two-hour rapid charger keeps it ready to go whenever you need it. It’s an easy way to remove nuts or drive them in a secure depth, and it has reverse rotation to remove them. 

The automatic stop mode on this best cordless impact wrench will automatically shut the tool off within two seconds of loosening the fasteners. The variable speed trigger allows you to set different speeds ranging from 0 to 2,300 RPMs to give yourself excellent fastening power. The soft rubber handle allows you to get an ergonomic grip that reduces fatigue with extended use. The built-in LED lighting gives you a clear field of view in low-light conditions to allow you to work longer. You get the wrench, two batteries, one fast charger, four different sockets, and a hard-sided tool box to keep everything organized. 


  • Eight-piece set 
  • 4,000mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Rapid charger 
  • Automatic stop mode 
  • Variable speed trigger 
  • LED lighting 
  • Four sockets included 


  • May not offer enough power 

WORKPRO 20V Cordless Impact Wrench – Best for Rapid Charging

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The final product on the best cordless impact wrench goes to Workpro. This is a 20-volt impact wrench that gives you 320 foot-pound of max torque, and it puts out a maximum of 3,200 RPMs. This allows you to loosen stuck or rusted bolts and nuts quickly and easily, and you get a max load speed of 2,100 RPMs that allow you to quickly drive large fasteners without it stalling out. It has infinitely variable speed control due to the on/off switch, and the speed increases the further you push the switch forward. Once you release the switch, the tool will automatically stop to give you a high precision level with more security. 

There is a rechargeable 20-volt 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that lets this best cordless impact wrench work longer without having to constantly charge it, and there is a power indicator that will give you the charge percentage at a glance. When you use the fast charger, it’ll go from dead to fully charged in an hour. This impact wrench comes with a ½-inch chuck that you can use for major construction projects, automotive repairs, product assembly, and heavy equipment maintenance. The three LED lamps give you a wide viewing area while making sure you have a bright view.  


  • 320 foot-pounds of max torque 
  • 3,200 RPMs 
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Charges in one hour 
  • Power indicator included 
  • Three LED lights 
  • Very user-friendly 


  • Not suited for large projects 

Best Cordless Impact Wrench – Buying Guide 

How do you tell what is the best cordless impact wrench and which ones are second-rate? With so many options available, it can be challenging to narrow down your choices and find the best one. Although I’ve picked out 10 of the best cordless impact wrenches available, I’m going to give you everything you need to narrow down your choices in this short buyer’s guide below. 


The voltage relates to the impact wrench’s power levels. Since the list was the best cordless impact wrenches, they all run on a battery or batteries. You want to double-check the wrench’s voltage rating before you buy it, because this will give you a good idea on whether it’s strong enough to help you build your garage or work on your projects. 

It’s common to find an impact wrench with an 18-volt battery, and a 20-volt battery is popular too. The higher the voltage is, the better performance your wrench will deliver to the motor. In turn, it can take on larger projects or more stuck nuts and bolts without stalling. 

2 Yellow Impact Wrench
Impact Wrench by tequilamike / CC BY 2.0

Motor Speed

Another thing you want to look at when you’re trying to figure out your wrench’s performance is to look at the motor speed. If the motor spins faster, it’ll give you better performance when you use it. So, a motor that has a 3,000 RPM rating will function better than a motor that offers a 2,000 RPM rating. RPM is rounds per minute, and this tells you how many times your motor will spin every 60 seconds. Almost every product on the best cordless impact wrench list has a variable speed trigger too, and this lets you adjust your motor speed to match your project. 

Battery Life

If you’re going to take on a large project like building a few outdoor benches, you’ll want to check the battery life on your best cordless impact wrench. The battery life will tell you how long the wrench can run between charges, and it’ll give you a good idea on the project size you can take on. The battery life rating on these wrenches is an Ah format, and it’s usually like 1.5 Ah or 3 Ah. 

The 3 Ah battery rating gives you better battery life in the best cordless impact wrench. You’ll get over an hour of continuous use with this battery rating. Also, look for one that comes with a rapid charger that will charge your battery in an hour or two. Some have multiple batteries that you can switch out to always have one charged, and others let you share batteries between devices to make it more convenient. 

Weight and Size 

Cordless impact wrenches are extremely practical, and you’re not tethered to any power source or an air hose like you are when you use an air compressor or other corded power tool. They’re also usually very lightweight, balanced, and compact enough to use for extended periods without worrying about user fatigue. You do want to double-check the weight and size before you pick one to ensure that it’ll fit in whichever spaces you need. A lightweight wrench can reduce arm fatigue without sacrificing power, and you want to check that it has an ergonomic grip with a coating to help you keep your grip.
3 Wrench and Lug Nuts

Credit: Tyre technician working with a compressed air impact wrench by Ivan Radic / CC BY 2.0

Size of the Chuck

If you’ve had one of the best cordless impact wrenches before, you know that they can use different bit sets all in one wrench. You can do this because impact wrenches have chucks that let you remove and add bits as you work. The bits do have to fit correctly on your impact wrench, and you can check your impact wrench’s chuck size to ensure it. They have different chuck sizes, but one of the most popular that many on the list have is a ½-inch chuck. It allows you to fit the most bits. 

Reliability and Durability 

Finally, the best cordless impact wrench should be reliable and durable because you usually use it for heavy-duty applications like construction projects that can put it through a lot of wear and tear. Your wrench should come with a warranty period, and it’s better to have a full warranty over a limited one. Two or three-year warranties are popular, but some have them as long as five-years. If your wrench fails, the warranty allows you to get it fixed without costing you a lot of money. 

Bottom Line 

You can compare the products on the best cordless impact wrench list and find one that suits your wants and needs. Each of the 10 best cordless impact wrenches on the list are high-quality, offer a high amount of flexibility, and they come from reliable brands. Compare them, pick your best match, and get a tool that will help you tackle a broad range of projects around the house. 

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