How to Harvest Thyme – Harvesting Thyme Step by Step

Thyme is a very fragrant herb used in many different cuisines to flavor dishes. It works especially well in recipes with lemon and garlic as well as with other herbs like rosemary and basil. Thyme can also make a lovely ornamental plant and ground cover. Different varieties have different colored leaves, and the tiny white,

How to Harvest Oregano – How to Grow and Care for Oregano

With its trailing green leaves and small white or purple flowers, oregano can just as easily be an ornamental plant as a culinary herb. It has a robust, herbaceous flavor that frequently stars in Italian dishes and pairs well with almost any type of vegetable or meat. Even better, oregano is one of the easiest

Different Types of Mint and How to Use Them

Mint is a very popular and fast growing herb, but did you know there are several types of mint available? Although there are hundreds of types of mint, these types of mint all boil down to several that you’ll find grown in gardens throughout the world. You can grow them both indoors and out, and

How to Grow Mediterranean Spices – Care, Types, and Growing Tips

If you are a keen cook, you will no doubt be familiar with the main Mediterranean Spices that are commonly used in Mediterranean cooking and that are part of the Mediterranean diet. These Mediterranean spices are not only great additions to a store cupboard, they are also fantastic additions to your garden. While your climate

How To Make a Herb Spiral

Growing your own herbs is a great way to enliven your home grown diet and stay fit and healthy. A herb spiral design is one solution as you grow herbs that you could consider for your garden. In this article we will examine herb spirals in a little more depth, and you will learn how

How to Grow Lavender Plant:  Care, Types, and Growing Tips

How to grow lavender plant? The Lavender plant is a very popular garden plant, and one which rewards richly those who know how to grow lavender. It is a plant that grows well in many gardens, and which can fit in with a wide range of different types of garden. Read on to learn more

How to Start an Herb Garden

Ever thought of having your own herb garden and growing herbs at home? Gardening has been around for centuries as people have used it first and foremost as a food source and a means of livelihood. While those reasons are still prevalent today, many are getting into gardening as a hobby and as a way