How to Make a Fan Blow Cold Air – 16 Options

You’ve just come in from outside, and the heat and humidity makes you sweaty and uncomfortable. Most likely, the first things you do are sit or lay on the couch with a cool beverage. You turn on your fan, but you notice that it doesn’t give you the right amount of cooling effect to be

How to Remove Permanent Marker from Any Surface

Permanent markers are more commonly referred to as Sharpies, and they can make some of the most intimidating stains you’ve ever come across in your home. However, unlike what their name would lead you to believe, these pen types don’t necessarily cause any permanent damage if you know how to remove permanent markers correctly. In

How to Grow and Care for Harlequin Pothos

If you’re trying to find a low-maintenance plant that is very easy to care for and looks beautiful, we suggest a pretty type of pothos cultivar called the Harlequin Pothos. This plant offers a very striking pattern on the leaves, and this gorgeous plant is great for anyone who normally isn’t a green thumb when

How to Grow Chinese Aster Callistephus 

Popular for its vibrant colorful flowers, the Chinese Aster plant (Callistephus chinensis) is the perfect way to introduce late season color to your flower garden. Part of the Asteraceae family along with daisies and chrysanthemums, unlike other aster plants the Chinese Aster is cultivated as an annual plant, not a perennial. The Chinese Aster is