10 Best Succulent Pots – How to Choose the Right One

If you have a lot of succulents, you find out very quickly that there are just as many choices available when it comes to your succulent pots. Most of them are smaller, and this allows you to place a single succulent in them and scatter them around your home. You can also get larger succulent pots, pots that attach to glass and hang in the air, and much more. This allows you to create gorgeous arrangements of these tiny plants that work well in a huge range of environments. They don’t require a lot of water, but they do need good drainage to ensure the roots don’t sit in wet soil. 

No matter what your design and decor is, you can find succulent pots to fit. There are sleek geometric patterns, sleek minimalist ones, and everything in between. Although this is good choice-wise, it’s also very overwhelming to try to narrow down the succulent pots to the quality choices. We’ve picked out 10 great options for succulent pots and reviewed them below. You can compare them and use the attached buying guide to make your final choice to ensure you get happy, healthy succulents both indoors and out. 

1 New Succulent Pot
There are a host of succulent pots to choose from, and this can make it difficult to understand which one is best for your plants. You want something that is high-quality enough to hold up for years, and it should offer enough space for the plant sizes you have. This is why you want to shop around.
Succulents by PINKE / CC BY-NC 2.0

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter – Top Pick  

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This ceramic and wire succulent pot is very attractive, and it has a nice geometric design to it that is very elegant and simple. It works well for small air plants, succulents, faux succulents, mini cactus, or faux sedums. They can attach directly to the wall or glass to give you a range of options to hang them up and display your plants. The wire is very sleek and classy, and it’s strong enough to support the planters, even when you have larger succulents in them with dirt. They can hold smaller or larger succulents, but you don’t want to crowd the pot. 

This succulent pot is made out of a sturdy ceramic material that fits nicely into the holder. The company also stands behind their products, and you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee on every order. All you have to do is compact the company and they’ll take care of the rest. You get dual planters in each order, and they come in white and brass coloring. The ceramic is very durable, and it’s easy to clean between succulents. There isn’t a lot for drainage, so you do want to water it very sparingly to keep the plant healthy and thriving. 


  • Sleek geometric design 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Brass and white coloring 
  • Easy to attach to the wall
  • Sits flush 
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean 


  • No drainage holes

MAN NUO Succulent Plant Pots – Step-Up Pick  

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Low-light succulents work very well indoors, and you can easily grow them with the right succulent pots. These nice pots are all hand-made, and they feature a Bohemian coloring and patterns that are very eye-catching and bright. They use a blend of sand and ceramic in the design, and it gets baked at very high temperatures to give you a finish that won’t fade. You get six planters in each order, and each planter comes with a smaller bamboo tray. The pots all come with a single drainage hole in the bottom, and you can use the bamboo tray to avoid the water dripping out when you water it to stop it from making a mess. 

These succulent pots come wrapped in thick foam to ensure they all make it to you in one piece. There is also a small ridge on the base of each pot to give it more stability and help it adhere to the bamboo tray much better. It makes a great gift or you can use it by yourself. You do want to make sure you can periodically empty the tray to prevent the water from leaking out after you water it. They’re highly portable, and you can quickly move them from place to place as you want. 


  • Mixture of ceramic and sand
  • Bohemian, bright colors
  • Drainage hole in each pot
  • Get six pots in each order 
  • Small bamboo drainage tray included 
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Ridged bottom for more stability 


  • Very easy to break

ZOUTOG Succulent Pots – Mid-End Budget Pick  

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For anyone who has a minimalistic and sleek design, these simple and elegant succulent pots will fit right into your decor. There is a small bamboo tray included for every pot that catches the excess water to ensure that the succulents don’t sit in water and rot. The tray is slightly wider too, so this can help add more stability to these slimmer pots. The round planter design allows it to fit flawlessly into a huge array of space from out in the open on your desk to tucked away in a bookshelf or in a narrow space. 

You’ll get a set of six mini succulent pots with each order, and they’re large enough for a single succulent to sit in. The clean pattern on these planters allow you to create stunning centerpieces and group them together. You can choose from a pack of four or six when you order, and you also get the choice of 3.5 or 3.6-inch round pots to customize your order to suit your needs. They’re lightweight enough to pick up and move around when you need, and they won’t take up a huge amount of space in your home. 


  • Minimalistic and sleek
  • Available in two sizes
  • Includes bamboo trays
  • Can order 4 or 6 at once
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable design 
  • Drainage holes included 


  • Sizes can be inconsistent 

T4U Small White Succulent Planter – Bargain Budget Pick

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This smaller succulent planter is made out of a durable qualified ceramic. It has a very classic look with a hexagonal shape in an elegant white finish. They make for eye-catching home decor, and there is a small hole in the bottom of the pot to allow water to leak out if you accidentally put too much in. It can hold cactus, herbs, smaller succulents, or small flowers. You shouldn’t pack it too full because there isn’t enough room to support multiple plants in a single planter. These pots are 2.7-inches tall by 2.4-inches wide, so you can easily group them together to create an eye-catching display. 

This succulent planter will work well in the bathroom, kitchen, office table, windowsill, or as a bedroom decoration. There are hexagonal-shaped bamboo trays that fit perfectly under each planter to catch the excess water and prevent messes. It also has a grid pad included in each order for each pot to stop the soil from escaping from the drainage holes. The company offers an impressive 120-day guarantee or your full money back with this product from the date of order. You can choose from two, four, six, or twelve planters in each order to ensure you have enough for your plants. 


  • 120-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Sleek hexagonal shape
  • Grid pad included for each pot
  • Comes in 2, 4, 6, or 12 pots per order 
  • White ceramic design 
  • Easy to group together 
  • Portable


  • Sizes can vary from order to order

LEARJIN Succulent Pots –  Best for Color 

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Maybe you want to inject a little color into your decor. If so, this succulent planter is a good choice. The pots measure 3.6-inches high by 3.15 inches wide, and this is large enough to accommodate one smaller or larger succulent without running out of room. There is qualified ceramic for the main material, and you get six pots. Each pot comes with a different colored glaze on it, and they all have different patterns. Since they’re hand-glazed, each one makes a unique statement in your home or office. The tops of the planters are all rounded off but feature unique designs too. 

There is a removable bamboo tray for each of these succulent pots that measures 3.66-inches across and 0.30-inches tall. It creates a stable base for your planter to sit on, and they work well to decorate your window, desk, table, and more. The minimalist design also fits in well with a huge range of decor, and the smooth coating on the finish will help preserve the color if you put them in the sun. They have responsive customer service with a satisfaction guarantee attached to each order. The wider base also adds more stability to the pots. 


  • Larger, rounded bottom for stability 
  • Brighter colors
  • Hand formed and glazed for uniqueness 
  • Suitable for a single plant
  • Bamboo stand included
  • Drains well after watering 
  • Six pots per order


  • Fragile material

White Ceramic Flower Planter Pot – Best for Preventing Spills

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Echeveria is one succulent genus that would work well in these succulent planters as it’s not very cold-hardy so you can have success growing it indoors. This is a very shallow but round planter that has a single drainage hole in the very center of the pot. It also comes with a free bamboo tray that hugs the bottom of the planter and holds any excess water that drains out of the pot until you get ready to dump it to prevent messes. It features a very simple white ceramic design to it, and this can mesh well with almost any design aesthetic without sticking out or looking odd. 

You get two succulent planters in each order, and you can easily put several different smaller succulents in the planter without worrying about overcrowding them. The clean pattern on this planter looks great as a centerpiece on your coffee table, or you can put it on an end table, bookshelf, or in your home office. It has a wider design that makes it extremely stable and sturdy, and the bamboo tray adds even more stability. You do want to be careful to not overfill this planter due to the lower design so it doesn’t spill over. 


  • Six inches wide
  • Two planters per order
  • Wide and shallow design 
  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Larger bamboo tray 
  • Room for several succulents 
  • Get two pots per order


  • Walls are very low

DeeCoo Succulent Pots –  Best for Minimalist Design

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If you’re someone who is a fan of more minimalist designs, this is the succulent planter to pick out. You get a small round and rectangular planter in each order in a sleek white ceramic material. The round pot measures 6.5-inches by 3.6-inches, and the rectangular planter measures 6.7-inches by 3.6-inches. This is slightly larger as far as these pots go, so you can easily fit in several types of smaller succulents without overloading it and causing them to compete. Each planter also comes with a drainage hole in the bottom to ensure that the water drains away each time. 

The bamboo saucer that the succulent pots sit in give it a nice look, but it’s also practical. The saucer will catch and hold the water until you’re ready to dump to prevent it from spilling. This pot can easily fit succulents, herbs, small cacti, and flowers without an issue. They make a very nice gift, or you can purchase them for yourself and set them up in your home. They have a very sturdy design that helps to ensure that they don’t tip over once you get them full. 


  • Get two shapes in each order
  • Very stable design 
  • Sleek white coloring 
  • Bamboo saucer included
  • Drains after watering 
  • Fits multiple succulents 
  • Nice gift idea


  • Only two pots per order

Sun-E Modern Style Marbling Ceramic Pot –  Best for Single Succulents

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If you have an entry table, this succulent pot will fit right in. It will give you a dash of modern design aesthetic to any room, and it uses ceramic for the material. The clay gets baked at a very high temperature to ensure that they’re not porous, and you get a host of difficult colors, designs, and shapes with each order to make them all unique. You get four pots per order, and they’re around 3.35-inches wide by 2.56-inches high. So, these pots are on the smaller side and will only hold a single succulent without spilling. They come with a brilliant marbled look to them, and each one features different color combinations. 

The colors on this succulent pot will vary from pot to pot due to the handmade nature of them. They have a slightly rounded design that is very stable, so you won’t have to worry about it accidentally tipping over when you get it set up. The top has a nice flat edge so you know exactly where to fill the dirt in. There are no drainage holes in this pot, so you have to be very careful when it comes to watering it to ensure you don’t add too much. 


  • Handmade
  • Ceramic material
  • Comes in several colors 
  • Rounded design 
  • Durable and pretty 
  • Hard to tip over
  • Slightly heavier design 


  • No drainage holes

Brajttt Ceramic Succulent Pot – Best for Good Drainage

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This is a mini set of succulent pots, and you get six with each order. The sizes vary slightly, but most of them measure right around 2.5-inches wide by 2.15-inches high. This is perfect for holding one succulent, cactus plant, herbs, or flowers and small plants. This product features high-quality ceramic that gets baked at high temperatures to ensure that it’s not porous. There is a transmutation glaze on each of these pots that makes them shine and stand out in a room. They all come with different colors and designs to them, and this allows you to mix and match them to create a fun look. 

Each smaller succulent pot comes with a bamboo saucer to set it on to catch the water as it drains out the bottom of the pot to make it easy to clean up. Several of the pots also have small feet that give it more room to drain after watering, and this ensures that your succulents will do well in these pots. You can easily cluster them as a centerpiece or spread them out in your home. They work both indoors and outdoors, and they’re portable enough to move around. 


  • High-quality ceramic
  • Features transmutation glaze 
  • Different colors and styles
  • Some have feet
  • Bamboo saucer included 
  • Six pots per order
  • Lightweight but non-porous


  • Bamboo trays are very thin and brittle

Small Ceramic Succulent Pots –  Best for Multiple Succulents

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The final succulent pots on the list is a set of six mini pots. The pot measures between 2.36-inches and 2.56-inches wide and between 1.97-inches to 2.16-inches tall. Each pot also has a grid pad included that you put in the bottom to stop your succulent soil from spilling out when you water and it drains through the bottom. This smaller pot will hold one succulent each, and you don’t want to overcrowd it by adding more because they can easily compete with each other for nutrients. It uses ceramic for the material that gets fired at a very high temperature to make it more durable. 

This succulent pot features a different glaze painting on each one for more variety, and it also ensures that each pot is unique. There is a small drainage hole in the bottom to prevent the soil from getting too soggy. They all sit up on either small legs or a slightly raised ridge to allow for more stability and easier drainage. You can order 6 or 12 pots per order, so it’s easy to get enough for all of your succulents. They also sit inside or outside without a problem, and they’re easy to move. 


  • Hand glazed
  • Multiple colors and patterns 
  • Small feet or raised bottom edge 
  • 6 or 12 pots per order 
  • Can put outside or inside 
  • Fired to reduce porosity 
  • Cost-effective


  • Only usable for a short time before the plant outgrows it

Best Succulent Pots – Buying Guide 

When it comes to buying succulent pots, you’ll notice very quickly that there are a host of things you want to consider. Doing so will ensure that you get the correct pots for your needs. For example, some larger succulents won’t fix into smaller pots without a problem, and some of these succulent pots don’t have a drainage hole in them. In turn, it’s much easier for them to get too much water. You should consider the following items. 

2 Succulent Buying Guide
This buying guide will highlight the most important considerations to keep in mind when you start comparing pots and narrowing down your choices. If you have a set criteria, it can make the buying process go much smoother.
Succulents! By Kimberly McKinnis / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


One of the first things you’ll notice with these succulent pots is that they come in a range of different materials. Ceramic is extremely popular because the firing and glazing process makes it less porous, and the glaze gives it interesting colors and patterns. Terracotta,plastic, and glass are also popular. Pick out the material that goes best with your design aesthetic. You could mix and match or go with one design. 


How large are your succulents? Do you have bigger Hens and Chicks or do you have a host of smaller plants that don’t get very big at full maturity? The answer to this question will dictate how large the pots are that you pick out. Some succulent pots are tiny, and they’re only suitable for a short time before you trade them out for a bigger one. Other pots come large enough that you can fit several succulents inside without worrying about them crowding each other out. Once you get a rough size of the majority of your plants, you can easily pick out pots to work with so you don’t have to transplant them. 


When a lot of people think of succulent pots, they think of simple, rounded designs. However, you’ll find out that these pots come in a huge range of shapes. While rounded shapes are popular, so are geometric ones. There are full and half pot shapes too. You can find the succulent pots that complement your design aesthetic to have them seamlessly blend in. Another option is to get ones that don’t match perfectly so they stand out and draw attention. 


Succulents like soil that drains very quickly and that is on the drier side. So, it’s extremely easy to overwater them and cause damage or even kill the plant. Some succulent pots don’t have any drainage holes in the bottom, but a lot of them have a single one in the enter of the pot. If there is a drainage hole, make sure that it comes with a screen over it. This screen will allow the water to drain through while catching the dirt so you don’t lose it each time you water. Also, water your plants sparingly. 

3 Pot Style
The style pot you pick out will depend entirely on your preferred design aesthetic. Some people go for sleek and modern looks while other people like bright and colorful. The goal is to combine function with style to get happy plants that work with your decor.
Succulents by C F / CC BY-NC 2.0


Do you want your succulent pots to sit on a table? Maybe you want them to hang up or attach directly to the glass on your sliding door. This style choice will also dictate which pot you get. You can even get a few and space them out around your home. Just remember, whichever ones you pick out, you should already have a pre-planned space mapped out for them. This will ensure that you give your plants the best chances possible of thriving. 

Texture and Color

Some pots have a very sleek and minimalistic look to them, and this means that they feature a neutral color with no texture. Other pots offer a lot of texture and very brilliant colors or color combinations. Which one do you think will look best in your home? Some people like their succulents to stand out, so they scale back how the pots look. Other people love the fact that both the succulents and the pots are textured and colorful, so they pair them up to make a more eye-catching centerpiece or look. 

Succulent Pots – Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is brand new to purchasing succulent pots and keeping these small, vibrant plants alive naturally has a host of questions. The most frequently asked ones include but are not limited to: 

1. Do succulents need very big pots?

Generally speaking, your succulents will grow well in almost any container that is around four-inches deep at a minimum. It should also have drainage holes in the bottom. When you pick out a pot, make sure that it’s ½-inch larger than the base of the plant for any upright succulents. 

2. Should you mist or water your potted succulents?

Succulents that are full-grown don’t like to be misted because they do best in very arid climates. When you mist your plants, you’re increasing the humidity levels. This can lead to rot. Only mist when you propagate baby cuttings and switch to light watering directly on the roots when they grow.

3. Can you get a pot that is too big for your succulents?

Yes. It’s possible to get a pot that is too large to encourage healthy growth. Succulents like to fill a pot with their delicate roots, and they can’t do this if they spread out too far. Always go for a slightly smaller pot over a larger one. 

Bottom Line

These 10 succulent pots represent a decent range of options available on the current market. They come in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials. You can mix and match these succulent pots to give your plants all a home for them to thrive. In no time, you’ll have tons of happy plants and stunning pots. 

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