How to Cut a Shirt: Cut an Old T-Shirt into Something Trendy and New

Want to learn how to cut a shirt? If you’re like me, your closet is full of clothes but you only wear about 20% of them. Sounds familiar? If so, then buy yourself a pair of fabric scissors — that’s the only tool you really need to get snippy (though there are some more nice-to-have

How to Clean Grout – Best Way to Clean Tile Grout

In this guide on how to clean grout we will teach you how to clean grout in the most effective way possible. Grout: it’s one of those things you don’t really think about. You don’t think about it, that is, until you see the difference between a tile framed by clean grout, making it even

How to Get Rid of Mold in Shower 

Want to get rid of mold in shower? What is black, brown and green and grows from neglect? Mold. And though it is from the fungus family, which also produces very healthy types of edible organisms like mushrooms, mold in your shower can be seriously harmful to your health. The best way to stop mold

How To Make a Stunning DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights

Looking for DIY vanity mirror ideas? I had an old mirror sitting in my basement for years and I really wanted to do something with it, but I didn’t know what. When I found the side table, also made of wood, I thought that perhaps I could do something with both of them together. Creating

How to Fix Scratches on Wood

How to fix scratches on wood? Ah, it’s always the same with wood. You see a beautiful wooden piece in a woodwork shop, or at a furniture store, and you just have to have it. You get it home, and it looks just stunning in its chosen location. The right wood compliments everything around it,

How to Make Your Own Candles

Candles have a way of truly making a house a home. Their welcoming flame makes any room feel warmer and cosier, instantly. But let’s face it — candles are expensive! Some designer candles are even priced in the hundreds. So if you’re a big candle fan, but don’t want to spend a fortune to have

How to Get Nasty Stains Out of Every Kind of Furniture and Flooring

Nothing quite ages your house and its contents like nasty stains. But you can’t possibly spend all your energy trying to prevent them — stains are just a natural part of wear and tear in the household, and unless you’ve got everything plastic-covered (and we hope you don’t!), they’re unavoidable. Well, there’s good news. Whether

8 Brilliant DIY Coffee Table Makeover Ideas

There are few things that can transform a room so dramatically as a DIY coffee table makeover. Just last year, I got a new sofa and it didn’t match my coffee table (but it was duck feather and oh so lush!). So, I decided to transform my old, scuffed up coffee table so that it

How to Make Lavender Oil

Want to learn how to make lavender oil? With a host of holistic benefits, lavender has proven to be one of the most bountiful herbs in the garden for creating beauty products. No wonder it’s being added to so many lotions and potions on the shelves! The good news is the perennial, evergreen plant is

How to Make Your Own DIY Explosion Box

Explosion boxes are exploding all over the internet. This fun-to-make DIY explosion box does have quite a few steps and requires a good amount of materials, but that shouldn’t put you off. With the right instructions (which you’ll get in this extremely detailed tutorial article!), and my tips on how to source your materials for

How to Make Rose Water and Rose Oil

Want to learn how to make rose water and how to make rose oil? You know that famed fountain of youth everyone always talks about? It may very well have been filled with rose petals. The rose features prominently in historical beauty texts, with Cleopatra famously having taken to the ritual of bathing in a

How to Cool Down a Room

How to cool down a room in the heat of the summer? Warm days are pure joy, full of frolicking outside, barbeques, and drinking cold beers with friends. But the downside of a hot day is not being able to escape the heat. If you’re lucky, your house has central air or air conditioning in

How To Fix Squeaky Stairs

How to fix squeaky stairs? Unfortunately not limited to the likes of haunted houses, squeaky stairs are an annoyance to anyone living in a house with more than one storey, no matter where in the world they are. They can disrupt the peace of the household, wake sleeping babies, and give you away when you’re

How To Grow Aloe Vera Plant

Thinking about growing aloe vera plant? I still remember when I was a clumsy little girl, practicing gymnastics in the backyard, all those times I scraped my knee or cut my hand on a sharp blade of grass. I’d go running to my mom, who would give me a hug and then head straight for