The Best Backpack Sprayer

Looking for the best backpack sprayer? Growing a vegetable garden to help feed your family is a rewarding hobby. Planting rows of tasty tomatoes, luscious lettuce, and herbs can pay off big when it’s time to harvest them. Having a garden is great if you have the space for it, but you need the tools to help manage weeds and protect your crops. The best backpack sprayer will help you control exactly where any fungicides or pesticides go in your garden. You can efficiently spray down your plants whenever the need arises, and carrying around a manual sprayer pump can be bulky and a hassle. 

The best backpack sprayer gives you a quick and easy way to cover your entire garden without experiencing fatigue on your part. This sprayer mounts directly to your back, and all you have to do is walk around your garden and spray your vegetable garden, flower beds, or yard. It takes a lot of effort out of the whole process, and you can treat your area in minutes. Since there are so many sprayers available, I’ve picked out 10 of the best backpack sprayers on the market and reviewed them for you. You can take a look and use the included buyer’s guide to make your final decision 

Backpack Sprayer 1 Start
Having the correct tools on-hand to help you fertilize your plants or lawn can help ensure that you get lush growth all season long and the process won’t take up hours of your time. 

105Ex Effortless Backpack Sprayer – Top Pick 

Anyone who has a container garden will benefit from having my top pick for the best backpack sprayer on-hand and ready to go. This unit runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, and you get the power to spray up to 23 full tanks between charging it, and this makes it excellent for anyone who has to walk through a large container garden because you won’t have to stop and go back constantly to swap out batteries. In turn, this helps you continue with your fertilizing project in minimal time. The battery and motor on this backpack sprayer have an enclosed design that helps it last longer because it’ll seal moisture and your fertilizer out as you fill and use it, and this can keep it safer for you too. 

This best backpack sprayer puts out 40 PSI of working pressure that allows you to reach wider and a further distance, and this is another component that vaulted this choice into my top pick category. You never have to worry about bending and reaching with it because the PSI ensures it reaches every corner of your containers. This is a lightweight and ultra-portable design that weighs in at 9.6-pounds, and this allows you to operate it for extended periods of time without experiencing operator fatigue. It has high-quality Viton seals that ensure you get even pressure and no leaks. 


  • 20-volt lithium-ion battery power
  • Sprays up to 23 tanks on a charge 
  • Enclosed design to protect the motor
  • 40 PSI
  • Lightweight at 9.6-pounds
  • Durable design 
  • Viton seals prevent leaks


  • Challenging to clean after use

Petra Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer – Step-Up Pick 

My step-up pick for the best backpack sprayer that is slightly more affordable without sacrificing quality comes from Petra. This impressive sprayer can put out over 200 gallons of solution over a six to eight hour span on a single battery charge. It comes with an impressive 70-PSI pump with an adjustable pressure knob that allows you to quickly and easily choose which pressure amount you need to cover the most distance around your plants to give you even coverage. This higher PSI is great for larger gardens where it’s difficult to get in the back rows or corners because it pushes the fertilizer further. You get a battery and charger when you order, and you’ll get a fully-charged battery within eight hours. 

This best backpack sprayer recently underwent a few design changes, and they now include an HD acid bleach wand when you order that helps to improve the product’s flexibility. The locking mechanism and plastic squeeze handle make it easy to operate. There is a wide mouth lid that lets you easily fill the backpack between uses, and the screen filter helps to keep debris out so they won’t clog your unit when you try to spray. It comes with multiple different nozzle attachments, and the secondary lid makes it easy to store the nozzles. The translucent tank lets you keep an eye on the fertilizer levels so you never run dry, and you get a full year warranty when you purchase it. 


  • Full year warranty 
  • Debris screen
  • Wide mouth design 
  • Gallon markings on the tank
  • PSI pressure knob
  • Multiple nozzles 
  • Sprays six to eight hours


  • Battery takes eight hours to charge

Field King Professional Backpack Sprayer – Mid-End Budget Pick

If you have a smaller lawn that you want to fertilize, Field King’s best backpack sprayer is the lightweight and durable product you need without breaking your bank. This mid-end budget pick comes with an internal no-leak pump that is much safer for the operator to use with chemicals to ensure they don’t drip down your back when you wear it. The internal piston pump on this setup can deliver a maximum PSI of 150 to help the fertilizer reach further and wider each time you spray it on your garden or lawn. The 21-inch poly wand is another nice touch for this sprayer that helps extend your reach while ensuring that you don’t have to do a lot of bending or flexing to reach all of the areas of your yard. 

The Viton seals on this best backpack sprayer let you use this sprayer with liquids and wettable powders without worrying about it corroding and causing leaks, and there is an easy-access pump that allows you to change the seals in minutes without having to use any additional tools. The lockable shutoff valve has a premium design with an in-line filter system and brass components that won’t break down if you use harsh chemicals in it. You’ll get four nozzles with his best backpack sprayer, including two flat fans, a brass adjustable nozzle, and a foaming nozzle. It also hooks up to TeeJet nozzles without leaking. 


  • 150 PSI
  • 21-inch poly wand
  • Comes with several nozzles
  • In-line filter system 
  • Brass components 
  • Viton seals prevent leaks 
  • No-leak pump system 


  • Pump handle won’t fold up for storage

ITISLL Backpack Sprayer – Bargain Budget Pick 

Itisll’s best backpack sprayer is an excellent value for the money because you get a lot of additional accessories with each order at a bargain price point. To start, it comes with two adjustable wands that help you reach any hard-to-reach areas in your lawn or garden. The retractable brass wand uses a durable polyethylene rod, and you can easily adjust the length from 25-inches up to 40-inches. It also has multiple nozzles included in the purchase, including a conical, fan, dual conical, and four-hole nozzle to help you accomplish different tasks with different plant or flower types. 

The super wide opening design on this best backpack sprayer makes it easy and convenient to pour your fertilizer in without worrying about spilling it. It has a high-density filter that effectively prevents larger debris from getting into your water tank and clogging up the system when you spray it. This also prolongs the life of your sprayer to help you get more use out of it. The four-gallon tank comes with gallon marks and a translucent design that makes it easy to mix liquids, and the wide-mouth design makes it easy to clean. The anti-clog filter, wear-resistant seals, and wear-resistant rings add to the durability of this product. 


  • Retractable brass wand 
  • Several nozzles 
  • Super wide opening 
  • Gallon markers on the tank
  • Translucent design 
  • Spare parts included 
  • Anti-clog filter


  • Ordering parts to repair it is difficult

KIMO Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer – Best for Commercial Operations

When you set up a vegetable garden layout, you normally don’t think about how challenging it can be to reach every area when you have to fertilize it, especially for commercial-sized operations. Kimo’s best backpack sprayer is an excellent blend of versatility and convenience that allows you to cover a larger area without having to stop. It has a Zero manual pump installed with a cordless design that allows you to move further as you work, and there won’t be any uneven spraying or coverage with this product. The battery comes with a 1,000-cycle charging test in place to ensure that it lasts season to season, and it has a quick charge feature you can use to get it up and running with minimal interruptions. 

There is a lockable switch on this best backpack sprayer that you hold on the handgrip to help prevent hand fatigue with large spraying projects. The adjustable pressure nozzle allows you to move from 40 to 70 PSI depending on what you’re spraying, and it works well for fertilizing, home cleaning, watering plants, and more. The three-gallon water tank holds a decent amount of product, and it has a wide mouth that makes it easier to fill without worrying about spilling it. The ergonomic design will help keep you comfortable as you move around your commercial-sized operation, and there is padding on the straps to make it easy to carry. 


  • Charges in an hour
  • Two wands included
  • Has three sprayer nozzles 
  • Shoulder straps are padded
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Prevents hand fatigue 
  • Zero manual pump


  • Metal wand is thin

Husqvarna Backpack Sprayers  – Best for Small Gardens

This simple product is one of the best backpack sprayers for small gardens due to the slightly smaller size. It comes outfitted with a deluxe comfort harness that molds the sprayer to your body and holds it securely in place while you walk around your garden. The internal pump has a no-leak design that helps prevent chemicals from seeping through and leaking down your back. You can use liquids and WetTable powders with a water mix in this sprayer without worrying about it clogging, and this backpack will easily do the work of a diaphragm and piston setup without a problem. 

The easy-access pump on this product makes it a quick process to swap out the seals without needing any additional tools. In turn, you can work longer and keep it leakproof. When it’s time to store this product, you can set the pump handles up horizontally or vertically to help save space. This best backpack sprayer has a 150 max PSI rating with a 25 PSI pressure regulator that ensures you don’t spray your plants too hard and damage them when you use it. It’s available in four and two-gallon designs. 


  • Deluxe comfort harness 
  • No-leak internal pump
  • Use with powder or liquids 
  • Easy-access pump
  • Pump handle stores horizontally or vertically 
  • 150 PSI rating
  • Ergonomic design 


  • Pump handle is slightly further back

Solo Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer – Best for Professional Work

If you’re growing vegetables like lettuce in pots, Solo’s best backpack sprayer will allow you to easily coat them with herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides, or you can spray liquid disinfectants around your pots to keep everything neat and clean. It works well for work in a professional setting because it has a high-performance piston pump that allows you to easily coat plants, shrubs, and trees. There is a 28-inch unbreakable wand included in each purchase, and this wand effortlessly extends your reach while you use it to ensure you cover every area. This wand connects directly to a 48-inch nylon-reinforced hose that is capable of handling high pressures without breaking or splitting. 

This best backpack sprayer comes equipped with four commercial-grade spraying nozzles that are easy to change out, and you’ll get a fan spray, plastic adjustable, jet stream, and a hollow cone nozzle. You can also use any TeeJet nozzles without them leaking. The shut-off valve locks securely in the off or on position to minimize your fatigue levels, and you can use this pump left or right-handed. The rugged metal frame withstands wear and tear very well, and it has an extra-large tank opening that is easy to fill without accidentally spilling anything. 


  • Viton seals
  • Metal frame resists rusting
  • Four nozzles 
  • 28-inch wand 
  • High-pressure hose 
  • Commercial-grade shut-off valve
  • Use left or right-handed


  • Shoulder straps use thin plastic clasps 

Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer – Best for Fertilizer Applications

Roundup is a well-known name in the gardening circuit, and this best backpack sprayer is no exception. It works very well for applying fertilizer to your vegetables or other plants, and it has a larger four-gallon reservoir that meets every spraying need you have like growing flowers or vegetables, controlling pests and weeds, or cleaning your siding and deck. You get three nozzles to help you complete all of your projects, including a low-volume fan, high-volume fan, and a poly adjustable one. The heavy-duty poly wand will increase your reach while preventing you from twisting or moving around too much when you work, and it has an anti-fatigue handle that lets you work longer. 

There are Viton seals on this best backpack sprayer that ensure nothing leaks out of the tank and down your back, and it prevents leaks around the wand, nozzles, and hoses. This helps the product resist wear and tear due to use with harsh chemicals like liquid fertilizers. The padded shoulder straps are easily adjustable to get a great fit, and there is a waist belt with built-in lumbar support to help keep you comfortable for long uses and help you avoid back pain. 


  • Larger reservoir 
  • Three nozzles included
  • Heavy-duty poly wand
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Built-in lumbar support 
  • Large opening to fill it 
  • Durable connectors 


  • Handle is uncomfortable 

Hudson Commercial Bak-Pak Sprayer – Best for Weed Killers

If you have shade flowers in a forest garden, this best backpack sprayer by Hudson will help you reach every area of it without stepping on anything because you get a powerful 48-inch PVC power sprayer-style hose. This hose also allows you to apply weed killers with ease, and it comes with an extra-long 20-inch fibreglass and poly spray wand that won’t break down over time. This longer wand also helps to extend your reach while taking the stress and strain off of your body when you use it for extended periods of time. It has left and right-handed pumping action capabilities, and this allows a host of people to comfortably use it to apply their fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides, and more. 

The powerful piston pump on this best backpack sprayer ensures you get even coverage each time you use it, and it helps to prevent it from clogging. The bonus nozzle system adds value to this setup because you get four nozzles in each order to help you take on various projects around your yard, garden, or greenhouse. It has a locking large control valve that you operate with your thumb to help reduce operator fatigue. Finally, it comes outfitted with an extra-large fill opening that prevents spills when you add your fertilizer mix or chemicals. It secures tightly to prevent leaking. 


  • Left or right-handed pump
  • Extra-large opening 
  • Four nozzles
  • 48-inch hose 
  • Long fiberglass spray wand
  • Powerful piston pump 
  • Large locking valve


  • Pump arm can slide off in use

Chapin 61500 Backpack Sprayer – Best for Vegetable Gardens

The final best backpack sprayer on the list comes from Chapin, and this product is perfect for anyone who has a small or large vegetable garden at their home. You can use this product with pesticides, weed killers, and common fertilizers without fear of it breaking down on you, and it has a two-stage filtration system to screen debris out before they can clog up the wand. There is a filter at the top for when you fill it and a second filter at the shut-off point. It has a larger four-gallon tank that has a translucent design that makes it easy to see how much fertilizer you have left, and the larger opening makes it easy to clean between uses without having to squeeze your hand inside. 

This best backpack sprayer comes with a poly shut-off valve and a longer wand that has an adjustable fan and poly cone tip to make it easy to spray a broad range of plants without injuring them. There are padded shoulder straps that help you accommodate the backpack’s weight when it’s full for hours at a time without it cutting into your skin or being uncomfortable. You can choose from two systems, and one has a bonus foaming nozzle included in the cost. It’s easy to fill, and it uses Nitrile seals to prevent leaks. 


  • Two-stage filtration 
  • Translucent design 
  • Larger opening 
  • Poly shut-off valve 
  • Two adjustable nozzles 
  • Padded shoulder straps 
  • Two types available


  • Can leak at certain points 

Best Backpack Sprayer – Buyer’s Guide 

Shopping for the best backpack sprayer can be an intimidating task, but this short buyer’s guide will highlight all of the important things you want to consider when you start comparing products. If you get stuck between one or two, these buying considerations will help you make your final choice. 


How much space do you want to cover with your new best backpack sprayer? For example, do you have a few low-maintenance landscapes dotted around your yard or do you plan to have a massive garden? The best backpack sprayer should be able to accommodate whatever type of area you have to cover without you running out midway through. Some come with the capability to hold up to two gallons while others can hold four. The size will also dictate the weight when it’s full too. 

Backpack Sprayer 2 Size
Smaller backpack sprayers are nice to have if you only have a few pots or a small yard to cover. However, you’ll need a larger setup if you want to spray a big yard or garden without having to stop halfway through.

Wand Length

Sprayer wands vary in length from 12 to 48-inches, and some are extendible. You want to think about how high or far away from you that you have to reach when you use it. If you have hanging baskets that are just over your head, you won’t need as long of a wand to reach. But, if you have large planter boxes, you’ll need your best backpack sprayer to have a longer wand to reach every corner. Also, consider the nozzles you need. 


Ergonomics is how comfortable your best backpack sprayer is when you put it on and it’s full. To increase your comfort levels, look for padded shoulder straps. Some larger models also come with waist straps and lumbar support to protect your back. Look and see how far the values and wands are from your natural reach because this will give you a good idea on how far you have to twist and turn to use it. 


The PSI is the pressure of the spray on your best backpack sprayer. The higher the PSI is, the further and wider the spray will be when you use it. The PSI can range from 50 up to over 150, and some backpacks come with an adjustable knob that allows you to tailor your PSI to your particular plant or flowers. More delicate flowers like Amaryllis will need a lower PSI while more hardy plants can stand up to higher PSI ratings. 

Backpack Sprayer 3 End
Getting the best backpack sprayer can help you treat and protect your crops to ensure you have a large harvest in the late summer and early fall. 

Bottom Line

The best backpack sprayers can help streamline the process when you fertilize or apply pesticides to your garden or yard. I’ve listed 10 great options for you, and you can compare the reviews side by side. The buying guide highlights the important factors you want to consider when you shop, and this will help you pick out the best backpack sprayer to suit your wants and needs. 

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