The Best Backpack Sprayer

Looking for the best backpack sprayer? Growing a vegetable garden to help feed your family is a rewarding hobby. Planting rows of tasty tomatoes, luscious lettuce, and herbs can pay off big when it’s time to harvest them. Having a garden is great if you have the space for it, but you need the tools to help manage weeds and protect your crops. The best backpack sprayer will help you control exactly where any fungicides or pesticides go in your garden. You can efficiently spray down your plants whenever the need arises, and carrying around a manual sprayer pump can be bulky and a hassle. 

The best backpack sprayer gives you a quick and easy way to cover your entire garden without experiencing fatigue on your part. This sprayer mounts directly to your back, and all you have to do is walk around your garden and spray your vegetable garden, flower beds, or yard. It takes a lot of effort out of the whole process, and you can treat your area in minutes. Since there are so many sprayers available, I’ve picked out 10 of the best backpack sprayers on the market and reviewed them for you. You can take a look and use the included buyer’s guide to make your final decision 

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Having the correct tools on-hand to help you fertilize your plants or lawn can help ensure that you get lush growth all season long and the process won’t take up hours of your time. 

1. MY4SONS Backpack Sprayer – Top Pick 

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This backpack sprayer has a battery-powered pump inside that gives you a steady spray at 60 PSI that is perfect for covering your container garden, potted plants, flower beds, or smaller vegetable gardens. It works well to handle different types of weeds, and it has an easy-to-adjust spray wand that can get up to 40-inches long to help extend your reach and ensure you hit all of your necessary areas with ease. There are also several different nozzle attachments you can choose from that allow you to adjust your spray output to match your current application by taking the old nozzle off and putting a new one on. 

There is a long battery life on this backpack sprayer that ensures you’ll have plenty of time to hit any spots you may have missed on the first pass. There is also a newly improved trigger design that makes this model extremely easy to use, and it has a new locking feature that will stop the flow of water instantaneously without causing any damage. There is a curved tip that makes covering your areas much easier because you can reach specific plants without having to contort yourself or hold yourself at odd angles. 


  • 40-inch extension wand
  • Wand has a curved tip 
  • Longer battery life 
  • 60 PSI of constant pressure 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Battery-powered 
  • Ergonomic


  • Hose isn’t very durable

2. Chapin 61900 Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer – Step-Up Pick 

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 This backpack sprayer has a three-stage filter that makes it very challenging for debris and dirt to get into the pipes or hoses, and this will help to ensure that you get a stable water pressure from start to finish. It also cuts down on the overall maintenance needs because you won’t have to constantly clean the pump system between uses to keep it in working shape. There is a shut-off system on this product that has an easy-to-read gauge that will show you exactly how much pressure your water flow has. It’ll also automatically switch off the CF valve if anying stops working or goes wrong to protect the internal pump components. You get an adjustable nozzle at the end of a 28-inch tube that gives you a large range of flexibility and versatility. 

You can use this backpack sprayer to cover various areas without having to stop and adjust any external settings or adjusters to help you finish your project quicker, and this makes spraying your weed killers a quick and easy process in gardens of different sizes and shapes. You get an optional 20-inch extension spray wand that puts out a consistent 60 PSI.


  • Long spray wand and tube extend your reach
  • Has a simple nozzle modification 
  • Lumbar support on the straps 
  • Automatic CF valve will shut it down if something goes wrong 
  • Three-part filter system
  • Lower maintenance needs 
  • Simple to swap nozzles


  • Don’t get a precision sprayer 

3. Chapin International 63985 Backpack Sprayer – Mid-End Budget Pick

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 This backpack sprayer from Chapin International is capable of spreading lawn fertilizer on a broad range of larger lawns without a problem, and you can also use it on your flower beds or gardens. It’s a four-gallon sprayer that has three different nozzles that allow you to handle various tasks. It’s a battery-powered pump too, and this helps to set it apart from some of the other options on the list. It runs using a Black+Decker 20-volt battery, and this gives it enough power to provide you with 35 to 40 PSI. You get a consistent spray pattern with droplet size to ensure that you cover every area thoroughly without missing anything. 

This capability gives this backpack sprayer a more commercial-grade feel. The tank doesn’t have an agitator though, and this can be a useful feature if you want to ensure you get a consistent water to fertilizer or chemical ratio for the entire time you use it. There is a six-inch wide mouth funnel that makes it easy to clean and fill when you need to, and the cushioned grip is very comfortable to hold for extended periods. The straps are padded, and it can spray vertically up to 27-feet. 


  • Battery-powered pump
  • Runs on a Black+Decker battery 
  • 35 to 40 PSI 
  • Consistent spray pattern 
  • Commercial-grade feel 
  • Padded grip and straps 
  • Louder mouth funnel  


  • Battery power switch is hard to reach 

4. Field King Max Backpack Sprayer – Bargain Budget Pick 

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This backpack sprayer by Field King comes specially designed to spread around weed killers and herbicides, and it’s a great choice for people who are on a budget as it’s under $100. It uses a very user-friendly and simple design process that ensures you can easily and quickly coat your garden with whatever you may need without a huge hassle. It can get up to 150 PSI, and the spray wand comes with handy built-in features that allow you to switch it on or off and lock it. These features help to ensure that you won’t accidentally waste too much water or product when you’re trying to adjust the settings or turn the whole thing off. 

There is a nice built-in agitator paddle that will help to keep your chemicals and water mixed and balanced throughout your spraying process, and it removes the need to shake them up or try and dilute them more in the middle of your spraying project. It also works to help keep the pump semi-clean, and this reduces your overall maintenance needs. It has a streamlined design that makes it easy to carry around, and it’s very easy to swap on and off. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Up to 150 PSI
  • Wand has built-in features 
  • Built-in agitator paddle 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Long spray handle


  • Hoses are thinner

5. Petratools HD4000 4 Gallon Sprayer – Best for Commercial Operations

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You can easily spray between four to six-hours on a single battery charge with this backpack sprayer, and this is important if you’re someone who put together a bigger vegetable garden layout and wants to cover it all in one go. You can spray over 200-gallons without having to stop and recharge it, and you get 70 PSI with an adjustable pressure knob. There is also a fully automatic charger included that will charge the battery in eight hours. You get a heavy-duty wand when you order this product with a locking mechanism and a plastic squeeze handle that is easy to operate. 

The wide mouth lid on this backpack sprayer lets you fill it quickly and easily without spilling, and there is a screen filter to help keep debris and dirt out of the tank to prevent clogs. You get multiple nozzle attachments when you order, and there is a secondary lid that makes it easy to store the nozzles when you’re not using them. The translucent tank comes with gallon markings on them, and this allows you to see exactly how much solution you mix into your water to get correct ratios to make them as effective as possible. 


  • Translucent tank
  • Gallon markers on the tank
  • Screen filter keeps debris out 
  • Adjustable pressure knob 
  • Battery runs for six to eight-hours a charge 
  • Up to 70 PSI
  • US-based customer support team


  • Takes eight hours to charge the battery

6. Jacto PJB-16 Backpack Sprayer  – Best for Large Gardens

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Anyone who has a larger garden will like this backpack sprayer from Jacto. It’s a 4.2-gallon unit that has one of the most advanced battery-powered systems in the world packed into a very ergonomic design. You get a removable Lithium-ion battery that gives you eight-hours or more of power on a single charge, and the charger will take the battery from dead to fully charged in four-hours or less to ensure you can work on your project quickly. There are five pressure settings on this model with a pressure lock system to ensure it stays in place until you adjust it, and there is also an audible walking speed indicator, automatic shut-down to prevent damage, LED display, battery level indicator, and a hydraulic venturi agitation paddle. 

The agitation paddle on this backpack sprayer ensures that you get a good mix of chemicals in water from the start of your spraying process until the end, and it has a 53-inch hose that is chemical-resistant to ensure it lasts for years without leaking. The wand is 22-inches long and made out of durable stainless steel, and there is a nozzle filter to keep debris out. You get four nozzles in each purchase, and the tank has a UV-resistant coating on it to prevent weakening. There are also markings for liters and gallons to ensure you have accurate ratios. 


  • Has a wider 4.5-inch opening
  • Stainless steel wand
  • Tank is UV-resistant 
  • Has liter and gallon markings 
  • Strainer to keep debris out 
  • Battery charges in four hours
  • Ergonomic design  


  • Can leak along the bottom 

7. Green Touch Strom Backpack Sprayer – Best for Home Use

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If you have a smaller container garden or like to grow things like herbs or lettuce in pots, this simple backpack sprayer may be powerful enough to use around the yard. This is an 18-volt electric-style sprayer that is very lightweight. So, you can easily wear it to spray around your yard for hours at a time without it being too uncomfortable or experiencing fatigue. You get three different nozzles when you order this product that allow you to quickly and easily swap them out as your needs change to cover a host of different areas or applications, and the larger four-gallon tank allows you to spray a decently-sized area without running out and having to remix your chemicals and water. 

You get up to 30 tanks per charge with this backpack sprayer without having to wait to charge the battery to use it, and there is an internal pressure regulator that gives you a very consistent spray from start to finish to ensure even coverage. The brass connectors are resistant to corrosion or rust due to exposure to harsh chemicals and water, and this can help them last longer. You get the charger, battery, and the nozzles when you buy this backpack sprayer, and it’s a very easy to maintain and clean model. 


  • 30 tanks per charge 
  • Bass fittings 
  • Runs on an 18-volt battery 
  • Larger four-gallon tank
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight to reduce fatigue 
  • Comes with a battery and charger 


  • Customer support is difficult to contact 

8. Sprayers Plus 105Ex Backpack Sprayer – Best for Weed Killer Applications

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This backpack sprayer comes using a 20-volt LIthium-Ion battery for power, and this allows the pump to give you a spray that is consistently 40 PSI. This product also weighs an average of three-pounds less than many options on the market, and this can make it more comfortable for you to strap on and carry around for hours at a time. You get a spray stream up to 33-feet horizontal and 23-feet vertical that allows you to spray up into your trees or shrubs if you need too along with spraying along the ground. It can support 23 four-gallon tanks on a single charge without dropping the PSI rating, and there is a built-in battery level indicator so you know exactly when it’s time to recharge it. 

This backpack sprayer comes outfitted with Viton seals, and these seals are considered to be more durable, stronger, and longer-lasting than more traditional rubber seals to help prevent leaking or breaking down, and there is a new strap design that keeps you more comfortable as you work with this product. There are sternum straps that pull the shoulder straps in and hold them in place, and the contoured shape with high-density foam padding make this a comfortable option to wear for hours at a time, even when it’s full. 


  • Runs on a 20-volt Lithium-Ion battery 
  • 40 PSI
  • 33-feet horizontal and 23-feet vertical spray 
  • Built-in battery indicator level 
  • Viton seals to prevent leaks 
  • New strap design
  • Has high-density foam in the straps 


  • Tips aren’t the best quality 

9. Oregon 518769 Backpack Sprayer – Best for Insecticides

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This is a lightweight, inexpensive, but hard-working backpack spray that is able to spray your insecticides onto your shade flowers in your forest garden to get even coverage and keep them healthy. You can choose from a four or five-gallon model when you shop to help tailor your purchase to suit your needs, and it has convenient fill markers on the sides of the tank so you can see how much liquid is in the tank while ensuring that you get the correct ratio of chemicals to water to make them as effective as possible when you spray your yard or garden. 

The back of this backpack sprayer comes tailed to fit comfortably against your back when you wear it, and there is improved weight distribution to prevent fatigue. The t-shaped design allows air to flow around it to help keep you comfortable, and you get a spare seal kit with shoulder straps when you order this product to keep yourself comfortable and prevent the unit from leaking with hard use. You get two nozzles in each order, and there is a safety lid valve on the tank that ensures you have an air inlet to prevent pressure from building up.


  • Comfortable t-shaped design 
  • Two nozzles included 
  • Four or five-gallon model available 
  • Semi-translucent tank
  • Gallon markings on the tank
  • Safety lid valve included 
  • Longer hose


  • Instructions can be unclear 

10. Flesser Backpack Sprayer – Best for Vegetable Gardens

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The final backpack sprayer on the list comes in three colors and two sizes to allow you to tailor your choices to fit your needs, and the larger capacity tanks allow you to work for longer times without having to stop and refill them. There is also a built-in air chamber that prevents pressure from building up to keep you safer as you work, and this also helps to regulate the flow to ensure it stays consistent. The tank is leak-free, and there is a lock switch on the handle that lets you hand rest while you keep it working at the same set flow rate. 

You get four different nozzles when you order this backpack sprayer, and you can easily swap them out to meet your needs. You can use it with a host of items without worrying about corrosion or leaking, and it has reinforced seals that resist rust, corrosion, and breaking down with heavy use. The wider handle gives you a comfortable ergonomic grip that allows you to carry it for extended periods without fatigue, and this is a knapsack-style sprayer that comes with a very solid and stable base. 


  • Several colors available
  • Comes in two sizes 
  • Four nozzles included 
  • Larger handle 
  • Very ergonomic design 
  • Reinforced seals 
  • Built-in air chamber


  • Have to keep pumping the handle to keep the pressure up

Best Backpack Sprayer – Buyer’s Guide 

Shopping for the best backpack sprayer can be an intimidating task, but this short buyer’s guide will highlight all of the important things you want to consider when you start comparing products. If you get stuck between one or two, these buying considerations will help you make your final choice. 


How much space do you want to cover with your new best backpack sprayer? For example, do you have a few low-maintenance landscapes dotted around your yard or do you plan to have a massive garden? The best backpack sprayer should be able to accommodate whatever type of area you have to cover without you running out midway through. Some come with the capability to hold up to two gallons while others can hold four. The size will also dictate the weight when it’s full too. 

Backpack Sprayer 2 Size
Smaller backpack sprayers are nice to have if you only have a few pots or a small yard to cover. However, you’ll need a larger setup if you want to spray a big yard or garden without having to stop halfway through.

Backpack Sprayer Type

Generally speaking, there are three broad categories for your backpack sprayer. Choosing one from the start can help narrow down your options straight away. They include: 

  • Battery – Battery-powered sprayers have Lithium-Ion batteries in them for the power source. They’re very portable and powerful machines, but they tend to be both more expensive and heavier than hand pump models. They’re also better-suited for smaller areas as the battery can die after a few hours. 
  • Gas – This type of pump is very effective and powerful when it comes to moving a lot of liquid in a short amount of time, but they’re also more expensive and heavier. They require maintenance and regular fuel additions to run too. However, they give you the power that you can’t get with the two other models. 
  • Hand Pump – Hand pump-style sprayers build up water pressure as you operate the pump by hand. These are very simple machines with several benefits, including being more affordable and lighter than the battery or gas-powered models. They’re also usually very environmentally-friendly, but you have to put a little more work in to get them to run correctly. 

Wand Length

Sprayer wands vary in length from 12 to 48-inches, and some are extendible. You want to think about how high or far away from you that you have to reach when you use it. If you have hanging baskets that are just over your head, you won’t need as long of a wand to reach. But, if you have large planter boxes, you’ll need your best backpack sprayer to have a longer wand to reach every corner. Also, consider the nozzles you need. 


Ergonomics is how comfortable your best backpack sprayer is when you put it on and it’s full. To increase your comfort levels, look for padded shoulder straps. Some larger models also come with waist straps and lumbar support to protect your back. Look and see how far the values and wands are from your natural reach because this will give you a good idea on how far you have to twist and turn to use it. 


You really want to consider the weight factor on your backpack sprayer since you’re going to carry it around for up to several hours at a time. It should have a comfortable fit with padded straps to help keep you comfortable. You also want it to be well-balanced, and take into account how large the tank is because the liquid can add a huge amount of weight when you fill it.


The PSI is the pressure of the spray on your best backpack sprayer. The higher the PSI is, the further and wider the spray will be when you use it. The PSI can range from 50 up to over 150, and some backpacks come with an adjustable knob that allows you to tailor your PSI to your particular plant or flowers. More delicate flowers like Amaryllis will need a lower PSI while more hardy plants can stand up to higher PSI ratings. 


You should set a budget when you start to shop for your backpack sprayer so you don’t fall in love with a model that is out of your price range. The costs can vary from $50 up to over $150. So, try to find a model that fits into your budget and that is big enough to cover your area. 

Backpack Sprayer 3 End
Getting the best backpack sprayer can help you treat and protect your crops to ensure you have a large harvest in the late summer and early fall. 

Bottom Line

The best backpack sprayers can help streamline the process when you fertilize or apply pesticides to your garden or yard. I’ve listed 10 great options for you, and you can compare the reviews side by side. The buying guide highlights the important factors you want to consider when you shop, and this will help you pick out the best backpack sprayer to suit your wants and needs. 

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