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Having the best angle grinder means that you have an extremely versatile power tool that you can use to tackle a broad range of landscaping projects. Weekend warriors and contractors use the best angle grinders all of the time due to this versatility, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. They can perform a host of tasks like grinding, polishing, or cutting with ease. It’s a smaller, compact, handheld power tool that is very easy to pack up and transport from job A to job B, and you can get corded or electric options. However, having so many options can make it challenging to pick out the best one for your wants and needs. 

Although you see them on construction sites, auto shops, and metalworking shops, picking out the correct one will help you complete your light duty landscaping projects. I’ve done the research for you and picked out 10 of the best angle grinders on the market and put together short reviews for you to compare. Once you go through them, you can use the short buyer’s guide to help you make your final decision. When you pick one, Amazon will ship it right to your door. 

Ginder 1 Start
Although you typically see angle grinders in metalworking or automotive shops, there are dozens of uses for them around the house or for your landscaping projects. They come in different sizes, speeds, and power levels. 

1. Makita XAG04Z Brushless Angle Grinder – Top Pick 

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The first angle grinder on the list is a five-inch, 18-volt brushless cordless option that gives you excellent freedom of movement while being simple to add to your tool storage area. It’s worth checking if you’re looking for a new angle grinder to add to your collection, and you get an 8,500 RPM top speed because it comes equipped with a powerful brushless motor. The 18-volt lithium-ion battery powers it for hours at a time, and it can take 4.5 or 5-inch discs without a problem. This allows you to change the disc out as your project needs change to make it more versatile. 

This tool is great to work with, even if it doesn’t have the highest amount of speed when you compare it to other angle grinders. You get an automatic speed adjustment that allows you to keep your speed through tough grinds and cuts. The rubber overmolded trip reduces the amount of noticeable vibrations you get when you use the tool, and this helps you make precision cuts. The lock-on switch is another big advantage, but putting the two-piece handguard together can be slightly awkward. It also doesn’t come with a charger or battery. 


  • Has a lock-on switch
  • Automatically adjusts torque and speed settings
  • Very little vibration 
  • Slower start stops the grinder from jumping 
  • Rubber overmolded grip 
  • 8,500 RPMs
  • Can use 4.5 or 5-inch discs


  • Guard can be finicky 

2. KIMO Cordless Angle Grinder – Step-Up Pick 

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Our step-up pick for the best angle grinder is by Kimo, and it’s a great choice for DIYers of all skill levels. It offers a top speed of 9,000 RPMs, a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, and a completely stocked kit in each order. You get 4.5-inch cutting, grinding, and sanding discs in each purchase, and this is all of the things you need to start grinding projects around your house. The cordless design on this product is another large draw because it allows you to work in tight spaces or areas without being tethered to an outlet or worrying about tripping over a cord. 

You get an excellent slow start mechanism on this angle grinder, and this ensures that you get professional-grade results each time you break it out to use it. It has a very affordable price, especially when you factor in the accessories and kit you get when you buy it. You can easily use it to cut tile, grind metal, concrete, and rebar without any damage, and it comes with a rubberized and ergonomic grip with two positions to keep you comfortable for extended projects. The brushless motor gives you 53.5% more runtime on a single charge, and it comes backed by 25 years of professional experience. 


  • Over 50% more runtime 
  • Cordless design 
  • Comes with several discs 
  • Has a carrying case
  • Equipped with a brushless motor 
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Two-grip handle 


  • Is a lesser-known brand 

3. Bosch Variable Speed Angle Grinder – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you’re on a slightly tighter budget and you don’t want to sacrifice quality when it comes to your tools, this is a good pick. This is a variable speed angle grinder, and it’s an 11-amp corded model that packs plenty of power into one tool. It can operate at anywhere from 2,800 to 11,500 RPMs, and you can use it for a variety of projects without it failing. The variable speed option is very nice when you’re working around your house or in a professional setting, and it allows you to grind several different materials with ease. 

As a bonus, you also get a variety of features that give you much more control and power than other angle grinders on the market. For example, you’ll get a two-position handle to control vibrations and keep you comfortable, and it has a direct airflow that will blow dust away from any vital parts of the tool to keep it working much longer. It also gives two more amps than previous versions to make it more versatile. The paddle-style switch gives you several grip positions, and the carbon brushes are very durable. There are direct motor cooling capabilities to keep it from overheating or getting overloaded with tough projects.


  • Dual position paddle-style handle
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Variable speed settings 
  • Carbon brushes 
  • Up to 11,500 RPMs
  • Can tackle several projects 
  • Direct motor cooling capabilities 


  • Shorter power cord 

4. BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder – Bargain Budget Pick 

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If you have a host of light-duty projects like sanding, wood carving, grout removal, or small projects around your house, this budget-friendly angle grinder can be a nice choice. This more affordable tool gives you a six-amp motor that will give you up to 10,000 RPMs of speed. You can easily use it with a 4.5 cutting and grinding wheel. You can cut, sharpen, remove rust, and grind to help prepare the surface of your materials. This is a very light duty model that comes outfitted with a lock-on trigger to make it easier to use for extended projects. 

You get a triple position hand mounting system on this angle grinder that lets you grind or cut at unusual angles without an issue, and you get a very durable metal gear case that gives the tool a longer life with more durability. You get a spindle lock that makes it easy to change accessories as you work, and you get a metal spanner wrench, metal grinding wheel, and a small angle grinder when you purchase this kit. The wheel guard lets you carefully complete your projects without grinding or cutting away too much of your surface material to give you excellent results.


  • Triple position hand mounting system 
  • Spindle lock 
  • Lock-on trigger 
  • Affordable option 
  • Wheel guard 
  • Up to 10,000 RPMs
  • Very light-duty


  • Manual is very messy 

5. King Arthur’s Tools Mini Grinder – Best for Wood Carving

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A lot of woodworkers and DIYers use angle grinders to sand their signs, creations, or porches as they create them, but you shouldn’t use a standard tool for this project. Instead, it’s a good idea to pick up an angle grinder that you want to use specifically for this application. This two-inch, one-amp corded mini grinder is an excellent choice. This is more expensive than a lot of options on the list, but you get everything you need when you purchase this complete kit to help make up for the higher price tag. You can create very intricate details and smooth finishes on plastic, wood, fiberglass, rubber, and more. 

This mini tool draws a single amp of power when you have it on, and this helps you to save on your energy bills. You get six accessories when you order this angle grinder, including find, medium, and coarse sanding discs. You also get a high-capacity fan with a few air vents that let the motor stay cool and use it for longer sessions without worrying about it overloading. There are 50 accessories that allow you to easily upgrade it to complete different tasks, including blending, duburring, debarking, sanding, polishing, and finishing. It has a small body with a lightweight design that is easy to control.


  • Draws one amp of power 
  • Mini design 
  • Over 50 accessories 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy to control
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • Soft-sided carry bag


  • Price 

6. Makita GA7021 Angle Grinder  – Best for Home Improvement Projects 

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Anyone who is going to tackle a big project that needs a durable tool will need something that has more power to it than a mini grinder. When it comes to home improvement projects, the size and power of this angle grinder is very appreciated. It’ll help you make very quick work of cutting or grinding projects, including going through metal, concrete, or other durable materials. You’ll get an impressive 15-amp motor on this angle grinder, and the lock-on power switch ensures you can take on big projects without having any fatigue with your hands or wrists. 

Since this is a larger angle grinder, you want to ensure that you can keep a tight grip on it as you work to prevent you from losing control. The three-position handle makes this an easy task though, and it’ll help you seamlessly support this heavy-duty tool. It weighs in at just over 12 pounds while being 19-inches long, and it delivers up to 6,600 RPMs that allows for fast stock removal. You get a labyrinthine construction on it that allows the larger components to have a seal against dust, and you get both a trigger and shaft lock. The switch handle can rotate up to 90° to make it easy to work in constricted areas or at an angle. 


  • 15-amp motor 
  • Switch handle rotates up to 90°
  • Three-position handle 
  • Labyrinthine construction 
  • Shaft lock and trigger lock 
  • 6,600 RPMs
  • Grinding wheel included 


  • Heavier design 

7. Metabo WP9-115 Angle Grinder – Best for Small Projects

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If you’re someone that is taking on a large home improvement project like building a new staircase or adding an extension, this is a compact but quick angle grinder that produces up to 10,500 RPMs. The high amount of torque and speed this tool offers allows you to quickly and easily work through difficult tasks without it stalling out or overheating, and this company puts speed in the forefront when it comes to tool maintenance. You get a tool-free wheel change that is very quick, and you can adjust your grinder by touching a button as you work. 

This grinder may not be the most comfortable thing for you to use on extended projects because the power button can be challenging to hold down without experiencing any fatigue. However, this is also a safety feature to stop it from accidentally activating.  The company uses world-class techniques, production facilities, and materials to create each of their angle grinders, and they have very responsive customer service if you have any concerns or questions. You can use manual, automatic, and hybrid systems with this company, and it has a rubberized comfort-grip handle that will reduce vibrations as you work to keep you comfortable.


  • Reduced vibration design 
  • 10,500 RMPs
  • Tool-free wheel change 
  • World-class techniques used 
  • High amount of torque
  • Very quick speeds 
  • Maintenance is easy 


  • Difficult to hold the power button down  

8. AVID POWER Angle Grinder – Best for Shop Work

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This is another affordable angle grinder that is great for anyone who wants a tool they can use to help them complete smaller tasks around their home. You get a very lightweight and slim design that is comfortable to use, and it comes outfitted with a covering that will shield you from splinters and sparks as you work on different mediums. It’s a very quick tool that pulls 7.5-amps of power when you use it, and it offers up to 11,000 RPMs to help you fly through large and smaller projects. You can easily use it to create garden signs, planter boxes, or to smooth out metal or concrete. 

This is an angle grinder that you want to use for shorter periods of time because the motor can get overstressed. It can also get hot enough to make it challenging to hold, and the tool can stall out. It offers 900W of max power output, and it has a very compact and slim body that reduces your fatigue level and ensures you’re more comfortable as you work. The integrated spindle lock makes it easier to change the discs without stopping, and you get a dual-position auxiliary handle that is very comfortable.


  • 11,000 RPMs
  • 900W of max power output
  • Two-position auxiliary handle 
  • Reduced vibration 
  • Compact and slim design 
  • Integrated spindle lock 
  • Comes with several accessories 


  • Can overheat and shut down

9. DEWALT DCG418X1 Brushless Angle Grinder – Best for Versatility 

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This is a cordless angle grinder that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price, and you’ll get the performance of a corded model to help you accomplish all of your patio ideas while not being tethered to the wall. It comes with DeWalt’s Flexvolt technology built in that gives it extra power to help you tackle small and large projects. You get a very high-tech brushless motor that is equivalent to a 13-amp corded grinder, and it has a very striking look to it with a bright yellow and sleek black coloring that makes it easy to spot. You can use 4.5 to 6-inch discs on this grinder to make it very versatile. 

Since the cutting wheel can get up to six-inches, you can take on bigger projects without stalling out. It has a tool-free disc swapping mechanism that makes it simple and smooth to switch discs out as you work, and you get an Allen wrench included should you need it. It weighs in at just over five pounds, and it comes with a 6.0Ah Flexvolt battery to give you a better runtime. There is a comfortable two-finger trigger switch on this angle grinder, and there is a nice safety override feature. The paddle switch is very comfortable, and it comes with an electric brake system that will stop the wheel in 1.5 seconds. 


  • Electric brake system 
  • Same power as a 13-amp corded model
  • Very versatile
  • Weighs in at just over five pounds
  • Tool-free disc changes 
  • Two-finger trigger switch 
  • Ergonomic design 


  • Battery can die relatively quickly 

10. PORTER-CABLE PCC761B Angle Grinder – Best for 

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The final angle grinder on the list comes from Porter Cable, and this is a very well-known tool manufacturing company that has been around since the early 1900s. This is another cordless angle grinder that has a solid design with a host of great features included in it. It’s a very rugged tool that won’t show wear and tear quickly, and it takes 4.5-inch discs. You’ll get a powerful brushless motor like you’d get in a cordless model to help make it able to take on large and small projects around your home, and it can generate up to 8,500 RPMs. 

This angle grinder comes with a comfortable over-molded handle that is easy to grip without having any wrist or hand fatigue, and that allows you to work for extended periods. It weighs in at 7.4-pounds, so it is slightly heavier than others on the list, and the 4.0Ah battery can cause it to be even heavier. It has a very well-balanced design, and you get a sealed switch housing. This makes it more durable, and you get a three-position handle with a quick-release guard system. You press a big red push button to activate the spindle lock to swap out discs as needed. 


  • Quick-release guard system 
  • Very well-balanced
  • 8,500 RPMs
  • Brushless motor 
  • Takes 4.5-inch discs
  • Very rugged design 
  • Over-molded handle 


  • Need to buy a battery

Best Angle Grinder – Buying Guide 

What makes the best angle grinder? Which criteria push it to the top of the list and how do you narrow down your choices to find the angle grinder that will help you tackle all of your projects while still being mindful of your budget? This buying guide will quickly run down the most important criteria to consider when you start shopping. 

What You Can Use an Angle Grinder For

Originally, angle grinders came designed for abrasive discs. However, their popularity and versatility led people to finding more uses for them. Manufacturers started adapting the best angle grinders to allow them to take on a host of projects, including: 

  • Cutting – Most angle grinders excel at cutting, as long as you install the correct cutting disc. You can get several attachments that allow you to cut through concrete, tile, masonry, PVC, wood, and plastic. 
  • Grinding – The main reason why you’d buy an angle grinder is to take on grinding projects around your home. The correct grinding wheel will allow you to grind down sharp corners, lumps, and things to get a smooth finish that is safer for you to handle. 
  • Polishing – Adding a small amount of polishing compound to a polishing disc can help you create a finishing tool. 
  • Rust Removal – You can attach wire brushes to your angle grinder to remove rust from items, and this also works to add a matte finish to shiny surfaces.
  • Surface Preparation – Sanding and surface preparation are also popular. When you attach a sanding pad, you can use them to easily strip away old paint or grind out defects and rough spots before you paint or seal areas. Sanding pads are also relatively inexpensive, so they’re popular to use on old pieces of lumber. 


An angle grinder’s speed will dictate how it performs, and the best angle grinders can have a maximum speed range between 5,000 and 10,000 RPMs (revolutions per minute). If you’re using wood filler to patch your deck and you want the best angle grinder to help smooth it out, consider the speed you need. Higher speeds help you complete the project faster, but you won’t have as much control as you would at a lower speed. Take your experience into consideration when you look at angle grinders. New users usually do best with slower speeds while experienced operators can get away with using higher speeds. 

Grinder 2 Speed
The speed setting on your grinder will help decide which projects you can and can’t do with it and get the results you want. Some come with variable speed settings, and this makes it nice because it adds a layer of versatility to it. 

Slow Start Trigger 

The slow start trigger will start your best angle grinder at a slower speed than the one you set and slowly move it up to your desired speed setting. This is nice for when you take on detailed projects where it’s much easier to mess something up because the tool won’t jerk when it starts. Instead, you’ll get a controlled start that smoothly eases you into you desired working speed


The ergonomics of your grinder boils down to how comfortable it is for you to use and how the overall design contributes to this. You want an ergonomically-designed handle that is easy to grip and comfortable to hold through extended use sessions to help reduce your hand fatigue. A lot of the best angle grinders come with a rubber overmold on the handle that gives you something secure to grip, and they’re designed to be easy to transport and store with the rest of your tools

Safety Features 

As technology evolves, so do the available safety features you can get on some of the best angle grinders. For example, you can get a two-start trigger mechanism that adds steps to starting the grinder to prevent it from accidentally going off. Vibration control helps keep you comfortable as you work by preventing your hand from going numb. Overload protection is also nice to keep the motor from overheating or the grinder from getting too warm. 

Dust Sealing

Using the angle grinder can kick up a lot of dust and debris that can settle all over the tool itself. Ideally, you’ll want a body that has dust sealing around the switches to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside the motor and causing problems. This sealing should be throughout the body, but you really want to concentrate on the areas around the switches. 

Grinder 3 Sealed
No matter if you work on metal or wood projects with your grinder, having a sealed design is paramount to the product lasting for years without clogging or overheating. 


Which type of angle grinder do you need? They come in corded and electric models. Both have benefits and drawbacks associated with them. For example, you get a steady stream of power with a corded model, but you have movement restrictions. Electric or battery-powered models give you excellent freedom of movement, but the batteries can die before an hour is up. You have to decide which is best for your intended projects. 

Kickback Brakes

Many newer angle grinders come with a host of safety features included, and a kickback brake is one you want to have. This brake functions to stop the grinder wheel immediately when the tools sense a bind. This can stop the angle grinder from pulling violently out of your hand, and this keeps you much safer. 

Disc Size

Do you plan to use your grinder for small detail work on your outdoor benches or for larger projects where you need a lower precision level? Maybe you want both. Either way, the disc size will play a role. Smaller discs allow you to take on detailed work and get excellent results, and larger discs can cover large swaths in a very short period of time. Some grinders come with both discs, and all you have to do is switch them out as you advance in your projects. 

Bottom Line 

Picking out the best angle grinder can be a fun project when you know what to look for and have examples of high-quality brands on-hand. My top 10 reviews showcase some of the best options available on the current market, and the reviews make it easy to compare them side-by-side. You can also take a look at the buying guide to see the important aspects to keep in mind when you shop. 

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