The Best Outdoor Movie Screen for Your Patio

You can easily turn your home into the entertainment mecca of your neighborhood by adding an outdoor movie screen and a seating area to the space. You can set this outdoor movie screen up as something permanent, or you can easily take it down between uses to reclaim that portion of your yard or patio for other purposes. These screens are durable, easy to use, and you can get them as a package deal with a projector for a relatively inexpensive cost. They come in a broad range of sizes, with or without stands, and you can fold or roll some of them up when you finish using them for easy storage. 

However, there are dozens of outdoor movie screens available to buy, and the sheer number of choices makes it difficult to find the best ones for your needs. Although this isn’t necessarily an inexpensive investment, you do want to ensure you get a high-quality outdoor movie screen that will last for years of entertainment and be large enough to accommodate any sized crowd you want to have over for movie night. I’ve picked out 10 excellent outdoor movie screen options for you and reviewed them. On top of that, the short buyer’s guide at the end will help you narrow down the top 10 picks to your final choice. Let’s dive in!

Movie Screen 1 Start
A high-quality outdoor projection screen is a great way to enjoy those warm summer evenings with your friends and family. You can watch your favorite movies, find new TV shows, watch big sporting events, or stream your favorite services on the big screen. 

1. Elite Screens Yard Master Screen – Top Pick 


Anyone who is after a sturdy, well-priced outdoor movie screen will be well served by this product. It’s an excellent option to add as a fun patio idea to create a small entertainment area for your friends or kids. You get a 120-inch viewing diagonal, and it has a very lightweight aluminum frame that will hold the screen taut to give you a great viewing area. The aluminum frame also won’t rust or corrode if it gets wet, and it’s very durable for the lighter weight. It stands 85-inches tall by 110-inches wide when you get it put together, and the screen comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

You get a carrying bag with it to make it easy to transport and store between uses to keep everything neatly organized, and it also has ground stakes to ensure that you can secure it in place and don’t have to worry about it blowing over. The rigging cord and support rigs are easy to figure out, and the screen is weather-resistant. It takes roughly 15 minutes to set up from start to finish, and it’s 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D projection ready. You can easily clean it with a mild detergent and warm water if it gets dirty, and you won’t need tools to assemble it. 


  • 16.9 aspect ratio 
  • 120-inch viewing diagonal 
  • Aluminum frame 
  • Clean with soap and water 
  • Comes with a carrying bag 
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant 
  • Screen is weather-resistant 


  • Creases can be hard to get out

2. VIVOHOME Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen – Step-Up Pick 


Our step-up pick comes from Vivohome, and it’s a very sturdy setup that has a higher price point to it. This is a mega-sized projection screen that stands 11-feet tall and 13-feet wide. You do have to inflate it, but it gives you an impressive 11.4-foot by 6.4-foot projection area. This gives you a huge screen to show your movies or sports on, and the screen is made out of a weather-resistant cloth that will withstand exposure to humidity or rain without a problem. You get a 110-volt air blower that runs very quietly, and this will keep your frame inflated for as long as you want to use the screen. 

You also get tethers when you order this outdoor movie screen, and this allows you to secure it to any surrounding structures to ensure it stays in place. There are yard stakes included for security, and everything packs away neatly in the storage bag when you finish with it. You get a seam-free viewing area that can compete with most theaters, and it’ll inflate in a few minutes so you don’t have to wait long to use it. It is a freestanding type of screen that sits securely on your lawn without damaging it. 


  • Comes with a quiet blower to inflate it
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Very large viewing area 
  • Tethers to the ground
  • Includes a carrying case 
  • Won’t damage whatever you set it on
  • Seam-free design  


  • Sway in light wind

3. Vamvo Projector Screen with Stand – Mid-End Budget Pick

This budget-friendly outdoor movie screen is a self-supported option, and it’s nice to have on-hand if you want to entertain your kids during a sleepover with their favorite movies. This particular screen gives you a 100-inch diagonal viewing area, and it’s 91-inches wide by 66-inches tall when you assemble it and set it up. The stand also comes outfitted with a unique tripod design, and this means that setup takes less than five minutes from start to finish. It comes with tethers and ground stakes that you can use to make sure it doesn’t move once you get it set up and put in place, and this is nice for windier days. 

You should know that the screen isn’t crease or wrinkle-proof, but you can iron it to get a flat viewing area. You don’t need any tools to put this screen up, and you get a 160-degree viewing angle. It comes equipped to give you high resolution images with rich colors, and you can easily clean the screen by wiping it with a cloth. It has a rust-free aluminum frame that is durable while being lightweight, and you can fold it to a smaller size to make it easy to move from point A to point B or take with you. 


  • Aluminum stand
  • Has a simple tripod design 
  • 100-inch diagonal viewing area 
  • Storage bag included 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy to secure to the ground 
  • Responsive customer service team 


  • Have to iron the wrinkles out of the screen  

4. Elite Screens Manual Projector Screen – Bargain Budget Pick 

If you’re someone who is on a budget but has room to mount your outdoor movie screen, this is a nice pick. It’s a manual pull-down model that is well-priced without sacrificing quality, and you get a 16:9 aspect ratio with a 100-inch diagonal viewing area that you can easily retract back to keep it out of the way when you’re not using it. The screen comes with a textured matte surface with a black border, and the fabric features durable layers of polyester and PVC to make it mildew resistant. This makeup also makes it less likely to curl up on the sides. 

The screen will slowly retract back into the steel housing when you release the handle on this outdoor movie screen, and there is an automatic lock system that allows you to vary how much is out at once. The steel casing is very resistant to rust and corrosion with exposure to the elements, and you get a mounting kit to make it easy to set up. You get a three-year warranty on the screen and two-year warranty on the frame from the date of purchase to help protect your investment. 


  • 100-inch diagonal 
  • Textured matte surface with PVC layers 
  • Won’t curl at the edges 
  • Automatic locking system 
  • Can set variable heights
  • Pulls up when not in use 
  • Sturdy casing 


  • Takes a few days to relax  

5. Khomo Gear Folding Frame Screen – Best for Travel


Sometimes, you want a movie screen that is light enough to pack up and take with you, and this is a good choice. It’s also easy enough to move around on your patio to create an entertainment area by your faux fireplace. It weighs in at around 12-pounds, and you get a unique stand when you order that will help to pull your screen taut to ensure you get a flat surface with no wrinkles. You get a 100-inch viewing diagonal with this outdoor movie screen, and it measures 84-inches tall when you assemble the frame and get it ready to go. 

The entire projection surface measures 102-inches by 59-inches, and it has an Oxford nylon material that is very reflective to give you bright colors and high-resolution pictures. The frame is very lightweight but durable, and setting it up or taking it down will only take a few minutes from start to finish. You can choose from two different sizes when you order this setup to customize it to suit your needs, and you get slightly wider feet that give this screen more stability when you set it up. You may have to add sandbags to weigh it down on very windy days though. 


  • Flexible aluminum frame
  • Frame pulls the screen taut 
  • Reflective Oxford fabric
  • Sets up and tears down in minutes 
  • Two sizes available 
  • Easy to move around 
  • Weighs in at 12-pounds


  • May have to weigh it down on windy days  

6. DRJ Outdoor Movie Screen  – Best for Patios


This product is a 100-inch projector screen that combines two-key pieces into one product. You get everything you need to set up an outdoor theater quickly and easily. It has a mini LED projector with a native resolution of 1,280 by 720, and it is capable of projecting a picture that is as big as 170-inches from 5 to 16-feet back. The projector also works well with any type of media input, including smartphone, computer, gaming console, flash drive, or streaming device that you can use to play your video or media. You also get a 100-inch screen when you purchase this item. 

The screen comes with grommets around the edges to make it easy to hang while ensuring that it doesn’t wrinkle. It’s a very user-friendly setup that allows you to quickly and easily stream your favorite shows, it has an almost 20% brightness upgrade that makes all of your media very easy to see. You can easily connect this whole setup to your surround sound indoors to get a theater-like experience, and it has an HDMI port connection. It works in the dark or light, but you’ll get better visuals once the sun goes down. 


  • Native resolution of 1,280 by 720
  • Grommets hold the screen taut 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Comes with a mini LED projector 
  • 20% brightness upgrade 
  • 100-inch screen 
  • 7,500 lumens


  • Audio port may not work 

7. Sewinfla Inflatable Projector Screen – Best for Movie Nights

Anyone who wants to turn their backyard into a movie theatre can get this outdoor movie screen and pair it with your best outdoor bench ideas to get comfortable and roomy seating through multiple showings. This is one of the largest inflatable options on the market, and you can choose from four sizes that range from 20-feet to 33-feet. You get a soft anti-wrinkle cloth screen and you can project on the front or rear to allow you to be flexible with the space you have. You can hide the projector at classy events or have it right out in the open. 

The frame is fully inflatable, and it’ll go up in two to five-minutes with a low-noise blower. It’s very easy to maintain between uses and clean after each use by getting a damp cloth and wiping it down. The screen gets held onto the frame using velcro, so it’s easy to peel off to clean, store, or transport. There is a newly added bottom support time to make the frame more stable, and the fixed pull buckle is newly redesigned. You get a carrying bag that makes it easy to keep all of your components together and organized. 


  • Four sizes available 
  • Front or rear projection capabilities 
  • Fully inflatable frame 
  • Blower is very quiet 
  • Bottom support for more stability 
  • Easy to clean
  • Carrying bag included 


  • May have to weigh it down on windy days

8. PropVue Projector Screen with Stand – Best for Smaller Areas


You get the choice of five sizes when you pick out this outdoor movie screen, and it has a very sleek and streamlined design when you compare it to the more affordable inflatable options. It has a tripod base that is very versatile, and the screen measures an impressive 7-feet by 8.3-feet. You get a 4.3 aspect ratio on this screen, and everything measures in at 120-inches. It’s very light and easy to assemble or tear down in minutes, and you won’t need any special tools to complete the project. The screen is a wrinkle-free matte PVC material that will stretch taut to give you a clean viewing surface. 

You can use this outdoor movie screen indoors or outdoors, and it is a 1.1 gain reflection to ensure you get bold colors with sharp contrast. It offers a 160-degree viewing angle, and it has tight-straps that will keep the screen wrinkle-free when you get it on the tripod stand. It comes outfitted with a carrying bag to keep the screen safe and secure, and it’s easy to clean between uses with a damp cloth. You can adjust the legs on the tripod to be different heights, and it has a three-step design to tear it down. 


  • Tripod-style stand 
  • 4.3 aspect ratio 
  • Matte PVC material 
  • Adjustable legs 
  • Comes with a carrying/storage bag 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Tears down or sets up quickly 


  • Not as portable as other options 

9. Akia Screens Projection Screen – Best for Home Theaters 


If you’re looking for a small bedroom idea to jazz up your space, this outdoor movie screen can be a great solution. This is a 100-inch diagonal screen that is 52-inches high by 87-inches wide. You get a 16:9 HD format aspect ratio to give you crystal-clear visuals with bright colors and deep blacks. It has a thin velvet border strip that is very easy to assemble on the frame, and it’s 4k Ultra HD projection ready with an 180-degree viewing angle. You get a front projection screen material with a blacked out back to ensure nothing bleeds through. 

This is a very lightweight outdoor movie screen that is easy to assemble. It comes with a six-piece split aluminum frame when you buy it, and it has all of the hanging and mounting hardware included. You won’t need any special tools, and it’s easy to clean with soap and water. You can use it with short, standard, throw, and UHD/HD projectors without an issue, and the frame is ultra-thin so it won’t take up a lot of space. You get a two-year warranty from the date of purchase with lifetime support by phone, email, or text chat. 


  • Ultra-thin frame included
  • No tools required to assemble it
  • Aluminum frame
  • Clean with soap and water 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • 180-degree viewing angle 
  • Blacked out back


  • Frame can be unsteady  

10. Gemmy Inflatable Projector Screen – Best for Indoor/Outdoor Use


The final outdoor movie screen on the list is another inflatable model, and it has a huge amount of ratings on Amazon. The screen isn’t as large as some on the list, but you do get the choice of several different sizes when you order. You get a 16.75-foot screen from corner to corner, including the frame. The whole thing will self-inflate in a few minutes using a very quiet blower, and you end up with a widescreen, full-size view to watch your favorite media. You can choose from black or blue coloring, and it has a broad base to make it more stable and secure when you use it outside. 

This outdoor movie screen comes with yard stakes and tethers, and this makes it easy to secure it so it doesn’t wobble or fall over if the wind picks up. You get a fan to make blowing it up quick and easy, and the included storage bag allows you to pack everything neatly away and keep it organized between uses. It also makes it easy to transport from point A to point B. There are four styles available, and it deflates quickly between uses to make it easy to store. 


  • Deflates in a few seconds
  • Four styles to choose from 
  • Has stakes and tethers 
  • Two colors 
  • Has a storage bag 
  • Self-inflates
  • Easy to transport 


  • Very bulky frame

Outdoor Movie Screen Buying Guide 

Now that you can see 10 examples of high-quality outdoor movie screens, this buying guide will help you to start narrowing down your choices by highlighting the important components you want to keep in mind. Whether you want it right against your home or out on your pergola under the cover for additional protection, I’ll help you find the perfect outdoor movie screen. 


Size is one of the biggest factors to consider with your outdoor movie screen. After all, you need something that is small enough to fit in your desired space, but it should be large enough to give you a clear viewing area for all of your guests or family. Many of the screens on my list gave the measurement for the diagonal area of the screen, but you want to look for the actual white space measurements because this will tell you how much viewing area you actually get. 


Unless you have or are building a new patio or porch, your screen could get exposure to the elements. You want something that is going to withstand anything the weather throws at it, and this is why the material is so important. Polyester is very common because it’s durable and lightweight. Additionally, many polyester screens resist wrinkling or crumpling when you put them away or move them from space to space. The frame should be stainless steel or aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Movie Screen 2 Size
You can use most movie screens indoors and outdoors without worrying about them breaking, and they’re an excellent way to practice for a big presentation or entertain your kids on those rainy and wet days when they can’t go outside. 

Assembly and Portability 

How much time do you want to spend setting up your outdoor movie screen? You most likely want it to assemble as quickly as possible, and it should be easy to tear down. Most of the picks on the list are very user-friendly, and they’ll go up in under five minutes. The screen or setup should be portable, lightweight, and easy to store or take with you when you go. 


The frame will dictate how you hang your new outdoor movie screen. If you want to hang it on the side of your outdoor shed, you’ll need something with metal grommets and a reinforced edge. There are also freestanding units available that just need a flat surface, but the sides feature hollow sleeves of fabric that you guide the stand poles in. Inflatable options usually use velcro to attach the screen to the frame. 

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If you’re worried about your screen getting damaged or wrecked by the weather, you can set it up under your gazebo, shade sail, or pergola to give it an extra layer of protection. 

Bottom Line 

I’ve picked out 10 of the best outdoor movie screens available on the current market and reviewed them for you. You can pair these reviews with the short buying guide to help you do a little research on your own before you pick the best one for your needs. Once you find one that ticks all of your boxes, you can have it shipped straight to your door and set up movie night with your family. 

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