Best Pressure Washer for Your Siding and Deck

Your deck and siding can slowly discolor over time due to dirt and grime buildup, and this can easily make them look old, worn out, and shabby if you don’t do something about it. It can be difficult to get several layers of grime off, especially if you’re dealing with years of buildup. In this circumstance, a pressure washer can be an invaluable deck cleaner in helping to restore your deck, siding, patio, or roof to a clean state. Ideally, you’ll use your pressure washer at least annually to keep up on the grime. 

But how do you pick out a quality pressure washer? After all, there are several brands and sizes available that make it challenging to narrow down your choice if you’ve never bought one before. I’ve done the research for you and picked out several high-quality pressure washers that you can have shipped straight to your door. You can read the reviews, compare the products, and use the buyer’s guide to make your selection. 

Pressure Washer 1 Start
Even if you stain and seal your deck, stains will eventually cause it to look old, worn out, or shabby. Stripping this ground-in dirt and grime away and bringing your deck or siding back to life takes a high-pressure stream of water. 

1. Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

First up is an electric pressure washer by Sun Joe. It comes with a 14.5-amp, 1,800-watt motor that gives you up to 76 GPM to help maximize your cleaning power and lift away the grime. The maximum water temperature is 104°F, and it works on a broad range of projects like buildings, homes, cars, RVs, trucks, decks, boats, driveways, lawn equipment, shade sails, and patios. You get two 0.9-liter detergent tanks on board that allow you to easily take on large projects. You can easily remove the tanks to store the unit or carry them from project to project. You can also put different types of detergent in the tanks to help tackle different cleaning projects. 

This pressure washer comes with a total stop system that will automatically shut off the pump when you’re not engaging the trigger. In turn, this saves energy while prolonging the pump life. The pressure reaches the maximum ratings set by CSA test standards, and it has a maximum internal pressure of 2030 PSI. The working pressure is 1,450 PSI. It comes with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase, and there is a no-questions asked guarantee. 


  • 14.5-amp motor 
  • Two detergent tanks 
  • Easy to clean and store 


  • Connector is plastic 
  • Uses non-standard hose connections 
  • Hose is very short 

2. Simpson Cleaning MegaShot Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning’s pressure washer using a powerful Honda GC190 residential engine with a maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump. Before the company ships out this product, they perform several tests for 100% functionality, so they may have a little oil or fuel odors left over when you open the box and get it out. You want to keep the maximum fuel level around ½-inch below the bottom of the unit’s filler neck because this will reduce the chances that you spill anything when you use it or move it around. This is a well-balanced machine that is easy to maneuver and move from project to project. 

There is a welded steel frame that is very durable, and it resists bending, rust, and corrosion. There are 10-inch pneumatic wheels attached to the frame that allow you to easily move from terrain to terrain without having any difficulties. When you buy this pressure washer, you get several Quick Connect nozzle tips at 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. Soap is included, and this allows you to use your device right out of the box. You get a slightly longer hose for your pressure valve that allows you to get closer to your target and clean larger areas without having to move the unit around. 


  • Large pneumatic tires 
  • Comes with several Quick Connect nozzles 
  • Powerful engine 


  • Engine vibrates a lot 
  • Customer support is difficult to contact 
  • Replacement soap is expensive 

3. Stanley Electric Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is a great tool to have if you want to clean your deck before you stain it again. You’ll get a specially designed detergent bottle that doubles as a high-pressure foamer that will remove both deep-down stains and loose debris with years of buildup. It works well on cement, siding, decks, outdoor furniture, driveways, trucks, cars, animal cages, and more. It comes equipped with several different attachments that help you take on a broad range of projects, including a pressure water wand, pressure washer gun, 25-foot high pressure hose, four quick connect nozzles, foam cannon and detergent tank, and a O-ring replacement kit. 

The garden hose connectors are solid brass that resists wear and tear while forming a leak-proof seal. It uses 22mm connections to attach to your hose, and this is a professional-grade product. The large wheels make this a very stable pressure washer that will stay in place as you clean. It comes with a two-year limited warranty against defects or damage, and they’ll repair or replace it if it fails. The telescoping handle makes it easy for small and larger people to use this unit. 


  • On-board nozzle storage included 
  • Has a telescoping handle 
  • Quick-release cord hook 


  • Have to prime the machine before use
  • Can overheat 
  • Top can work itself loose when you use it

4. Suyncll Electric Pressure Washer

Available in blue and green, this pressure washer has an inlet water temperature of 104°F with a maximum PSI of 3,800 at 2.8 GMP. You can easily use this unit to clean larger swaths of siding or your deck, and it also works very well for your vehicles or even watering your plants. When you order this pressure washer, you’ll get five quick-connect nozzles, a 35-foot power cord, larger soap bottle, and a spray wand. Unlike other devices, this one doesn’t put out a lot of noise when you use it. Instead, you’ll get a very quiet operation that is perfect to use in crowded neighborhoods. 

The upright design with the broad base makes it very easy to move this pressure washer from one area of your deck or siding to the next without breaking your momentum. The tank slowly releases the suds as you need them to prevent excess waste, and it’s very easy to assemble straight out of the box. When you don’t engage the trigger, this unit will automatically power off to help prolong the pump’s life while saving energy. There is a crank that allows you to neatly wind the hose up when you finish. 


  •  Easy to wind and unwind the hose 
  • 35-foot power cord included 
  • Has a very stable base with larger wheels


  • Warranty is very limited 
  • Soap bottle is thin plastic 
  • Can be difficult to assemble 

5. TEANDE Electric Pressure Washer

Anyone who has a rooftop garden and would like to clean the grime away to give yourself a nice area to relax should try this pressure washer by Teande. The 1,800-watt motor will generate up to 3,800 PSI at a rate of 2.8 GPM. It’ll get rid of any loose debris or dirt, but it’ll also get down under set-in stains and help lift them from your siding or deck without damaging the surface underneath. The five quick-connect nozzles give you different spray patterns at varying angles, and you’ll be able to use them to easily create different pressures to match your selected cleaning job. 

There are built-in storage compartments with this pressure washer that makes it easy to store all of your accessories and the cord when you finish using it. The Total Stop System (TSS) will shut the pump off when you disengage the trigger to prevent it from wearing out, and there are built-in protections in place to prevent the unit from overheating with extended use. This system helps to save water, and it puts out a very low noise level that won’t disturb your family or neighbors when you use it. 


  • Available in two colors 
  • Different spray patterns
  • Accessory storage included 


  • Slightly more expensive 
  • Has a lot of plastic parts 
  • Difficult to connect to the hose 

6. Homdox Pressure Washer

Homodox’s pressure washer comes with a maximum water pressure of 2,500 PSI at 1.5 gallons per minute. It can strip away grime, dirt, rust, oil, and years of buildup in a single pass without stalling. You get a 35-foot power cord that gives you an excellent range of motion to clean both large and small areas without having to constantly plug and unplug the unit or use bulky extension cords. You can use it on all exterior outlets, and you can pair it with the six meter long pressure hose to expand your reach even more. It’ll allow you to get up the siding or spray down your deck without a problem. 

The TSS will shut this pressure washer off when you stop engaging the trigger to prevent the pump from burning out. There are four quick-connect nozzles included that will help you take on light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning projects with ease. It uses copper connectors that won’t leak, rust, or corrode for use season after season. The upright design reduces the risks of spilling or leaking, and it has axle mounted wheels that let you easily roll this washer around. It comes with a detergent bottle, spray gun, and a lance in each purchase. 


  •  Wand is stainless steel 
  • Safety switch is in easy reach 
  • Hose connector has a universal thread


  • Not suited for large projects 
  • May be smaller than it looks in the listing 
  • Connector can leak after a few uses 

7. mrliance Electric Pressure Washer

This pressure washer comes in orange, green, or blue with black accents, and it puts out 2.0 gallons per minute at 3,500 PSI. You get a 1,800-watt motor that will work to remove general dirt and grime buildup from your patio furniture, driveway, siding, decks, and more. You can confidently wash various surfaces with the four quick-connect nozzle spray tips that give you different pressure ratings that are suitable for different surfaces. There is a 26-foot high-pressure hose included with this unit that is long enough to reach up to the top of your siding or in small nooks and crannies when you clean. 

You can add whatever soap you’d like to the detergent tank to give yourself a cleaning boost, and there is a total stop system included to help protect the pump. The on-board hose reel will help prevent kinks from forming in the hose while making it easy to wind and unwind between uses. The 33-foot power cord extends your reach even further, and it has an inline GFCI that you can use on any exterior outlet. There is a  professional-grade garden hose attachment point that won’t leak or rust. 


  • 1,800-watt motor
  • On-board hose reel included 
  • 33-foot power cord


  • Can vibrate a lot 
  • Easy to overheat with extended use 
  • Hose reel is plastic 

8. PAXCESS Xwasher Pressure Washer

This bright pressure washer by Paxcess has a sleek color scheme, and it’ll transform your garden hose into a powerful tool to help you make all of your spring cleaning projects quick and easy. It can cut your cleaning time in half while giving you a deeper clean than you’ve gotten before. You get a powerful output of 3,000 PSI at 1.76 GPM. This allows it to work on a variety of surfaces from wood to concrete, and it works well for medium or light-duty applications like cleaning your patio, deck, shed, garden furniture, or pavers. 

The adjustable nozzle on this pressure washer works better for casual use, and it features an all-in-one design that makes it quick and easy to switch pressure settings without having to stop and start. You can switch between low pressure, high pressure, and detergent mode with a twist of the nozzle. There are leak proof connections on this unit that make it much more environmentally-friendly to use, and they use professional-grade brass on each connection to make them very durable and long lasting. The total stop system will help prolong the life of the pump by switching it off when you don’t engage the trigger. 


  • Has a larger hose reel 
  • All-in-one adjustable nozzle
  • Brass connections are leak proof


  • Not suited for larger jobs 
  • May not have enough power for set-in stains 
  • Hose is very flimsy 

9. Powerhouse International Electric Pressure Washer

If you want a professional-grade pressure washer to clean your outdoor sheds or decks, Powerhouse International has a product for you. It puts out a maximum 3,000 PSI at 2.2 gallons per minute. It has a quiet motor that makes it a nice choice to use around your residential area or commercial space without interfering with anyone. When you release the spray gun trigger, the motor will stop running to prevent burnout. When you order this product, you get a host of accessories for it, including turble and angle nozzles, M22 14mm adaptor, soap foam sprayer, patio surface cleaner, and a brush. 

The newly improved hose on this pressure washer is 30-feet long and up to 30% more flexible to allow you to reach into tight corners or high areas. The universal spray gun comes equipped with two stainless steel lances. One has five tips and one is proprietary. You also get five quick connecting spray tips that allow you to tailor the pressure to whatever you’re cleaning. The heavy-duty hydro jet is excellent for stuck-on grime and grease, and it has four canister wheels that give you a high degree of maneuverability. 


  • Professional-grade machine 
  • Comes with a host of accessories 
  • Has plenty of on-board storage 


  • Can only use the included wand and can’t swap out
  • Wheels can stick
  • May not be powerful enough for some projects 

10. AIPER Electric Pressure Washer

The final product on the list comes from Aiper. This is an electric unit that has a 1,800-watt motor that gives you up to 2,150 PSI. It puts out 1.85 gallons per minute to boost your cleaning power, and it can help you clean up messes around your home like your deck, patio, and siding. It’ll get rid of rust stains, oil, dirt, ground-in stains, and loose debris without being too harsh on the surface underneath it. You’ll use an adjustable nozzle to switch through different pressure ratings and cleaning patterns depending on what you want to clean, and this makes it easy to move from project to project without stopping. 

There is an on-board soap dispenser to make your cleaning more efficient, and there is a 33-foot power hose to make it easy to maneuver this cleaning tool around your area. There is a 26-foot high-pressure hose with an on-board hose reel that prevents it from tangling or kinking when you store it. The cleaning wand is stainless steel, and this helps it resist rust and corrosion when you use it. Finally, the bright orange coloring makes it very easy to see this tool when you store it. 


  • Has a broad base for stability 
  • Hose reel is slightly more compact 
  • Stainless steel wand included


  • Directions are unclear 
  • Doesn’t put out a very high pressure 
  • Hose reel can stick 

Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes to picking out your pressure washer, there are a few key elements you want to consider. Doing so will ensure that you get a high-quality piece of machinery that will be powerful enough to tackle large and small jobs without breaking down or not having enough pressure. With so many brands available, it’s important that you keep the following in mind to help you narrow down your choices. 

Gas or Electric 

You can divide these washers into two broad categories. They both do well with a broad range of projects, but there are some key differences with them. They are: 


  • Gas – Gas is a traditional fuel source for these units. It’s slightly more powerful in terms of output, but it requires more upkeep and maintenance in general than the other type. It also isn’t as good for the environment as the other model because it does have fuel emissions from the gas and oil. 
  • Electric – Electric units are gaining traction, and they can plug into a traditional outlet or run on batteries and be cordless. You do sacrifice some power and flexibility because the batteries can die or you can get tethered by the cord. But, they’re usually better for the environment. 


Pressure Washer 2 Type
If you have a large area to wash, you may want to consider a corded or gas pressure washer so you can finish your project in one go. For smaller areas, a cordless model would usually suffice. 


The power level you need will directly depend on what you want to use your tool for. The power gets measured by PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). You can multiply these two things together to get the CU (cleaning units) of your device. If you’re doing lightweight jobs like cleaning your pergola covers, you can get away with a smaller power output. If you’re taking on heavy-duty jobs like cleaning your deck or siding, you most likely want more power. It’s better to have too much power than not enough. 


The portability factor of your unit will be huge because you have to be able to maneuver it around your space. You have to consider how easy it is to store and wheel around. Take a look at the wheels of your device and see how large they are. Pneumatic tires are nice because they won’t pop and they help you go over different terrain without a problem. For storage, try to find a unit that has spots for all of the accessories or that you can remove the tanks to fit it into a more compact space. 


If you want to build a porch, you’ll need a pressure washer to make it look nice and keep all of the grime off. Since this tool can be very expensive, you want a good warranty on it. A lot of the units on our list have at least a two-year warranty on them. It should be a full warranty instead of a limited warranty. If it’s a limited warranty, make sure that you double-check and see what it does and doesn’t cover. 

Pressure Washer 3 End
Depending on how much you use your washer and how well you take care of it, it can last for years. However, parts can fail, so having at least a short warranty can help you if you need to replace parts of it. 


Most washers come with at least two or three nozzles. You’ll generally get four or five, depending on the brand. Each nozzle does a slightly different job and puts out a different water pattern. The most common nozzles are: 

    • 0 Degrees – A 0 degree nozzle is the one you want for the hardest jobs. It puts out a streamlined jet of water that gets rid of layers of dirt and grime and ground-in debris. 
    • 15 Degrees – The 15 degree nozzle puts out a slightly lighter stream of water. It works well for heavy-duty cleaning and stripping projects. 
    • 25 Degrees – The 25 degree nozzle is great for general cleaning tasks like spraying off your siding, deck, driveway, or pavers. 


  • 40 Degrees – If you have more fragile surfaces like furniture with chalk paint on it, you’ll want to use the 40 degree nozzle. This puts out a slightly bigger steam of water at a lower pace. 


  • Soap/Low Pressure – This nozzle combines water with cleaning agents to create suds. This is the one you’d use when you want to soap up your car, RV, or truck. 

Bottom Line 

Pressure washers are useful tools that can really cut into your cleaning time and give you more time to take on other projects around your house or spend time with your family. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality options for you, and the short buyer’s guide will help you narrow down to the best pick. Once you find it, you can get it shipped straight to your door and tackle all of those projects you’ve been putting off this summer. 

Best Pressure Washer for Your Siding and Deck