How To Grow And Care For a Sago Palm Plant

The sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is prehistoric. It has been around since the dinosaurs.  Despite the name they are not true palms but are cycads.  The main difference between cycads and palms is that cycads do not flower and palm trees flower or produce fruit.  Sago palm (Cycas revoluta) are slow growers.  The sago palm

How To Grow A Blackberry Bush

I have to admit that I love a great yard and plants but I am a LOW maintenance kind of gardener.  That is why I love my blackberry bush. I tend to it and do what is necessary, but it does not require a vast amount of effort to thrive.  Whether you are the type

How To Stain Wood – Unfinished Furniture

You bought this beautiful piece of unfinished furniture.  You need to stain the wood to make it look stunning and to protect the wood.  This is a simple step by step plan on how to stain wood to create a long-lasting classic piece of furniture.  Even if you don’t have any experience with painting or