Best Cheap Flooring for Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

You love your patio or outdoor area where you entertain, but you may not want to install an expensive floor if it’s routinely exposed to the elements that can quickly cause it to warp or distort. However, you need something on the floor so it completes the look and gives your guests, family, and friends a solid floor to walk on in all weather conditions. One way to pull your look together is to install cheap flooring. You can typically install it by yourself in a few hours with minimal fuss, and it can withstand wet conditions, hot summer days, a lot of traffic, and humidity or cold. 

There are dozens of cheap flooring options available for you to choose from, and it’s easy to lose sight of the best choice and go with whatever one you happen to land on. However, this is how you end up with a second-rate area to entertain in, and you may even find yourself replacing the floor much quicker than you ever imagined. I’ve researched the options and pulled 10 quality cheap flooring options that you can order and arrange to have delivered straight to your door. The short buying guide at the end will highlight the important aspects to consider when you shop. 

Flooring 1 Start
Outdoor flooring doesn’t have to be expensive, even if you have a larger area to cover. It just has to withstand the weather conditions and heavy use without fading or breaking. You can get cheap flooring for any space that will create a solid foundation for your entertainment area. 

1. Domi Outdoor Living Patio Deck Tiles

This cheap flooring option by Domi Outdoor Living makes it easy to upgrade your deck, patio, or balcony or create an area to put your pizza oven and other cooking utensils in an outdoor kitchen. This flooring option has a sleek black coloring that will fit into any design aesthetic or decor to help you make a striking statement, and it comes with an easy click connection system that means you don’t use any nails, glue, or tools to put it together. It should go together in a few minutes once you get it laid out, and it uses a recycled polypropylene plastic material in the design that is environmentally-friendly and resistant to weather. 

This cheap flooring can last longer than natural wood, and it removes the worry that you’ll accidentally trip on it if it gets wet. It also won’t decay or swell, and it’s very easy to clean and maintain. You get nine pieces per order that cover 8.72 square feet when they’re all together. There is a four stripe slate pattern with drainage channels that allow you to get the hose out and spray them off between uses to keep them clean. The water won’t sink in or pool, but it’ll slip through to the ground underneath and evaporate. 


  • Click connection system 
  • Recycled polypropylene plastic 
  • Slated design allows for water drainage


  • Can imprint on softer wood 
  • Slightly thinner materials 
  • Challenging to put together 

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2. Bare Decor Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Do you want the look of a classic hardwood floor out on your deck or patio without having to worry about the upkeep that comes with it? If so, Bare Decor offers this chic cheap flooring option that comes as a series of interlocking tiles with a pretty wood grain look. The tiles are genuine solid Teak wood, and they have an oil finish to help lock out moisture and keep them from swelling, warping, or distorting in wet environments. You won’t need any additional tools to install this flooring, and each tile simply locks together by pushing them down until you hear a quiet click. 

You get 10 pieces in each order of this cheap flooring, and this is enough to cover up to 10 square feet. It makes it a nice choice for smaller areas, and it’s popular for use by the pool because of the slatted design. It works well on flat or slightly uneven surfaces, and it sits slightly off the floor to allow for easy cleaning. You can rinse it off with your hose and let the water wash away without worrying about wearing it out. The protective finish makes this flooring last much longer, and it also makes it endure different weather conditions and heavy traffic without scratching or chipping. 


  •  Wood grain look
  • Has an oil finish to seal out moisture
  • Covers 10 square feet


  • Need to order the corner trim package to do a square area
  • Can stain the floor under it 
  • Bottom is a hard plastic 

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3. Acacia Deck and Patio Flooring Tiles

Anyone looking for fun patio ideas to upgrade their home’s look should take a look at this cheap flooring option for Interbuild Real Wood. This flooring comes made out of durable and beautiful plantation grown Acacia hardwood, and it is packed with oils that help it resist wet conditions even if you don’t add another protective layer to it. The company adds an oil in Golden Teak coloring with food-safe and eco-friendly hardwax oil that puts out no VOCs. Each tile has 20 slats in it with a click or interlocking function that makes it easy to put together and take back apart to move it around your patio or deck. 

This cheap flooring is just ⅝-inches thick, and this allows it to slide under your door without catching on it. The tile comes with a long five-year warranty against defects or damage, and the company will replace any that fails in this time. You can choose from four different color options, and the company recommends that you oil them if you plan to leave them outside in the winter so they don’t swell. The plastic won’t deform and the wood won’t crack under four tons of pressure, and this allows you to have furniture and a lot of people walking on it at one time. 


  • Thinner design slips under doors
  • Comes in four color choices 
  • Interlocking function 


  • Can’t use on uneven ground 
  • Acacia wood discolors 
  • Tiles are smaller 

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4. PANDAHOME Patio Deck Tiles

You can choose from a 1 or 22 pack with this cheap flooring from Pandahome, and it comes in brown, grey, or mocha coloring. This is a wood plastic composite finish that works well both indoors and outdoors without breaking or fading, and it’s an easy way to refresh your deck or patio and give it a quick facelift in time for your next gathering. The slip-resistant design makes it safe to walk on in dry and wet conditions, and it gives you great traction. The material has a coating that protects it from wear, tear, chipping, scratching, cracking, breaking, and fading like traditional wood decking does. 

The grid attached to the bottom of this cheap flooring makes it easy to drain the water away without it sitting on the bottom of the floor and rotting it. The interlocking design is very DIY-friendly, and it’s the perfect project for an afternoon or weekend. You snap the tiles together without any additional tools. It works best if you have it on concrete or crushed stone, and the floor should be as even as possible. You can crop the tile to fit around curves or tight to your outdoor kitchen. 


  • Very durable design for high-traffic areas
  • Comes in three colors and two quantities 
  • Slip-resistant design 


  • Colors can vary between shipments 
  • Can pop apart if the ground isn’t even 
  • Slightly thicker design can get in the way of any doors 

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5. DuraGridInterlocking Deck Tile

If you want to add a rooftop garden to your apartment or condo and you need a durable but pretty floor design, this cheap flooring can fit the bill. DuraGrid’s interlocking patio or deck flooring comes specially designed to withstand high foot traffic and UV rays without fading, weakening, or cracking. Each tile has an antimicrobial layer on it that fights bacteria, mold, and mildew growth to keep your area healthier and safer for your family and friends to be around. You can use it on your patio or deck, or it also works very well in your mudroom, by your pool, or around your hot tubs. 

There is a very simple setup process with this cheap flooring, and it doesn’t give off any toxic fumes. All you have to do is snap the tile together to create any size flooring you like. You can pick from a pack of 12, 24, 40, or a single tile when you order. It resists most chemicals, and you won’t need any tools. It’s slip-resistant, so it’ll stay in place once you get it down where you want it. This is a low maintenance flooring option that is very easy to clean and maintain to keep it looking like new year in and year out. 


  • Self-draining feature 
  • Made in the United States
  • Antimicrobial layer on it


  • Price fluctuates 
  • 24 pieces covers a 4×6 area 
  • Challenging to snap together 

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6. Yaheetech Wood Flooring Decking

Yaheetech’s cheap flooring option comes in striped or checked designs that allow you to pick out the one that will suit your flooring the best. They come made out of solid fir wood, and they go through a very high temperature drying process that makes it difficult for them to mildew in wet or very humid environments. They work well for your renovation projects, and you can place them over any hard surface you like, including wood, cement, and carpet. You can use it both indoors and outdoors without a problem, and it creates an attractive flooring that will withstand heavy use. 

There are interlocking snaps on the bottom of each tile in this cheap flooring that makes it easy to install, and it also increases the ventilation factor. You can splice the edge of the floor with a buckle and groove to create one continuous piece. The anti-slip design makes this a safer option to walk on, and the board gets nailed directly to the plastic to hold it in place. The wood sits slightly off the floor to allow for good drainage and prevent mold or mildew growth. You can cut the tiles to fit around your firepit or outdoor kitchen, and you can pull them apart to store or clean them. 


  • Solid fir wood design 
  • Wood nailed to the plastic to prevent tripping
  • Can splice the edges for a secure fit


  • May not be exactly 12 by 12
  • Can chip along the edges
  • Doesn’t work well on thicker carpeting 

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7. Forest Floor Printed Foam Tiles

Anyone who wants to convert their loft into an entertainment area can use this soft foam tile to create a durable but cheap flooring. You can choose from three different sizes that will cover up to 100 square feet, and each tile is ⅜-inch thick to help it slip under doorways. This flooring will replicate what a wood grain flooring looks like once you get it put down, and it works well in the basement, garage, classroom, playroom, patio, deck, at your work, and more. You can use it over any hard surface where you want to add a little more cushioning to walk on like concrete, thin carpet, or hardwood floors. 

There are two detachable border pieces on each time on this cheap flooring that gives you easy-to-trim edge pieces for a perfect fit. You can customize it to fit any area or shape perfectly. The interlocking tiles fit together like a puzzle piece, and this allows you to assemble it within minutes as long as you have a flat floor underneath it. You can pick from three sizes and five colors to customize your finished floor to suit your needs, and it’s very easy to clean and maintain. 


  • Snaps together like a puzzle 
  • Each tile has two edge pieces 
  • Quick to assemble


  • Edges can peel up
  • Doesn’t lock moisture out 
  • Can form bubbles or wrinkles 

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8. EON Deck and Balcony Tiles

These cheap flooring tiles come from Canada, and you get five tiles in every order. This allows you to cover up to 10 square feet, and it comes in a sleek grey or traditional wood grain coloring that looks attractive on any entertainment area. There is no organic material in the construction of this tile, and this makes it impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and insect damage. It can expand the life of the flooring once you install it, and this also makes it more durable against other weather conditions or wet and humid environments. It’s made out of an engineered polymer material. 

This cheap flooring is nice because it has a realistic wood texture and tone that makes it look much more expensive than it really is. You’ll have an easy time installing this flooring because it snaps together. There’s no cutting, staining, sanding, or painting required when you get it. It also has a slatted design that allows water to run through when you clean it before it evaporates. Each tile measures 12-inches by 24-inches, and this helps you cover larger areas. 


  • No organic material used
  • Resists mold and mildew growth 
  • Two color choices available 


  • Only covers 10 square feet
  • Packaging is very flimsy
  • Slightly more expensive for what you get

No products found.

9. Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles

If you want a cheap flooring option that is easy to clean and maintain by spraying it off with your expandable hose before letting it air dry, try this option by Pure Garden. It’s available in three colors, and you get six outdoor tiles that simply snap together. You won’t need to break out any additional tools or glue to install them, and you can assemble them in minutes. Each tile has a sturdy and long-lasting plastic and wood composite that won’t need any staining or sanding. This makes this flooring more eco-friendly than any solid wood deck or patio tiles you can install. 

This cheap flooring is weather resistant. They have an open design that allows for water drainage and good airflow to prevent mold or mildew growth. They won’t decay or swell like wood planks, and they won’t fade. This makes them great for areas that get direct sunlight. Insects won’t be able to damage them either, and they do well with heavy traffic. You can six tiles per order that measure 12-inches wide by 12-inches long by 0.9-inches high. It covers 5.8 square feet, and it has a four stripe slate pattern. 


  • Available in three colors 
  • Installs in minutes 
  • Open-air design 


  • Smaller tiles 
  • Only covers 5.8 square feet per pack 
  • Can chip on the edges 

No products found.

10. We Sell Mats Foam Floor Tiles

The final cheap flooring choice comes from We Sell Mats, and it’s a high-density foam floor tile that measures 24-inches by 24-inches per tile. They have a ½-inch thickness that gives you a firm cushion and lessens your impact as you walk or run over them. You can assemble this flooring in minutes over any flat surface to give yourself extra padding, and each tile has two border pieces included. When it’s time to clean them, you can wipe them clean with a damp rag, mild soap, and water. Let them air dry to finish the process and make them look like new again. 

This is a versatile cheap flooring option that reduces the strain on your back, feet, and knees when you walk over it. The tiles lock together quickly and easily, and you can pick from three different sizes. There are also 12 colors available ranging from black and grey to bright red and teal. You can customize your order to suit your needs and decor. This is a non-toxic flooring option that is safe to use around pets and kids, and you can quickly peel it away to clean it. 


  • 24 by 24 inches per tile
  • Each tile comes with two border pieces 
  • Range of colors available 


  • Can slide around 
  • Can dent or get damaged easily 
  • Have a sticky residue 

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Cheap Flooring Buying Guide 

When you shop for your cheap flooring, you still want to get something that is durable, flexible, and easy to maintain. Even though you won’t spend as much on your cheap flooring as you would if you had a hardwood floor, it still is a good idea to go for a durable and stable option that will last for a few years on your porch or deck at the bare minimum. I’ll highlight what you want to look for in your cheap flooring to help make your selection easier below. 


What material do you want your cheap flooring to be made out of? Foam is popular for low-traffic areas that need a little more cushion, but a mix of plastic and wood composite work best for outdoor areas like your patio or deck. Choose a material that has a high rating for durability, and it should have UV protection so it doesn’t fade or weaken due to sunlight exposure. 

Flooring 2 Material
The material you choose for your outdoor flooring will dictate how well it stands up to wear and tear, including the sun and water. You should get something that resists swelling or warping with wet weather, and it should be easy to clean and maintain. 


Ideally, any cheap flooring you choose should be easy to put together. You don’t want to spend more than a few hours assembling it once you get it. Luckily, many of the flooring examples on my list feature a snap and lock feature. All you have to do is line the pieces of and snap them into place. You work your way around until you get the shape and size you want. This is nice if you have a basement with a humidity problem but you want to add flooring over the cement. It’s quick, easy, and it looks great. 


Measure the area you want to apply your flooring to before you buy anything. The cheap flooring on my list covers everywhere from five square feet to 100 square feet. It’s always a good idea to have more flooring on hand than you need because you’ll be stuck if you run out halfway through. Once you get the correct size, you can compare products and order the one that either matches or is slightly larger than you need. 

Flooring 3 Size
You should be prepared to spend more to cover the floor on a larger area, but it’s still a cost-effective option to choose cheaper flooring than going with something very expensive like traditional tile or hardwood. 

Colors and Patterns

What design aesthetic do you have for your outdoor entertainment area? Is it more relaxed and rustic or did you go chic and modern? You can find cheap flooring with different colors and patterns that match almost any design aesthetic. Flooring that mimics wood grain is very popular because it’s timeless, but bright colors are also acceptable in certain situations. Consider which colors or patterns will go with your current decor and find flooring to match. 


Even though the cheap flooring on the list is all relatively budget-friendly, it can get expensive if you have a larger area to cover. Before you do anything, set a firm budget. It can be a set number or a price range. Make sure you include how much it’ll cost to cover your entire desired area with your flooring. Most of them will tell you the square footage each package covers, and you can multiply this by the cost of however many packages you need to cover the area. If you’re building a bigger garage, you’ll need a bigger budget than you’d need if you had a small patio. 

Flooring 4 End
The correct flooring can withstand the test of time and help you pull your outdoor entertainment area together. It can also give a little anti-slip surface to the floor, and this is safer for any guests you have over.

Bottom Line 

Picking out the best cheap flooring deserves your time and attention to make sure you get the best fit for your outdoor entertainment area. You can find 10 high-quality options in different styles, sizes, and materials that you can compare side-by-side. Once you get a feel for what you do and don’t like, you can use the buyer’s guide to narrow it down to your final choice. Get it, install it, and enjoy hosting parties and get-togethers all spring and summer long. 

Best Cheap Flooring for Your Outdoor Entertainment Area Cover