Best Deck Boxes for Stylish Storage Options

Deck boxes can help you get and maintain a clutter-free patio, porch, or deck with minimal effort on your part. It acts like a protective box that seals the elements out of your outdoor essential storage space. You can pool grilling tools, yard games, pool toys, garden tools, seat cushions, and other small odds and ends that don’t have a dedicated storage space. They come in several sizes, styles, and colors that make them suitable for any decor or design aesthetic, and you can get deck boxes that pull double duty as a table or bench to give you an area to sit back and relax.

But, not all deck boxes are created equal. Some don’t form tight seals and can let water leak though, and some don’t come with reliable covers. The goal is to find the deck box that is big enough to store all of your items without taking up a huge amount of space in your yard, deck, or patio. They should be weatherproof, durable, and some may lock. Narrowing down your options can be challenging, but I’ve picked out 10 great options for you. I’ve also included a short buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for when you start shopping for your new deck box.

Deck Box 1 Start
Many boxes will seamlessly blend function and style to give you a product that is beautiful and functional. They come in several sizes and textures that make them a great hidden storage compartment that looks like it belongs on your patio or deck.

1. Leisure Season Wooden Storage Box – Top Pick

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The first deck box on the list makes an excellent storage area for your garden tools, and it even doubles as patio seating with a two-for-one design. It features a waterproof cypress wood, and this is very long-lasting and durable while looking sophisticated and laid-back on your patio or out in your yard. The bench measures 45-inches wide, and it comes with a 400-pound weight capacity that allows you to have more than one average-sized adult sit on it. It’s long enough for two people to sit comfortably, and you’ll get a sizable storage compartment once you open it for all of your gardening supplies.

You get a very versatile look with roomy armrests and a scissor-crossed back invites people to sit down and relax. Also, the cypress wood has decay-resistance like you’d get with Red Cedar, and this means that it also resists mold growth. It has an attractive reddish hue, and it’s sealed against water to help preserve it. This deck box sits flat on a sturdy bottom, and you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you buy it that allows you to return it for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied.


  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Cypress wood design
  • Can seat two adults comfortably
  • Scissor-crossed back design
  • Doubles as a storage compartment
  • Solid construction


  • Can fade over time

2. Keter Lisette Resin Deck Box – Step-Up Pick

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This is a slightly smaller deck box that has a very elegant, rounded design. The lower profile allows you to use it like a coffee table on your patio or deck. It’s a 37-gallon storage box that is made out of durable resin. The resin material is rust, weather, and UV-resistant to prevent cracking and fading with exposure to the elements. It’s a roomy but smaller box that can easily hold your garden tools, cushions, and pool toys out of sight and protected. It also has ventilated sides that allow your items to dry without allowing mold or mildew to build up on them. However, it works to keep your items dry in wet or humid weather, including snow.

This deck box comes designed with a faux deck wood look to it, and you can even use it as an extra lower seat as it’ll hold just over 300-pounds without any damage. The polypropylene construction prevents this deck box from peeling, rusting, and denting to help it last longer than a real wood one would. You don’t need any extra tools to put it together, and this allows you to set it up out of the box without a hassle. The dark coloring will help it blend into almost any decor.


  • Ventilated sides
  • Faux-wood look
  • 37-gallon capacity
  • Won’t fade or crack
  • Can be outside in varying weather conditions
  • Round design
  • No tools needed to assemble it


  • Only snaps together

3. Suncast Java Deck Box – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you’re someone who wants a stylish design with plenty of storage space for your work gloves or grilling supplies, check out this pick. It fits in well with styles of modern or traditional decor, and you get a very dark brown or black faux-wicker finish that looks and feels real. It has a larger 60-gallon storage capacity on it, and it works well for mid-size or larger decks or patios. You get a gas-powered hinge when you purchase this product, and this makes it easy to gain hands-free access to the storage compartment whenever you need it.

The storage compartment on this deck box comes with ventilated walls, and this helps to ensure that your items will dry out nicely while preventing mold or mildew growth. You also get a scratch-resistant and dent-proof casing with this product that is very durable, and it has a higher UV-resistance to prevent fading with sunlight exposure to keep it looking nice for years. The material also resists water and seals it out to keep your items dry, and the lid won’t allow water to pool. It has molded handles on the sides to make it easy to lift and move around as you see fit.


  • Faux wicker finish
  • 60-gallons
  • UV-resistant
  • Water won’t pool on the top
  • Ventilated walls
  • Two colors available
  • Hands-free access


  • Hinge isn’t very strong

4. Rubbermaid Mini Resin Deck Box – Bargain Budget Pick

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If you’re on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that this deck box comes from Rubbermaid, and this is a very well-known and reputable brand. This mini box is a great choice for anyone who has a smaller verandah or deck, and you could even set it up on your porch as a mailbox replacement. It’s great for tight spaces and corners so you don’t end up with empty, dead space, and it comes with an easy snap-together design. The compact footprint makes it ideal for holding small garden tools, grilling accessories, or small yard tools when you’re not using them.

This deck box offers 2.6-cubic feet of storage space, and you get polyresin materials that are dent and scratch-resistant to make the box last longer and look nice. You get a double-walled construction that seals out snow, sun, rain, and humidity to keep your things safe, and it can double as an end table to help you save space. It’s a maintenance-free option that looks sleek, and it’s made in the United States using high-quality materials and processes. It has a thicker hinge on the lid to prevent it from breaking off with repeated opening and closing.


  • Reputable brand
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Doubles as an end table
  • Maintenance-free
  • Dent and rust-resistant
  • Made in the United States
  • Thicker hinge


  • Frustrating to assemble

5. SereneLife Locking Storage Container – Best for Traveling

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If you’re someone who is looking for a slightly smaller deck box for travel or storage, this is a solid choice. You get an ultra-portable design with side handles that make it easy to pick up and carry, and you can use it on the deck to store smaller expandable hoses or take it when you travel to keep your valuables close. It has a very streamlined design with blue and white coloring and rounded edges, and it has a locked lid outfitted with a four-digit combination. It has a very durable construction that is leak-free, and it’ll keep anything you put inside it dry and secure.

This deck box also has double walls in the design with a dent-free structure, and the hinges on the lid are gas-powered to ensure they stay open and give you hands-free access to the interior. It has a ventilated interior to prevent mold growth, and it has a 21-gallon capacity that works well on medium-sized porches, patios, or decks. It has a quick and easy setup process, and it uses a snap-together design with ABS plastic. The instructions are very easy to follow. It’s also impact-resistant.


  • Ultra-portable design
  • Rounded corners
  • 21-gallon capacity
  • Lockable lid
  • Gas-powered hinges
  • Carrying handles


  • Body is ABS plastic

6. Lifetime 130-Gallon Deck Box  – Best for Storing Bigger Items

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Anyone who has a lot of items to stow should consider buying this sleek-looking but durable deck box from the Lifetime brand. This particular option is 24-inches deep, 60-inches long, and 24-inches tall, and this size makes it a nice option for bigger patios or decks. You’ll get a no-fade design that is UV-resistant, and this is important if you want it to look nice for years with repeated exposure to the elements. You also get a double-wall construction that will keep your items clean and dry when you enclose them, and it features a high-density polyethylene material that withstands frigid or scorching temperatures.

The lid on this deck box has soft-close hinges to prevent it from slamming down, and you can secure it with a padlock if you want a lockable deck box. It also doubles as a very sturdy bench with additional seating, and you get molded handle inserts on each end that make it easy to pick it up and carry it wherever you want. The interior capacity of this box is 130-gallons, so it can easily hold a huge amount of smaller items or a few larger ones, and you get a 10-year limited warranty from the date of purchase to protect your original investment.


  • 10-year limited warranty
  • No-fade design
  • Soft-close hinges
  • 130 gallon capacity
  • Doubles as a seating area
  • Can lock it for security
  • Molded handles on each end


  • Instructions are unclear

7. Keter Java XXL 230-Gallon Deck Box – Best for

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This larger deck box can help you turn your deck into an entertainment hub once you break out the pressure washer to give yourself a clean platform to work with. It has an attractive faux-wicker design with a bigger 230-gallon capacity, and there is plenty of room to help you store your lawn games, patio furniture cushions, or even your hand tools to keep them organized and safe. It uses molded, high-density polypropylene in the construction, and this makes it able to withstand different weather conditions while keeping everything inside dry and safe. It also doubles as overflow seating when you have friends or family over.

The resin build on this deck box makes it a maintenance-free option that will resist fading or weakening due to UV rays, and it also makes the box very weather-resistant. The stylish look allows this box to blend seamlessly with the other pieces on your patio or deck, and it has built-in handles that allow you to pick it up and carry it. The piston opening system ensures that the lid won’t slam down and open easily, and it won’t dent, pee, or rust to ensure that it lasts for years. You get an easy assembly process that only requires a screwdriver.


  • Maintenance-free
  • 230-gallon capacity
  • Made out of high-density polypropylene
  • Doubles as a seating area
  • Built-in handles
  • Piston opening system
  • Easy assembly


  • Water pools on the lid

8. Weather Resistant Resin Deck Box – Best for

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This is a smaller capacity deck box that looks nice on your front porch or tucked away by your entryway, and it has a pretty wooden design on it that looks nice by itself. It has a 165-gallon capacity, and it’s water-resistant to avoid rust, mold, and mildew issues. There is a lock on the lid that you can purchase a padlock for to secure all of your items. It can fit on large or medium-sized areas without a problem, and you can stack pool toys, tools, towels, gardening equipment, or landscaping items inside it with ease to seal them in and keep the elements out.

As a bonus, this deck box gives you a seating area for three adults. The lid comes outfitted with pneumatic pistons that make it very easy to open, and it also ensures that it won’t slam shut on your fingers. It’s simple to assemble once you get it, and you get handles that make it easy to tilt up and move around, even when it’s full of your items. The waterproof top won’t allow water to pool, and it has a vented design that allows for dry storage while stopping mold or mildew growth. It won’t rust, and it’s a very low-maintenance option.


  • 165-gallon capacity
  • Comes with handles
  • Piston system
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Can lock it
  • Seating area for three adults
  • Low-maintenance


  • Panels are thinner

9. Patiorama Outdoor Wicker Storage Box – Best for

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Patiorama’s deck box gives you a 120 gallon storage capacity that is plenty large enough to store your long-handled lawn shears. It comes with a durable but lightweight aluminum frame, and it has a hand-woven PE rattan wicker wrapping around it that resists different weather conditions. It’s 100% weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and it will keep anything you put inside of it dry and well-ventilated to prevent mold or mildew growth. The inner liner will help protect your items, and you can easily remove it to wash it if you want to. It’s a multi-purpose piece that will look nice for years with little maintenance from you.

The outer layer is UV-resistant, and this prevents it from fading or developing weak spots from sun exposure, and the height allows for you to turn it into a seating area for overflow. The aluminum frame has a powder coating on it to seal out moisture and prevent it from rusting or corroding, and you get a gas bar that will stop the lid from slamming shut on your fingers while making it easier to open. You get a very flat lid that can double as a table, and the interior is big enough to hold pool accessories, cushions from a six-piece soft, outdoor throw pillows, or gardening equipment.


  • Removable liner
  • 120-gallon capacity
  • 100% weather-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Aluminum frame with powder coating
  • PE rattan wicker outer look
  • Can double as a table


  • Not recommended to sit on the lid

10. Cozy Castle Outdoor Storage Bench – Best for

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The final deck box on the list comes from a reputable brand, and it’s a plastic model that offers a 150-gallon storage capacity to hold your gardening pots, hose, pruning tools, or watering cans to keep them all neatly organized and in one place. You get a neutral grayish-brown coloring on it with a faux-wood texture that looks nice, and it has two generous handles that make it easy to pick up or move around. The rectangular seat offers space for two adults, and it has a sturdy back that allows you to lean back and relax out in your yard.

You can use this deck box as a practical outdoor seat or as a storage cabinet, and it’s big enough for a host of items. You can have it indoors or outdoors without a problem, and it uses a high-quality resin for the material that will resist cracking, peeling, dents, or damage due to UV exposure. It can hold up to 500-pounds without a problem, and you get all of the necessary hardware with detailed installation instructions when you buy it. You can spray it with a hose and wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean it.


  • 150-gallon capacity
  • 500-pound weight limit
  • Wood-grain look
  • Made out of durable resin
  • Clear instructions
  • Grayish-brown neutral coloring
  • UV-resistant


  • Water can leak through the top joints

Deck Boxes Buying Guide

What makes the best deck box? This is a question many people start asking themselves when they shop for their next deck box. There are so many brands, styles, and types available that a simple search can turn into a multi-hour comparison project. It’s nice to have a short guide on-hand when you start comparing projects to help narrow your options down. That’s exactly what this buyer’s guide will do, and you can use it to pick the best product out of all of the ones you consider.

Lid Hinges

There are several lid hinges you can get when it comes to your deck boxes. One popular type of hinge is a gas-powered option. These hinges allow you to slowly open the lid and prop it open without worrying about it slamming closed. Some also have soft-close lids that will close very slowly. Other deck boxes come with hinges that slam, so you have to find the one that is going to work for you.


The size of the deck box is a huge consideration because this will determine what you can and can’t store in it. If you plan to store small things like your whetstones or shears, this won’t be as big of a deal. However, larger items like pots, soil, or hoses will require more room. Also, consider the space you have to set your new deck box. If you have tight quarters, you’ll want to go with a smaller size so you don’t accidentally crowd your area.

Deck Box 2 Size
The types of garden tools you want to store in your box will help determine which size you should purchase. Also, consider what you want it to work as, such as a table or another seating area. This will help you pick out the correct size. 

Weight Capacity

Do you intend to just use your deck box for storage, or do you plan to use it as a table or overflow seating? If you plan to use it as seating, you really want to pay attention to the weight capacity. Some of the boxes on the list can support up to 300 or 500 pounds while others recommend that you don’t sit on the top of it. If you plan to use it as a table, the weight capacity can be lower.

Build Material

Generally speaking, you get three build materials when it comes to the deck boxes. They use durable and weather-resistant materials that are durable enough to go outside and have constant exposure to the elements while keeping all of your items dry. You can choose from:

  • Resin – These deck boxes look like traditional wood, but they feature a lightweight and durable plastic for the material. They can have a woven, wicker-like texture to them that won’t crack, warp, fade, or splinter.
  • Wood – These are the traditional choice for deck boxes. They use moisture-resistant woods like pine, cedar, and teak with a huge range of finishes that range from very dark to light. You will have to take more care with these boxes to make them last.
  • Plastic – Finally, we have plastic. They’re very low maintenance, durable, and lightweight. The plastic won’t peel, rust, or dent, but they can fade slightly with years of direct sunlight exposure.


Weeding tools and larger gardening tools can be expensive, and you don’t have to have to replace them because they disappear from your property. A lot of the deck boxes on the list came with the ability to lock them. You usually have to purchase a padlock separately before you put it onto your deck box, but they add a nice security layer that makes it challenging to steal anything.

Canisters or Wheels

Do you plan to move your deck box around your patio or deck? Maybe you want to put it out in your garden and you have to move it from point A to point B. Whatever the reason, these boxes can be extremely heavy when you fill them. Having them on wheels or canisters can make it easier to slide them around. Most of the choices on the list don’t have this feature, so they’re meant to stay in one place. If you don’t plan to move it, this won’t be a huge issue.

Deck Box 3 End
If you have a large deck or patio, you may want a storage box that you can move around via wheels or canisters. This is especially important if your box doubles as an important piece of furniture like a table or seat. 


Make sure that you take a look at the brand when you start to shop for your deck box. Picking a box from a reputable brand will help ensure that they use higher quality materials that will last longer. It’s also usually easier to get in touch with the customer service team if you need them for anything. They take more care with their products, and this can help them last longer.

Weathertight Seals

If you plan to leave your deck box outside and exposed to the elements, it’s important that every seal is watertight. After all, you don’t want your chainsaw or expensive tools and equipment to get wet and rust, and having a watertight seal around the lid of the box is key. Check and see how the lid seals and whether or not there are any other areas where the moisture could seep in.

Bottom Line

Picking out a deck box should be a fun experience to help you enhance your existing space. You can compare styles, builds, colors, and shapes to add a beautiful and functional piece to your deck or patio. I’ve rounded up 10 excellent options for you to compare and consider, and you can use the buying guide to narrow down your final choice.

Deck Box Cover 1 Deck Box Cover 2

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